Skyrim - Alchemy Potion Guide

How to mix important potions in Skyrim, and where to get the ingredients.

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  • TheFellowSheep

    Holy shit you deserve atleast 1mil subs! Love your voice!!

  • pyrothesenpai

    Guys help i think my dad used an invisibility potion and the effects are permanent because i haven't seen him in 10 years

  • TacticalFaceplm _

    I always regret eating giant's toes.

  • KaiserAfini

    Same as with you Fallout guides, these are clear, concise and practical, making them the best ones I know of. Excellently done Will, keep up the awesome work.

  • michael ashby

    a little bit of wheat and some blisterwart makes a health potion if you didn't already know

  • Roxian V

    I could listen to this guy reciting me a telephone book and I'd still be mesmerized by his voice.

  • Jed Daniels

    There is a lighthouse up north by Dawnstar, I forget the name Frostwind? Frostlight? Idk. It has about 200 charaus eggs in the basement/cellar.

  • Sammy Tibbitts

    Bonus for Archers: canis root, and juniper berries make a Fortify Marksmen potion. aside from growing both ingredients in mass quantity at home, juniper trees can be found all over the region near marcarth, usually along roads.

  • Deathbedz

    Just purchased Skyrim, I was looking for helpful guides and yours are by far the best! Subscribed(:

  • Gamin' Reasons

    10:14 Restore HealthJust book marking.

  • kuglefang

    I´m assuming restore stamina potions are most commonly used by the people of Skyrim as aphrodisiacs

  • ProjectDT88

    Wheat and Blue Mountain Flowers restore and fortify health, making it a powerful combo.

  • LabTech

    Hey Will, since you're getting back into Skyrim, any chance you can revive that series you did a while back where you read some of the books you can find in the game?  It'd be really nice you hear you read 'The Argonian Account', as it's my favorite story in the game(s).

  • Alexander Chippel

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the garden at the Collage if Winterhold.

  • The WeedWeeb

    Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower + Giant's Toe = Fast alchemy leveling potion and speech booster (due to the extremely high value of the potion without purity). Really useful if you have any form of merchant mod that increases the amount of ingredients they carry or a mod that allows you to harvest more toes from giants, as Giant's Toe is hard to find. But do know that you shouldn't have the purity perk for this potion. The awesome price comes from all of the effects in the potion being boosted by the Giant's Toe, bloating the price.

  • Haiate13

    This is such a well-made and high quality video! Very professional.

  • TheReez95

    Oh come on Will. you mention all these mushrooms but leave out blisterwart? blisterwort can be used in making restore health potions. Also like the other shrooms on his list they can be found at chillwind depths.

  • ThePrimith

    It's worth mentioning that Garlic becomes a very useful component later on. Garlic has both regen health and regen magic, so you can combo it with salt and another regen health item (forgot what I commonly use, though)for 5 minutes of jacked up regeneration per potion.

  • vicsrealms

    Ha. "Seriously, follow a road."

  • Edmund Choy

    That voice.... documentary worthy.

  • Fallout Night

    Merry Christmas lads, and a happy New Year!

  • ladamyre

    You missed the most valuable potion to make, especially at the beginning of the game as it will make your alchemy skill rise faster than the making of any other potion while raising a lot of money. It's a Fortify Carry Weight potion that's made with Creep Cluster, Mora Tapinella and Scaly Pholiota. Fortify Carry Weight is what the game calls it, but it also will Fortify Illusion, Regenerate Stamina, Restore Magicka and if you don't have the Purity Perk will cause Weakness to Magic. Of course this potion is NOT for drinking and you won't be making it after you've made Purity Perk anyways, which decreases it's value at the shops.All of these ingredients can be farmed, and the eleven plots outside any estate are perfect for growing the proper proportions: 3 Creep Cluster, 5 Mora Tapinella and 3 Scaly Pholiota which will yield you 15 potions.

  • RAD288

    Serious cringe at how you say hearthfire

  • JTtheNinja

    I know someone has to have mentioned this, but my go-to for the simplest, easiest early health potion is Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat. Gives you restore health plus fortify health, and both ingredients are really common. []

  • Matt Brown

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for the guide.

  • PristineBean

    Why do you need a restore health potion when you have cheese wheels

  • Joshua Spath

    Most expensive potion in the game:WheatCreep clusterGiants toe. At low levels you can sell it for around 500.

  • Bearded Emperor

    This was very useful, great video

  • King Killer

    Luna moths are guaranteed to spawn just in front of the orphanage in Riften and will do so after being harvested, bug spawns aren't time dependent and will come back just from walking far enough away, and it doesn't decrease your maximum magicka to make invisibility with chaurus eggs and luna moth wings it does damage to your magicka, ie it reduces the current (not maximum) value similar to having cast a spell.

  • okrajoe

    Thanks, that came in handy.

  • George Peterson

    I know this sounds stupid but i thought all potions were only made up of 2 items?

  • MariusDarkblade

    not gonna lie i'm surprised you didnt add in the potion of waterbreathing in this. its a difficult potion to get all the materials for but it GREATLY increases your skill in alchemy. alchemy(assuming people dont already know) is leveled up by the value of the potion being made, by using nordic barnacle cluster, salmon roe, and garlic you make a potion of waterbreathing that with no perks is worth around 2000 right off the bat and gives amazing stats. i think i had one perk in the first alchemy slot and it had something along the lines of able to breath underwater for 330 seconds, along with other effects. at max level and all perks acquired it can make a potion worth around 12000. using this potion can also level up speechcraft as well since speechcraft experience is gained by the value of the item sold, whether or not you get the exact gold amount. if you sell an item for 150,000 gold you will get that in experience even if the seller only had 5000 to give you.another easy potion to make that will level alchemy pretty quickly is a potion made from mora tapinella, creep cluster, and scaly pholiota. i cant remember what potion they make but the reason its a good way to level up alchemy is because of the fact that all three are growable with the hearthfire addon. you can easily gain massive amounts in a very short time frame leading to more potions made and more xp.

  • SS2LP

    Wait seriously? I thought for sure wheat and giant's toe would be mentioned, that's one of the more famous potions in the game for it's stupidly high value.

  • Noah P.

    Is it possible to make a potion the restores health and increases resistance to fire? I seem to remember it being possible to make it but I can't find anything online

  • Rayne Grimm

    this is how a game advice video should be done, clear voice, no background noise. everything thoroughly explained without being tedious well done

  • Chalvrek

    Strife, could you perhaps do a video about some essential mods / mods you prefer to use on Skyrim?

  • Thane's Games

    A very basic question - is there any benefit at all to using a third ingredient of the same effect, or is the third slot just to get an added ability?

  • shelbyg323

    Very concise, to the point, and an all around excellent video, just like all the rest of your vids. Thank you Will, very much appreciated.

  • Dex, The Shit with People Clothes

    doesn't purity get rid of negative effects?

  • Tomic

    I want to sleep on a bed made of your voice

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    plus, if you mix wheat and blue mountain flower you get a bonus effect of fortify health.

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    tonight: obliviontomorrow: far cry primal on my brand new xbox one s

  • Retchelle Marte

    Where's the potion of fortify alchemy??????

  • Blah Blah

    That respawn rule is poorly designed. You mean to tell me that if I pick ingredients in the Rift, I can't go back to the Rift for TEN in game days for any reason if I want the plants to respawn? What if I want to explore/do a quest in that area? Is there any mod to fix this?

  • Chris Star

    does this mean we could possibly see a skyrim playthrough

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    Watching these pefect guides makes me longing for a full playthrough by you of Oblivion of all games.

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    Please bring back the ''Tales of Skyrim'' series, they were amazing ! Oh, and Merry Christmass !!!

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    Up vote for vocabulary.

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    Merry Christmas William. Another great guide hope your having a great holiday mate :)

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    Your guides are the best!

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    Haven't seen it yet but looking forward to watching this video!

  • IM

    fungle pods have restore HP neat


    (Charus egg + Luna moth + NirnRoot = Invisibility) (NirnRoot + lavender/tundra cotton + Bleeding crown=Resist magic)Red mountain flower + white cap + Mora tapinella/grass pod/ creep cluster = Restore Magicka)Blue mountain flower + swamp fungel pod + wheat + butterfly wings Restore health)

  • Jared Blackburn

    Best invisibility recipe: chaurus egg and vampire dust.

  • PurpleStratocaster

    Can you use any of the negative combinations such as 'Ravage Magicka' as a poison to put on your sword or bow? Or will it simply be a consumable potion only?

  • Texan_Hippie

    Nirnroot can also be found in large quantities along the northern shores of haafingar (solitude hold). They're a bit spread out along the many different little islands, but if you go at night just look for the plants glow.

  • BVale

    Some call the Purity alchemy perk essential. I call it worse than useless. There are abundant powerful combinations of ingredients with no mixed effects. The purity perk deprives you of the full benefit of combinations whose mixed effects make them inadvisable to use but can be very lucrative to sell. Remember that the best standing stone for improving the alchemy skill is the Thief stone, not the Mage stone. It seems, too, that it is the monetary value of a potion or poison that determines how much producing it will improve your score. Since you can practice alchemy at leisure, be well rested and wear amulets and other garments that give you a bonus. Enchanting can give you more, and I think it is worth investing the largest soul gems you have to craft and wear them.

  • Guldar Heel

    It's pronounced "harth-fire" like heart with an "h" at the end.

  • NHWPK Canadian

    Looking for a spot that I can farm Void salts+Fire Salts repeatedly

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    I just love pronunciation errors. I sincerely mean it. "Herthfire", "in masse", such things said through Strife's excellent diction and measured tone are pleasantly charming, regardless of how other people ascribe negative aspects to errors. Never change it.Wonderful guide, leaving a lot of room for personal exploration without exposing the best ways to do things. I've liked your work in this vein, and it seems that I will continue to do so.

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    Chillwind depths.Chillwind depths.Chillwind depths.Chillwind depths.Chillwind depths.Chillwind depths.

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    I keep returning to this video. Love the clarity and precision!

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    This guy sounds like chad...a nice chad.

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    On my third play through. Never made a potion.

  • Osmifor Centrio

    Isn't there like some categories like if I merge this and this category I get healing potions of different strengths??

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    What a fungus is that??? I LOVE IT!!!

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