Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • Discerning Daniel

    They must have made this on a computer sent by the gods.

  • Fayaz12 Gaming

    So you just pretended Arvel and the golden claw didn’t exist

  • JoeDaOrc

    Damn, When the dragon killed the kids dad i never felt so sad until now about it.

  • Dawn Valkara Wright

    As a hardcore Skyrim player, I would have to say this is very well done, i like the extra back story you gave to the Dovahkiin. I also like how you incorporated the vanilla start of the game, I appreciate the additional views, such as the scenes where you pan over the butchers block, or the outside of the carriages going down the hill. This is much more dramatic than the games vanilla. The extra footage of Alduins destruction of Helgen is much more in depth.

  • itzyaboijoe

    how did u follow the character

  • Robomarston

    it's nice to actually see someone took time out of they're lives to tell this games story with the main protagonist voice acted. Keep up the good work YongYea! I look forward to act 2.

  • Waldy Lahuda

    They should really make movie for Skyrim! with Peter Jackson as the Director

  • MicroJunksTV

    who watches this in 2016 and is just hyped and waiting for the skyrim remastered? :D

  • Darkmen566

    Thats it... I want to play skyrim now. :D


    Movie starts at 0:00My life starts at 1:11:33

  • AA-ron 420

    So the dragonborn father is a moth priest nice

  • cdukette465

    thats not fair. when i open the gate to whiterun, i have to wait 3 minutes for the loading screen to finish, when this guy opens the gate there's no delay. boo Bethesda, boo

  • MystiFay

    I haven't finished the main quest yet and I don't want to be spoilered... but I really want to watch this movie :(

  • Lenithriel Undomiel

    Wow, this is actually very impressive. 100% what a Skyrim movie should be like. Except live action of course.

  • Wastelandhero

    By the Nine Divines you did a great job you and and everybody who helped working on this you have definitely earned a subscriber

  • Petru Timush

    Man this fan mad movie fas soooooooooo AMAZING!

  • Warmed Pepper2

    If he's a Nord why does the father speak like a Japanese wise man?

  • Hunter

    From now on, before I start my Skyrim adventure, I will always watch this video. This is so well done!

  • faeryglamer

    Just gorgeous. Added depth and motivation which (for me) kept Skyrim from being a perfect game. Well voiced MC too! Heading to Act II!

  • NCR Trooper

    No fair! Why does Alduin get to kill kids?

  • Mortos DerSoulStealer

    Holy shit this is impressive. Can't imagine how long this took to make!

  • George Christou

    play the game still now, and your editing still gave me goosebumps. thank you for you hardwork

  • Tyler Cheetham

    I laughed when alduin picked up that guy and dropped him LOL

  • TheMadManOfGamorah

    This is amazing. Thank you so much for this.

  • DeciNarx N/A

    I'll be damned if this isn't the best movie i've seen all year. The story itself is exactly what an elder scrolls V fan would expect, but what really puts it over is the artistry with which it was displayed, i was especially impressed with the camera work (such dramatic transitions and angles!). I applaud you creator of this film, good show indeed

  • Sanguine Sorcerer


  • Mr Beats

    Over an hour long? ☑ Watch Later

  • Billy Wilson

    I got a add right when they were leaving Helgen...loading screen confirmed??

  • TheLordsThane

    This is one of the best fan made movies i have seen but its missing one thing.... loading screens

  • Oruen Elmshade

    You know what, Bethesda should fire their director and hire you instead.

  • Asher2235

    Ok, I am suppose to believe he just walked right passed Nazeem without hearing about the cloud district?

  • Javier Alonso

    subtitles would be awesome!!! not a spanish version tho, just subtitles. its an incredible job anyway. !

  • Robert Jackson


  • Robert Morris

    Wow this was done really well

  • Redgam3r

    I like the roleplay do more

  • blackmat fourlife

    i actualy hope  someone wil make a real movie out of the game that woud be better video matterial then the game but you did a incredibil job so thank you

  • Savagesavagesavage McSavageton

    don't get me wrong. this is an amazingly made video. but in the beginning when he crossed the border, it would've been more swampy as cyrodil is South of Skyrim, and so Dovahkiin would've arrived shortly south of Falkreath. I'm sorry to be nitpicking I love Skyrim. TES is one of my favorite series

  • brocalfur

    I knew when he was entering Bleak Falls Barrow the draugr would have an impressive first appearance.Thx for that outstanding work.

  • Jude Adams

    so what exactly is this? an animation or super modded gameplay?

  • Jakob Kane

    Ya know, I always HATED starting a new character in Skyrim and play that stupid long as crap intro. I have memorized every single line. In fact, I could perform the whole thing in front of a crowd if I needed to. I HATED IT.Right now I'm almost in tears because of how sad and emotional the intro actually is supposed to be, and this fan-movie portrays is perfectly. I never thought I'd say this, but I almost want to play Skyrim again just for the intro.

  • Hellzshadow Gaming

    damn!! how long did this take?? Because this is freaking awesome!!

  • Stolen Child

    the part with boy wasnt voice actwd at all. yet we fail to notice how sad it is.

  • AggressiveNegotiator

    Wow... Fireball spell as kamehameha? Nice!

  • Fox Die

    Damn, who else thinks Alduin is the best Antagonist outta the last 3 ES? I haven't played the 1st and 2nd so I can't say much about them. I really liked Dagoth Ur as well, can't say much about Mannimarco(Probably spelt wrong) bc I stopped playing ESO after a couple hours and he wasn't really shit in Oblivion and not the main Antagonist.

  • Britishgamer9005

    If an actual Skyrim movie gets released.... I'd die.

  • Richard Stirling

    Wait so was Ralof an imperial solider because Hadvar called him a traitor?

  • Jacob Shaw

    Only about 10 minutes in and already love it! Great work!

  • Elseyr

    this is really amazingly done but I have one really tiny point of critique. In the beginning the draagonborn wouldnt have said what the hell is going on since hell doesnt exist in the elder scrolls. he would have said what in oblivion is going on


    Is it just me or does the Dragonborn sounds like Ezio Auditore

  • Warmed Pepper2


  • Team Vlog

    cel mai tare video pe care lam vazut merita100000 de likeuri bravo

  • Rhino L-V

    Michael Hogan is awesome. This is brilliantly and hauntingly incredible. This is true talent. There are 607 mentally challenged people that would beg to differ, but who's really listening to them.

  • TheRPGentleman

    I love the way he went full anime super-saiyan six on that dragon at the end. That was tight.

  • The Angry Doughnut

    this is really good .0.0

  • Smithicus Media

    Utter brilliant, I'm putting this in my favourites.

  • One moe

    I would be glad to subtitle it :D both english and spanish. :D

  • Devia Monroe

    Might be interesting if I haven't heard of the story of one called Leonidis Aventus. This just looks like one disturbingly long cut scene...

  • Matt Wireman

    ...........Wow...... How have I not seen this before? If they really decide to make a real movie then Yong should be the director. Or at the very least the design director. It gave me goosebumps and I've been playing the game since it first came out. Definitely going to keep watching. Hope to see some of the side missions and faction story lines. Keep it up Yong!!

  • Elk of the Mountain

    He past Nazeem and he didn't ask about the cloud district

  • Elk of the Mountain

    I wonder how long his loading screen for the border was

  • Beef_ Roller1

    LOL! Only 90 minutes till 2015, and then Yong proves that he spent too damn much time on MGS 5 videos and not enough time making Act II of this awesome series. Been waiting so dang long.

  • Tonts

    I like a lot of the little things you added. Small tweaks like Lokir getting hit by two arrows, and on the back, rather than one in the foot. You also made that first Fus Ro Dah feel and sound super impactful. I love the way you depicted Draugr, the Dovahkiin's voice fits nicely. When you gave the Dovahkiin the armour he's depicted in, in all the promotional material, I was happy. It fits, with how he gets it as well. The fight on the tower felt way more epic, than the in-game battle =D. Really sells how powerful, Dragons are supposed to be.

  • Gary Hoppenjan

    This rocks I love they put a backstory on the hero never thought his dad would be a moth priest extremely happy with the way this film is made thanks for the great work

  • mert al

    şunu türkçe altyazı yapın lan

  • Snowbird

    Peter Jackson should do TES movies! :'DD ♥♥♥

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