Skyrim Remastered: Best Strongest Weapon In the Game (GIANTS CLUB LOCATION Special Edition Guide)

Skyrim Remastered: Best Strongest Weapon In the Game (GIANTS CLUB LOCATION Special Edition Guide): This Guide Shows you How to Get the Most Powerful Unique Weapon in the Game; The Giants Club!

The Best Weapon in The Game that you can wild:
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  • Nathan Schwahn

    I had to kill vilkas because he stalked me and my wife

  • HrardDragonheart

    'Special edition guide' from 2014. Whatever you say dude

  • Robert S

    I simultaneously love and hate the fact that you send me on these video chains. Very clever for view gaining, but also super helpful

  • Anthony Argueta

    skyrim remastered in 2014? Best for business I guess


    Video was uploaded 2 years ago but yet it has title of Skyrim Remastered... Probably did it for views but I don't blame him for doing so it's hard to grow on YT nowadays

  • Jeremy Kimrey

    best strongest good grammar there

  • Rei Uyeah

    "I'm not so sure why he's eating this possessed pie". Hahaha that was hilarious.

  • NeoMT

    lol did you just called the special edition, or you changed the name? i dont hate, i dont care about click baity titles, im just curious

  • Frankly

    Love how this guy is slowly putting Remastered in all the titles of his skyrim Vids in an attempt to garner more views from the search system.

  • Kamikaze Commie

    Pretty amazing how you guys predicted Special Edition two whole years ago!! Wowee, can you tell me some lottery numbers for next tuesday too?Have a downvote for lack of effort and a shameless cashgrab. At least Bethesda actually improved the game before reselling the same crap.

  • Uncl Dolan

    I don't use companions at all, breaks the game making it simple and boring

  • RockrDark

    I like how he got a ton of views thanks to an old guide lol

  • Utsutsu the tsuntsun

    350 dwarven crossbow with explossive bullets and frost and drain health spells.... Meh

  • KidTheRoyal Official

    Yo. What's the shout you used to stop/slow time when fighting the giant?

  • King Horker

    SKYRIM!!! A WONDERFUL FANTASY WORLD WITH SWORDS, BOWS, AND MAGIC! AND THE BEST WEAPON OF ALL IS!...... wait... i'm i reading this right?... yes??? a'hem... a rock on a stick. LOVELY!!!


    can you say the command to get the giants club for yourself please !!!

  • MellinGames

    Dude I love ur videos but this game is from 2011, stop explaining how to do simple stuff like join the companions...

  • Adam Abdelfattah

    He changed the title. Who gives a shit?

  • Ryan Powell

    did you change the name of the video to Skyrim Remastered?

  • Bendytron 202

    I noticed u changed the name to suit the fact that the remastered version is out

  • HardCoreDubstep

    my dragon war hammer does more damage because I am  100 at smithing and have all the two handed damage percks (it does 109)

  • zenoist2

    the infamous alchemy restoration loop/. You boost your alchemy early on by eating every ingredient you find and you won't die of it.You need at least 3/5 alchemy for it to work and make your potions stronger. Abecan longfin and cyrodillic spadetail.Go swimming in rivers and dragonflies hovering show where they are. salt pile works but makes it weaker i think.hagraven claws might work but not sure.You need lots of enchanted alchemy gear as well going to 100% at least 25% on each item chest neck hands rings .Get about 15 50 of each minimum ingredient and be prepared.It might work with less enchanted alchmey gear but not sure wear gearmake potiondrink potiontake off gearput it back on make new potionrepeat.the strength goes up and up.You use the fortified potion to make enchanting potions to fortify alchemy gear.If you are getting stuck in low numbers anything above 25% with 4 peices of alchmey gear you have to enchant yourself will do it.Your enchanting could be low but with a high enough alchemy enchanting potion you can overcome it to get your enchanted alchemy gear.

  • Aid Munchies

    OMG did you guys notice his carry weight? xD 420!

  • Moist

    2 years ago, and the name of the video is skyrim remastered

  • Its Me, John Stamos

    one time on the 360 version the game fucked up and showed me the stats for the club, but I still couldn't pick it up. It said the damage was 8.

  • Dragonzen

    how did ur follower had daedric armor?, and like u could just trade the daedric armor with him? dafeuq

  • Cupdup

    I'm using Vilkas as a follower, but for some reason he never fights, he always runs away screaming. I think he's glitched, anyone know for to fix it?

  • Bryan Aguirre

    How can you take the weapon away from your companion? and does it respawn or is it a one time thing

  • Xertados

    Eso I am so glad there are still youtubers who still know a great game when they see one and still make videos of it

  • Mrwatchdog1000

    unarmed kajhiit best weapon in the game.

  • Layers [Rares]

    Why can't I use it?

  • BULLDOG2536 Play's

    So cheap, changing all of his videos name

  • HeLLsm

    You can get this even in normal Skyrim, not only in the special edition.. :)

  • Andrew Tomson

    why did he say remastered hes frome the future

  • hanisa

    The original damage is about 100 or 160 damage.... Anyway i wonder why you cant use giant club as a two handed weapon? I mean like bethesda could have added it as a two handed weapon like it would be awesome if they do that..

  • Hozer of Hero

    the horse is a God! oh no 😱🔫🐴

  • Punnily

    oh look another one of the "best" weapons

  • Kiro

    Best weapon in the game that you can wild.

  • The Conquistador

    I hate that you can't use this weapon especially since I'm level 100 on two handed weapons

  • Etbp34

    People commenting " he changed the title for views, I'm unsubscribing sob sob 1. He's a YouTuber, that's the whole point. 2. Skyrim remastered is a slightly graphically enhanced version of the original ,and the information is the exact same and if you knew how long it takes to record and edit clips and have to do multiple attempts at commentating them to sound proper you wouldn't worry about it . 3. He's helping new people who type in remastered in their searches , probably the best skyrim youtuber out there and I find his videos both helpful and entertaining and I'd like to thank you for that and apologize for the ignorance in the comments section.

  • Ohhh Cum On Daddy Where's My Creampie????

    Renaming your videos like a scruff. Neck yourself.

  • Dentally Challenged

    Why are you putting remastered in the titles of videos that were out before remastered was announced?


    Really you changed the name a two year old video for views. I guess I'm unsubscribing.

  • Javier Merino

    You changed the title for views? You just lost a sub.

  • ShitPostCentral

    I'm so triggered when they call it se or skyrim remastered like its not the same game.

  • Toxicity Hxjdjd

    You can get use your alchemy smithing glitch and make a sword better than that give it to your companion and if they have the giants club they unequip it and you take it from them

  • David Connors Jr

    Love the channel bro vary helpful

  • Gaming Goverment

    Can you let your follower drop the giants club

  • dianra Pirade Ponglabba

    Im play skyrim in PS3 and i don't know how to instal a mod in PS3 (sad😭😭😭)

  • Youcant Stopme!

    But can't have it myself!

  • Daddy Ravioli

    You said equip it yourself

  • Clover Gaming

    Lmao my stahlrim sword dose over 500 damage

  • Marsh Mello

    I️ just thought of a build you give Vilkis all the best gear and the club and you use healing hands to heal him boom unstoppable

  • Matthew Keily

    my follower using the giant club has the weakest weapon every other follower has a million+ damage

  • TheHalfbood

    can you get your companion to unequip it though?

  • That one american

    Beepity beepity lettuce

  • disco5005

    One time I tried to kill vilkas and decapitated him. But since he is essential he ran around my game for the rest of eternity without a head xD his head is still in the companions house

  • Matt Long

    There's another Giants club at a giant camp under a dragon place on a mountain in the hotsprings area, it's near the start of the hotsprings area and it's.leaning against the camp fire. Warning ng it broke my follower Jennesa after she picked it up.

  • Danielle Adams

    Look vilkas might be a good follower but I know someone who's better lioness she's she's great for combat she is great for helping you around I've had her ever since I finished the main quest line like 6 months ago maybe I don't remember but I took in her to stop and yard because it glitched out when I went to battle loud when she help me another reason why I like Linus is cuz she cannot die like Lydia or benor so

  • Danielle Adams

    You are one of my favorite YouTubers cuz of you help me through Skyrim so many different times on so many different occasions I like you and I'm about to watch one of your videos right now on how to get that Giant's Club

  • Mr None

    Can i use Lydia to do this?

  • gamer57

    When I get that follower Im getting its armour

  • baudusseau booysen

    Hate the fact that we can't get the club for ourselves,but it's really great to see followers bashing mpc's.👽😎

  • Jace Games

    Who is watching in 2017

  • Aravind V

    Wait...title is skyrim remastered..and vid was uploaded 3yrs

  • Maggie

    Ah yes, Vilkas, the best two-handed follower (& my husband)... it's too bad he never fights for me!! 90% of the time when me or even him are getting attacked by multiple people he's always just chillin wtf

  • Alexander The Insane

    I can't pick it up

  • Arno Sneyers

    how you let him/her drop it

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