Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • Conn Wolf

    RIP alvor his son is dead now

  • XrayWhiskey

    I missed Jarl Ulfrik's voice, so soothing

  • Yui Kurata

    My first thought seeing the guy with a blindfoldIts LEE SIN!

  • Ding Concepcion Jr

    Next time make Dark Elf the main character.

  • Random things to do if you're bored

    One does not simply walk past Nazeem without getting insulted

  • Jerrone Vril Alparas

    I hope someone remade this legendary fanmade series! Godspeed...

  • Gabriele Traetta


  • Noah Koenig

    1:59 show me da hole tiddy son

  • Warmed Pepper2


  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Yay the tower doesn't wiggle!!

  • Ominous Gaming

    Great very lore friendly!

  • Brad Myer

    This makes you realize how long a Skyrim movie would actually be.

  • Yaz Khan

    Nicely done. Can tell you put a lot of effort in this. Cant imagine the amount of hours in editing there was.

  • VeNuS2910

    this is awesome. it's much better than other Hollywood movies. :)

  • Xanti Shayde-Walker

    That was....amazing. Left out some combat outside and in the beginning of Bleak Falls Barrow, yet still. That was excellent!

  • Logan Oliver

    Poor kid watching his dad burn and die.

  • kevin camacho

    Wish there was more like act 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Ect.

  • Jonny Thunder

    The screaming in Helgen was a little over done

  • Matthew Finton

    I was eyes were GLUED to this movie! It was so engaging! it looked so real!

  • Neth Köpke

    This was awesome. I actually got into it like I was watching an actual movie. Very cool.

  • Arnold Bronswagger

    Did anyone else notice that when the dovakiin goes to Farengar that at Farengar's enchanting table was the ebony warrior.

  • Michael Groesbeck

    Trying too hard with the voice acting.

  • Universe 67

    DAMN!!! I was so hooked... until you ran with Ralof. 0/10 - Too many Stormcloak traitors.

  • DJ Nuke

    what graphics mod is this

  • Axel Dulos

    You know what, Bethesda should fire their director and hire you instead.

  • Fox of A Dens

    So you know that spinner door in Bleak Falls Barrow at the beginning? I assumed it was just evolution...So I got the code right first try.

  • Xyrane Rex

    love u man u made my day, world, and galaxy i needed something like this of the best game i ever played

  • David Haynes

    Dragonborn: "THIS! IS! SKYRIM!!!!!"(Shouts unrelenting force on the messenger who had just told him of the coming of his master Mirrak)

  • Jon Winter

    Damn good editing and voice over!

  • Whannys Pie

    what's the mod for keeping dead bodies on fire and making them burnt

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez

    he said leave earth, your on nirn

  • R4nd0mN

    Ok, this is fucking amazing!!!!!! Someone give this guy an award!

  • IgnitableSky386


  • Alexandru-Bogdan Iatan

    Thanks for the movie, in the future .... (next year) if you need another guy to help you with other stories ... i'll be available, just send me a message on google+

  • Bleached Skul

    You inspired me to play again

  • The Iron Ninja

    the way I play this game I just charge in and kill everything

  • R.I.P gaming

    very well put together and fits the game story!!

  • Tony Stark

    ... accept this gift from my personal arrmory ... BITCH PLEASE I DON`t need light arrmor

  • Jeremy Uchiha

    when you think about it this video was kind of lame because to get that dragon stone there's one side quest required to get to it and that's the golden claw quest

  • GLG Locobird00

    What if the person who has the world record for the fastest Skyrim speed run made the movie? 😆

  • Lychaon Gaming

    one great piece of art

  • Ur boi LoWafflez

    I've been waiting for shit like this bro this is dope af

  • Dean Turner

    Its awesomeWell made great storyline the way the people move its unbelievable

  • Gocopops A

    good movie but is nobody gonna talk about the 10, 20sec long ads through the vid

  • Peter Connaghan

    No one gonna comment on the random guys in ebony armor?

  • Billy Wilson

    I got a add right when they were leaving Helgen...loading screen confirmed??

  • Virgo Heart

    I have a crush on Farengar. I think it's because he's a wise wizard with an accent and a cool title; Secret-Fire.Also, nice work with this fan movie. It's actually interesting.

  • Michael Ambrus

    Thank you sir for bringing back memories

  • Lindsoal Brown

    After rewriting my comment 50 times to try to express my like of this video, im just going to go with......WOW.

  • Mj Aliazas

    Lee sin at the beginning, he got his ulti from skyrim

  • CrystalGamer

    Guys is it sad i spent time getting my conjugation to lvl 100 and only she conjured weapons and spells

  • Mckenzie Rogers

    Wow. This was amazing. Is it bad that I got misty eyes when his dad died...?

  • obsidiana07

    I always choose imperials, the stormcloaks just ditch you at the beginning and leave you to find your own way to the keep. Whereas Hadvar sticks with you and guides you to it.

  • TheLordsThane

    This is one of the best fan made movies i have seen but its missing one thing.... loading screens

  • Kevin Kwok

    I feel for Hadvar and Ralof so much. Two honorable souls on complete opposite sides of the war. They grew up together but were split by separate family views.

  • Wolf Gangster

    I enjoyed how the producers where resoursefull, using lines from trailers and such when possible. Gave me chills hearing the Greybeards.

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