Skyrim : Mage Assassin Build Class : Nightblade

Welcome to the Dream Strider Build Guide, this is a unique build that encouraged a different style of play.

Magika / Health / Stamina investment depend on if you use close combat or spells more. I suggest a ratio of 3:2:1/0.5.

Fast Leveling Guide for all your Skills:

Armor Section

Best Mage Armor in the game:

Morokei’s Mask:

Miraak's Robes: Dragonborn DLC Questline (Loot from Miraak’s corps)

Illusion robes: Brought from a court mage

Vampire Armor: Found in the Dawnguard DLC Found on a shelf next to a coffin in Castle Volkihar Ruins during the quest Chasing Echoes.

Light Armor (Gauntlets etc):

Weapons Section

Daedric Daggers:

Skull of Corruption:

Spell Section: (Note that most spells effect different levels of enemy’s, so check the shops after eatch mile stone (25,50,70,90) for a new more powerful version of said spell (eg Fury – Frenzy)

Fear: Brought from most court mages.
Frenzy: Drevis Neloren in the College of Winterhold (Level 50 Illusion) low level version “Fury” can be brought off most court mages.
Frenzy Rune: Bought from Talvas Fathryon in Tel Mithryn.
Calm: Brought from most court mages.
Detect Life (see enemies around you):

Shout Section

Marked for Death:

Dismay: Shalidor's Maze, Lost Tongue Overlook, Dead Crone Rock

Aura Whisper: Volunruud, Northwind Summit

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  • mortusdominus

    This sort of build is always one of the funnest. Until a dragon sits up on a roof breathing fire at you and you have a knife and a bunch of crap that won't affect it. Don't forget ranged damage.

  • Raveena of Punjab

    I think you should put the role playing story at the end of the video instead of the beginning. That way people who are interested can simply keep watching and those who are not dont have to skip around looking for when the actual build information starts.

  • ThereMayBeLions

    Dreamstrider? Namira? Don't you mean Vaermina?

  • Xonde

    I made a character quite similar to this, she was high elf, but had different motives.BACKSTORYStarting off as a thalmor, she was trained to be the best among their ranks and eventually live up to the expectations of her father (who was a high elf noble). She failed to live up to the expectations and her sister was now going to be the "flagship" child of her family as she was considered a failure. During a confrontation between her and her sister, she mortally wounds her sister and is forced to flee because of it, but not before over-hearing the insults from her own parents and everyone she ever knew, building up her hate for the thalmor and distrust for everyone else. After she fled, she encounters an orc adventurer who was kicked from his own tribe, being an outsider she understands his pain, when they part ways he offers he an orc war axe and dagger to remember him by and he suggests she heads to skyrim as they have the college of winterhold there and she could further improve her illusion skills there, but unfortunately gets caught in the middle of an imperial ambush, and the rest of the story.CHARACTERISTICS.Trusts no one, therefore tends not to help other out of pure good will.Only seeks her own gain, gold drives her to do missions and not much else.Shady, so will limit interaction with people.No religious drive, will not do things out of respect for a god or divine or daedra..Seeks power over all, she still wants to be the best, not for anyone but for herself, so will do missions that grant her truly powerful and useful gear not matter the stakeholder of the mission (Daedra, Aedra e.t.c). Also causes her to use illusion magic.Though she is shady, she dislikes evil from others but does not mind doing evil for her personal gain..No political interest, will not help imperials or stromcloaks.Will tend to use orcish weapons at first and then move on to better equipement later GROUPS AND GUILDS.Theives guild, love of money.College of wintehold, improve magic skills.Dark brotherhood, they are shady, and filled with different types of misfits from different races (maybe, though she is not a huge fan of sithis or the night mother).Dawngaurd, hate of evil from others (maybe, she is not a huge fan of stendarr either)SKILLSSneakIllusion(a bit of) ArcheryOne handedLight Armour (British guy here)(a bit of) Destruction(a nice bit of) AlterationNOTEShe has a bit of a character arch, starting off as an innocent-ish but shady person, but slowly turning into a power hungry manipulator, this causes to depend heavily on stealth and daggers if she has the option to sneak at first, and will use illusion spells to help her retreat if detected, but she slowly turns into an arrogant illusion master that not so heavily depends on daggers anymore and does not mind being detected, because she can now take her enemies head on, forcing them to kill each other and finishing off the last person standing.

  • King J-rin

    Also once you get Auriel's you can put out the sun, that's pretty nightmarish

  • Devin Ridenour

    For gauntlets and boots, I personally recommend using the shrouded boots and gloves of the dark brotherhood. That gives you muffled movement and double sneak attack damage with one handed weapons. If you level your sneak skill enough and have the shrouded gauntlets on, sneak attacks with daggers do 30 times the normal damage

  • Brown Boy

    Will you make more builds, I really liked this build and the archer build

  • Nathan Kingham

    I use this build and it is so OP. I screw around with everyone because I can.

  • Lord_Adsel 101

    Changed somethings Vokun maskRoyal vamp armor (optional)Alteration and illusion Use paralyze spells and armor spells Blade of woe Use the best light boots and gauntlets u can find

  • Tom H

    Doing this build now on Skyrim: SE

  • JagOFate

    I got my one handed up to level 100 today, so happy

  • Steven Acorn

    Dishonored 3 confirmed

  • Elijah Zachary

    ESO I'm a big fan of your builds,I was wondering if you could make a battle mage

  • SilverWolf 16

    in usually an archer but this looks cool, I think ill start up a save with this

  • Brandin Ricardo

    Use to watch these all the time when I had skyrim can't wait for remastered to start using some of these builds again

  • XQW

    Looks like I could be using this in October

  • Marin Hrabrić

    when i realized u sometimes use guild wars 2 stuff for thumbnails i started to love u even more (no homo). on this thubnail it's grenth and on another one is the norn with their cultural armor. so badass

  • Annette McLain

    I love these class builds. Really neat and I can tell you put a lot of thought into them. Keep up the good work.

  • Luce Laska

    This is always my play style, it just fits me best. It's so nice getting a well-thought through second opinion on it, thank you :3

  • NoNickname

    Gamebraking? .. So it's not a game break when you get the Ancient Shrouded Armor without starting DB?

  • Stephen

    Id use conjuration with this too. MAKE THEM FIGHT EACHOTHER FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!

  • slickboi 76

    My freind: mage/assassin is uslessMe: uses invisibility and mufflesneaks up behind themslits their throatMe: SAY IT AGAIN

  • Comitalscar1110

    I prefer running into a bandit camp while throwing Frenzy spells all over the place then joining in the chaos with a two handed battle axe

  • Caden Ross

    I was gonna do a sort of this but focused around nightingale what did y put ur attribute points into?

  • dorgesh

    This should be quick to do. Illusion is so easy to level up if you spam the spell muffle.

  • Fusion

    this is mostly what most of my characters start off trying to be, but I always end up getting impatient and training destruction. Either way, I like the physically weak but intelligent devious role play.

  • Jonathan S

    I'm playing on Legendery difficulty and I vombined it with the assassin illusionist build. It's so fun to play and got damn good in every situation.Dragons? CrossbowHords of anemys? FrencyStrong anemys? Sneakoneahot💪

  • Corrupted Wheatley

    This is the best skyrim channel i know

  • Doctor Russia

    When he started mentioning the stones I thought he would say "you find the location of the stone down in the description"

  • victor bruun

    Real wizards always have 100 mana and -100% casting costs :D So you'll need enchantment which is bloody expensive to learn so better pick up alchemy for earning money. Oh and with -100% destruction your weapons wont wear out.

  • FearMy3Inch

    what would be the best race for this classwithout attualy doing the RP Class

  • I am Nobody

    Encountering dragons be like."Damn son..."Runs off to nearest city

  • Tem797

    Haha, exactly my favorite playing style!I played as a cunning master vampire working for the dark brotherhood.I just loved it when I saw the loving brides going rampage and getting killed by their loved ones, hilarious!Another time, I waited until I was a vampire on the last level, so everybody attacked me.In the chaos I killed my target without any bounty at all! (I am a vampire, not an imperial, why charge me if you can get me killed, ha)Another difference is, quiet casting+stealth+ FIREBALLSThen dawnguard came.... Fuck you dawnguard.

  • Jaloi

    I'm Level 30 into this build and the only thing I wish he would've showed is more outfit choices.

  • Toe Nail

    I love the thumbnails.

  • Jakub Degarda

    I love that store before introduxing the build. Its awesome. Your great ESO!

  • Skyrim Fan For Life

    Just subscribed and saw this vid and I am extremely impressed with this. Please continue to make more builds when you have time. Keep up the good work.


    Nice build, I'm loving the gameplay with it, Its one of my favorite ;)

  • One Shot Man

    complete the theif's guild missions, U'll have a nice invis ability

  • Kuro Neko

    I actually use this build the most, somewhat. XDI use dark brotherhood boots/gloves and a lot of invisibility, sucks with fighting dragons though.

  • jim jarvis

    Thanks for all the armor combinations and builds since I play Skyrim. I also enjoy twisting another one's mind for my own biding.

  • Seb0rn

    I used this build years ago for my Dark Brotherhood character but with a male Altmer. I think it's the coolest way to kill a target by making guards or other bystanders kill it. The challenge is to remain completely unseen or the attack will be imputed to you after all.

  • AJTheWizard

    Ah! This was so many silt-strider droppings. If it's a build you're going for, keep you goddamm headcanon story outta it, yadig?

  • mark Ana

    Hi can You make a exclusive two handed warrior build if possible thanks man. great the back stories!

  • Philschwifty

    I have to say this is probably my favorite build you made so far

  • Gavin Fowler

    Dear ESO, do you have plans to make an Argonian build in the future? Best Wishes, KuulGaaf (Ghost Son)

  • Filthy Wallaby

    Totally starting a new character like this. Great job bro!

  • Adam Coelho

    I wish the armour on the thumb nail was in the game

  • CyberWize

    Great build and video... but you need to work on your editing - the single frames (or two) of audio where you cut between different takes (and end up repeating syllables) is very noticeable. This is very easy to fix in a program like Adobe Premiere - just keep shaving off a frame or two at a time until you get a perfect transition.

  • sw33tsp0t

    thx man. this really helped me out

  • Donald Chump

    Awesome build! Made a new character for this, got my illusion skill up fast (by spamming muffle), and recently acquired the invisibility spell (against your recommendation). So far I am really enjoying the build. Just one thing, what do you do about dragons? Illusion and daggers won't get you very far when facing a dragon. And if you want to do the main quest line, that might be a bit of an issue ...

  • Akira Ichikawa

    Are you the guy who narrates SexualLobster?

  • Taroen M

    where do you get your thumbnail arts xD I wanna make those as my wallpaper

  • Michael Shinners

    This is an awesome build. I'm trying it now. thanks so much for showing us.

  • Prime Commander Cypher Raige

    I can't find the frenzy rune spell. Is it unique?

  • 67 Ethan towns

    What was that silver eager he used

  • chris c

    This is not a practical build, it's fashion nonsense.Here's what you can do against dragons, constructs and draugrs with your illusions, especially low level:

  • Jake Chybowski

    this build id everything im not......challamge accepted

  • Flip de Kok

    I love your awesome builds, man! Can't wait to play in October. Keep these video's coming!

  • Chaotic Dream

    the perk ordinator works perfectly with this build i know its not supposed to be modded but just a thought 😊

  • Niccolò De Luca

    This become my class!I loved it but now i created my own class, but it's similar at the Nightblade/DreamStride.

  • CivilizedBear

    Sweet! a freddy krueger build!

  • Mike Nie

    I remember my first character was kind of a nightblade, instead I would focus on an assassin capable of conjuring their own weapons. Its actually a quite weak build when compared to the best weapons plus the ability to enchant and upgrade them, but It was a hell lot of fun. Illusion+Sneak+Conjuration+Archery was the focus. I did with a nord because it was my first character but the best would be a Dark Elf I believe.

  • caboose22320

    0:58 No. You are forcing me to build this in this specific way and now I will throw a bigoted fit.

  • Joh Bee

    Love this build. It's how I came up with few of my own shadowy builds. Thanks eso.

  • Jason Tian

    wouldn't the nightingale armor be better for this build?

  • Just Johnny

    These builds are nice. I really wish Bethesda had kept in classes.

  • Jacobo Murry

    You should make more videos on unique builds this ones great but we need more!

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