Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • Britishgamer9005

    If an actual Skyrim movie gets released.... I'd die.

  • MickMaan

    He missed the parts where the Dragonborn spends 45 minutes trying to figure out how to open the puzzle door and another 20 minutes of enraged screaming after learning the combination is on the back of the key.

  • Thatsmelly Mellon

    Over an hour long? ☑ Watch Later

  • Robomarston

    it's nice to actually see someone took time out of they're lives to tell this games story with the main protagonist voice acted. Keep up the good work YongYea! I look forward to act 2.

  • Fox Die

    Damn, who else thinks Alduin is the best Antagonist outta the last 3 ES? I haven't played the 1st and 2nd so I can't say much about them. I really liked Dagoth Ur as well, can't say much about Mannimarco(Probably spelt wrong) bc I stopped playing ESO after a couple hours and he wasn't really shit in Oblivion and not the main Antagonist.

  • MicroJunksTV

    who watches this in 2016 and is just hyped and waiting for the skyrim remastered? :D

  • Canadian Asian 360

    So the dragonborn father is a moth priest nice

  • The Biker Stig

    They should really make movie for Skyrim! with Peter Jackson as the Director

  • KingNazaru

    Can't believe you teamed up with the racist Stormcloaks.

  • Dominator 101

    at the begging he says earth but the elder scrolls takes place on nirn, a mythological ancient planet version of earth

  • Atomprofessor

    This movie is a little masterpiece!Great work!

  • Ethan Hudson


  • Clorox Bleach

    The amount of mods this man must have installed is insane

  • Sergiu Gabriel

    54:43 Never saw Delphine talk to Farengar

  • Emilis CHOREVAS

    When I look to see how long it is, I WAS SURPRISED, GOOD JOB

  • Javier Alonso

    subtitles would be awesome!!! not a spanish version tho, just subtitles. its an incredible job anyway. !

  • Ducky

    Can someone plz tell me all the shouts he uses in both movies

  • Kenthor HaGadol

    Using Vanilla weapons?That's a paddlin'!

  • Galimir Nund

    Just freaking awesome!!!

  • devin roubsouay

    Wait so was Ralof an imperial solider because Hadvar called him a traitor?

  • Gabi Alex

    Great work, but some walking scenes could been shortened, cut, or enhanced by some voice over.

  • Ai- Chan

    how did you make this? I want to make my own. O________O its amazinggggggggg!!! tho I dout I could do any better..

  • Anthony Alixander

    when he used the fireball I just thought Ka-me-Ha-me-Haaaaaaa

  • Young Emperor

    Am I the only one that teared up when Dragonborn and his dad were having that talk in the beginning?! That part broke my heart.

  • iloveorangechicken

    you should do more of these

  • itzyaboijoe

    how did u follow the character

  • Galimir Nund

    It is so weird to hear the dragonborn talk lol..

  • maulik panchal

    Shivering just in 5 minutes..!

  • Team Vlog

    cel mai tare video pe care lam vazut merita100000 de likeuri bravo

  • skyrim freak

    Y thinking im going to join THE imperials right now

  • Trevzaboss

    32:10 I am... Iron Man

  • Philip's Stuff

    How'd you do this?

  • Zsolt Károly Jánosi

    This is FantasticCongratulations!

  • goodship2

    Nuuu he went with the stormcloke dude.. xD;;; Oh well.. lol

  • YongYea

    Wow, a million views for Dragonborn Act I. You guys are amazing! I promise you Dragonborn Act II is on its way. It'll be out this year. https://youtu.be/YyHZn_nC3kc

  • ashley long

    make more Skyrim movies

  • Amal Balraj

    so is that Ezio's voice that dragonborn uses?

  • G.I. BRO

    holy shit the dragon is the son of the moth priest.

  • Biboran Carlson

    I'm a little salty you went with Ralof

  • GamingXUniverse -Gaming at its best!

    Isn't Riverwood with the imperials? This makes it seem they are with the storm cloaks.

  • TheCatFace Kingdom

    This is Insane Good Job!!!

  • Hellzshadow Gaming

    damn!! how long did this take?? Because this is freaking awesome!!

  • xxXx_MLG-lunatic123_xXxxTM

    i would expect more corpses for a thomb

  • Hwoarang121

    So the Dragonborn in your story is an Imperial? Not a Nord?

  • Ahti Kõks

    17:40 on what reasons would prisoner warn the butcher who is about to chop his head off his body about the dragon behind him?

  • Frost Archive

    This was an amazing video, it felt like a genuine movie!

  • Louisharee Zan

    This is really big cinema!! Great camera, music to the right places and a voiceacted main character - wow - I'm totally flashed!! Thank you for your great work!!

  • Fancy Reactor

    this is simple word to say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G this story is just perfect to Skyrim i mean how it all startet and animations incredible but i see i takes a lot of months and work to this INCREDIBLE good job

  • Fat Italian Man

    Great job, I'm watching all of them. (Earned a sub! :D)

  • Steve B

    29:50 same voice actor for two characters lol

  • Daniel Agren

    Awsome! even though I use mods I like that you kept it vanilla.

  • GalaxyGarrett Unlimited

    is it sad that every time he kills an enemy and walks away, I get triggered because he didn't search the body?

  • nexsic

    Needs to be a real skyrim movie. and HAS TO INCLUDE NIGHTINGALE ARMOR. and more story than just the main story

  • George Christou

    play the game still now, and your editing still gave me goosebumps. thank you for you hardwork

  • Legit T20

    Anyone noticed the ebony warrior in a enchanting table?

  • xCiph3rx

    this is so well made props to you man

  • Rebel Scum

    What graphic mods did you use? It looks amazing

  • Bethesda Addict

    Role playing set to maximum!

  • thanh hiếu trần

    can you add subtitles?it's amazing!

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