Skyrim: 5 Secret Choices You Didn’t Know You Had in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that gives the Dragonborn quite a lot of big decisions as a result, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the player has a significant amount of influence on the way the world develops. However, there’s also a handful of choices available to the you, that you may not have even known about. So today we’ll be taking a look at five secret choices you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • ThatSnakeJake

    I’ve once killed a group of thalmor after they made the unfortunate mistake of being alive

  • Kala The Woyst

    Oh wow, you can avoid killing a single Thalmor?Cool. I'm still wiping those losers out. LOL

  • Megalodonald

    I turn this game on with the intentions of finishing missions and always end up in a random dwarven cave for an hour instead.

  • papa-pepe

    Oh wow there's a way to avoid spilling Thalmor blood ? How can I contain my excitement ?Get back to me when you find an option to to spill more Thalmor blood.

  • Mia Rasmussen

    “You can spare Hroggar”Me, having played the game through 7 times: “you can kill Hroggar??!”

  • Jan Baltes

    Do you wanna be part of our family again, for 500 gold?Sluts

  • Horrible Man

    > major influences> kill the emperor> nobody cares

  • Ginger Snap

    "Without a drop of blood being spilled."Me: murders everyoneOh no...what a shame. There just wasnt any other way...looting begins

  • Coonkie

    "significant ingame consequences" you mean literally zero mostly

  • InternetFeline

    I love how pitiful the cost to rejoin a guild is after you wrong them. Like..."you've hurt us deeply and betrayed our trust! Pay us 500 gold and we're square."

  • Crimson Lance Guy

    Oblivion: kicks out of fighters guild - okay get me 20 bear pelts (which have 5 carry weight each) and youll be forgiven. Same with mages guild, you need to find rare plants to return to guild.Skyrim - okay give me 500 gold

  • slickboi 76

    Who would win?A group of powerful high elves,Or one wuthraadie boi

  • Taistelukalkkuna

    14:00 "I used to be cannibal like you. Then I took an arrow to the throat."

  • UnderhandDread

    7:08 One time I actually became the Archmage and married Brelyna Marion and she died while out with me as my companion. I guess she's either not Protected (like Essential but only the player can kill the NPC) or she is and I must've accidentally hit her with a spell while she was low on health but either way I was blamed for it and Tolfdir kicked me out... as the Archmage.

  • Jessica Hammer

    "murder her to death"- TheEpicNate315

  • Johann

    Tullius always told me that it wasn’t possible to have him released.

  • Tony Hedge

    The only real choice is whether you abuse smithing and alchemy or not

  • FlauscheBällchen

    when i spared Hroggar with a calm spell, everytime i came back he would attack me :'3

  • HighApache Los

    Im a simple man. I see thalmor. I kill thamlor.

  • Chloe Swoveland

    I just killed Alva early just because I wanted to wear her dress to my wedding 😂

  • Claus Roquefort

    There should have been a way to brute-force your way through the forsworn conspiracy. It makes absolutely zero sense that a maxed out character who is essentially one punch man would yield to a few corrupt guards. Master tier spells alone are enough to kill or enthrall an entire city. You could crush the door of Cidhna mine aswell as the overly confident sentient haybales that stand behind it with a single shout. You could manipulate the Silverbloods into exposing themselves through speechcraft or illusion magic, or just publicly execute them in a fashion of your preference. You could just be edgy and slaughter anyone who tries to frame you for anything ever on the spot with a muffle/invisibility/dagger combo without ever being noticed. You could paralyze the pigs who just made the mistake of being caught with the body of a civilian by the most powerful non daedric entity in mundus and turn them into involuntary bodyguards.Any one of these optoins would make more sense than just going "oh, looks like you got me" while pretty much wearing an infinity gauntlet

  • Antonio Camacho

    The politically correct term isn't "kill" it's "murder to death"

  • Rae

    04:40 "If the player has joined the Imperial Legion..."That's a no from me

  • Adam Pender

    the thalmor one isn't actually part of the game, its part of the unofficial patch mod

  • Mad Max Rockatansky

    ""Bloodiest beef on the Reach ha ha ha ha haa""

  • xX Lone Lobo Xx

    That Taste Of Death quest is fun, what I usually do is proceed the quest normally and get the ring, then stealth kill all the cannibals except for the follower lady, then I use her as a sacrifice for the Ebony Mail quest.Two artifacts, one stone.

  • Chbond00765

    I killed all the thalmor at nothwatch and didn't even have the quest yet.

  • LoL Darth Ynot

    A vampire with 2 ancient Nord skeletons, a dog and a housecarl break into a prison. No Thalmor was spared.

  • ChocolateRob

    Hmmm, I think I'll stick with killing all the Thalmor, piling their corpses on top of the nearby forge and making myself some new 'elven' armour.

  • terminator9002

    Can't go to tullius for the peaceful resolution without a mod to fix it. He won't help otherwise.

  • David Erif

    Well, i entered the house at a time when Hroggar wasn't there. Alva caught me completely by surprise because the minute i enter the house's basement i saw her rising from her coffin. That's when i find out she was a vampire. Hroggar never even saw me killing her, but he still blames me for "everything i've done", despite the fact that he's still alive and no longer in a vampire's control. To me he is an ungrateful bastard.

  • Kiki the Wonder Cat

    I have far to much money in Skyrim but I still refuse to pay any fines I have within a hold. I might be a little bit stingy

  • sad boi

    "All without a drop of blood being spilled" proceeds to show clip of blood spattered all over the floor and wall

  • Alinora Metaluna

    Ironically enough, the best way to give Skyrim to the Locals, is to go in as an imperial and do the treaty questline.


    You know you can also just go to the shrine of Talos after the the whole story/quest involving Eltry is over and search his corpse which has 800+ Gold

  • Boruto Uchiha

    Mission says: you have to sneak don't make a SoundAlso me: runs like a crazy kajit and kills everyone noisy asf😂

  • Palle Gantzhorn

    Correction, Hroggar didnt kill his family, the vampire you meet at his daughters grave in the night, did it! Laelette, Alva turned her into a vampire.

  • MechaEmperor7000

    I legitimately did not know the Thalmor thing was...a thing. For once a "list" video actually taught me something. Now something I should mention: You can be expelled from a faction for suicide. Yes, they will consider you killing yourself (as in, you have to do something to hurt yourself. Simply jumping off a cliff isn't going to do it) as harming a member of the guild and posthumously expel you for it. The most easiest way to see this is to eat that poisonous root Astrid gives you to poison your target's food. You will see the quest needed to get back into the guild added to your journal just after you die but before you get kicked back to your last save. There is also an alternate way to finish the Civil War quest that I've heard about but never tried: once you get the Dragon Tooth Crown you can high tail it to the other side's leader and present it to him to change sides. You'll have to do a loyalty mission as I've been told, but otherwise the civil war quest proceeds as if you were with that side from the beginning.You can also walk around the Thalmor's Embassy if you have a Thalmor cloak and are an Altmer. The guards will think you are one of them and there is even dialogue for you to order sentries away from their posts. Unfortunately they will know something is up the moment you step into Elewen's Solar and become hostile again. You can also do this with non-altmer, non-beast races but you need the hooded variant and not get close. Khajits and Argonians cannot do this at all because of their tails.

  • The Drowning Fish

    “Murder to death”Well yeah,that’s how murder works

  • Mr. Corner

    I could go to Tullius and not shed blood... But who doesn't want to kill the Thalmor?

  • Fleent Stones?

    Why the hell would you let people eat that guy?Daedric ring, huh?... Aight okay sure

  • PoilyGames

    8:25 unless he’s dead when you get there and then the quest is unplayable


    You have to make amends if you break an organization's rulesThis is not a """secret""" dude...

  • Gray Salmon

    4:30 Yeah, but then you don't get the pleasure of killing Thalmor.

  • destructiondragon360

    The first time I played Skyrim, I immediately killed Eola, and thought "wait what quest did I just fail?"

  • Icy Spice

    Gen Tullius won't help me with Thorald... sooo that means....

  • Jack Legion

    4:38 You lost me at "Not killing Thalmor."

  • AnneRiddleS116

    I just realized that when I last did this quest, I was sent straight to Nepose the Nose and then back to the temple. That was it... straight to Cidna Mine. I thought it was short but I hadn’t done the quest in a while.

  • Lucy Price

    It isn’t a Skyrim video without Nate saying MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • SerenityPrim3

    I've got the Skyrim special edition, and I've never seen graphics like these before.What mod are you using?

  • Neena

    what mod is he using for the textures?

  • Philip Mathiasen

    "once you've been arrested" i dont think so

  • Wolf Blaze

    I remember the cannibal quest. I turned into a werewolf, and ate the cannibals. Beautifully ironic.Sidenote: priest guy was cool with werewolf form.

  • CapnPicard

    WHAT MODS IS HE USING? Those faces look great.

  • Echo Blue Rose

    And thus my respect for Tullius has increased.

  • Taylor O’Dell

    I’m pretty sure I’ve always spared that dude in morthal. Just run in and assassinate Alva and dip real quick.

  • liszst

    “yOu disrespect the BROTHERHOOD pay the fine... 500 GOLD” damn that’s cheap 😂

  • Jared Crosby

    "Shady mind controlling magic"You mean thralling?

  • Tito Diaz

    Which mod is he using to make textures appear like that?

  • A J

    ( you can kill Astrid in the abanonded shack and then get a quest to kill the dark brotherhood ) ( you can not join the civil war then later on in the main quest there’s an option for both sides to have a ceasefire and end the war ) Instead this video is : “ you can get some gold before some guy dies “

  • Elif Yanar

    Sifting through the comments, it's delightful to know that the Thalmor is the most lovable facton in Skyrim.especially lovable for weapon/destruction skill level ups. Well gotta use that Wuuthrad somehow.

  • mary medd

    “Open up a can of whoop ass” by far the best line you have ever spoken

  • Vlad Dracul

    Why would I "accidentally" kill Imperial soldiers? I always do it intentionally.

  • Tarena

    Everysingle time I entered Reach I always tried to save Margaret (it was successful) and she give you an amulet for saving herThat quest was long and very interesting, I suggest everyone to do it

  • Mr.Duck1 24

    11:57 I thought he said “a can opener”

  • Hermon the great

    "Significant ingame consequences."

  • LedosKell

    That last one convinced me Markarth should just burn.

  • Thiago

    #4- if you are able to kill all the guards and escape the city and than wait a bit so you can pay off your fine, you can evade arrest completely!

  • Tafari Charles

    "Murder her to death"Gg 👏🏽👏🏽😂😂

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