Skyrim: 5 Secret Choices You Didn’t Know You Had in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that gives the Dragonborn quite a lot of big decisions as a result, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the player has a significant amount of influence on the way the world develops. However, there’s also a handful of choices available to the you, that you may not have even known about. So today we’ll be taking a look at five secret choices you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • David Erif

    Well, i entered the house at a time when Hroggar wasn't there. Alva caught me completely by surprise because the minute i enter the house's basement i saw her rising from her coffin. That's when i find out she was a vampire. Hroggar never even saw me killing her, but he still blames me for "everything i've done", despite the fact that he's still alive and no longer in a vampire's control. To me he is an ungrateful bastard.

  • Tony Hedge

    The only real choice is whether you abuse smithing and alchemy or not

  • Wolf Blaze

    I remember the cannibal quest. I turned into a werewolf, and ate the cannibals. Beautifully ironic.Sidenote: priest guy was cool with werewolf form.

  • Mortifer Ultimatus

    I actually got kicked out of the Thieves' Guild once because some guards followed me through the secret entrance and started attacking people

  • Woody Fruity

    Man.. I want to play Elder Scrolls 6...

  • Hermon the great

    "Significant ingame consequences."

  • ǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreen

    5:30 "all without a drop of blood beïng spilled" ‹thorald continues to kneel there surrounded by huge splatters of blood›

  • fireflocs

    Alva wouldn't need mind control to get me to serve her.

  • Tree Tree

    "HARSHLY scold you" "Im disappointed in you." :(

  • Dovar

    >skyrim>significant ingame consequencespick one

  • Mr. Corner

    I could go to Tullius and not shed blood... But who doesn't want to kill the Thalmor?

  • CidGuerreiro1234

    Hot damn, we're still milking this cow.

  • Jessica Lee

    I really wish you could side with the Forsworn, after finding out their story (one camp becomes neutral to you if you help them, but the rest are still enemies). The Forsworn are the indigenous people of Skyrim, particularly the Reach region (as well as High Rock), who have been subjugated by foreign invaders who have forbidden the practice of their religion... sound familiar? It's exactly what the Stormcloaks claim is so bad about the Empire (who only agreed to outlaw Talos worship to avoid losing a war that would have cost them the Empire, to the Thalmor who only outlawed Talos worship to rile up the Nords and divide the Empire - same reason they supported Ulfric Stormcloak, as evidenced by the dossiers in their embassy).Sure, the Forsworn religion is weird, it involves human sacrifice and hagravens, but it's their HOME and it's their religion, and the Nords are the ones saying they are not entitled to either.Really, the story is so much bigger than what you're allowed to pursue in the game. Because obviously the Thalmor are racist bastards and cunning manipulators and are playing a long game to eventually go to war again and conquer the Empire, and you can't ultimately do anything about that. Siding with Ulfric leaves Skyrim weakened and divided just like they wanted, and siding with the Empire doesn't really finish the job of keeping the peace which is really just a holding pattern until the Thalmor and/or Empire rebuild their armies for another war anyway... and it's at the cost of the freedom of some of Skyrim's people, who want to deny the freedom of some of Skyrim's other people and NEVER have to address that at all in the game - the peace treaty option is pretty unsatisfying too.Meanwhile, the Stormcloaks are obviously racist bastards and gullible hypocrites because they're playing right into the Thalmor's hands and also denying the people of the Reach the same freedoms they claim are so important. But... the Forsworn are still limited to mostly being bandits with one storyline that doesn't seem to reach its natural conclusion.I'd love to be able to address ALL of those things in the game. Also, in a war for succession to the throne, I'd love to have an option to get on that throne, I'm the fucking Dragonborn. The last Dragonborn founded an Empire.You know what we need (and by "we" I mean "I")? We need Skyrim 2. Not "The Elder Scrolls VI" hundreds of years after all this stuff. The Elder Scrolls V - II: Skyrim. Addressing these problems properly is probably beyond the scope of a mod (though maybe within the scope of a good DLC - not that there will be one).I've just been playing again in the past few days, so I have strong feelings about all this. I also have strong feelings about racist bastards, so I side with the Empire against the Stormcloaks, and also kill pretty much every Thalmor I see even if it gets me arrested (which it usually doesn't).As a sort of "completionist" I did a playthrough where I joined the Stormcloaks (so I am familiar with how the story works out in that direction as well) and we "won", and I felt so dirty I went on this whole quest of redemption that took me many hours of gameplay and created a whole separate emergent storyline that wasn't actually in the game per se... which was just as well. It was a great experience in the end.Conversely, for an "evil" playthrough, it would be good to have the option to actually side directly with the Thalmor, do espionage missions for them and whatnot (to go on with their plans to undermine and divide Skyrim), especially if you were playing an Altmer.

  • Azboy4God

    Going to the Markarth Prison continues the quest?! Dammit... I killed every single Markarth guard after what I thought was the final quest... I have a bounty over 20,000 there.. Even if I wanted to, I literally can't get arrested...

  • AceofBlades X

    The thing about these secret choices is that they aren't consistent. These are the exceptions in Skyrim, a game that does not usually reward creativity in a narrative sense. Like why can't you just impose upon the Blades that you're the Dragonborn and you don't have to kill Paarthunax because you're their leader? What about instead of killing Harkon, you usurp him and become the new leader of Castle Volkihar? These choices are secret because at the point in the game that you encounter them, you've learned to stop looking for secrets, it's just a waste of time for the most part.99% of the time you'll end up following the quest markers blindly anyways, so why not go ahead and do that? ....I don't hate Skyrim I really don't, this kind of thing just kinda irks me, I've played Skyrim more than most people and discovering that these kinds of things exist for some reason annoys me more than makes me happy. Feel like Skyrim could've had better narrative and more impactful choices. Just my two cents.

  • Hajdu Linda

    An option where Thalmor doesnt die is a bad option

  • MickMaan

    I once randomly got the quest to 're-join' the DB while I was wandering through the forest around Falkreath. I have absolutely no idea what happened but I'd apparently broken one of the rules while picking flowers and hunting butterflies and had to pay the fine. Skyrim is a strange place...

  • KANYEda WESTaro

    u can betray stormcloak/imperial in a quest the jaggedcrown

  • Entity Crusher

    I killed farengar (I think I spelled it right idk) once for a reason I don't remember (some quest), and later I walked outside as per usual whistles like nothing happened. I was greeted by the friendly face that is one of the couriers and knew that either a quest was going to be announced, someone had died, or someone liked that I killed farengar. It was in fact that someone was pleased with me for killing farengar (he is a bit of a dick), and thus wanted me to come and collect a few septims for my work. Turns out I had a negative relationship with farengar, and I received a letter from myself asking to collect the reward. I was literally fucking sending a letter to myself. I honestly found it really interesting that the game manages you much like any other NPC, and keeps track of negative standing and what not. Still hilarious, but undeniably interesting.

  • Yenastuundepaspris55

    ''You can get kicked out of a guild''-How... How is that even a ''secret'', in the game, by ANY kind of definition ? I'm serious. How did that make it to 'any' spot in this list ? It's one of the most basic things that can happen to you in the game.


    You're a little late today

  • pwnorbepwned

    Killing the cannibals at the end of The Taste of Death with the Ebony Blade helps enhance its health drain effect without playing an evil character. Several of the cannibals can potentially trust you at the time, and you can kill trusted souls without killing innocent people.

  • DuncanDeez

    bro wtf how many mods do you have installed lol it looks like a cartoon

  • Jesse Lindsey

    Skyrim can't exist as an independent state AND fend off the knife-eared bastards at the same time without Imperial aid. Skyrim will be exclusively for the Nords... right up until thousands of elves march into their fractured province and slaughter the tired, injured, and drunk remnants of the Stormcloak army. This civil war was exactly what the tree-molesters wanted, and the Nords' brains are too frozen to realize this. I should expect nothing more from a people who look at magic and go "AAAH SCARY GO AWAY IT'S DIFFERENT AND THUS I DON'T TRUST IT" like my great-grandfather when confronted by the electric lightbulb for the first time.

  • Chicky Nuggies

    "murder her to death" 10/10 will re sub

  • I.D.J

    "Choices You Didn't Know You Had", Any.

  • Fluffy Kitty

    Did you know you can also kill Astrid in the shed? It starts a different questline to kill the brotherhood

  • basteanjosh

    Maybe it was possible on this (heavily) modded copy of the game, but you can’t take the “peaceful approach” to saving Thorald. Even though the dialogue options are there, they never finished coding it into the game. It’s impossible to get the letter that would allow you to get by the Thalmor peacefully; Tullius will always refuse to give it to you, no matter what you do, which is why it isn’t offered as an option in the quest log.EDIT: even adding the letter to your inventory via console won’t get the Thalmor to let you through. It’s just a mod you had installed.

  • Serelor

    I always watch these videos expecting to learn something new and end up disappointed, realizing that while other people were living lives, I was on the internet learning shit people would post in videos nearly 7 years later.

  • Jacqui H

    I have never once had to kill Hroggar to get to Alva and her journal. If you go in the middle of the day, she's asleep in her coffin and he's away working at the mill. Also, the ghost of Helgi (Hroggar's daughter) tells you that Laelette was the one that burned the house after being turned into a vampire by Alva. She writes about that in the journal too. So no, Hroggar did not kill his wife and daughter, not even under mind control. Not sure where you got that from.

  • CrudeCrusader84

    Lol a Bethesda game with choices? Blasphemy.

  • Goose McBruce

    but.. why would you not murder the Thalmor?

  • DarkKnightXavier

    By far, one of my favorite things I discovered in my third playthrough was not having chosen a side in the civil war when I was making my way through the main quest. Instead of needing to finish off your opponent before facing Alduin, you actually get to take an active role in negotiations between Tulius and Ulfric. The lines of dialogue going this route are some of my absolute favorite in the game and include the ability to flip the allegiances of key cities multiple times during your gameplay, allowing you to experiment with having both sides' leaders as your ally. In the end, you can actually put an end to the civil war altogether without needing to slaughter everyone in your wake. That being said, I'm all for killing them all and letting Sovngarde sort 'em out.

  • Joshua Lee

    Wait they didnt mention the gildergreen choice


    As far as I remember, "Missing in action" was unfinished quest line (as the alternative way of getting the letter did not work, you had to kill the guards at the tower), so far as it seems, it's either DLC I have not played or it's a mod. In fact even Wiki says that.

  • Antonio Camacho

    The politically correct term isn't "kill" it's "murder to death"

  • Regular Original

    Knew the two last ones though, am I the only one that saves constantly in games like this to experiment? There's also more than this list tells you.

  • Alexander Wilson

    I'd still rather open up a can o' whoop ass on the thalmor

  • Elephants Are Cool

    Also as for the vampire quest. If you talk to that guy's new girlfriend who turns out to be a vampire when you are a vampire. She will just straight out tell you that she is a vampire. Unfortunately it doesn't open up an alternative story arc. Like helping her cover-up that she is a vampire or perhaps helping the vampires wipe out the village or something. But anyway talk to her as a vampire and see what happens.

  • Fubuki maru

    You don't even have to use calm on Hroggar, with high enough stealth you can just murder alva and not him

  • The House of Game

    Sometimes if you do something obscure you get to keep an NPC that doesn't matter wandering around with a single unique line of dialog reminding you that you did a quest there? I knew there had to be some reason people cared about this game.


    12:32 - i just made the choice most violent and brutal. I came there, one of them said to me - enjoy the dinner (something like that) and i was.... I turned into warewolf, and killed all of them, then i was enjoing the supper. I guess nobody expected for that, sure.

  • Titanic

    Meeko. The dog. You can find her on a path near solitude. When you grab a horse from the stables, down the hill hitting the horse, swim across the lake swim to the cabin and FOLLOW The path To the stone road and look over you’ll see a dog laying there or in the cabin so look threw it. You have to follow her to the cabin if she’s not there. Then you can adopt her. Her cabins called Meekos cabin.

  • Lucy Price

    It isn’t a Skyrim video without Nate saying MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • FlySpyGuy

    Why would I ever...ever...EVER...spare a drop of Thalmor blood? Drain it all into the dirt, and let Skyrim be free.

  • Mappp Maykr

    This video was dissapointing

  • _ِ_

    4:29Whaaaaaaat?? I've been playing skyrim since release and i didn't even know about that! ;d

  • Noldor warrior

    wish you could join the Thalmor officially. Not with mods.

  • Sean McGrath

    If you look up "obnoxiously over-affected YouTube voice" it's just a link to this video.

  • Red Pill

    There haven't been serious in game consequences since Morrowind

  • tuxedobob2

    Holy hell, what an annoying voice. Gave up after 30 seconds.

  • Harperlarp

    I've never heard them called 'Suvenne' and 'Fayenndel' lol. Nice video. I didn't know about 3 of these.

  • Boba Fett

    You missed that you can prevent the execution in Solitude. Attack the executioner, and then all the guards start attacking you, so he can run away.

  • Deadly Orange

    I killed the guards who killed Eltrys, I killed everyone in markarth who went after me. Only later did I learn that being captured was a part of the quest

  • SweetyHeaven

    So the meat in Markarth is from humans?

  • Joarthus

    I've always thought Markarth should just be full of people that refer to all things as "Markarth".

  • skeXis

    Noooonononononooo.. freeing a prisoner from the thalmor in peace isnt an option.. i see thalmor i kill.. come to think of it.. if i see anything i kill.. IM the bad guy?! D:

  • no

    huh.. I didn't know the one about getting kicked from guilds and being able to pay your way back. I thought committing crimes against them was doing it against their respective hold.

  • Spoonk

    Yay now I’m not bored for a few more minutes

  • J

    What mods do you have active in that footage?

  • Don Mega

    No, the thalmor need to be killed. They're such bastards. To have a peaceful solution didn't even come to mind.

  • Koty McNeal

    Here's a Tiny Detail I found (new to me anyways): if you have the spectral assassin summoned inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary he will comment on the state of affairs of the current quest line. The line that made me notice this was when Cicero had fled the Sanctuary and Astrid tell you to go after him. I had thr assassin summoned and he said "If you want me to kill the jester for you I will, but know our Dread Father doesn't wish it." Pretty spooky.

  • Greenpanda Studios

    You don’t have to tell us twice that Skyrim is a big game #10tinydetails

  • pikanoob

    your game looks like ass. get some better mods

  • Kebab Remover

    Can someone please tell me what are those mods? Link pls

  • Andreas Andersen

    Not really secret, I've done all of these. I even saved Magret, just casted a fireball by reflex when I saw him draw his knife. But I couldn't get the pacifist route to work on the Thalmor, when I replayed in the Legendary edition (Tullius wouldn't give the order).Also I don't consider failing a quest a secret choice. Also, you'll need Namira's ring for the Daedric-artifact-collection-trophy anyway.

  • Fewrfreyut

    Slight point worth correcting: Hroggar didn’t kill his family. That was Alva’s other helper, Laelette.Again, a very minor point, but i think it further explains why Hroggar is worth saving, and also why if you don’t kill him, neither is he arrested and executed: he’s literally innocent of murder, in both thought and action.

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