Skyrim TOP 10 Best Secret THIEF Build Tips & Tricks! (Special Edition Guide)

Skyrim TOP 10 Best Secret Thief Build Tips & Tricks! (Special Edition)
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  • Bird Man

    khajiit did nothing, khajiit is innocent of these crimes

  • Shannon Turner

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll

  • Steven Singletary

    Ever since I watched the shadowmark video I see them everywhere.

  • Astrosive

    Thank you grandmaster 🙏

  • Damien Swanepoel

    I usually pickpocket everything of a person even their clothes.

  • LubieżnyPurcel

    10:00 Try to pickpocket 2000 gold with this 50%, good luck : D

  • S1KE

    just when i think i know everything there is to know about skyrim, this guy proves me wrong. had no idea about the torch making it easier to lockpick (which makes sense) and the way the pick breaks is where the sweet spot is. im starting a hunter/theif character so this works perfectly

  • Mythical •

    What's up squad. My name is .... Elder Scrolls Online. 🤔

  • Noob Gaming

    Do top tips for assasins in skyrim!

  • GrandNoble

    #6 - how do steal the WHOLE of markarth???

  • Rakker de hond

    Number two you said that you have a 50% chance to pickpocket a item, but the perk says gold?

  • u7w2

    You can stash all loot into a body and resurrect it and your dead thrall or whatever will carry as much as you want. better than horses

  • Avrysatos

    Before you get access to a fence, stealing animal skins and turning them into leather, or ingots and turning them into something else via blacksmithing also removes the stolen tag. You don't get as much gold for them, but you do get some.

  • canigetalargesalsa

    Hey ESO can you add words cause my friend is deaf and I want him to enjoy your amasing vids

  • Dimitry Kurako

    There is actually another trick I am using, if you are overloaded. You can simply throw away the stacked goods (they should be in one pile) and hold them in front of you. This will allow you to run no matter how heavy is the whole pile. This will also perfectly work with 8.000 ingots ;)

  • Joséphine

    U deserve 10 million subs! I love all ur vids, keep it up! :D

  • watdeneuk

    I always cringe a little when youtubers call their sub's ''squad'', or ''gang'' or any other 'cool' name.

  • Dark Steve

    Lydia: (Dosen't steal)Also Lydia: (Murders entire population of city if you accidentally hit someone)

  • ThePersistentNoob

    It's 2019 and I'm still playing Skyrim and still learning about this awesome game. Thanks for your videos!

  • Amy Carter

    Basket on the head, brilliant.

  • Metruzanca

    number 6 with arvak will come in handy

  • daddy

    Ordinator is the best thief mod.

  • drugs

    I just save the game before I pic pocket​ someone so if I get caught I can just reload the old save and try again

  • Darkstalker

    My pickpocketing is level 100 but my sneak is 36 XD

  • Sam Otten

    Tip #11: use illusion magic; it makes sneak completely redundant.

  • Nezara

    7:38 No one can witness, if there nobody left to witness.

  • Evil toaster of pure EVIL

    Waaaait! No "get invisibility spell"? No "just save and pickpocket stuff"? No "find 24 stones of Barenziah"?Also, I've heard rumors about "torch being helpful", but didn't think that actually works in the game xD. Does Khajits "nightvision" work as well? Or any other light spells for that matter? Or is it torch-exclusive? xD

  • The 1 Ghrol

    Are orcs you're favourite race ESO???? ....... they sure as hell are mine

  • Werwolf88

    why don't you just take a carriage instead of wasting 1000 septims on a horse

  • Pear Rahna

    A khajiit thief character? you racist.(Just kidding, great video btw)

  • Vornalph

    1:48 I don't get it. The top of the pick falls to the left but the sweet spot when you unlock it is to the right.

  • Thilo Lindner

    What was that blue and gold armour in the vid?

  • Sir Alexander

    Im a big fan of you ESO but u are wrong about the when the lockpick brakes I tested it out.

  • MajWay

    Wait, but the lockpick flew off to the left, but you unlocked it with the lockpick going right?

  • Jose Ortiz

    how did he get the 8000 ingots

  • joe m

    He never put the thief mod in description.... LIAR lol.. still love you tho bro

  • Furyfire

    Putting all those ingots on a horse is animal abuse.JK

  • Eckztra Rain

    The final perk in the sneak perk tree is the most overpowered thing in skyrim. because it let's you initiate sneak attacks (which cause 15x damage with one of the sneak perks which can be increased to 30x damage with one of the dark brotherhood hand mits) in combat just by crouching.

  • Andre Lopez

    I knew all of these but the torch and lock picking tip. Thanks! But if you're a Khajiit, could you use night eye? Doubt it, but that would be so much more immersive if you could.

  • 10,000 subscribers without a single video

    I'm only here for the lockpicking.

  • Insubstantial Croquembouche

    I pickpocket anybody i see. I usually quick save before pickpocketting them, then i load again until it works

  • Ahsan Wasif

    Huh, another wanderer here to lick my father's bootGood job..

  • dirtbiker08josh

    Your lock picking tip about it breaking is NOT TRUE

  • Dark Reaper

    Amazing vid ESO can you please do the top 10 best followers I know I asked before but can you do it

  • StickGuy

    if you're worried about getting caught even though you have max pickpocketing, then you can save before you pickpocket someone and reload if they catch you.

  • Declan Splatt

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defence?

  • Jason Arnold

    ESO great vid bro are we gonna get a live stream soon or are you still waiting on your internet people

  • Dylan Knox

    lets go i have been waiting for this

  • Fryd Fish

    TOP TIPTo get away with stealing: murderThanks man

  • Tauberg

    Everytime ESO says major cities I always hear Mage's cities.

  • JacoBITES Bois

    I've been trying to make an Assassin/Archer build and this and your archer guide helped a good bit.

  • Mr. ZiPpEr420

    Great vid im still playing this in 2019 and learned some new things great job wish i found this years ago when i first played

  • minecraft mester

    can you create a totorial how to get glass armor in level 10

  • James Haley

    ESo You are Crazy but i love your videos they inspire me to make a thief build.

  • TheMiniMikez

    ESO you never disappoint me. I have been playing since original release date and still learning from your vidsAmazing work

  • Craig

    Never knew about the shadow marks, very interesting and helpful. Also having the companion with you to open the boxes is brilliant.

  • marley squire

    i figerd out an amazing trick steel gold ingots then steel gems and make rings aand its not stolen

  • TheWolf Bunker

    Lmao!!!! The last tip!!! Omg! I love it and actually laughed out loud! I tip my basket to you ESO ;)

  • ZachTheLegend915

    I keep the shadowmarks book on me at all times

  • Ryan Konst

    You can also get your stolen goods back after paying your bounty by going into the dungeon of whatever hold you got arrested in. and stealing it back from the evidence chest

  • whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    i do the fast travel horse thing always with arvak gets it done much quicker

  • Brandon Crows heart

    Great video man very helpful

  • Jhin

    When u have 0% to steal something u can just paralyze this person and while he tries to get up u can steal everything

  • Draco lord

    You truly amaze me ESO. Your favorite character is the cat, who is a thief but your truly terrible at lock picking!

  • Rhys Morgan

    There's so much in this video that I NEVER knew about, and I thought I knew a lot about Skyrim 😂

  • Un Noticeable

    Ah, shoulda known you're gonna use the good ol' basket trick

  • Smeared

    notification sqaud where you at I was playing skyrim to get the thieves guild master armour

  • Lesa Shelley

    I literally laughed to myself when I watched #1!😂

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