Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • Matthew Milliken


  • Dominator 101

    at the begging he says earth but the elder scrolls takes place on nirn, a mythological ancient planet version of earth

  • Flaming Wolf

    Dragon ball z skyrim edition

  • dylan giammara

    can you do an oblivion movie??

  • Galimir Nund

    It is so weird to hear the dragonborn talk lol..

  • Allan Lomas

    Wow, this was amazing... great fucking job

  • Mr Pete

    Did anyone notice the ebony worrier in the back ground?

  • Smilexcynical

    I'm tearing up on how beautifully made this movie is

  • manzo _

    the blind man called it earth, isnt it called nirn

  • Anetheon

    So glad to see real Machinima still exists

  • andy monf

    subtitles in italian please!!! or movie in italian

  • samari robinson

    Please make part 3 soon

  • El Broly

    We need a 3D skyrim movie a liveaction will suck for serious

  • Greg Ruggiero

    This movie is freaking EPIC!

  • leon leon

    No bijin wifus with skinny-minidresses?!Oscar ruined 0/10

  • PijiShrayder

    i usually dont watch fan mades but this... holy shit this is a fucking masterpiece!

  • Anakin Skywalker

    he misses 2 health potions and a chest

  • Morgan Reader

    Absolutely stunning. Amazing job. I've never been more impressed.

  • Janet Walker

    quite impressive, lots of stuff left out from playing but well done.

  • Babymurloc

    Wow I can't believe I missed this and only found now. (o_O) This was amazingly epic. Proceeding to act II now!

  • Oscar Montoya Garcia

    Why is there 2 ogama infiniums, I thought there was only one54:55

  • Teria2355

    This is awesome! :) Thank you!

  • Jordan Ott

    19:42 Hi, my name is Alduin and this is jackass.

  • Tonik Hora

    why has Farengar oghma infinium

  • Edward Boyert

    Must say I really enjoyed the editing.

  • DANG2050

    OMFG 53:02 Unbelievable death, amazing work and love this film

  • Ren

    I needed something to watch while i reinstalled my game, this is just perfect! I am loving this!

  • William Lapointe

    How did you put skyrim Character in oblivion?

  • Rank 31

    do a fallout 4 version of this

  • Ihsan TwentyOne

    this is how skyrim should have started

  • ItzYoBoiSatan

    i need that computer of gods and i need official skyrim movie

  • ivan bernardo

    38:50 I LIVE for that transition lol

  • Brody Garrett

    this is the best Skyrim video I've seen in years

  • Casey Tolbert

    This makes the story so much more sensible, wtf bethesda..

  • Connor Ross

    I lost it when he said "stay dead this time"

  • Chris Bloo

    Before I leave the earth? Tamriel is on Nirn not earth. 🙄

  • fernando guevara

    pretty good to bad its not a real movie :) that would be so crazy like who would wanna see a dadric prince

  • Saylor Casterboarding

    Actually ulfric storm cloak was caught at the reach after the invasion of understone keep.

  • kamden aden

    I wonder how long this took to make

  • Grace Enriquez

    you have me fooled i thought this is a movie like real movie that bathesda made hahaha i saw some familiar mods hahaha

  • ThrashersShogun

    the Dragonborn shouldn't be uncuffed before entering the keep!

  • Kat Herrera

    that one guard that shouted "you won't leave helgen alive"😂tf?their not even in helgen

  • Ladi Smith


  • Jordan Adney

    This makes me happy on so many levels <3

  • Mark Kaiser

    OMG, THIS IS SO SICK!!!!!!!

  • Riley Bunting

    this is so awesome. but i really don't get the choice of outside lighting style.

  • Brandon Dietrich

    5:52 mn into it, i am hooked as fuck !

  • Jacob Struthers

    Great job made it really sad when his farther died

  • Exotic Wolf

    Ok the first part was just sad

  • Nightingale Squad Commander

    41:20 that dood/girl has a skirt on lol

  • Wolfin with ZeroShock

    Hold on at 37:51 is that the Ebony Warrior!?

  • Mia Norchez

    When the Dragonborn absorbs a soul or shouts, they get an amazing orgasm.

  • Dawn Of Armageddon

    1 hour of my life gone thanks

  • Taha Hadjadj

    I was expecting the arrow in the knee famous saying i was dissapointed

  • milan vasiljevic

    this looks so well,i mean like a really movie,nice work with the voice clips with the npc's...

  • Val Bro

    first mistake ....its nirn not earth but the effort is amazing,

  • chris healey

    very well done. almost had to stop when you went with shit pile racist traitor stormcloaks but other then that awesome.

  • EliteWarrior1026

    This is the video that introduced me to Skyrim. And for that, you have my eternal gratitude. Thank you so much!

  • Heather Rousseau

    damn that is so sad when the dad dies

  • kaloyan ashikow

    I like it how when he kills his first draugr his skill level increases :D It was awesome tho

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