Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew

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Immerse yourself in a story of Skyrim legend, the tale of the Dragonborn! Understand this thu'um master's story, where he came from and how he became the god-slayer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of the Dragonborn, The Story You Never Knew.

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Dragonborn (Skyrim): The Story You Never Knew | Treesicle

  • arkayneshad0w

    Noobs: "Can't wait for Skyrim 2."

  • Mythix the Dragon

    When you already knew the lore before watching this.

  • Kyoto Makoto Info-Chan right arm

    kill a dragon saying " FUA RO DAH"absorbs the dragon soullook at your right and see a guard"got to thinking maybe l am the dragonborn and l just dont know it yet"

  • Emily III

    Can we just take a minute to think about just how fucking clever Bethesta is like it is actually amazing

  • XXVAngel

    You say its the story we never knew...... But what will happen if I watch this 2 times?

  • MickMaan

    I know exactly how Alduin felt when the Nords used Dragonrend on him.Go to a Chinese restaurant and ask for some salt on your rice. The angry Chinese chef screaming at you while holding, what can only be described as, a machete covered in chicken blood will give you a pretty clear picture of what Dragonrend does to dragons.

  • schnoz

    Just a few things I'd like to "correct." This video was awesome, otherwise You talked about how the Imperials are puppets to the Thalmor, but that's actually false. It is revealed through a Thalmor Dossier that the Stormcloaks a puppets created by a brainwashed Ulfric Stormcloak in order to weaken the Empire.The Septim Dynasty members and the Dovahkiin are not the same Type of Dragonborn, per se. The Septims share Dragon blood only as an inheritance from their TRUE Dragonborn ancestor, Tiber Septim (Talos). Tiber Septim, still, did not kill any dragons because they had died off long ago. The Dovahkiin has not only POTENT Dragon blood, but also the SOUL of a dragon. This allows him the special powers that the average Septim would not have. (Easily learning Dovahzul, Absorbing dragon souls, etc.)The Voice and the learning of Dovahzul is no simple task. Learning the even simplest of Words takes constant practice and meditation that the Graybeards have been doing their whole life. Even learning one shout could take months, if not years of practice and meditation.Overall, I loved this video. Just a few things I wanted to point out.

  • Tio Vegeta


  • Mad Dog MacGregor

    My god there are a lot of things wrong.... Fellow lore masters would agree

  • NecroLord

    Don't forget the fact that by absorbing the dragon souls you prevent the dragons from getting reincarnated as told by the blades.

  • Gepdox XVI

    Calling the empire Thalmor puppets makes you sound biased. Yes, they're more or less under the Thalmor's control, but only because they lost in a war.The Stormcloaks on the other hand are the Thalmor's puppets but don't even know it. In the game, you find a dossier on Ulfric saying that the Thalmor had Ulfric in captivity at some point, released him, but made it seem like he escaped himself. They planned on him starting the war to weaken the Empire.

  • InMaTeofDeath

    Pretty sure I have well over 200 hours in skyrim and I've never completed the main quest. Guess I'll have another chance when I start a new adventure this October.

  • - Conspiracal -

    the story you never knew. the story I already know

  • John Smith

    The dragon born is a targaryen

  • Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus

    I love Dovahzul... :# It's the most beautiful language ever made for a fictional story in my opinion.

  • Brian Sanders

    So the Dragonborn in Skyrim is a demigod? That's always been my theory.

  • Ethan Pendarvis

    Dov-Ah-Kiin is how it's supposed to be pronounced. Dov: Dragon. Ah: Hunter. Kiin: Born.

  • Ryan Lamont

    Loved this episode! Skyrim is one of my favourite games

  • SMN4

    parthernax is voiced by mario

  • abir ishtiaque

    So is this video for people who didnt play the game?

  • knut Kragballe

    Well you just told us the main story...

  • LiveLoveLift92

    still a better love story than twilight

  • Dr Mobius

    Imperials didn't lose to the Aldmeri Dominion, they signed a peace treaty, the Emperor wanted to stop the war to try to rebuild after so many years of blood shed and distrust between man and mer. This is why the Nords and Red Guards are so pissed with the Imperials, Red Guards still fight the Aldmeri Dominion throughout their borders and are actually showing promise in victory while the Nords have a long history of war with the elves. The folks behind this video need to refresh their understanding of the war, the Stormcloaks claim the Imperials are puppets of the Thalmor but that's not true. Of course the Thalmor are not to be trusted.

  • DiE-lan

    Sheesh, all this about the Civil War and the Great War got me thinking... Is there a tamrielic equivalent to Switzerland? A country which doesn't really lean either to one side or the other?

  • blaze heart

    its actually 6,999.5 steps

  • David Eckert

    Says it right in the video: The Imperials are a puppet of the Thalmor. SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS! ALL HAIL HIGH KING ULFRIC!

  • Jonathan Åkesson

    So your saying that the Dragonborn is OP whilst it still took me 6 in-game hours to kill the ebony warrior?

  • sadlobster1

    Whenever I play a nord (either male or female;) the Stormcloaks have my trust.With races like Orc, Wood Elf or Kahjitt. I either still join the Stormcloaks or neither them or the Imperials.Like I'm gonna join an empire that forbade freedom of Talos worship and showed a sign of cowardice against the Thalmor.Martin would be ashamed of them

  • Marius Rinkevicius

    2 mins in the video,and i thought "ulfric cant devour the souls of the dragons he slays"

  • Wujeeta

    What I like about Skyrim's Thu'um is not something only Dovahkiin can do.

  • DarynBlackout132

    Am I the only one who gets SERIOUS chills when watching skyrim cinematics with the chanting in the background?

  • snag710

    thanks for telling me everything I all ready know from spending time to actually play the game. This video sucks try again and this time tell me something I didn't know

  • aaa aaa

    Did anyone join the Stormcloaks? Just me? Awe :c

  • pillows2400

    Ulfric isn't dragonborn though. ._.

  • Guy Broman

    Talos didn't exactly take over Argonia. He just started building cities around the border because it is too dangerous to actually conquer, because of the disease and inhabitability for non-Saxhleel. The Saxhleel also didn't have a fondness for humans as they were being attacked by pirates, so they didn't treat Talos and his soldiers well because of their previous encounters with Humans.

  • JoeCombustible

    Whenever I mention the elder scrolls around my friends, they think I'm talking about Skyrim. -_-

  • Super Skrub

    Dovahkiin the cat that punched a dragon to death

  • DeciNarx N/A

    tell the story of those people who named their kid dovahkiin

  • Ben Noort

    Nothing in here i didnt know. Except for the imperials being the puppets of the thalmor. Since i read a book called "Thalmor dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak". In that book it says that they let ulfric escape his prison. Because they wanted him to wreak havok against the imperials. So that the Thalmor didn't have to do it. Therefor Ulfric Stormcloak is/was the greatest puppet of the Thalmor. 

  • Kyrst O'Keefe

    0:04 *Dragon soul. You're (the player) is a dragon soul in a human body. In order to have dragon's blood you'd have to actually be born a dragon. - _ -'

  • Nickster


  • Trevelyan

    Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin, wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal, ahrk norok paal graan, fod nust hon zind zaan, dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal

  • Gianfranco Bozzo

    Well, very accurate the info. but in oblivion every character or NPC refers to the septim bloodline as the ones who inheritaded the "blood of the dragon or Akatosh" himself and in proof of the owners of the dragon blood, Akatosh give to the humanity the Amulet of Kings, and only someone who is a descendant of the Septim bloodline or posses the blood of the dragon (Akatosh) is worthly to wear it and be the emperor, so besides of telling all this, the Dragonborn (the character you protagonize in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) has the dragon blood, that mean that he can wear the Amulet of Kings and in theory has the rightful to be the emperor of the Empire.Right?

  • Tony Arevalo

    You simplified the conflict between the Empire and the Stormcloaks way to much. It's more complicated than the banning of Talos. But I'm sure other commenters have already said this and explained why so Ill just be off.

  • Ricky Hsu

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defence?FUS ROH DAH!


    Plenty knew this. Here's something you probably didn't know though. I'm paraphrasing from some lore buff but here goes:"Ever noticed how the White Gold Tower is a tower in a giant wheel, or how the Elder Scrolls say 'When the wheel turns upon the last dragonborn'. Take these into account. Now think, who is turning the Wheel? Alduin. The World Eater, and a time aspect of Akatosh, god of time, the King.But Akatosh has a dual personality. His second personality is Lorkhan, the Rebel. He is basically fighting himself, that's why he tore out his own heart and killed himself. Lorkhan's avatar on the other hand is Talos. his place holder, giant oversoul which consists of many dragonborn/shezzarines like Tiber Septim; and the current incarnation...current shezzarine is Skyrim's main character...you." Remember who you fight? Alduin, avatar of Akatosh, who is the dual personality of Lorkhan, father to the Talos oversoul, and whose latest incarnation is you. You are fighting yourself because some god has schizophrenia and one personality wants to kill the other."

  • Patrick Revillle

    I beat all possible endings dlc includes

  • Muhammad Uddin

    Or you can do a truce between the imperials and stormcloaks

  • Dante Reece

    You can add to this theory with the Nerevarine. He's not dragonborn, but also follows the border concept by being a lesser form of immortality in which he does not age and cannot die from natural cause, but can be slain.

  • Silence Mangrum

    Between this video and the Legend of Zelda one you have officially earned me as a subscriber! This is now my second favorite You Tube show. Surpassed only by Game Theory.

  • Oph.08

    Ok guys soo stormcloaks or imperials?im stormcloaks

  • Big Sukie

    Ulfric did nothing wrong!


    i subbed just for the first few words that you said honestly the best way to start a video on Skyrim

  • Karuna Pyle Music

    Am I the only one who likes almost everything about Oblivion a lot more than Skyrim

  • Sasoro Haruno

    Seven points to ponder:1. Why does everyone, and most Nords in Skyrim, assume all elves are Thalmor? The Thalmor are primarily High Elves, or Altimer. I have yet to see a single Wood Elf or Dark elf in the game that is in league with the Thalmor. Frankly, that's just racist to elves.2. Why was your character chosen to be the Dragonborn? It's unclear if you're of the Septim line especially if you're a Wood Elf like my character. It's also not specified of your characters qualifications. They could have been a noble that just happened to travel across the border and had no experience in battle. So why was your character chosen? Did Akatosh just look down on Helgen, see your character and said, "That's the person I want to be Dragonborn"?3. What will happen to Skyrim if your character chooses to stay out of the Civil War? Because frankly, I don't like either side. So I don't want to get involved with the Imperials and encourage the Thalmor presence. And I don't want Ulfric Stormcloak to be high King because he is a giant ass and a racist against all elves, and they don't deserve that.4. Why do the Thalmor come and attack you after the embassy Quest? Do they know you're looking for Esbern? If so what do they have against the Blades? The Blades have been disbanded for well over a few centuries. So why are the Thalmor after them?5. Why can't you become High king/Wueen or Emperor /Empress? Technically, all of the Emperors up to Martin Septim were all Dragonborn. And, in my opinion, if you stopped Alduin, that makes you the savior of Tamriel. Why then shouldn't you have the right to be high king or emperor?6. What happens when the Dovahkiin dies? And I don't mean in game. I mean after the end of their life, if that's even possible. Are they immortal like dragons or are they mortal like humans? If they can die like humans and have completed several test for the Daedric Princes, where do they go? I've read a theory that Akatosh has first dibs on you since you are his child, technically speaking(You have the soul of a dragon). But as I see it if Akatosh takes you into Sovengarde, won't that start a war on Earth with all the Daedric princes? Because I can assume they are going to be right royally pissed off.7. Do the Daedric princes know that you are Dragonborn? As far as I can tell, without the Dragonborn DLC, none of the other princes seem it to notice or mention the fact that you're Dragonborn. So if they do know, do they still think that they can claim you once you're dead?

  • Z3R0 ProDucTioNs

    "The Imperials think we need their laws. Pfft."

  • lil addy

    Who else noticed him say throne of the world

  • Zedi gan

    I like how you could have easily said "a power that very few posses" to make it sound epic and awesome but instead said "a power that several others posses" which makes it sound sort of cool but mostly mundane.

  • atticus chea

    Actually Dovahkiin is a combination of 3 words Doh meaning dragon ah meaning hunter kiin meaning born......dragon hunter born.....every dragon language got 3 words same with their name.

  • Grayfox gr

    doom and destiny the story you never knew.please. please

  • RoseTintedGlasses

    "at the super duper tipy top." my favorite part of the whole video

  • End My Suffering

    I wonder how the elder scrolls 6 will say the war ended and about the dragon born

  • MCPunk55

    I think you should've mentioned St. Alessia, the first Dragonborn, directly recieved her gift from Akatosh, not at birth but already as a grown woman, or that the Voice itself is a gift of Kyne, or Kinareth, the Godess of the Sky and the Hunt, who felt bad for mortals and allowed them to learn the Thu'um through Paarthunax. The ability to absorb a dragon's soul comes from Akatosh, which some people claim to be one of Alduin's names. If that were true, we would've killed a God, but Paarthunax cleary states that Alduin tried to usurp Akatosh. Maybe that is why Akatosh created the "Dragoborn" gift and passed it on to the royal families of the Empire, until Martin Septim sacrificed himself. Then, Akatosh picked a nobody to have his gift and to with it as they pleased, as long as they killed Alduin, for they were the one prophecised in the Elder Scroll we find in the bowels of Mzark.

  • skyrim freak

    Did you know alduin is the master of akatosh

  • CraftKing Gaming

    before anyone asks yes dragon born are also don't age

  • Brother Kenobii

    I must say, compared with Oblivion, I didn't feel like Skyrim's main questline was all that consequential. Nothing was really happening, other than the odd dragon attacking- the world is still fairly normal even with those things swooping in every now and then. It's not even like they're hard to kill- a city is pretty much always safe from dragons so long as at least 4 guards are present. Mehrunes Dagon coming to Mundus, however, and the armies of Dremora coming out of the Oblivion gates, made the weight of the situation a lot more apparent, at least to me.

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