Twitch Troll Donates $50,000 and can't refund it...

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iNexus_Ninja donates well above $50,000 to Live Streamers & a Charity Stream with the intention of refunding the donations a month later. The Streamers fought the refund dispute and won.

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  • ieraHDTV

    Twitch Troll's Parents Lose $50,000*

  • K7EB

    that poor dude was playing in a garage. so happy for them :)

  • Amadou ngom

    "14 year old's potential college savings go down the drain in an attempt to be funny"

  • King Cole

    Mission Failed, We'll get em next time

  • TALKINGtac0

    Wow. We actually live in an era where we can say "I made more than 15K in one day by doing nothing other than playing video games."

  • Thomas Toledo

    he should have spent it on RobuxI'm kidding put down your pitchforks

  • CatClawGaming

    his mom probably beat his ass

  • giorgiomx

    Why the Troll thought he could get the money back?I don't understand

  • Mimik

    Well looks like she's going to be enjoying all that money.I know I would.

  • NukemDukem

    I got couple trolls who charged back donations and Paypal told me they are fighting back and not letting these chargebacks go through.

  • Oblivion HD

    plot twist dude owns his own island and watches streams on his 500 inch TV

  • Eman chi

    8:15 really, that's what first comes to mind.

  • ASocialistChannel Mirrored content

    Twitch people should hire people to donate their own money that encourages others to donate unconsciously. If others are paying you are more likely to also give

  • Yusuf Khan

    Why was everybody so mean to the 3rd guys or second I forgot the guy in the garage.

  • Accrovideogames

    iNexus_Ninja is NOT a troll. His donations are legit. He only tried charging back ONCE and it was $10,000, not $50,000. There was also a very good reason for it. I find it despicable that people like you make money off sensationalism, fake stories and slandering. If someone is reading this comment and wants to know the REAL story behind this "troll", read this: for the maker of this video, you should be sued for defamation. I hate people like you who spread misinformations and lies.

  • Ҩᴜᴇᴇɴ

    I laughed every time it went "WHAT'S UP BITCHES! YEEEE HA!" ALmost choked.

  • カントウR

    Damnit I wish people trolled my streams...but I don't stream ;3;

  • ReviloWedj

    Think that 2nd dude was freaking out cos he'd have to move out of his parents' garage? XD

  • Aguvika

    So this guy just blew his college tuition on twitch lol

  • Ferry Ansony

    the girl on the first clip is smokin hot

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    im happy for the guy who was in the garage streaming 😀

  • ps3dubbs

    Don't pay.. Go to court.. File for bankruptcy. Job done.

  • Dam, Maggie May

    Those who actually deserve it are those who serve you your food in restaurants and hardly ever see 20% let alone a crazy tip like that. Who have to tip out their bartenders, hostesses and bussers out with what they make at the end of their 12 hour shift in which they never had a chance to break for a quick bite to eat. Then go home walking like an old lady because their feet hurt so bad.

  • Edward Polo

    I wonder how quick he was abandoned by his parents

  • Remember me_im_shady

    why people donate is beyond me but that's what happens when u let 16 and under year old kids access to the Internet and a credit card 😂😂

  • Comment

    PayPal Refuses to Refund $50,000 to Twitch Donation TrollDonations were made in smaller segments over the course of a couple of days.SHARETWEETLeif JohnsonLeif JohnsonJun 8 2016, 6:00amTwitch streamer Lea "LegendaryLea" May is no stranger to PayPal donations for her streams of popular video games, but even she had to pause last January when someone named iNexus_Ninja donated $250 during a Hearthstone session. And then $250 more."What in the dickens are you doing to me?" she said as iNexus_Ninja's donations reached $750. Soon the donations had soared to $11,500, by which point Lea had abandoned all pretense of playing and was dancing across her room.Lea looked ecstatic, and justifiably so. Sums like these could erase huge chunks of student debt or lead to lifestyle upgrades. iNexus_Ninja did the same to other streamers like NoSleepTV, Sodapoppin, and Dizzykitten, ultimately handing out around $50,000. But as LiveStreamFails points out in a recent YouTube video, he was just a troll of the basest variety. He planned to wait a month and cancel the transactions through PayPal, by which time the streamers would have spent some of the cash. Yet sometimes in this rough world of ours, such dirty deeds get properly punished. PayPal, you see, refused to pay it back.iNexus_Ninja, as it turns out, is an 18-year-old kid from Australia named Anthony Archer. A now-deleted tweet discovered by Reddit users months ago reportedly suggested he used his parents' credit card to pay for the shenanigans, and the card apparently carried that kind of load just fine.This isn't the first time many of these same Twitch streamers have received huge chunks of cash through their shows. As The Daily Dot pointed out a couple of years ago, in 2013 a mysterious user named "Amhai" started showering streamers who were mainly playing World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria expansion with massive piles of cash. Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris received $50,000--here's one big donation--and Lea May received $22,000. Still another player, Isaac "Azael" Cummings-Bentley, received $33,000 for bouncing around Azeroth.Nothing much was ever learned about Amhai, although rumors based on little more besides the name and videos like thissuggested he was an oil tycoon from Dubai or some similar Middle Eastern city. Cummings-Bentley grew to know him the best, and said none of that was true."I don't think he really wants anything said about him," he said at the time. "He is just a very, very wealthy individual."And so, apparently, are Anthony Archer's parents. But they're apparently not so happy about Archer's actions, judging from his current status on Twitch:Ah, well. For anyone worried about what that entails, that hasn't stopped him from giving out free game codes. He'll be fine. Must be nice to be rich.I reached out to Archer for a statement, but received no response.Update: Friday, June 10: Archer now claims that PayPal froze his account for donating too much. He has so far declined our request to comment on the record, but we are happy to update this story with a statement if and when he provides it.

  • Killshot

    I will tell you from his point of view Nexus Ninja he has written on twich tv what he has to say 1. I am iNexus_Ninja and ever since media started destroying that name I decided to swap accounts to ChubaPapa21.2. Some part to the 50k refund is true, that I already did admit to. I attempted to chargeback sodapoppin after finding out he was rich/wealthy in that way. Please note, completed/confirmed donations cannot be refunded therefore Paypal did not refund the 10k I donated to Sodapoppin. All other streamers I donated to, openly admitted I did not chargeback their streams and nor did I attempt to (otherwise they would've got the notification from Paypal like Soda), including Sodapoppin's own girlfriend, which the media claims I did. I do deserve hate from Sodapoppin's side, but not all the media bullshit stories.his real twich id new named

  • REALwoombath

    I would prefer him burning the money than giving it to Lea.

  • Derpityderpinsderpity

    If my son did this I would disown him and throw him in the jungle...

  • Handbag

    And you never put the safety oon!

  • Poseidon

    I used to do that for pornhublive models

  • Kermit The Plug

    Some say he's been saving up since he was just a little boy.

  • NeoDream

    The dude is streaming in is garage ;-;

  • Savix

    damn nexus_ninja come to my stream

  • Aaron

    I hope to God they get to keep it all.

  • Ham On Wed

    I dont why viewers idolize streamers , they're just everyday people.

  • Oly1y

    good job kid. you just played yourself.

  • trippinhotcakes

    if I had a kid donate 50000 to twitch players (and I'm pretty sure it was his parents money ...) his ass would be up for adoption

  • Matador, The Shitposter

    Wonder how sore that kid's ass is right now. :p

  • Nathan Beck

    I'm so glad that 2nd lady didn't lose that moneyXD

  • HermitHarry15

    Umm. Question, what is the anime clip that shows up when he donates in the first steamer clip? I need it for...... research. (jk it just looks really familiar)

  • iGame Daily

    I picked a bad day to not stream -_-

  • moondust

    my parents would skin me alive.

  • Sakuren

    Get $3,250First Reaction: "That's like McDonlads for a year...!"Genius Logic

  • biggustavo30

    i think this guy ninja nexus try clean up money

  • Nico Miguel

    Can't wait to see his/her parents' reactions

  • Clorox Beach

    Onetime a Troll tried to do this and donated 2,500$ To me and gladly I have had this happen before and immediately transferred the money to my duplicate PayPal.

  • Al-Bader Bu-Hamad

    Yall saying twitch streamers deserve money BECAUSE it's a job. Well you're wrong, because siting on a chair doing nothing benefiting is not a job. We won't have anything new in decades if all of us took this "job" as an actual job.

  • Awhitson 123

    Does he not understand what PayPal is

  • virgule888

    My Mom taught me to never question our blessings.

  • :u

    14 year old parents go bankrupt in seconds. 2016 everybody

  • Johny Tan

    the last girl streamer looks kind and cute

  • Luukebaas

    His parents must've given him an absolute gobbing after they found out

  • tux9656

    If someone trolled me in this way, I'd serve the troll a complaint and probably win on a default judgement after the troll doesn't respond.

  • Shaba Laba Ding Dong

    But the question is how’d he get 50k?

  • NW3D

    Didn't see him trying to take it back.

  • InceptionToilet

    why did she say 2 dollars and 50 cents?

  • Nunya Buizness

    This comes off as Paypal making an example to discourage this behavior. I don't know what his parent's financial situation is but $50,000 plus interest is going to be life altering.

  • Stu Gatsby

    How do any of them think they actually deserve that money?

  • Dtrollmancan

    And why do you give them money in the first place? fraking parasites

  • ᴊᴀᴄᴋɪᴇ ɢᴏɴᴢᴀʟᴇᴢ

    so what a troll lost his money

  • Onion Rings

    He seriously deserves it, getting people excited and then taking it back, glad paypal is taking a stand against them.

  • NordBroz

    Nexus -lel

  • SushiB24

    I subbed cuz I like watching these vids

  • shishtar shooketh

    He could’ve went to college with that money lol

  • Bas van de Kleut

    What an idiot. If you wait a month before you decide to try to get your money back you deserve to lose it.

  • Jesmagi

    If you go to his twitch channel the description says "in my moms basement getting whipped, thanks youtube" damn

  • axelvbenthem_

    8:00 if you eat 3000 dollers worth of mcdonalds each year, your probably or american or crazy.

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