Skyrim - Legend of Cain series: The Legend is Born (PILOT episode) HD

- Take note that subtitles are available via captions!
Music used in the video:
- Two steps from hell - Earth
- Immediate Music - A Hero among us

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Legend of Cain series promotional wallpapers 1680x1050:
Cain - the Omega wallpaper:
Alpha werewolf wallpaper:
Varek Lowell, the werewolf hunter wallpaper:
Beta werewolves wallpaper:

Download werewolf textures and some sounds used in the video:

This is the Pilot/first episode of the Legend of Cain series octology, the series will use a cinematic ENB to provide realism and a cinematic feel, and I will make sure no ''gameplay'' is visible, to keep it as real as posible!
(Please don't ask me how I did this and that, I myself have no idea how I managed to do half of the things in the video, lets just say it's movie magic and effects, eh?) :D

The 5 minute pilot shows in detail the horrible night that will change Cain's life forever - the night his closest friends and comrades all got slaughtered in front of his very eyes, and as the only survivor he was forced to live the rest of his life - as a werewolf...


- These werewolves have nothing in common with the Companions
- This is a ''new breed'' of werewolves, and the Alpha is the first of it's kind - they may be considered as Hircine's elite hunters
- The werewolves operate in a pack led by a single Alpha werewolf, who maintains his position via fear and superior physical prowess
- Only an Alpha has the legendary ability to pass on the werewolf curse by tooth and claw, and is also the only werewolf that has complete control over his wolf form
- Werewolves have a strict pack mentality, and their eyes reveal their pack positions:

- An Alpha werewolf has RED irises
- The Betas ( Alpha's pack mates) have YELLOW irises
- An Omega ( An outcast or new werewolf) has GREEN irises

The main use of any series PILOT episode is to see whether it's worth to continue the series itself, and if the audience likes it.

Taking into account that there are 50,000+ views and the aspect ratio between likes/dislikes has been 99% positive versus 1% negative, I can say that THE SERIES WILL CONTINUE.
- The first season is expected to have 8 episodes ( pilot included) and will focus on Cain discovering his new abilities and will introduce new characters, both friends and enemies.

Thanks for your patience, I know I'm a bastard for making you wait but I have no choice :/
So peeps, you know what they say - patience is a virtue!
- However it was never one of my virtues :(

For those not yet familiar with my Skyrim character and his story, there is a short ''sneak-peek'' event trilogy of short cinematic videos that shows parts of Cain's life, but it's only for fun and is considered non-canon to the series:

EPISODE 1 - THE BLOOD MOON: Cain's first transformation
EPISODE 2 - HUNTER'S MOON: A werewolf pack attacking Solitude
EPISODE 3 - THE BEAST RISING: Cain's transformation inside a local tavern

All episodes are available on my channel and on the series homepage!
  • PodCap24

    Legend of Cain series,Featuring Liam Neeson

  • De Alvieon Williams

    I wanna be a werewolf now

  • averagejo31

    Great work.  Whenever someone asks me what "machinima" means, I'm showing them this.

  • Raidey

    Pretty damn good.My only problem with this, other than the sound, is that I actually laughed during the werewolf attack. Sorry, I know it wasn't meant be comedic, but when I saw them ragdolling and doing spins in the air I just couldn't help myself. If you wanted this to be taken more seriously, I would make sure to... not have them ragdoll and do flips in the air. I haven't seen the other episodes yet though. Hopefully the action scenes in the other ones aren't quite as... "so bad it's good"-ish.

  • JDarkAngeI

    fckn awesome. thank you for making these.

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    Is it reard that i have watched all these episodes 200 times?

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    Guy , you are really talent, especial in sound effectsYou should me a director

  • Canal Do Hunter

    ok....this scene was just AMAZING! 3:13

  • chase colgan

    After watching this, I actually modeled my character after Cain, and wore the blackguard armor, this is honestly the best skyrim/movie I've ever seen

  • ETZ

    This Is How I Want My Morning To Start 4:00

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    The forest sound affects is great!

  • Daniela Cavatassi

    is this audio from the movie "The Grey"? 'Cause the guy sounds like Liam Neeson

  • Monaris

    where's the location that the campers were ambushed in skyrim

  • Nicy30941

    Really well done! I love how you have, what looks like, taken notes from real directors!

  • HeavyHandedDame

    Holy Shit this is good! But isn't the audio from 'The Grey'?

  • SiF 101

    I love the alpha roar and design

  • Conde

    That's some damn good editing, man! You should be proud!

  • damysticalone87

    Bro, do a remake, recorded in at least 4K60Fps.

  • WOLF MAN1008

    Man dude I watched this years ago and it's pretty ass man I wish this would've continued

  • HazzaPlayz

    Ns jones has a brilliant eye for werewolf textures and reskins, his addition to moonlight tales is awesome

  • Reawer

    This is VERY well made. Great work graphics 10/10all'tho the voice act 5/10

  • TheBangooman

    This is AWESOME!! Seriously, this is the best crafted machinima for Skyrim I've ever seen, Tyranicon has nothing on you friend! Please keep this awesomeness up :D

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    @William Schulte.Boomer WILL LIVE!

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    Outstanding!You have a new fan.

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    Well at least the dog is safe cause Wearwolfs are a dogs cousin or whatever

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    when will you download the next episode soon please

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    super awesome man .. really .. keep up the good work .. love ya !!!!!

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    These series are so well made. They really stick me to the story of an werewolf and I am quite satisfied.Nice, man :)


    Great job!!Keep this up, i think you are on to something here :)

  • Lyon Allison

    can you make the character creation of Cain pls?:D

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    After just one video you got yourself a new subscriber !

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    Amazing Jones, just amazing! you have my support!


    Original story, detailed and atmospheric. Well done!

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    This is really impressive, i can't wait for more of these

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    I love the legend of cain series it's just so realistic and dramatric !You're really good at !(sorry for my bad english, I'm french)

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    How the hell did you afford to have Liam Neeson as a voice actor? :-o

  • ItsCorben

    which enb do u use? :)

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    With mods are you yusing for the shoting and animations. like witch are the mods we sees in the videos?

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    This is the best game vid i have ever seen, i love it when the guy smiled and his eyes turned red for a second

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    EPIC!!! You are awesome

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    Very nicely done. Very nicely done indeed.

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    Liked and favorited. It's hard to find well-made videos like this, so as you can guess, I'm more than eager to see what you have in store.

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    i just did one today i just downloaded the texture mod and my first video is just nornal without mod but im calling the videos a skyrim journey more or less no hud and me going around skyrim and seeing what happens lol nothing special just gameplay

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    Go right ahead friend, I'm quite short on time so unfortunately I don't upload very regularly


    im thinking of doing a series

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    I made a mod like this myself, you have it linked in the video description - it's called ''Heart of the Beast''

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