Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • YongYea

    Wow, a million views for Dragonborn Act I. You guys are amazing! I promise you Dragonborn Act II is on its way. It'll be out this year. https://youtu.be/YyHZn_nC3kc

  • MickMaan

    He missed the parts where the Dragonborn spends 45 minutes trying to figure out how to open the puzzle door and another 20 minutes of enraged screaming after learning the combination is on the back of the key.

  • Britishgamer9005

    If an actual Skyrim movie gets released.... I'd die.

  • Robomarston

    it's nice to actually see someone took time out of they're lives to tell this games story with the main protagonist voice acted. Keep up the good work YongYea! I look forward to act 2.

  • Petru Timush

    Man this fan mad movie fas soooooooooo AMAZING!

  • Fox Die

    Damn, who else thinks Alduin is the best Antagonist outta the last 3 ES? I haven't played the 1st and 2nd so I can't say much about them. I really liked Dagoth Ur as well, can't say much about Mannimarco(Probably spelt wrong) bc I stopped playing ESO after a couple hours and he wasn't really shit in Oblivion and not the main Antagonist.

  • Thatsmelly Mellon

    Over an hour long? ☑ Watch Later

  • Canadian Asian 360

    So the dragonborn father is a moth priest nice

  • James Latimore

    I don't watch fan made movies but this really kicked ass

  • The Biker Stig

    They should really make movie for Skyrim! with Peter Jackson as the Director

  • Javier Alonso

    subtitles would be awesome!!! not a spanish version tho, just subtitles. its an incredible job anyway. !

  • MicroJunksTV

    who watches this in 2016 and is just hyped and waiting for the skyrim remastered? :D

  • KingNazaru

    Can't believe you teamed up with the racist Stormcloaks.

  • Galimir Nund

    Just freaking awesome!!!

  • devin roubsouay

    Wait so was Ralof an imperial solider because Hadvar called him a traitor?

  • Lenithriel Undomiel

    Wow, this is actually very impressive. 100% what a Skyrim movie should be like. Except live action of course.

  • Anthony Alixander

    when he used the fireball I just thought Ka-me-Ha-me-Haaaaaaa

  • Young Emperor

    Am I the only one that teared up when Dragonborn and his dad were having that talk in the beginning?! That part broke my heart.

  • Sergiu Gabriel

    54:43 Never saw Delphine talk to Farengar

  • iloveorangechicken

    you should do more of these

  • itzyaboijoe

    how did u follow the character

  • Galimir Nund

    It is so weird to hear the dragonborn talk lol..

  • Jakob Emil Pedersen

    A few plotholes, but very nicely done.

  • SnarlingGamer 78

    how th people kill the first frost troll , just fusrodah it down the cliff

  • Zsolt Károly Jánosi

    This is FantasticCongratulations!

  • goodship2

    Nuuu he went with the stormcloke dude.. xD;;; Oh well.. lol

  • 2 thug 4 yo bitch

    i would expect more corpses for a thomb

  • thanh hiếu trần

    can you add subtitles?it's amazing!

  • Hellzshadow Gaming

    damn!! how long did this take?? Because this is freaking awesome!!

  • Daniel Agren

    Awsome! even though I use mods I like that you kept it vanilla.

  • Steve B

    29:50 same voice actor for two characters lol

  • GalaxyGarrett Unlimited

    is it sad that every time he kills an enemy and walks away, I get triggered because he didn't search the body?

  • Fat Italian Man

    Great job, I'm watching all of them. (Earned a sub! :D)

  • edrick koolman

    fuck, i regret joining the imperials..

  • Kaelyn Allen

    this makes me so happy imma probably cry ;-;

  • Marksman Storm

    who voiced Dovahkiin?

  • George Christou

    play the game still now, and your editing still gave me goosebumps. thank you for you hardwork

  • Joker Mr.J

    Wait I'm at the moment when the dad dies

  • Legit T20

    Anyone noticed the ebony warrior in a enchanting table?

  • Gimme Ya Biscuits

    Absolutely stunning 10 out of 10

  • Savagesavagesavage McSavageton

    don't get me wrong. this is an amazingly made video. but in the beginning when he crossed the border, it would've been more swampy as cyrodil is South of Skyrim, and so Dovahkiin would've arrived shortly south of Falkreath. I'm sorry to be nitpicking I love Skyrim. TES is one of my favorite series

  • xCiph3rx

    this is so well made props to you man

  • Jose Baltazar

    Man that was great, ...the voice...great acting man...couldn't stop watching!

  • Master Gamer

    I like it it's almost like a movie. but this is some what better.

  • Bethesda Addict

    Role playing set to maximum!

  • MulTiLAy3rd

    I didn't even realize that this was you Yong lmao, this is great...

  • Laura E

    Are you ever going to make an act 3?

  • One moe

    I would be glad to subtitle it :D both english and spanish. :D

  • Frosth15

    This is too beautiful! Still playing Skyrim till this day. :')

  • Jorhin65

    How is this possible?!

  • Armand Gildas Migné

    one word : Excellent !!!

  • Martim Ferreira

    Holy shit, this was really good!

  • PuertoRicanStyL

    This was legendary, bro. I had to rewind the part when he rushed the dragon. Everything about that part was awesome.

  • JEFF41520

    This is really good Me likey thanks for the post

  • Rebel Scum

    What graphic mods did you use? It looks amazing

  • lionesque35

    This is awesome I really hope there's more and plus I also like the story of how he came from The Imperial city pretty awesome

  • Jake Camac

    Well here goes nothing, NOT nothink there is no such thing as nothink

  • toxic inc p o t c

    can you keep making these cool movies acts and can you give him the real dragon born suit later I the movie but make then like with powers with the Talos blessing and give him a friend for his quest and keep it up your doing good

  • Jaylon Hill

    This should be called skyrim the series like this guy could actually make a real series out of this, this was absolutely amazing and I say here for the whole hour and enjoyed it, like this was really great especially the end makes it look like a real series, keep doing what your doing it's amazing

  • Romilos Fronimides

    Very very nice anim movie! How you did it? I mean, you CHANGED the intro scene (Alduin's attack) a bit, to make it more cinematic; how?Very nice result, I love it - as I SOOOO LOVE this game, can't stop playing after so many years.I wish you could do it (again) with ALL unofficial DLCs and a large band of mods, to make the whole thing (movie) far more impressive and attractive. But even so, as it's now, it's a fabulous effort.(Let's hope we'll see Skyrim or "Elder Scrolls" in general, as a movie - but not as a moderate result "Warcraft" movie was).

  • Stasia Oram

    its funny how he just walks right through and than there is people who play who looks in the body's and urns and everything

  • Blake Nye

    I made it 25 min in and I can't do it. I'm not saying it's bad, actually I think it's and OK fan movie. why I couldn't watch anymore is because 1. your accustics make it painfully obvious you voice I dubed. (and yes I know it has to be dubbed but you could have used effects like echo for the parts where the NPCs voices echo) 2. the graphics mod you have and the contrast you use don't blend very well 3. dude stabed the top of an Axe into a guys chest. maybe you should have retried it so it so it didn't look so goofy? but like I said it's not bad, it's pretty OK just not my cup of tea

  • Jacob Shaw

    Only about 10 minutes in and already love it! Great work!

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