Skyrim TOP 10 Best Secret THIEF Build Tips & Tricks! (Special Edition Guide)

Skyrim TOP 10 Best Secret Thief Build Tips & Tricks! (Special Edition)
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  • Shannon Turner

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll

  • Bird Man

    khajiit did nothing, khajiit is innocent of these crimes

  • watdeneuk

    I always cringe a little when youtubers call their sub's ''squad'', or ''gang'' or any other 'cool' name.

  • S1KE

    just when i think i know everything there is to know about skyrim, this guy proves me wrong. had no idea about the torch making it easier to lockpick (which makes sense) and the way the pick breaks is where the sweet spot is. im starting a hunter/theif character so this works perfectly

  • u7w2

    You can stash all loot into a body and resurrect it and your dead thrall or whatever will carry as much as you want. better than horses

  • Damien Swanepoel

    I usually pickpocket everything of a person even their clothes.

  • noob gaming

    Do top tips for assasins in skyrim!

  • Steven Singletary

    Ever since I watched the shadowmark video I see them everywhere.

  • Dimitry Kurako

    There is actually another trick I am using, if you are overloaded. You can simply throw away the stacked goods (they should be in one pile) and hold them in front of you. This will allow you to run no matter how heavy is the whole pile. This will also perfectly work with 8.000 ingots ;)

  • LubieżnyPurcel

    10:00 Try to pickpocket 2000 gold with this 50%, good luck : D

  • Purzton Plays

    Hey ESO can you add words cause my friend is deaf and I want him to enjoy your amasing vids

  • Sam Otten

    Tip #11: use illusion magic; it makes sneak completely redundant.

  • Astrosive

    Thank you grandmaster 🙏

  • heavenshallburn _

    why don't you just take a carriage instead of wasting 1000 septims on a horse

  • D.Sé'astiapo Sçalia

    if you read a thieving book in skyrim it says you can use a torch but I didn't think it would really work in the game lol

  • Vornalph

    1:48 I don't get it. The top of the pick falls to the left but the sweet spot when you unlock it is to the right.

  • GrandNoble

    #6 - how do steal the WHOLE of markarth???

  • Avrysatos

    Before you get access to a fence, stealing animal skins and turning them into leather, or ingots and turning them into something else via blacksmithing also removes the stolen tag. You don't get as much gold for them, but you do get some.

  • Kurt

    I cant get myself to play a thief because every time i pick pocket a 90 % item i get caught. if they judt made it hard to lvl up but give you a 100% chance eventually make it a lvl 100 skill for all i care but i get caught every time and its just stupid. (loading saves is not fun gameplay)

  • Evil toaster of pure EVIL

    Waaaait! No "get invisibility spell"? No "just save and pickpocket stuff"? No "find 24 stones of Barenziah"?Also, I've heard rumors about "torch being helpful", but didn't think that actually works in the game xD. Does Khajits "nightvision" work as well? Or any other light spells for that matter? Or is it torch-exclusive? xD

  • Rakker de hond

    Number two you said that you have a 50% chance to pickpocket a item, but the perk says gold?

  • The 1 Ghrol

    Are orcs you're favourite race ESO???? ....... they sure as hell are mine

  • Joséphine

    U deserve 10 million subs! I love all ur vids, keep it up! :D

  • daddy

    Ordinator is the best thief mod.

  • x Whaledream

    Why do you buy a horse if you can steal it? 😂

  • Metruzanca

    number 6 with arvak will come in handy

  • Light Hawk

    Im a big fan of you ESO but u are wrong about the when the lockpick brakes I tested it out.

  • Mythical •

    What's up squad. My name is .... Elder Scrolls Online. 🤔

  • Nezara

    7:38 No one can witness, if there nobody left to witness.

  • rackune

    But lock picking super easy i dont wanna brag but i unlocked the hardest chest at lvl 1

  • marley squire

    i figerd out an amazing trick steel gold ingots then steel gems and make rings aand its not stolen

  • Galaxy BOI

    I just save the game before I pic pocket​ someone so if I get caught I can just reload the old save and try again

  • Andre Lopez

    I knew all of these but the torch and lock picking tip. Thanks! But if you're a Khajiit, could you use night eye? Doubt it, but that would be so much more immersive if you could.

  • Gallent Bristle

    I'm pretty sure that the torch thing is false, and most of the tests suffer from confirmation bias, mostly due to people actually testing it with mods that allow you to visualize the sweet spot (which never changed size) and even tried just outside the sweet spot to test it and guess what? The torch did nothing.

  • Howl1ng

    Eso, how do you steal the contents of Markarth or is that just a joke?

  • Anika Nield-Patterson

    Anyone know what mods he uses? I would kill to have that kind of framerate

  • Jose Ortiz

    how did he get the 8000 ingots

  • Timpin D.

    Your over-encumbrance tips are great, but you’re missing something that I find to be much easier and much more effective, which is using a dead thrall. If you have the dead thrall spell, you can bring or kill somebody into or near the place you plan on robbing, grab all the things, put them in the dead person’s body inventory, and then reanimate them. You can do this with temporary reanimate spells as well, but once you fast travel somewhere, the zombie will follow you and then disintegrate into a dust pile wherever you ended. If that happens, you will have to lug your stuff over to your home, which will still take a while.

  • Declan Splatt

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defence?

  • Kakashi 3749

    Simple solution for being over weight just buy a house in every city with the gold you don't have cause you never stick to one character long enough because you decide on a new role play idea😉

  • Noyan 74

    Hahah so early always good to watch some skyrim vids von Eso :)

  • Louis Oslan

    Hey ESO. Please notice me because this is really helpful. There is a standing stone called the tower stone. It automatically picks expert level locks and below once a day. Hope i helped someone out.

  • Amy Carter

    Basket on the head, brilliant.

  • Boiled patato

    “MWAHAHAHA easy daylight robbery is easy.” -ESO 2016

  • Tauberg

    Everytime ESO says major cities I always hear Mage's cities.

  • 13 bit gamer

    That 9th one is just common sense

  • Tojiru Records

    I used to be a sucky thief then I took an ESO in the knee

  • *:FØXIE:*

    City Guard: Let me guess, someone stole your sweet rollMe: someone didn't stole my sweet roll... I STOLE A SWEET ROLLCity Guard: Are you serious?!Me: NopeMe: (In mind) I did stole a sweet roll but dont tell anyone!

  • Marcus Allen Lovell

    There is a book shadowmarks in the thive guild

  • Tanno Kambier

    Eso please answer this questionIf I were to have heavy armor and light armor 100 which one will be better for a thief build

  • Furyfire

    Putting all those ingots on a horse is animal abuse.JK

  • Ricky C

    im aktuallly a red guard

  • Will Charlton

    please do a theif build

  • Jhin

    When u have 0% to steal something u can just paralyze this person and while he tries to get up u can steal everything

  • Dmitriy Zhirnov

    Кирюша сказал что автор ролика дибил)

  • minecraft mester

    can you create a totorial how to get glass armor in level 10

  • Comrade Ushanka

    ESO what visual mods are you using it looks beautiful.

  • neonicon

    THAT BARREL TIP THO does it not work like in the old games it used to even tell you in tips if you store something that NPC can get to your loot will be gone.. lol i thought it was the same for skyrim had it happen to me in oblivion on the docks stealing for grey fox.

  • Dark Reaper

    Amazing vid ESO can you please do the top 10 best followers I know I asked before but can you do it

  • darthdude

    I find it odd that a thief would leave a mark saying there's something worth nicking and not nick it him/herself lololol

  • whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    i do the fast travel horse thing always with arvak gets it done much quicker

  • Em Seymour

    you forgot about a pair of gloves with 30% pickpocet boost

  • pickle man

    next step is number free

  • єvєrchday αtrσcítchTM

    This is best heavy armor build for early players. You can get it as soon as you join the Blades and get into Sky Haven Temple. The enchantments are optional. P.S. you can get the Blades sword in the basement of the Sleeping Giant Inn when you first meet Delphine. Blades Armor(Fortify Health/Stamina Regen)Blades Gauntlets(Fortify One Handed)Blades Boots(Fortify Weight Carry)Blades Helmet(Fortify Archery) Blades Shield(Fortify Blocking)DragonbaneBlades Sword(fire/frost/shock damage enchantment)The Steed Stone(+100 weight carry and conditioning for heavy armor) Lastly, I strongly recommend choosing the Path of Might when you read Oghma Infinium when you get it in the quest Discerning the Transmundane given by Septimus Signus, who is found north of the College of Winterhold, at Septimus Signus's Outpost.

  • _Sospaarvokun_ 2523

    For the last one after you pick pocketed the merchant go outside the store and wait three Skyrim days doing that automatically resets their inventory you're welcome that was another tip that means infinite loot then just go get on your horse and go sell your stuff at the thieves guild

  • GTA Vice Gaming

    is it possible to get free dragon scale armor without crafting it?

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