Why Bethesda Won't Release Elder Scrolls 6

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No matter how much you might want it, Bethesda doesn't need The Elder Scrolls 6. Not yet, anyway. After all, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still one of the biggest and most popular games on the market, and Bethesda has a lot of other games to keep them busy. While The Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitable, it's also a long, long way off. Here's why...

Haste makes waste | 0:22
Branching out | 1:08
Finishing Fallout 4 | 1:35
Skyrim is still hot | 2:29
Old tech | 3:18
Big publishers | 3:59
It'll come eventually | 4:45

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  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    Well, they just teased us with a short TES6 footage....

  • Rex Orbis

    Lol this video is pretty irrelevant now.

  • Cagney Carnation

    Watches this after Elder Scrolls 6 was just teased

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    They Just Released Elder Scrolls 6

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    Well, this is awkward.

  • Austin łBrave Boył

    This is all disproven just today

  • troynov1965

    How is this theory working out for you now?

  • ItsConfusion

    2017: "there won't be an elder scrolls for a long time"2018: fallout 76 trailer drops and Elder scrolls 6 gets confirmed at E3

  • bombshelboy

    so are you feeling dumb today?

  • Ruun

    biiiiiiiitch how does it feel you were WRONG!!!!

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    OHHH how wrong you are now

  • Chimpey

    shrug they just announced its existence

  • Camelworks

    Cuz they haven't started making it yet?.. That's a very important first step before releasing a game.

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  • Deadeye Duncan

    Six expansion packs is a bit misleading don't you think? It's more like 2 expansion packs and 4 horse armor dlcs

  • SGRKing

    Just announced it...lol...

  • gage

    this video didn’t age well

  • ELM &

    lol looks like this stupid channel was wrong [not surprised]

  • Mr Nocturnis

    Title is why they won't release ES6. Video ends with they'll release it eventually...

  • Jonan4tor

    So everyone's saying this videos wrong and "irrelevant". Yeah its been confirmed that they've been working on it, so idk why she said they havent been working on it, however, she is right on everything else. 1. Bethesda said elder scrolls is low on their list, but not bottom, because of numerous projects(such as starfield, fallout 76, doom, etc, as well as support for current games)2. Bethesda milks skyrim.....alot...this is nothing new. And they're gonna milk it for awhile, we all know this. So...?3. The old tech is something todd specifically mentioned, and is a legitimate reason. They have ALOT they want to do for it, so the tech is gonna take awhileConclusion, we know it's coming, everyone knows it coming, they put out a TEASER, they said it isnt coming for a long long time. And like she said, we basically wont know when it releases until it is released, like fallout 76. Todd Howard put out the teaser as a "yeah I'm working on it, leave me alone u peasants, making games this holy takes awhile"

  • MλrThReSS

    Hahhhhaaaa they just teased Elder scrolls VÍ 💕💕💕💕

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    Lol they just released the trailer

  • BatTurtle

    This video just took a major L#E32018

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  • Martian Melon

    Also aren't the two secret games literally Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls 6

  • Austin

    Bethesda just handed this video the biggest L of 2018

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    They just said that they're releasing it! Suck it.

  • kano b

    I bought this game 3 fuckin times. That's how good skyrim is

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    Well they just teased it at E3........

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    Well you're wrong lmfao the new trailer is out!!!!

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    Lmao they just released ES 6 teaser trailer...

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    The elder scrolls 6 was just announced sucka!!!

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    lol they just announced Elder Scrolls 6

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    And that's where you are wrong ...

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    Well well well guess what teaser just dropped!

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    Came here just to see all the comments about how you’re wrong now that it’s revealed.

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    Well who ever chose this topic for you must feel foolish

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    The only one true Lord and mighty Todd Howard says otherwise!

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    Um lire it’s 2018 and they’ve just announced it this year so

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    Lol take the L, Elder Scrolls 6 announces yesterday

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    Dislike. Elder scroll 6 just dropped their first teaser. Lol

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    lol funny how they just announced it today.

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    hey guess what just got announced

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    So... How about that ES6 trailer now?

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    Lol, it was announced yesterday day

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