If overwatch characters had theme songs

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  • Micky

    I'm not racist, I did not know what song mixes with Symmetra, this song popped into my head and I decided to put it on. I apologize to anyone who thought I was racist because I did not want to offend any religion or race

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    Let's admit it. We were all waiting for our main's songs.

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Junkrat’s song sounds like himself

  • dukduk

    Mercy's should be angel with a shotgun.

  • weegingercooper

    Roadhog was...Questionable

  • Ryan Gosling BLITZ

    Eveyone should know that Hanzo "Radioactive" is the most accurate since he gives cancer to us all...

  • _powAA AAAr_

    i think that "i need a doctor" is better with Genji

  • aloha mary

    Tracer would be better with "Lone Digger" from Cavaran Place

  • AmyArmy Animations

    2:52 This song is good for Reinhardt

  • Onward


  • Tauã Gamer

    2:50 Best music timing

  • Usoa

    When "TNT" came on, I legit thought Junkrat was singing.

  • Mati N

    I think DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya would fit better with Doomfist. But it's ok anyway... Doomfist had not even been out by the time this video was made.

  • Domagoj Ivanišević

    Mercy : "Angel with a shotgun" Maybe

  • That one Dva Main

    A lot of these fit, and a lot of these don'tthat's just my opinion lol

  • oh no

    Reaper's is on point tho


    Reaper when someone is hacking on a game

  • GachaWatermelon39 - I don’t do gacha stories

    Mercy’s should be I’m an angel with a shotgun

  • Controller Rex

    Just think if your born before 2010s then your older the reinheart (60) the oldest character in overwacth

  • Jango

    Symmetra song is just too perfect

  • Wolffox172 AJ

    Tracer yep!!! I'm from the UK just saying and I think that runnnin Inthe 90s fits so wellAlso junkrats theme sounds like him

  • Minicookieradio

    Why did no mercy upload like 10 days after this it would have been perfectAnd even though bubble d.va uploaded way later it would have also been perfect

  • Jessii Shiba

    Road Hog's thoooo 😂😂😂

  • Mako Rutledge

    I don’t think Reaper fits with that song.He’d be better with Cancer or Black Parade by MCR.

  • TeMmie TeMmiE

    Mei's,D.va's,junkrat,reaper, AND soldier 76 was perfectTORBJÖN, AND ROADHOGS WAS BEAUTIFUL


    Nice!Junkrat Looks Like Joker!!Also You Made A Small Mistake,It's Winston 😂(The Songs Fits The Characters...ESPECIALLY MCCREE,MERCY AND MEI)

  • Lady Panda

    Mercy, Junkrat, mccree and meis songs fit so well 😂👌


    reaper kill everybody skrillex

  • cbrown

    I died at the symmetra one

  • Chris Ward

    Mei's was my last braincellIm not sad actually

  • Andrey Yakzhik

    Music for Mei(devil) is ramstein

  • This is Argus

    I really like the Lucio one. It was spot on and synced well!

  • Aria Usagi

    Anubis would have been better for Pharah. Great list though!!

  • Amanda Laurie

    Wait so torbjörn drinks straight up lava????

  • Echo Gacha

    2:49When my friend is about to die and I cameMe when my friend is about to diemy mind RUN MOTHERF*CKER RUN

  • GoldenPhoebe Yeet

    Mercy-MercyWoah there.That's actually cool lmao.

  • Lily Random

    Genji, Hanzo, Mercy, and Widowmaker are my mains.I loved them all, tho I didnt like mercys that much

  • Xena oliveira

    When the videos started i was drawing then i just heard "I need a doctor" And then my mind proceeds to think:GENJI NEEDS HEALING

  • Shinobi_

    Heres my listMercy - Evil angel - breaking benjaminReaper - Nightmare - Avenged sevenfoldJunkrat - the good life - Three days graceTracer - Misery buisness - ParamoreLucio - I write sins not tragedies- Panic! At the discoMei - World so cold - Three days grace Roadhog - Bat country - Avenged sevenfoldBastion/Torbjorn - I am Machine - Three days graceAna - Painkiller - Three days gracePharah - Fallen Angel - Three days graceSoldier 76 - Unknown soldier - Breaking BenjaminWidowmaker - Everybodys fool - EvanescenceSombra - Outsider- Three days graceGenji - Polyamorous - Breaking BenjaminHanzo - Break - Three days grace D.va - Flesh and metal - DoomReinhardt - Time of dying - three days graceZenyatta - Light em up - Fallout boyWinston - The Animal i have become - Three days graceMcree - Gunslinger - Avenged sevenfold

  • bignutty see this

    my favorite would have to be roadhog OR winston

  • FailedAle ?

    I think genji Really needs the doctor..

  • AsnBlox

    Please have mercyFor Mercy.

  • Darkrai Gamer2907

    Tracer should’ve been i’m already tracer

  • Violet Bates Almond

    Ok roadhog didn't need that heyeyayayayayaya but solider 79's was SO ACCURATE 😂😂

  • JayRonin

    "Reapers theme song @2:35"😂😂💀👌👌👌👌

  • Arcaderzsquad Playz

    2 things. One, Junkrat sounds like Malcom Young now, and 3:08 and roadhog wtf

  • Danniela Aguilar

    Wow reaper was like THE MOST accurate That song fit PERFECT Reaper: 💀death walks among you💀So die mf die lol

  • Barni179 csatornája

    the Widowmaker was like Widowmaker: it missed.Widowmaker: *calm ballett music.... i never miss................Kinessa: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM HEADSHOT!!!!! BITCHEEEEEES!!!! HEDSOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD don't take it seriously

  • *Insert N word here*

    MercyTheme: Shawn Mendes- MercyHaha...preety funny slow clapping

  • Gacha_ macaroon

    The widowmaker theme should have been black widow

  • purplejump 26

    My favorites - Junkrat's theme song..Torbjorn's theme song Tracer's Theme Song Winston's Theme song and Road Hog's theme song xD

  • bananabread

    Genji's theme /shouldn't/ work, but it does. And it does amazingly.

  • Rage_Quit Gaming

    Mercy - Angel with a shotgun

  • PlasmaRose

    XD Junkrat's, McCree's, and Reaper's are perfect, I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Black Ace

    I think X Gon' Give It To Ya should've been Doomfist's song, and the Naruto theme should've been for Genji

  • Jesse Smith

    You should have done man of war for Reinhardt and prism by Lindsey Stirling for symmetraPlus, Koto by Clozee for genji.

  • am i real

    Reaper is too accurate

  • Not Sure

    bahaha soldiers theme was spot on 😂edit- aw i don’t think symetrias was racist, i think it was a song and it doesn’t matter what language it’s in!edit 2- i mean, if you’re thinking like that, zarya’s theme is too. lol so is winston’s.

  • Finlay Ackland

    Seven nation army glitch mob remix should have been for soldier

  • Tucsoncoyote 501

    Orisa's or Bastion's song would be "Domo Arregato. Mr.Toboto.Doomfists? Well no idea there..And Brigitte's would be Ride of the Valkyries.. (or something else..

  • Geeky Comics


  • Jon Reit

    This list was very...Normie. Also pretty awful. Subjectively speaking, of course.

  • Kianna Ramirez

    Oh, c'mon! "Mercy" was the legit cringiest theme song for Mercy...but it matched, am I right? 😂😂😂

  • DraikonianWarrior

    Feel Invincible - Skillet would also work for Hanzo because his ult was featured alot in. the feel Invincible amv overwatch

  • Lilly_NS JT247

    Me:I wonder what Mccree's song is?(I said that sarcastically)Video: plays Mcree songMe: I F***ING KNEW IT

  • Bri Brantley

    Genji should be I need a docter😂😂😂😂get it(this was a edit)how the heck did I get so many likes

  • FMLCHILE - VaporizedMoon

    I think D.Va, Sombra, Reaper, and Genji made my top list..

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