Skyrim Special Edition Top 10 EPIC Armor Mods

Skyrim Special Edition Top 10 EPIC Armour mods. Skyrim Special Edition Top ten awesome armor mods. The mod review looks at the top 10 best armors in Skyrim remastered. Most of these armors are meant for male character builds. This video does a review of the top 10 xbox one, and PC insane armor mods for Skyrim Remastered.

It includes gameplay from Skyrim Special. As well as a review of each cool mod by a funny narrator. All the mods that are listed in this weekly review were chosen because of their great quality, or the that they are available on xbox 1. Some are insanely unique while others are great quality and fun to use.

All these great mods are listed below with a link to their nexus download. If you are playing on the xbox one and want to acquire the mods that are available, then you have to log into and link up your profile, with your xbox gamertag. This mod review is just one perspective and is not considered to be fully inclusive or exhaustive. There are a ton of great mods that can be found on the Nexus, and on which we encourage you to check out.

There are NO PLAYSTATION 4 mods in this mod review as Sony doesn’t allow external assets in their version of Skyrim Special edtion. As all these armor mods use external assets they are not compatible with the PS4.

If you enjoy a mod, please endorse the mod author to show your support.
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All Skyrim Modifications listed Below:

Nether mage armor :

Talos Housecarl Armor Pack :

Volkihar Knight Vampire Armor :

Armour of Yngol :

Perfect Legionnaire Imperial Armor Reforged 6-0 :

Hunting Grounds Outfit :

Heretic Armor :

BDO Bern Armor :

BDO Shudad Armor :

Soul Eater Armor :

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    Jesus...watching you 20 minutes, as you talk about new Skyrim armor sets, is freakin more fun than 20 hours of Mr. Bean ...You are a great comedian!

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