Skyrim: 5 Secret Choices You Didn’t Know You Had in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that gives the Dragonborn quite a lot of big decisions as a result, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the player has a significant amount of influence on the way the world develops. However, there’s also a handful of choices available to the you, that you may not have even known about. So today we’ll be taking a look at five secret choices you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Kala The Woyst

    Oh wow, you can avoid killing a single Thalmor?Cool. I'm still wiping those losers out. LOL

  • Thatsnakejake

    I’ve once killed a group of thalmor after they made the unfortunate mistake of being alive

  • papa-pepe

    Oh wow there's a way to avoid spilling Thalmor blood ? How can I contain my excitement ?Get back to me when you find an option to to spill more Thalmor blood.

  • Jan Baltes

    Do you wanna be part of our family again, for 500 gold?Sluts

  • Tony Hedge

    The only real choice is whether you abuse smithing and alchemy or not

  • Horrible Man

    > major influences> kill the emperor> nobody cares

  • Chris Ramsey

    My problem is I have Skyrim for PC, so I've installed so many mods that I honestly can't recall whats vanilla and what's fixed by the hard working modding community!

  • Megalodonald

    I turn this game on with the intentions of finishing missions and always end up in a random dwarven cave for an hour instead.

  • Coonkie

    "significant ingame consequences" you mean literally zero mostly

  • slickboi 76

    Who would win?A group of powerful high elves,Or one wuthraadie boi

  • Crimson Lance Guy

    Oblivion: kicks out of fighters guild - okay get me 20 bear pelts (which have 5 carry weight each) and youll be forgiven. Same with mages guild, you need to find rare plants to return to guild.Skyrim - okay give me 500 gold

  • UnderhandDread

    7:08 One time I actually became the Archmage and married Brelyna Marion and she died while out with me as my companion. I guess she's either not Protected (like Essential but only the player can kill the NPC) or she is and I must've accidentally hit her with a spell while she was low on health but either way I was blamed for it and Tolfdir kicked me out... as the Archmage.

  • InternetFeline

    I love how pitiful the cost to rejoin a guild is after you wrong them. Like..."you've hurt us deeply and betrayed our trust! Pay us 500 gold and we're square."

  • Antonio Camacho

    The politically correct term isn't "kill" it's "murder to death"

  • Jessica Hammer

    "murder her to death"- TheEpicNate315

  • Morally Conflicted Tortoise

    I honestly didn't realize you could follow Hadvar until my like 20th playthrough

  • Adam Sterna

    'significant ingame consequences' is a bit of a strech. It is not like you are killing Vivec, or siding with Carnius Magnus or doing the Ristaag questa as a werewolf.

  • Claus Roquefort

    There should have been a way to brute-force your way through the forsworn conspiracy. It makes absolutely zero sense that a maxed out character who is essentially one punch man would yield to a few corrupt guards. Master tier spells alone are enough to kill or enthrall an entire city. You could crush the door of Cidhna mine aswell as the overly confident sentient haybales that stand behind it with a single shout. You could manipulate the Silverbloods into exposing themselves through speechcraft or illusion magic, or just publicly execute them in a fashion of your preference. You could just be edgy and slaughter anyone who tries to frame you for anything ever on the spot with a muffle/invisibility/dagger combo without ever being noticed. You could paralyze the pigs who just made the mistake of being caught with the body of a civilian by the most powerful non daedric entity in mundus and turn them into involuntary bodyguards.Any one of these optoins would make more sense than just going "oh, looks like you got me" while pretty much wearing an infinity gauntlet

  • Shiwam Singroul

    I just wore a OP armour, and didn't attack anyone, alva was in the house ,but her husband wasn't and she turned hostile, when i entered the basement , and then i just took the journal and rushed to the jarl's hall, alva kept attacking me, and followed me to the jarl, and once i gave the journal to jarl, she reverted back to normal dialogues, and they're both living happily , now, even after completing the whole quest line

  • Taistelukalkkuna

    14:00 "I used to be cannibal like you. Then I took an arrow to the throat."

  • Adam Pender

    the thalmor one isn't actually part of the game, its part of the unofficial patch mod

  • terminator9002

    Can't go to tullius for the peaceful resolution without a mod to fix it. He won't help otherwise.

  • Jazzbot

    I want your mod list so fecking badly

  • JC Lazeuz

    In my laid to rest i snuck past hroggar and alva wasnt there she was in the cave with the master vampire you need to kill


    You know you can also just go to the shrine of Talos after the the whole story/quest involving Eltry is over and search his corpse which has 800+ Gold

  • Vincent Flores

    Are there mods installed? I can't believe skyrim looks this good haha or it might just be the far away shots... everything look more crisp.

  • Hermon the great

    "Significant ingame consequences."

  • Unknown Rose

    And thus my respect for Tullius has increased.

  • Thiago

    #4- if you are able to kill all the guards and escape the city and than wait a bit so you can pay off your fine, you can evade arrest completely!

  • Louis Pellissier

    Everytime I did Taste of Death I killed them all, it's better to have Skyrim cleansed of cannibals, in my opinion

  • Slendermurph

    The companions can also kick you out tooThe fine is pretty cheap though

  • Wolf Blaze

    I remember the cannibal quest. I turned into a werewolf, and ate the cannibals. Beautifully ironic.Sidenote: priest guy was cool with werewolf form.

  • SerenityPrim3

    I've got the Skyrim special edition, and I've never seen graphics like these before.What mod are you using?

  • Portalen Krigare

    you can marry Camilla yknow, after you get the amulet of Mara

  • A J

    ( you can kill Astrid in the abanonded shack and then get a quest to kill the dark brotherhood ) ( you can not join the civil war then later on in the main quest there’s an option for both sides to have a ceasefire and end the war ) Instead this video is : “ you can get some gold before some guy dies “

  • Ser Noisy

    already knew all of them...was still nice to watch

  • Mr. Corner

    I could go to Tullius and not shed blood... But who doesn't want to kill the Thalmor?

  • some random dude

    I tried to avoid killing the Thalmor in Northwatch, but even after completing all of the Civil War quests and siding with the Empire Tullius said no.

  • Cédrik Thibert

    The canibal quest looks like one of the most sick quest in the game. The idea with siding with a bunch of cannibals to eat a poor priest and perhaps the whole city of Markath is cool. There is another thing he didn't mention which is possible but have no idea of the result is actually siding with cannibals, let them eat the priest, sharing the meal with them than killing them afterwards. Sick but cool.

  • The Drowning Fish

    “Murder to death”Well yeah,that’s how murder works

  • Corn Holio

    You can only release Thorald non violently with mods.

  • David Erif

    Well, i entered the house at a time when Hroggar wasn't there. Alva caught me completely by surprise because the minute i enter the house's basement i saw her rising from her coffin. That's when i find out she was a vampire. Hroggar never even saw me killing her, but he still blames me for "everything i've done", despite the fact that he's still alive and no longer in a vampire's control. To me he is an ungrateful bastard.

  • sirDucklast

    Looking to protect yourself, or DEAL SOME DAMAGE !!

  • Tahira Marcano

    I was actually able to just kill Alva without hurting Hroggar. Without the calming spell.

  • RDrake

    ... why did you make Nazir white?Like, are my eyes playing tricks on me here?

  • Kim Misfit

    Wait, does Hroggar kill his family or Laelette? It says in the journal: "Hroggar's family is becoming inconvenient. I've told Laelette to kill them all".

  • Tarena

    Everysingle time I entered Reach I always tried to save Margaret (it was successful) and she give you an amulet for saving herThat quest was long and very interesting, I suggest everyone to do it

  • Vlad Dracul

    Why would I "accidentally" kill Imperial soldiers? I always do it intentionally.

  • Zach Wharerau

    lol I just randomly walked in there one day and killed them for fun I had no idea til saw this that she was a vampire

  • Sam Dodsworth

    I accidentally 'ran' from the battle of whiterun and didn't know I triggered it so I was like "I didn't run?" 😂

  • Lucy Price

    It isn’t a Skyrim video without Nate saying MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • Diane IsMyName

    I was never able to get the Missing in Action (saving Thorvald without fighting the Thalmor) one to work. General Tullius wouldn't give me the writ. Gonna have to try again next playthrough.

  • Kiki the Wonder Cat

    I have far to much money in Skyrim but I still refuse to pay any fines I have within a hold. I might be a little bit stingy

  • Nathan Phillips

    I couldn't do the passive version of Missing in Action. Like, literally couldn't. Tullius actually refused to release the prisoner.

  • 420 Life

    Bro I thought I knew everything about Skyrim, I got 3000 hours like wtf how is there still shit I don't know 😂 which raises the question how many playthroughs/hours do you have in Skyrim?

  • Quintin Sharpe

    So another way I found you can avoid killing the guy from the first entry is just berk in when he is not there.

  • Courtney Michelle

    The forsworn conspiracy quest was nuts

  • morbid sasquatch

    what's captain picard 8:39 doing in this game ?

  • G Chinmay Varma

    Its been 7 years since skyrim came out7 years

  • Herbrine 848

    Well I did not have to kill the dude being controlled by the vampire. I just has to wait a few days. And I killed the the vampire..... cool

  • Mack Masters

    Why would anyone pass up slaughtering Thalmor? Best part of the game.

  • dismal. waters

    Secret? You call these a secret i literally knew about all of these in my first play through. Old content buddy ×

  • Albie Scott

    Clavicus knew he wanted Barbas over the axe. He just looked ridiculous standing there by himself.

  • Jamz fam

    Best list ever! I've never seen a list that was so informative to me. I didn't know a single one of these. Thankyou!

  • Victor Gigante

    It's even easier to avoid killing Hroggar during Laid to Rest, if you just wait until he goes to work at the sawmill before breaking in to Alva's house to investigate.

  • aquadog

    i know that this question have probably already been asked, but what are the mods you've been using while filming this video?

  • Jessica Kopf

    In laid to rest hoggar was not there when i played the quest. After i got the journal he accompanied me to the master vampires den only turning hostile as i was leaving to return to the yarl. I just had to go outside and wait till day and he was fine. Spell broken

  • ǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreen

    5:30 "all without a drop of blood beïng spilled" ‹thorald continues to kneel there surrounded by huge splatters of blood›

  • PLS-PG

    The only good thalmor is the dead oneBy the way, what mods do you have? It looks precious

  • Sam Yuri

    To be honnest i knew that 1 about thalmors but i always choose to kill them :)

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