Skyrim Dawnguard - Vampire Ending & Final boss HD walkthrough Part 26 + sun block ability

Skyrim Dawnguard Vampire Ending & Final boss plus how to block the sun Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough Part 26 full skyrim dawnguard walkthrough playlist

    Viligants of Stendarr: Seen any vampires or daedras? Me: *Wears ring of Hircine, Deadric armor. Wields sanguine rose and mace of molag bal. Is a vampire. Equips bloodcursed deadric arrows.* No, nothing. Viligants of Stendarr: Lol ok. *Walks away*

  • Ola Glætpækk

    wow you can't aim fo shizz

  • Forcedminer

    I really have to stop playing skyrim at 90 fov....

  • Obsidian Frost

    (Fighting Harkon as a Werewolf)Harkon: "YOU DEFILED MY DAUGHTER!"DRAGONBORN: "I LOVE HER!"Epic fight ensues as I proceed to feast on his heart.


    when I saw the Dawnguard trailer, I wanted to see what caused the red sky. Why are the bad guys always badass?!

  • Shadows82

    It is a shame you could not make Serana your wife, she would have made a good Vampire Queen.

  • Gex9z

    @marythezz29 The "good guys" turn out to be whoever you side with - after you side with them you can technically choose to make them "good" or "bad" depending on what you choose to do, lol. That's the beauty of this game. I played through the entire Dawnguard-side before I realized that I could've had Castle Volkihar as a HOME (big fan of the Underworld movies etc) if I had sided with the vampires, so I did an entire playthrough of the other side and never looked back xD. F*** the dawnguard and the vigilants and their zealotry - being a heroic version of the Prince of Darkness is too badass. With the EPIC "Better Vampires" mod, my Dragonborn happens to be a the Lord of Volkihar who's a Blade-style half-vamp, vampire hunter :P (all of their strengths... none of their weaknesses XD).

  • Reed Haddad

    Make the video again exept give him the bow

  • Li Cheng

    Can I become vampire lord and still join the Dawnguard?

  • BearGrylls

    You need dawnguard but does that sunblock stay for ever ???

  • Antonio Hardin

    This video should not be so long you had so many chances to kill Harkon

  • nintendoboy17

    Garan Marethi: We shall follow you and spread your influence across Skyrim. Me (as my Imperial): Okay, I say... pray on all three factions of the Civil War. Let's troll Tullius, Ulfric, and Elenwen. ;)

  • synchronous

    it's funny how harkon thinks he is stronger than the dragonborn who killed alduin who is feared by malog bal who is the god of vampires in skyrim :D

  • Cody Kabala

    will the castle be hostile to u if u kill him

  • A main Dwight

    How you can make the sun get back to normal again

  • Edgar Velaman

    I'm stuck doing jobs for the vampires at the castle and its getting annoying help

  • Stacey Jariett

    Omg I just found the border it's by riften and it leads to the impirial city in moruwind

  • Snipzyz

    I'm starting a new character what side should I choose

  • Mordekai Quill

    Serana: You're insane Harkon! I'll never let you block out the sunDragonborn: I want to block out the sunSerana: K :D

  • Dragon Angel

    if you were to cure yourself of being a vampire, could you still ask serana to turn back you again?

  • Sam Deily Swearingen

    Lord Harmon says "A small price to pay for the betterment of our kind," and immediately after says, "spare me your notions of kinship." Which is it man.

  • Tekunin Megpoid

    This question may be a long time coming, but I have to ask: Once you shoot the bloodcursed arrows at the sun, is the effect on the sun permanent?

  • Alphadawg34

    wait so this happens when u sode with vampires?

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Does anyone know the CORRECT way to help cure Serana of her vampirism (without messing up !!!) ? I've only been able to do that ONCE - and that was on my first-ever play-through of the Dawnguard storyline. After that when I'd do the same storyline, I'd fail every single time and I'm not sure where I'd go wrong.

  • Sir Kibble

    question. if I join the vampire side do I still get to slaughter the snow elves?

  • Marini Pachuau

    how am i going to upgrade any vampire perk in the perk tree.? i dont know which button i must press. i play on pc

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    What happens if you give it to him

  • Mohamed Nagi

    i became a Vampire in the elder scrolls v skyrim but there is no transformation anyone know how to transform ???

  • mdpeanut

    H- he darkened the sun? Dafaq?

  • Godric Thorn

    Uggh... Everyone says that you have to complete the DLC if you want to be a vampire on the Dawnguard side. That is false. You have a chance to become one before you enter the Soul Cairn. Yes, you can be on the Dawnguard side and be a vampire, without going through so much trouble, I might add.

  • Alexandru Dobrin

     The Harkon's Sword have only 9 damage for me, and the same value. Dafaq?!PS: I play on PC

  • Brandon Roland

    can u be at any level to be a vampire lord

  • David Cassity

    .........and so it begins.........

  • Freddeboy28

    is there any mod that add the same block sun effect through some spell or something? im a mage and a vampire and i really dont wanna run around with a useless bow and some arrows just to block the sun every other minute, any ideas?

  • Radionatix

    Game will be all the time dark without the sun :(

  • Bomani Chisulo

    For ps3 lag fix I've found saving then restarting the system stops the lag I have 115 hours in and had one real bad lag problem and this fixed it just restarting the system

  • CowMan Freeman

    he was out of controll garen it had to be done i was like DIMACEA

  • Terezi Pyrope

    Why does Harkon remind me of Malthazar from Arthur and the invisibles

  • Ari Bhaskara Wiraputra

    I just realize that every boss in skyrim is a douche....Him,Alduin,and ofcourse Miraak fuckface

  • Alvin Lee

    Play on Master/Legendary.

  • Luke211992

    playing with the stats glitch i see no wonder your helth was never damaged cause you have the glitch on

  • nick v

    you fight him without it

  • Onedreh Walkthrough

    play on legendary mode :)

  • lee lee

    what happens if you gave the bow to him ?

  • Filip Petrovic

    this as I see you don't know is dawnguard the first skyrim DLC

  • satntiago bechara y rosales

    This mision is in The Elder Scrolls V ?

  • arendfieldx

    Vampires eat people so their good, easy logic

  • FARQ3X

    DawnGuard cuz they kill vampires not People

  • MinecraftMasterMav

    If you block the sun can yo bring it back

  • Oatmeal Biscuit

    Um in skyrim there is no good side! Both sides are good!

  • SaggyGaming

    But she comes back to life after killing Harkon

  • crittenhouse8270

    I think if you give him the bow he kills Sorana

  • Joshua Kinnaird

    the battle will take longer ( I try that )

  • KidfromPITT

    what happens if you give him the bow?

  • zenguy222

    I'm no badass, but if he's complaining about it being easy then up the difficulty when it becomes hard.

  • Rekso_

    Oh look out we got a badass over here!

  • deadlyPANCAKZZ8

    At some point in the DLC, as a vampire, do you kill Isran?

  • Lone Wanderer

    That's were Bethesda got this vampire model from.

  • Godzilla82000

    Why are they playing dragon muisc?

  • meyham987

    Anyone else see the spinning leg bone around 6:30-640

  • Matthew James

    Ya if u glitch or cheat

  • Akira Senju

    81 is pretty easy to get to

  • Vaipre dz

    wow you must worked a lot to up lvl 81 :)

  • abc4781

    Why do I keep getting these old skyrim videos popping up

  • runefire296

    So you have to fight him either way on dawnguard and vampire? Well screw it then, im gonna be dawnguard

  • dawscx

    so xbox or ps3? answer PC

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