Mirror's Edge by SasukeAnimator in 39:31 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 - Part 112 [1440p]

This is a speedrun of Mirror's Edge by SasukeAnimator from Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. The run starts at 12:06.

AGDQ2016 raised over $1,200,000 for Prevent Cancer Foundation, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  • Sertorias kane

    Pff no one can beat me at slowrunning this game

  • Syd's Room

    A masterclass in how these should be done. Great explanations and and no talking over each other. Well behaved crowd too.

  • car keys

    the only true "speed" "run" game.

  • xepheratu

    I like the guy explaining everything that's happening. He lets the guy focus on playing and he does a pretty good job explaining. And that boat joke was funny as hell, screw everyone who didn't laugh, I love those kinds of jokes.

  • Mew

    This audience is the worst I've seen in ages. However the runner and commentator were great.

  • Hundreth

    But is it G L I T C H L E S S

  • Thorinbur

    Such a nice gesture by DICE to donate 1k USD.

  • Jamie Hughes

    Used to think I was okay at the game :)

  • Carl Bernroth

    This game is so pretty.

  • mitch-bittens

    43:24 you can almost hear people collectively rolling their eyes in the background

  • 1000 Angry Bees in a Trash Can

    Who else remembers the original speedrun on this game? OvenDonkey for life.

  • OneTrueBelmont

    The character in the game must have knees of steel.

  • Nestemäisten Maailmojen Uneksia

    lol i spend like month o this game and this dude spends 39mins

  • Tyler Schafer

    beautiful run man. Very few mistakes but easily overlookable with those sick kick glitches

  • Andrei Taifun

    Take a shot everytime he says kick-glitch

  • SnowEdwin

    Okay, honestly, Catalyst looks meh, but the fact that the dev team donated 1000$ to this is pretty swag.

  • Memoriam Melancholia

    I've never seen that couch so empty before.

  • Paul Sack

    Speedrunner sounds like Stephen Hawking's voice machine.

  • Phonyk

    Catalyst won't have so many crazy time savers. It only came out yesterday but the way they changed some of the movement and the nature of the open world might kinda kill the potential speed running in it. I might be wrong though, the first time I played the original game I would've had no idea all this was possible. I hope the speedrun community respond well to Catalyst though, I look forward to it

  • MINI

    Denmark represent in red and white!#RødGrødMedFløde

  • jumpstartr

    Man that low FOV is somethin' fierce

  • Bobbity McBoberson Bobzington Bobbins Baabu

    1:03:56 That happens because there is no texture for some things that you are not supposed to see, so it takes the texture of every object that is close to it

  • stumpyrook

    56:59 incase any of you missed the hilarious ending :D

  • Necromorph_801

    Sniper rat?Jojo part 4 was predicted.

  • m___ sealo

    It always seems like in speed runs the runs where at the beginning of the run the runner is messing up those are the runs that break records while the ones that go smoothly all clips work it's time is the est or a lil above

  • no oi

    when she says her parent's aren't home

  • Get Something

    2017 and im still watching this!

  • Pompo

    Still my favorite speedrun in gdq history!

  • akldjlas asfag

    "Essentially" - ThaRixer 2016

  • Raaampage

    I didn't understand shit but that was an impressive run well done !

  • spezi1337

    that was the best speedrun I ever saw

  • rajo313

    Love this game!! The first game I ever beat on Hard Difficulty, and no firearms. Though it took a whole day. This guy is awesome! Great job!

  • boomko12

    So the Kick Glitch is technically an OP double jump?

  • Violet White

    DAT was fking awesome!

  • TwinBorn

    I am trying to learn how to speedrun this game I know how hard this is. I appreciate how good you guys are at this

  • Maga Deth

    This essentially was a really good run

  • Nicolas Van Kempen

    Soooo, is this a "glitchless" run? Kappa

  • sonyviva308

    What the hell the 3rd person part.. XD

  • iitsLucky

    "comming up is a hard glitch to master. the kick glitch" i did it on a xbox controller i didnt win anything :(

  • Korgus Lord

    its clickbait i wanted a 16 second run

  • Bobbity McBoberson Bobzington Bobbins Baabu

    I am new, could someone explaion to me what that kill/save the animals thing is about?

  • Janina Blossom

    Me: Wow I kept up my momentum for a long time now, I might speedrun it.Sazuke like: Nah gal

  • Korgus Lord

    Challenge, kickglitch, sounds easy but do it on xbox

  • Mirikajikaari

    Wow, I didn't knew Yung Lean was into speedrunning

  • breseman

    "crane thingy" a very technical speedrunning term I'm sure

  • Gulag

    Take a shot every time the commentator says 'essentially'

  • Ruslan Khisamov

    lucio (overwatch) mode =)

  • pigeon

    13:50They didn't Mirror the Edge glitch

  • Eoin

    Atrium is the best level in the game.

  • DSZ arts

    Those guys with pink hair

  • U_U

    Can someone please explain why everyone keeps saying "let's kill the animals/save the animals"?

  • KabutoRyu

    1st i'm already feel dizzy watching this2nd he talking about glitch bla bla bla i'm already confused3rd well still fun to watch + dizzy effect

  • Fuzblez

    Pf I'm better at dying than you

  • Poshu Ng

    This game looks INCREDIBLY stressful

  • Trygve Plaustrum

    I watched this at 2 speed, lol.

  • Facehunter2003

    at 35:00 minutes in the run or ( 47:14 ) why didn't you do the Easter egg Kappa

  • Merlin Cast

    SasukeAnimator sounds exactly like Microsoft Sam.

  • Kirbykirby 74

    1:04:10 it could be because they don't clear the window before drawing again, so it keeps all of the last frame unless it's overwritten. Just speculation, I always clear my windows <3

  • RDR911

    Hopefully next time Mirror's Edge is at a GDQ the crowd's a bit bigger, this run was amazing!

  • bologna dogfart

    I was laughing so hard at the third person mode XD

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