Bullet Proof MASK!!!

When Lloyd asked Harry, "But what if he shot ya in the face?" I knew that there must be a solution to this problem, and we now have the PERFECT solution.

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw
  • xboxz klan

    He is called Lieutenant Dan because of Forest Gump and he has no legs

  • Cubing, Films, Fun!

    They should put bulletproof glass in the eye holes

  • AJ Soosh

    only rainbow six siege players will say its vigil

  • carrot king

    My nibba looks like vigil

  • Mochael Ligget

    I thought Vigil was Korean...?

  • imSythe ★ CS:GO Gameplay ★

    I have a question, how many hockey pucks does it take to stop a .50 cal bullet?

  • Edzer

    Most people aren't worried about 500 magnum to the face

  • Double-Barrel Dickhead

    Hey where does one buy this mask?

  • PyroGYT •Gamer

    I know why it’s BULLET PROOF IT HAS LINE X

  • Benjamin Joshua Beggs


  • King Vision Highlights

    Comments:What if he gets shot in the eye?Next Video:BULLETPROOF CONTACTS

  • slayerdude18

    if it would have stopped a .50 cal XD i really would've been impressed i mean cmon .50


    Somebody tell me boy vigil to stop getting shot in the face and get back to team rainbow we gonna protect the bio-hazard container

  • Tomasz D

    I'd rather have no teeth than no head ,but that is just me 😉

  • Joey Dalimonte

    You ain't got no legs lieutenant Dan.

  • Andrew Han

    "What if he shot u in the eye?!?"

  • Iwingames alldatime

    The mask isn't just in rainbow, it's also in pubg

  • Saint V

    This guy makes me want to buy a full body armor suit and rob the bank


    I wonder how many psycopaths are watching this video..[Edit] Rest in peace to anyone who died in the mosque shooting in new zealand.

  • Tony Flamngo

    "Lutenit Dan you got no legs"

  • Kille78

    can we start a gofundme to get Matt an ultra high speed camera?? I feel like it would make most of these videos insanely cool

  • Michael Johnson

    Well he ain't got no legs lieutenant dan

  • Phenomenonnal Fidget

    His name is lutenant Dan because he has no legs

  • Tyler Mulholland

    You ain’t got no legs Lt. dan

  • Apex Reptile

    he’s dan because he’s always Dirty And Nude

  • starpravesh

    4:16 "Everyone knows tiny things going really fast are great at penetrating." Lmao

  • Magnes Lavadour

    how many times had lieutenant dan been shot in the head?

  • Austin's gaming

    Because he doesn’t have legs

  • Zach Gunderson

    Dude, so I have seen a few of your videos and I gotta say, I really like these! It all started with me wondering about home made bullet proof shit, and now here I am. Your jokes are great, and I'm actually learning quite a bit. I dig it man. Keep up the awesome work

  • Kyle Robert

    Hey Matt how much should lvl 4 vest cost? I also live in Texas and they are selling for like $125 for front back and side plates along with the vest.

  • William Harries

    Wears full body armourgets shot by tank

  • Ninjas Hyperasf

    Americans ruger mark 1Germans Luger po8Hans Get the luger

  • Sprennard87 circus baby

    It looks like a black version of Jason Voorhees mask

  • R. B. Rozier

    Can we cover the potential soft tissue, nerve and bone damage?

  • Nigel Dean

    No army of two comments? Huh

  • RanndomUndead

    What if he shot you in the eyeball

  • Cmdr frosty

    If you didn’t use a hollow point that 44 would have gone straight through

  • Zhora Zhora

    Hi Bro! try a Russian helmet with face protection

  • Evan Adams

    Hey Matt, you should shoot the Ronan helmet by Devtac

  • MrDrThickoch

    "You ain't got no legs, lieutenant Dan.""I know that, Gump."

  • Bradley Meyer

    Lt Dan is in forest gump and doesn't have legs

  • Reviews, guitar, and video games

    You should join the army.This guy can take down an army by himself

  • what’s up 124

    What if you get shot....at the BACK of your head lol

  • Generation Z

    Ahhh a beautiful morning, might as well go punch a wall!

  • Dark Ember

    "Extra gloves? You.. you had extra gloves this whole time?""Yeah.. we're in the Rockies."

  • SmokeLikeABossOG

    Cuz he aint got no leggggs.

  • Less Grossman

    What about russian "Altyn" helmet ?)

  • C L O U D Z

    It reminds me from the scene in payday 2 saving hoxton

  • Nick Bizarre

    I always assumed it was from Forrest Gump as well, is Xbox clan right?

  • Chickasaw_injunredneck

    I’m surprised Lt.Dan has survived this long

  • SKL

    Ooooooooooooooh but what if u get shot in the back of the head.

  • Tie Dye Team

    Xbox your really right because LT Dan lost his legs in forest gump

  • Theodor AntiZbor

    He aint got no legs(Forrest Gump)

  • Mr Lincore

    in Russia there is an AK-47 under 22)) is called VPO-131

  • Wizdom Holguin

    Man goobisoft must really like demolition ranch

  • Glezvez

    The name Lieutenant Dan was made popular from the cinematic masterpiece: Forrest Gump

  • Ghost Da Boi

    Korea Uses This Mask Well South, North Can't Afford This Stuff

  • Calzilla2000

    Damn, is it just me or does that mask super damn intimidating. It's like is Jason enlisted in BOPE.Oh and IS THAT THE SNEAKY KOREAN FROM MY FAVORITE UBISHIT LOOT BOX SIMULATOR gibe likeys now pl0x

  • A Battles

    What happened to your legs Lt. Dan ?! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hunter Jones

    he is lieutenant dan because he has no legs like Lt. dan in forrest gump "But Lt. dan you aint go no legs"

  • Waya

    You ain't got no legs Lt. Dan.

  • Splashy Boy

    Just get a .500 S&W rifle

  • IGotNoIdeas

    4:56 "I Really like this gun and hate to shoot it"Later Videos: "I Hate this gun and I hate to shoot it

  • ツStreakzy

    What if he shot you in the eye?

  • Robloxian King

    He doesn't have legs like in the movie forest gump

  • Douglas Naylor

    may protect you against penetration, but will break every bone in your face which may also be fatal.

  • RVbilly

    I challenge you to beat gy6 world record for fastest 5 rounds on target with a 500 s&w ....and he did it with a short barrel!!

  • E to the V

    So what if they shot you in the balls?

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