Skyrim Remastered: Best Strongest Weapon In the Game (GIANTS CLUB LOCATION Special Edition Guide)

Skyrim Remastered: Best Strongest Weapon In the Game (GIANTS CLUB LOCATION Special Edition Guide): This Guide Shows you How to Get the Most Powerful Unique Weapon in the Game; The Giants Club!

The Best Weapon in The Game that you can wild:
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  • Robert S

    I simultaneously love and hate the fact that you send me on these video chains. Very clever for view gaining, but also super helpful

  • Moist

    2 years ago, and the name of the video is skyrim remastered

  • Uncl Dolan

    I don't use companions at all, breaks the game making it simple and boring

  • King Horker

    SKYRIM!!! A WONDERFUL FANTASY WORLD WITH SWORDS, BOWS, AND MAGIC! AND THE BEST WEAPON OF ALL IS!...... wait... i'm i reading this right?... yes??? a'hem... a rock on a stick. LOVELY!!!

  • HrardDragonheart

    'Special edition guide' from 2014. Whatever you say dude

  • Anthony Argueta

    skyrim remastered in 2014? Best for business I guess


    Video was uploaded 2 years ago but yet it has title of Skyrim Remastered... Probably did it for views but I don't blame him for doing so it's hard to grow on YT nowadays

  • Jeremy Kimrey

    best strongest good grammar there

  • Rei Uyeah

    "I'm not so sure why he's eating this possessed pie". Hahaha that was hilarious.

  • NeoMT

    lol did you just called the special edition, or you changed the name? i dont hate, i dont care about click baity titles, im just curious

  • Frankly

    Love how this guy is slowly putting Remastered in all the titles of his skyrim Vids in an attempt to garner more views from the search system.

  • Nicolas Munoz

    So cheap, changing all of his videos name

  • Kamikaze Commie

    Pretty amazing how you guys predicted Special Edition two whole years ago!! Wowee, can you tell me some lottery numbers for next tuesday too?Have a downvote for lack of effort and a shameless cashgrab. At least Bethesda actually improved the game before reselling the same crap.

  • RockrDark

    I like how he got a ton of views thanks to an old guide lol

  • Gediminas Ramanauskas

    Fun fact: Vilkas is actually a translation of Wolf from the lithuanian language into english

  • Utsutsu the tsuntsun

    350 dwarven crossbow with explossive bullets and frost and drain health spells.... Meh

  • Asher King Vlogs

    Yo. What's the shout you used to stop/slow time when fighting the giant?


    can you say the command to get the giants club for yourself please !!!

  • Bendytron 202

    I noticed u changed the name to suit the fact that the remastered version is out

  • Ryan Powell

    did you change the name of the video to Skyrim Remastered?

  • HardCoreDubstep

    my dragon war hammer does more damage because I am  100 at smithing and have all the two handed damage percks (it does 109)

  • RtDK

    Lol at your minion bludgeoning a horse to death. XD

  • Dragonzen

    how did ur follower had daedric armor?, and like u could just trade the daedric armor with him? dafeuq

  • Cupdup

    I'm using Vilkas as a follower, but for some reason he never fights, he always runs away screaming. I think he's glitched, anyone know for to fix it?

  • Bryan Aguirre

    How can you take the weapon away from your companion? and does it respawn or is it a one time thing

  • Xertados

    Eso I am so glad there are still youtubers who still know a great game when they see one and still make videos of it

  • Hozer of Hero

    the horse is a God! oh no 😱🔫🐴

  • Mrwatchdog1000

    unarmed kajhiit best weapon in the game.

  • Layers [Rares]

    Why can't I use it?

  • HeLLsm

    You can get this even in normal Skyrim, not only in the special edition.. :)

  • Coco Bean Cafe/Gameplay of cafe and more!

    Epic video mate, earned my subscription and like. Your guides really help me.

  • ItsDeric

    OMG did you guys notice his carry weight? xD 420!

  • Absolute Heretic

    PRO TIP!!!!!! if ya can give your follower + two handed damage armor.

  • Punnily

    oh look another one of the "best" weapons

  • hanisa

    The original damage is about 100 or 160 damage.... Anyway i wonder why you cant use giant club as a two handed weapon? I mean like bethesda could have added it as a two handed weapon like it would be awesome if they do that..

  • MellinGames

    Dude I love ur videos but this game is from 2011, stop explaining how to do simple stuff like join the companions...

  • Kiro

    Best weapon in the game that you can wild.

  • The Conquistador

    I hate that you can't use this weapon especially since I'm level 100 on two handed weapons

  • Dentally Challenged

    Why are you putting remastered in the titles of videos that were out before remastered was announced?

  • Kim Stewart

    best sword in the game can't kill THE GODLY HOURSE


    Really you changed the name a two year old video for views. I guess I'm unsubscribing.

  • Javier Merino

    You changed the title for views? You just lost a sub.

  • The Joy Of Painting

    I'm so triggered when they call it se or skyrim remastered like its not the same game.

  • Johnny

    I wish I could you use it!

  • ileaveubutthurt

    If you give a dead thrall the club will the thrall be able to use it?

  • Youcant Stopme!

    But can't have it myself!

  • fernandogaki

    the damage shown is based on your onehanded perks, its technically a 1 handed weapon, not a two handed.

  • That one american

    Beepity beepity lettuce

  • FrontMedal9

    and another 20 mins RAGEQUIT

  • FrontMedal9

    i finnaly got it after 20 mins and it was the fricken 1 tear

  • Xenolord

    My follower won't pick up the weapon, any help?

  • CrocutaIV

    Is this weapon an easter-egg put in the game by the actual creators? Huh.

  • Crowdedaudience

    My friend snuck up the mountain waited an hour for his companion Erik the slayer than he took the Giants club and fast traveled out

  • Unpredictable HalfBread

    When your 2 handed sword does more than the triple dmg than the giants club and also has enchantments :/

  • Link To The Kraken

    I can't get vilkas!!!!!

  • Screaming Sun

    Got a giant club with 108 damage custom enchants :D

  • Professor R. J. Lupin

    I don't get the map, I'm looking at my skyrim map now and I can't find at all where the camp is

  • Mr_Wolf20

    This didn't help me I want to know how I can get it and I use it not having my follower use it just me

  • Greg

    1 person was hit by the giants club

  • Luddmeister

    Is this the 000461da version? That varies depending on level? I went there on lvl 1 and it was 68 damage. Which level do you have to be to get the 389 damage?

  • Common Vlogs

    First i did not know where to go but know i do

  • MR. Depressed

    Can you let your follower drop the giants club

  • Matthew Keily

    my follower using the giant club has the weakest weapon every other follower has a million+ damage

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