Skyrim - Legend of Cain series: The Legend is Born (PILOT episode) HD

- Take note that subtitles are available via captions!
Music used in the video:
- Two steps from hell - Earth
- Immediate Music - A Hero among us

SERIES HOMEPAGE (updated frequently):


Legend of Cain series promotional wallpapers 1680x1050:
Cain - the Omega wallpaper:
Alpha werewolf wallpaper:
Varek Lowell, the werewolf hunter wallpaper:
Beta werewolves wallpaper:

Download werewolf textures and some sounds used in the video:

This is the Pilot/first episode of the Legend of Cain series octology, the series will use a cinematic ENB to provide realism and a cinematic feel, and I will make sure no ''gameplay'' is visible, to keep it as real as posible!
(Please don't ask me how I did this and that, I myself have no idea how I managed to do half of the things in the video, lets just say it's movie magic and effects, eh?) :D

The 5 minute pilot shows in detail the horrible night that will change Cain's life forever - the night his closest friends and comrades all got slaughtered in front of his very eyes, and as the only survivor he was forced to live the rest of his life - as a werewolf...


- These werewolves have nothing in common with the Companions
- This is a ''new breed'' of werewolves, and the Alpha is the first of it's kind - they may be considered as Hircine's elite hunters
- The werewolves operate in a pack led by a single Alpha werewolf, who maintains his position via fear and superior physical prowess
- Only an Alpha has the legendary ability to pass on the werewolf curse by tooth and claw, and is also the only werewolf that has complete control over his wolf form
- Werewolves have a strict pack mentality, and their eyes reveal their pack positions:

- An Alpha werewolf has RED irises
- The Betas ( Alpha's pack mates) have YELLOW irises
- An Omega ( An outcast or new werewolf) has GREEN irises

The main use of any series PILOT episode is to see whether it's worth to continue the series itself, and if the audience likes it.

Taking into account that there are 50,000+ views and the aspect ratio between likes/dislikes has been 99% positive versus 1% negative, I can say that THE SERIES WILL CONTINUE.
- The first season is expected to have 8 episodes ( pilot included) and will focus on Cain discovering his new abilities and will introduce new characters, both friends and enemies.

Thanks for your patience, I know I'm a bastard for making you wait but I have no choice :/
So peeps, you know what they say - patience is a virtue!
- However it was never one of my virtues :(

For those not yet familiar with my Skyrim character and his story, there is a short ''sneak-peek'' event trilogy of short cinematic videos that shows parts of Cain's life, but it's only for fun and is considered non-canon to the series:

EPISODE 1 - THE BLOOD MOON: Cain's first transformation
EPISODE 2 - HUNTER'S MOON: A werewolf pack attacking Solitude
EPISODE 3 - THE BEAST RISING: Cain's transformation inside a local tavern

All episodes are available on my channel and on the series homepage!
  • PodCap24

    Legend of Cain series,Featuring Liam Neeson

  • Raidey

    Pretty damn good.My only problem with this, other than the sound, is that I actually laughed during the werewolf attack. Sorry, I know it wasn't meant be comedic, but when I saw them ragdolling and doing spins in the air I just couldn't help myself. If you wanted this to be taken more seriously, I would make sure to... not have them ragdoll and do flips in the air. I haven't seen the other episodes yet though. Hopefully the action scenes in the other ones aren't quite as... "so bad it's good"-ish.

  • averagejo31

    Great work.  Whenever someone asks me what "machinima" means, I'm showing them this.

  • Ns Jones

    Guys the series homepage has been updated with new info and lore, and I finally created a proper poster for the series, with all the main characters present!The series poster can be downloaded from the video description as well.What are you waiting for? - Go and check it out!!!

  • JDarkAngeI

    fckn awesome. thank you for making these.

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    The forest sound affects is great!

  • Alius Raptor

    Is it reard that i have watched all these episodes 200 times?

  • chase colgan

    After watching this, I actually modeled my character after Cain, and wore the blackguard armor, this is honestly the best skyrim/movie I've ever seen

  • Kyle Maxwell

    Reminds me of a particular Liam Neeson movie.....Hmmmm......

  • SiF 101

    I love the alpha roar and design

  • Daniela Cavatassi

    is this audio from the movie "The Grey"? 'Cause the guy sounds like Liam Neeson

  • HeavyHandedDame

    Holy Shit this is good! But isn't the audio from 'The Grey'?

  • De Alvieon Williams

    I wanna be a werewolf now

  • HazzaPlayz

    Ns jones has a brilliant eye for werewolf textures and reskins, his addition to moonlight tales is awesome

  • BOSs BosS

    Am i the only one watching this in 2016

  • Slishes Maloney

    Very good animation and cinematography, but why couldn't you get your own actors to voice the characters instead of just taking voice clips from movies? Still, it's a good start for your series, and I can't wait to watch more.

  • Antoine 689

    Guy , you are really talent, especial in sound effectsYou should me a director

  • Conde

    That's some damn good editing, man! You should be proud!

  • Whats Happening Now App

    I'm mad because they're not long enough and it's hard to see him one behind the other I like to look at them as in a series a little better other than that I love being a werewolf I love werewolves way better than vampires I believe the world wolf get a lower deal than vampires I'm about to write my own werewolf movie

  • ETZ

    This Is How I Want My Morning To Start 4:00

  • shadows of life

    i love this series, so well done and captures Skyrims beauty and darkness, textures in my opinion are great , just a great online series about probably the best game ever ( who agrees )

  • Leo Mendes

    ween the next episode will be release ?

  • Davito2000

    1:34  And thus we establish the sequel to the Legend of Cain series- "Legend of Cain 2: Revenge of the One-Eyed Bear".

  • Fin

    Those voices were from the grey

  • Monaris

    where's the location that the campers were ambushed in skyrim

  • WOLF MAN1008

    Man dude I watched this years ago and it's pretty ass man I wish this would've continued

  • TheBangooman

    This is AWESOME!! Seriously, this is the best crafted machinima for Skyrim I've ever seen, Tyranicon has nothing on you friend! Please keep this awesomeness up :D

  • Mr Elite

    I would like to see what would happen if this guy and Leon linked up

  • Apollo

    Osiris malone black guard its in dragonborn

  • Jesse Pidgeon

    when will you download the next episode soon please

  • Nicy30941

    Really well done! I love how you have, what looks like, taken notes from real directors!

  • JasonAlexVoorhees

    A absolutely fantastic opening!

  • Ronnie Copeland

    Good start. I really like it

  • Joosek Michael

    I totally fell in love with this!! O.O holy shit, such a good work buddy! I love it :D

  • Slender Man

    EPIC. i am turning out to be a fanboy of this guy lol

  • Osiris Malone

    What is that armor Cain have on

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    Well at least the dog is safe cause Wearwolfs are a dogs cousin or whatever

  • Vlife movies

    Original story, detailed and atmospheric. Well done!

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    A legend of Skyrim was forced away from her HomeLandAtoneta Cyrodiil she was to move to Morrorwind on the NorthFrost her Children and Marriage Marrcurio, Britte and Sissel missed Atoneta Cyrodiil 1 night the NorthFrost crashed into an Iceberg and burst a massive hole in the Cargo Bay the vessel leaned over Atoneta was in her room when she noticed this when she got on the deck the bow was flooded there was no lifeboats for everybody so everybody rushed to the Stern when Atoneta got to the Stern a Redoran Vessel came by but oil was in water the Redoran Vessel was carrying Fire Mage prisoners 1 of the prisoners setted the Redoran Vessel on Fire busting a hole in the side when the fire got out of control it the fire started burning before Atoneta bailed catapult explosives blew up when Atoneta woke up she was in Raven Rock Conciler Manor then I don't remember what actually happened to Atoneta Cyrodiil ever again

  • Sun Jetzu

    Thinking of making my own series called The Beyonder. Kinda like a Batman in Skyrim lol Came across this seeing how guys make these machinima's. Let me know if its cool to pm you for information on how your getting some of these shots and camera angles :D- Sun Jetzu

  • Ay Ayla

    I admit, I was hesitant about trying this. No idea why though. Almost made me miss this. It's great! Poor Cain- loosing everything and everyone he holds dear, all in one fell swoop, thats horrible. I wonder why only he was allowed to survive. Did the Alpha realize he had potential? He was easily the most efficient of them all. No offense meant against the others.Also, I don't know whether it was intentional (if it was, great), but you made it seem as if it was the human part of the Werewolves that lashed out. True, the strength is from the wolf part and also the brutal efficiency, but real wolves would not attack humans- we're not in their prey spectrum. So unless there's something really wrong with them and they're cornered and attacking seems to be the only way out, they won't attack. Humans, on the other hand...well, goes without saying I think that often, we have no qualms about attacking and slaughtering our own. Long story short, I think it's the influence of the human combined with the mind of an instinct-driven animal and thus driven into insanity (the mind simply can't cope) that makes them prey on humans and that reflected in your story. Of course, perhaps it was my wish to see it that way that made me see it.

  • John A.

    Hey man huge fan of your channel. This series is actually what inspired me to stry modding games. Already had this for ps3 but i couldn't resist buying it again on steam for your mods, just a few questions though. I already have the textures and sounds you use for the wolves but as far as the environment goes what mods did you use. The forrest just looks so thick and vibrant. Also what lighting mod did you use cause I love how the night part in the forest is so realistic like thats actually how it'd look in the middle of the woods; pitch black. If anyone else knows exactly what he used I'd appreciate some feedback!

  • bekindrewind

    So much potential. Such an underrated series.

  • TRYf X

    fazzzzz maissss poraaaaa

  • alan Williams

    I will pay for werewolf mod like this on xbox

  • Charlie Corke

    Are u gonna make anymore vids

  • Wolf ULiSES Wolf

    Concepción tiradas giovanni admiradores Ezequiel remedios yeke

  • sirenia

    I had a vampire build that I was playing and the the vampire lord seemed ok until I saw the Skyrim - Legend of Cain series: The Legend is Born, the melee attacks are strong and fast,it made me want to do a werewolf build.

  • Konstantin Schukin

    I very like your video!

  • It Must Be RoofCake

    There needs to be furless werewolf textures for the elven races, something reminiscent of Lupin from harry potter.

  • Carrot hater

    uh I kinda laughed when they got killed at the camp

  • Muffin The Guildmaster

    Pretty good quality for its time.

  • putão vaidoso

    Como é o nome dessa música que tá nessa trilha sonora

  • putão vaidoso

    Como é o nome dessa música que tá nessa trilha sonora

  • putão vaidoso

    Como é o nome dessa música que tá nessa trilha sonora

  • 1oAce

    It would have been scarier if it was just 1 werewolf. I mean when do you see 15 werewolves ganging up on 5 dudes.


    So epic I have no words!! 10/10

  • Elad Nitso

    Hey, man, I have a question in this series werewolves have shaped human fingernails and changes color of their eyes without be changed into a werewolf but the game itself does not have it so how did you do it?

  • Justin Eppley

    Hey jones, I have been waiting for some time now for you to make a new video. I just am wondering if you are still making videos on this series and if you are that is great, but if not, could you please make a video telling us what would have happened and that you are stopping. Thanks.

  • Angel of Rock

    Is there any other well made videos like the legend of cain. With a story of a character in Skyrim with voice acting maybe, and animation, I really want to find videos like this

  • Anonymous ¿

    does anyone know how to install heart of beast sounds? Can someone walk me thru them?? Ive installed Tales of Lycanthropy and Moonlight tales correctly, but i need help with the Alpha Werewolf sounds/

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