Dark Souls 3 Finished In 35 Minutes - Speedrun

Watch DarK__ speedrun through Dark Souls 3 in the Any% category. Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner.

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  • Dinasticks

    It took me 35 minutes to kill the starting boss

  • Cirilla Karataş

    -Babe we have 35 minutes to leave the house for meeting -Okay babe, lemme just finish the Ds3 real quick..

  • Ayashi Knki

    40 Mins for me im still creating the characters xD

  • Daravae

    Hey, thanks for watching my video if you did! Thanks to IGN for giving me this opportunity! Any% has a few pretty broken glitches which makes for an interesting and technical run of Dark Souls III but there are also different categories if you are interested! I have read a few questions here and just to answer a few in general and to clarify some stuff:- The timer runs on "In-game time" which means the timer you see in the run represents the in-game timer that the game itself holds track of. You can see the timer in the Quit Game menu and also in your Save file of Dark Souls III. That timer stops in the main menu because being in the main menu doesnt actually count towards game time because you are not in the game, hence it pauses until the player is back in the game. - Quitting out of the game and reloading it skips long animations such as opening doors, pulling levers and is also used to cancel fall damage when falling to your death using Spook. - The entire run is done on a pretty old patch. (Patch 1.04 Reg 1.05). The advantage of this patch is that the Out of bounds glitch you see, called Teardrop, still works. Teardrop is a glitch that allows the player to bypass killboxes which is a volume in the shape of a box that is invisible but kills the player as you fall to your death. But, by using the "Tears of Denial" spell, we are able to negate the death from this volume by dropping into the killbox from a certain angle. The game gets confused and assumes the player is dead, putting the player in a state of being invisible (the player model despawns if you die) but since you are not actually dead, you are able to roam freely out of bounds. Also, Bleed damage is very overpowered in this patch. Hence Anri's Straight Sword is also used. The Estoc (starting weapon) also has a much higher attack speed and damage. NOTE: This is all patched on later patches. - Equipping and unequipping Anri's Straight Sword bypasses the healing tick that the sword has as being a blessed weapon healing you 2HP every tick. By unequipping and equipping the sword you are able to heal faster basically.- The final boss doesn't move because of a trigger that is being bypassed at after triggering the fight. By quitting out on the pillar just past the fog gate, the game gets confused as to where it should put the player back. Normally, if you quitout and reload, it should reload you outside the fog gate, but in this instance, it reloads you back in the actual boss room with having the trigger of activating the actual boss fighting back already being skipped.If you have any questions, feel free to message me or reply!

  • Nadeem Doctor

    You got 40 minutes before we leave for the concert !!!“More than enough”

  • AO 6

    Took Me 35 min to learn the controls

  • Eat My Shamrock

    For everyone complaining about him abusing glitches, this is an Any% run. This category of speedruns allows the use of any means necessary to get to the end of the game ASAP. You don't have to like it or validate it, it just is what it is...no need to get all self-righteous


    Me reading the comments:99% of people complain about people complaining about using glitches1% actually complains about using glitches

  • Kosmos

    These kiddies think that the glitch run is easy lol

  • Kaca S

    95% of comments = people complaining about other people complaining about glitches

  • Santi Reyes

    All the dipshits complaining about the glitches clearly have zero experience in the speed run world. Some glitches are waaaay harder than just boss killing. That’s why the any% category exists. You try and beat the game as quickly as possible using approved glitches if it gets it done faster. Take the Super Mario runs for instance. The ones the speed running community seems to care about the most are the any% runs as those glitches were innovative and required frame-perfect precision. Unless you’re a top speed runner, you should probably just shut your mouth, and if you were one, you’d certainly be educated enough not to make comments that make you look moronic...

  • PeachyMike

    I wonder who finds all those glitches 🤔

  • Baneewii

    To everyone saying that the glitches make it not count do you know the point of an any% run? Go watch a different category if you dont like it.

  • L A S E R M A N

    >complaining about glitches in any% speedruns in current year

  • Ged

    He finished the game. This is the whole point.

  • David Gladney

    This comment section is what you get from putting a speedrun on IGN.

  • Nedwab

    I love it when ign commenters act like they know a thing about speedrunning

  • Proof .M

    35 minutes glitch run.

  • Animez4u

    90% of the comment section didn't read the description.

  • masterninja74

    I don't understand speedruns where you have to use glitches to bypass half of the game. How is that impressive? No saying that there are things is this that isn't impressive.

  • Noah Brockner

    Yeah it says Any% which means it will use any exploits or glitches available. "Any% with glitches" would be redundant.

  • Chris Collier

    what, you couldn't complete the game in 34 minutes? unimpressive

  • Johnny Y

    People know that glitch is part of the game right??!..

  • Endless♦Fate

    dark souls speedruns are so satisfying to watch

  • Gatecrasher257

    So is quitting out faster than opening the door or what’s the logic here? Serious question

  • Emil Degas

    You know the gaming community is on a downward spiral when people complain about glitches on speedruns. It's pretty sad seeing someone talking about something he doesn't have any idea about. People shouldn't have freedom of speech about issues they know nothing or not enough.

  • moikanos11

    Ashen one,the fire is fading again and a bunch of huge demon monsters rose from their grave, you have to go on this huge perilous journey to save the world"Aight just gimme 35 minutes"

  • jaquino94

    When casual gamers are introduced to the world of speed running, it's quite entertaining LOL

  • Mleczko

    You Guys are crybabies. This is Any% so he is allowed to use all the glitches he is able to find lol

  • Smith 9081

    It took him 1 min to defeat the princes wtf are u

  • Aran Dante Samus

    To everyone complaining about using glitches in these kinds of speed runs (Any% in this case) and claiming it ruins the experience or fun or "takes no skill"... think about this...To find these glitches you'd have to understand the game inside out. Meaning speed runners play the game so many times it's not even funny. Obviously they play the game normally the first time. To get a feel for the game and its mechanics. Then they dig deep by finding glitches, what works, what doesn't. Which walls can be clipped through, HOW these walls can be clipped through, what levels can be skipped, what bosses or fights can be skipped, etc. Some glitches actually demand frame perfect timing or pixel perfect positioning. It takes loads and loads of play time to discover these things.And FYI, there are different categories of speed runs. 100%, Any%, TAS (Tool Assisted), etc. Each one has different rules. If you wanna watch someone play the game properly without glitches, check out 100% speed runs. Those don't usually allow glitches or clipping through walls, as far as I know. In Any%, anything goes to achieve the fastest timing possible. Sure it's not for everyone, but that doesn't mean it "takes little to no skill" to do it.

  • mr_graphical

    Um the quality says HD but all I see is potato

  • Rough Sleeper

    Glitch run. Not impressive.

  • Liam

    Wow impressive how you cheat through half the game

  • Burak Krygen Barış

    It took me an hour to create my character

  • Santi Reyes

    Also, considering that the world record all bosses run is almost 3x as long, it’s kinda obvious that this is an any% run aka glitches allowed...

  • SwenglishGamer

    So what if he glitches through it? Try doing the same yourself, haters, before saying it’s not impressive.

  • mr. marek

    Takové lidi obdivuji respekt.

  • vallo220

    Lmao... people saying they want to see a legit run in 35 minutes? Lmao..... clearly not possible without glitches.Any% means anything is ok to finish the run. This includes glitches, bugs, and even skipping bosses.

  • Xazlan Greyson

    Wtf was that ending..?

  • Alphakenny One

    I can't stand glitching I no it's what everyone does but to me it's not a real speed run

  • Jetpack Rorschach

    I don't personally count glitching through 50% of the game as a proper speedrun.

  • Edgar AIlan Poe

    When you kill lothric before abyss watchers lmao

  • Franco

    This was impressive but so are traditional speed runs.

  • Matt Bell

    At job interview. What talents do you have? I can beat Dark souls 3, 5 times inless than 4 hours

  • Skadoodlefap

    Could anyone tell me why he levels luck?Edit: Also why does he kill other bosses instead of going straight to dancer?

  • Justin Alexander

    Tries to use glitch goes hollow

  • Tersias

    None of you people complaining about the use of glitches understand what an "Any%" speedrun is. Any% just means the speedrunner has to beat the game, they don't have to 100% it. Glitches are fine in an "Any%" run, but if it was an "Any% Glitchless" the run wouldn't count. Most of these glitches require frame-perfect timing, which is FAR FAR harder than just beating these bosses.

  • [IV] Kístúñe Gàmíñg [IV]

    WtF happened to the boss in the end anyways xD

  • Jorge Martinez Mateu

    Why does he level up Luck?? 😅

  • agustin beltran

    Lo que yo logre en 1 año, el lo hizo en 35 minutos......el suicidio es mi mejor opcion

  • - -

    Lol no one is a dark souls fan here.

  • huskytzu

    Why does he quit and start over and over again?

  • Thy 72eaper

    I feel like if you quit the game it shouldn't count.

  • joshuaha12

    Why does he keep equipping the sword?

  • Beard Nation

    How can this be called a speed run a glitch run

  • Gabriel Ånderå

    -Babe we have 30 min to leave the house.-Okay babe , lemme just finish the Dark Souls 3 real quick.

  • Gana San

    how did he skip the last two bonfires?

  • MrDaSanchez

    Rename this glitch run please

  • Scout Relic

    What happened with Anri straight sword +2? lol

  • Allen Luong

    For those who are curious, the speedrun WR for glitchless, all bosses is 1 hr and 20 mins

  • William Matjokane

    Speed run? Pfft, more like Glitch run

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