Dragonborn Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie)

Dragonborn - Act I (Skyrim Fan Movie/Machinima)

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  • Cost Aura

    At the very start I thought it was a khajeet talking

  • Ultron Prime

    Who else saw the ebony warrior at 37:48

  • Conn Wolf

    RIP alvor his son is dead now

  • XrayWhiskey

    I missed Jarl Ulfrik's voice, so soothing

  • Adam Kirsborg

    what games where you in that i didn't notice

  • Onix 18

    amazing video thanks so much.

  • King Domino

    Most of the opening was game play.

  • ToOtY2

    This movie needs way more views and likes! The creator tried his best :/

  • Anakinjo

    Just fuckin amazing! you're the real dragonborn dude.

  • Payton Thornberry

    Everyone keeps calling the Stormcloaks racist. The stormcloaks aren't racist their nationalist, which isnt a bad thing. You shouldnt call the Stormcloaks racist for wanting to pressurve their culture which is being ripped from them by the Empire. There are some racist Stormcloaks you can find in Windhelm and such but that doesn't mean all stormcloaks are like that, thats like calling all Germans Nazis. If anyones racist its the Thalmor. I'm just saying the Stormcloaks aren't bad guys, they may be bad in practice but their good in theory.

  • packisback08

    This is cool! Good job!

  • johnathan totton

    Ahhhh Elenshit still hideous as ever

  • Elandemin

    May I have the 0:52 imperial city theme name?

  • cory proctor

    First seeing this. So cool. Well done. Loved it. #skyrimlife

  • reece frasier

    46:05 I did that exact same thing in my first playthrough lol

  • Robert Schulte

    if i could put more than one like on this i would excellent job

  • Ricky Ramirez

    I was honestly excited and happy u chose to go with the stormcloak

  • Sidways Dog

    "I used to be an adventurer like you,but then i took an arrow in the knee."

  • duck9000

    Change the chestpiece!!!

  • Danish

    This is not a regular fan movie.. it is freaking amazing!!!!I have no idea how he did some parts of this. Well done sir!!

  • TheMock5000

    Wait noooo he sided with the stormcloaks ;~; Don't you kmow that's what the Thalmor want, Dragonborn?.... oh wait, you didn't get to the quest yet... sorry, don't mean to spoil it for ya XD

  • finalsky

    I've always wondered why the elder scrolls not have a movie.....he'll even skyrims story is movie material

  • Dylan Entwistle

    1) How have I only just found this?2) Absolute chills when he got the studded armour.3) I love how there's a little extra stuff in there too like the Dragonborn's father being a Moth Preist all those years ago and him being the reason he returned to Skyrim.

  • Binks Webelf

    Bravo, and well done. 👍

  • Yui Kurata

    My first thought seeing the guy with a blindfoldIts LEE SIN!

  • Darthvaas 667

    Who ever made this movie good job love it

  • Bri Blyden

    20:48 got me even though I've seen it a million times ;(

  • Ash Pointe

    This is incredibly well done. Great job!!

  • Presty Testy

    You also forgot to show the player how his or her companies always blocks the way of your door way

  • James Andrew Morrison

    This truly is the greatest Movie ever made.

  • preeti patel

    i just came to know about skyrim after hearing Tina guo and reason i heard her becoz of wonder women theme song .. and now i am addicted to the skyrim.. this is awesome.. wow.. there should be live action movie about it

  • Ding Concepcion Jr

    Next time make Dark Elf the main character.

  • Elk of the Mountain

    He past Nazeem and he didn't ask about the cloud district

  • The DankMemer

    i murder literally everyone in whiterun and i only get arrested and someone steals a horse and you illegaly cross the border and get your head cut off

  • Henry Hellens

    I Remember the first time i played this game and i got out of Helgan keep he told me we should split up, I misunderstood and went in the opposite direction all the way to fucking Winterhold. I started the Collage of Winterholds quest line thinking it was the main one.

  • Timothy Watkins

    people watch part 2 it's as good if not better

  • Another person in this world

    I like this story is but the fathers' death should've been a little more subtle. It's like he anticipated the exact time he would die.

  • Alex Stephens

    Do not forget to do the DLC stories of Skyrim

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    Ok walking that distance and not just running, fast walking, or jogging is impressive

  • juneali6

    Petition to make this into a real movie???

  • Lane Boy

    at 1:00:53 you can send a a dragon in the background!!

  • Jerrone

    I hope someone remade this legendary fanmade series! Godspeed...

  • Groovy

    damn, this is actually pretty good. Nice job man

  • Super Gorman

    Great job but there's no way you can walk that far into Bleak Falls Barrow without a Draugr or Bandit😂😂😂😂 lmao


    This is the gameplay with different camera angles. Doesn't matter to me just very well made

  • Gabriele Traetta


  • Peter Connaghan

    No one gonna comment on the random guys in ebony armor?

  • Ominous Gaming

    Great very lore friendly!

  • Richard Farrell

    24:11 When you know for sure you're probably going to make it all the way through51:52 Dragonborn Z53:06 Realise I made a premature Dragon Ball reference

  • Meir Assis

    lol the mods in this video, just too good

  • Brad Myer

    This makes you realize how long a Skyrim movie would actually be.

  • Xanti Shayde-Walker

    That was....amazing. Left out some combat outside and in the beginning of Bleak Falls Barrow, yet still. That was excellent!

  • Fox of A Dens

    So you know that spinner door in Bleak Falls Barrow at the beginning? I assumed it was just evolution...So I got the code right first try.

  • DJ Nuke

    what graphics mod is this

  • David Haynes

    Dragonborn: "THIS! IS! SKYRIM!!!!!"(Shouts unrelenting force on the messenger who had just told him of the coming of his master Mirrak)

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