Skyrim: 5 Secret Choices You Didn’t Know You Had in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that gives the Dragonborn quite a lot of big decisions as a result, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the player has a significant amount of influence on the way the world develops. However, there’s also a handful of choices available to the you, that you may not have even known about. So today we’ll be taking a look at five secret choices you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • David Erif

    Well, i entered the house at a time when Hroggar wasn't there. Alva caught me completely by surprise because the minute i enter the house's basement i saw her rising from her coffin. That's when i find out she was a vampire. Hroggar never even saw me killing her, but he still blames me for "everything i've done", despite the fact that he's still alive and no longer in a vampire's control. To me he is an ungrateful bastard.

  • Nick Murphy

    I tried doing the non-violent approach in Missing in Action, but Tullius refused to let me release the guy.

  • Kala The Woyst

    Oh wow, you can avoid killing a single Thalmor?Cool. I'm still wiping those losers out. LOL

  • local dreamer

    Pft, I fought one of the Thieves' Guild members and got kicked out once. Thing is, I have a mod that got Brynjolf to be my husband (don't ask), so as soon as I went home he got super angry and left, going back to the Guild. He didn't come back until I paid the money. Let this be a lesson: bar fights can ruin a marriage.

  • Hydroelectric Jellyfish

    I totally ate that freaking priest, it’s 50 stamina we’re talking about here.

  • Hermon the great

    "Significant ingame consequences."

  • Entity Crusher

    I killed farengar (I think I spelled it right idk) once for a reason I don't remember (some quest), and later I walked outside as per usual whistles like nothing happened. I was greeted by the friendly face that is one of the couriers and knew that either a quest was going to be announced, someone had died, or someone liked that I killed farengar. It was in fact that someone was pleased with me for killing farengar (he is a bit of a dick), and thus wanted me to come and collect a few septims for my work. Turns out I had a negative relationship with farengar, and I received a letter from myself asking to collect the reward. I was literally fucking sending a letter to myself. I honestly found it really interesting that the game manages you much like any other NPC, and keeps track of negative standing and what not. Still hilarious, but undeniably interesting.

  • ǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreen

    5:30 "all without a drop of blood beïng spilled" ‹thorald continues to kneel there surrounded by huge splatters of blood›

  • KryptonianCodeMonkey

    It's not exactly the same, but I unintentionally found out that you can play through the vast majority of the game without a single dragon appearing. I played through the first time up until the Jarl of Whiterun gives you the first main questline, to go kill the dragon that would be your first in the game. Well I got turned around on the way to the tower, then found something that distracted my attention, then another, and another... I spent many many hours just exploring the landscape, doing side missions, finding words of power (without any way to use them), and just becoming stronger and stronger. All the while wondering where were these dragons that I'd heard about online that were supposed to randomly spawn? Hell even the markers with dragons on them didn't have dragons. WTH? Finally, after exploring the entire map and doing countless sidequests, I went back to actually do the main story line. "Hey! A dragon! Hey a dragon soul! Hey I can use these words I found now! Hey randomly spawning dragons (that are super easy to fight now because my stats are so high)!!" Turns out you can explore and grind without fear of dragons if you just don't do that quest.

  • Morally Conflicted Tortoise

    I honestly didn't realize you could follow Hadvar until my like 20th playthrough


    You're a little late today

  • Adam Sterna

    'significant ingame consequences' is a bit of a strech. It is not like you are killing Vivec, or siding with Carnius Magnus or doing the Ristaag questa as a werewolf.

  • Jazzbot

    I want your mod list so fecking badly

  • Chris Ramsey

    My problem is I have Skyrim for PC, so I've installed so many mods that I honestly can't recall whats vanilla and what's fixed by the hard working modding community!

  • Jack/titanic/cats

    Meeko. The dog. You can find her on a path near solitude. When you grab a horse from the stables, down the hill hitting the horse, swim across the lake swim to the cabin and FOLLOW The path To the stone road and look over you’ll see a dog laying there or in the cabin so look threw it. You have to follow her to the cabin if she’s not there. Then you can adopt her. Her cabins called Meekos cabin.

  • Louis Pellissier

    Everytime I did Taste of Death I killed them all, it's better to have Skyrim cleansed of cannibals, in my opinion

  • Red Pill

    There haven't been serious in game consequences since Morrowind

  • Shiwam Singroul

    I just wore a OP armour, and didn't attack anyone, alva was in the house ,but her husband wasn't and she turned hostile, when i entered the basement , and then i just took the journal and rushed to the jarl's hall, alva kept attacking me, and followed me to the jarl, and once i gave the journal to jarl, she reverted back to normal dialogues, and they're both living happily , now, even after completing the whole quest line

  • The Annilators

    In the quest “In my Time of Need” you are taken on a rollercoaster of story that ends with you getting a choice. The Redguard Woman will tell you to kill the people that sent you after her. You can then either kill the guys who sent you after her or you can turn her in. If you kill the guys the Redguard Woman will give you a reward. If you turn the Redguard Woman in then you will he asked by the guy who gave you the quest to lead him to her. He will then cast a spell on her that freezes her and give you a reward. You can then kill him and get the reward from her as well.

  • Mr. Corner

    I could go to Tullius and not shed blood... But who doesn't want to kill the Thalmor?

  • Corn Holio

    You can only release Thorald non violently with mods.

  • JC Lazeuz

    In my laid to rest i snuck past hroggar and alva wasnt there she was in the cave with the master vampire you need to kill

  • snake and jim

    God whatever mods you're using make the game look soooo dumb

  • Portalen Krigare

    you can marry Camilla yknow, after you get the amulet of Mara

  • idijai

    "Choices You Didn't Know You Had", Any.

  • Nabaci kez nerviranja bez

    Are you using some mod for faces in this video? What is the mod name?

  • Andreas Andersen

    Not really secret, I've done all of these. I even saved Magret, just casted a fireball by reflex when I saw him draw his knife. But I couldn't get the pacifist route to work on the Thalmor, when I replayed in the Legendary edition (Tullius wouldn't give the order).Also I don't consider failing a quest a secret choice. Also, you'll need Namira's ring for the Daedric-artifact-collection-trophy anyway.

  • VulcanGamez

    Why is your Nazir white at 7:03

  • Kid Cash

    lol I just randomly walked in there one day and killed them for fun I had no idea til saw this that she was a vampire

  • Antonio Camacho

    The politically correct term isn't "kill" it's "murder to death"

  • Gabriel Wilson

    The first quest; in this one it went kinda different for me, here were the steps.Meet jarlGo to house and see ghost of daughterPeople are suspishious of the husband, an think he burned it downDiscover the WIFE is now best friends with Alva, and she spread the rumor that she went to war when she killed her.Kill her and take journalKill the vampire king guy in th cave with the husband on your side

  • Ares Donachelo

    So I've joined the imperials, done with the jagged crown and yet gen. tulius refuses the request to release thorald. Help guys what am I missing?

  • Fubuki maru

    You don't even have to use calm on Hroggar, with high enough stealth you can just murder alva and not him

  • thelikesuff

    wait why am i watching this i know all of this in skyrim

  • Goblinator

    Lol a Bethesda game with choices? Blasphemy.

  • J

    What mods do you have active in that footage?

  • Tristan3D

    As wrong as it might feel at first, if you're human, you have to join the Imperial Legion. The reason: Ulfric wants to secede - which is kind of okay, if the whole province of Skyrim wants to as well, but it would be very bad for all humans on the continent as a consequence. If Ulfric would manage to secede the province from the empire, it would further weaken the imperial legion from keeping the highly racist Thalmor at bay. And let's face it: The White-Gold Concordate only exists because neither the Empire nor the Thalmor Dominion managed to overpower the other side entirely. It's kind of a shaky truce, not a peace treaty. The all deciding war is still to come - the "Great War" was less more than a prelude in this scenario (which is, according to General Tullius after the battle of Windhelm (if you have joined the Legion), ever more likely to happen - and probably soon after the battle against Ulfrics forces). The civil war storyline stops after the Battle of Windhelm, so we don't know for sure what will eventually happen. But it's conceivable that both sides are gearing up for another large scale war. I always chosed the empire (the stormcloacks only because I wanted to explore the storyline on their side for once), because the Thalmor want all humans as well as all hybrids (the bretons) not just gone from the continent, but killed. More broadly: Everyone who is not even remotely an elf is either deemed a sub-citizen to the high elfs or is considered to be slave material. But when it comes to humans, the Thalmor really seem to hate them the most. They want humans to be killed - so... as sympathetic as Ulfrics intentions of a free Skyrim might be in some aspects of his arguments; if you play as a human (or at least Breton), it is in your own interest to join the Legion to bring down Ulfrics rebellion, so the Empire doesn't lose another province, which would lower its chances to fight the Thalmor Dominion without collapsing in the process.Ulfrics denial, and his impairment by the Thalmor (in some documents, it's said they tricked him to believe he'd be responsible for a treasonous act against the Empire, that he wants to keep a secret at all costs - which would explain his unwavering aversion against it. They also mention it to be a good leverage they got against him, and therefore favor him to be succesful in his endeavour to secede), endangers every human and breton on the continent and even every non-Altmer (High Elf) on Tamriel; that includes even the Thalmor vassals like the Bosmer or the Khajiit. Because the Thalmor have something to use against Ulfric politically, he probably has personal motives to weaken the Empire (beyond his bretheren being betrayed by the Empire many times over in the past decades - it's not a perfect situation). This is always a bad position to act upon a given situation that will have consequences of global proportions - especially when it's decided on personal and not on pragmatic grounds (Joining the Empire is a pragmatic choice in this scenario).So, yeah... if you're chosing the human race and have an interest to fight the racist Thalmor, there isn't actually a choice at all. Choose the Empire.

  • Kamo Pusha

    "murder her to death"

  • Shivering Doe

    i feel like my game is kinda bugging? in the quest with eltyris. Ive reached the point where hes supposingly dead. but instead of getting arrested there are 2 normal guards and one weird commander ..emmanuel whatever, and they will just tell me to leave. if i attack them i can kill anyone besides the commander or whatever he is. I am stuck there i really dont know what to do, and if i get myself arrested , by attacking them nothing will happen to the quest, it still says, go and talk to eltyris..really annoyingggg

  • Hajdu Linda

    An option where Thalmor doesnt die is a bad option

  • ZellionAngel

    i cant even listen to this. at the end of every sentence, your voice get way too low and creaks. its all i hear while your talking.

  • ReineDeLaSeine14

    Murder him dead? Okay!

  • Brooke Hickerson

    How did Nazir become white in this? Serious question, I've never seen him white.

  • Serious Silliness

    5:02 "fine just go I need to pee"

  • Kebab Remover

    Can someone please tell me what are those mods? Link pls

  • Julaina Morin

    The ease of entering NorthWatch Keep with just General Tuillius's letter is amazing! I am used to fighting my way in with spells and sneak attacks, while trying to keep associates and the prisoner alive! I have to try this! It's perfect timing, as I'have just started a new game.On the other, more horrible hand, I kill Eola in Markarth's Hall of the Dead as soon as Brother Verulas let's me in.(and she stops talking). DONT go with her to clear out the Draugr-whether you continue on in Namira's quest or just kill them all outright,, you will randomly run in to a character hovering around a corpse, who will immediately bow, call you Namira's Champion, and say he was just about to have dinner, and OFFER YOU THE FIRST BITE!

  • Red-Rook

    Lmfao listen to 4x speed XD

  • Tony Hedge

    The only real choice is whether you abuse smithing and alchemy or not

  • Greenpanda Studios

    You don’t have to tell us twice that Skyrim is a big game #10tinydetails

  • Animaker

    08:53 are there living corpses..?

  • zachary christophers

    What mods are you using for the armour and general looks?

  • Nigel Witgunn

    I need no excuse to kill Thalmor, or anyone for that matter. Unless I'm getting extra gold or treasure, everyone dies!

  • Wolf Blaze

    I remember the cannibal quest. I turned into a werewolf, and ate the cannibals. Beautifully ironic.Sidenote: priest guy was cool with werewolf form.

  • redlabl

    Thanks for your help Nate

  • Narchivere Zenclaitt

    I'm surprised he didn't mention the option to kill the dark brotherhood.

  • Agus Only

    The quest in which you have to save Thorald is another proof that you should join the stormcloacks instead of the Empire, who are nothing but thalmors' puppets in Skyrim.

  • pollitorsiones

    I made the huge mistake of buying Skyrim for my swicth, I want my life back, i need help please!!

  • Raelyn Rainforth

    (Long live the empire)

  • aserta

    "shady mind control magic" ... just how little does one play this game to not know it's called 'enthrallment' hm."secret"....there's absolutely nothing secret about the forsworn.All this stuff is up for grabs for any player that has done this game in more then four times, which most of us have. Ffs.

  • Giorgos Apoel

    Even if you are imperial... why save the Thalmor?

  • Lucy Price

    It isn’t a Skyrim video without Nate saying MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • KitschyLiepard

    My latest playthrough, Hroggar was there and rushed me screaming "Death to the vampire!" which I thought was really ironic lmao. I ended up reloading because I thought I messed up by going in as a starving vamp, and he wasn't there when I went back into the house, so he's still alive.

  • SomeRandomFurry the Emo Yeemo

    "murder her to death"- TheEpicNate315

  • Patrick Daniels

    For Laid to rest, if you do it correctly you can also only kill hrothgar and alva survives the whole quest and goes back to town

  • ACG Medical

    That one guy looked like green skittle.

  • Spoonk

    Yay now I’m not bored for a few more minutes

  • SubjectDelta24

    The thalmor are complete douchbags, never met one in the game that wasn't. So, it's much more fun to, as you say "Murder them all to death" then use ring of mass necromancy mod to bring all the bodies inside, murder the rest. Then once all 20-30 bodies are in one room, go into beast form and have a 30 course meal of thalmor hearts.

  • blud lad

    Best choice is to kill all the cannibals and the priest

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