Bullet Proof MASK!!!

When Lloyd asked Harry, "But what if he shot ya in the face?" I knew that there must be a solution to this problem, and we now have the PERFECT solution.

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw
  • xboxz klan

    He is called Lieutenant Dan because of Forest Gump and he has no legs

  • Cubing, Films, Fun!

    They should put bulletproof glass in the eye holes

  • Tachanka

    I didn’t know my buddy vigil was a real person

  • Sprennard87 circus baby

    It looks like a black version of Jason Voorhees mask

  • carrot king

    My nibba looks like vigil

  • Kille78

    can we start a gofundme to get Matt an ultra high speed camera?? I feel like it would make most of these videos insanely cool

  • Player Attack tuc

    1:29 I’ve never seen that gun before

  • Dylen Eiler

    The US military should use those, and have enough technology to upgrade it too.

  • Phenomenonnal Fidget

    His name is lutenant Dan because he has no legs

  • starpravesh

    4:16 "Everyone knows tiny things going really fast are great at penetrating." Lmao

  • Mauricio Sánchez Meza

    By looking your videos before and the truck, at first i thought you were gong to use your 50 bmg XD

  • AJ Soosh

    only rainbow six siege players will say its vigil

  • Drenzkhallil Badulis

    I think this called balstic mask

  • moises Vela

    But if he shoot you on the side 😷

  • Dark Voyager

    Thumbnail is vigil from rainbow six siege

  • Apex Reptile

    he’s dan because he’s always Dirty And Nude

  • alberto Rivas

    What if he shoots you in the eye

  • cowboycraft13

    What if you get shot in the BACK of the head?

  • R4Z3 INB14Z3

    Because he's a Drunken Crippled Man with no legs.

  • SmokeLikeABossOG

    Cuz he aint got no leggggs.

  • Benjamin Joshua Beggs

    1:19 *Its free real estate*

  • Benjamin Joshua Beggs



    Lieutenant dan got his name cuz he aint got no legs

  • gunslinger 1904

    Lmao i was dieing right at the start

  • Andrew Han

    "What if he shot u in the eye?!?"

  • Tony Flamngo

    "Lutenit Dan you got no legs"

  • Anonymous '_'

    PUBG OR PUBG Mobile anyone?

  • Kc the Destroyer

    His name is lutonit dan because of forest gump and he has no legs

  • Centauri A Gaming

    How come the mask doesn't come with bullet resistant glass to shield your eyes?

  • The Random King

    The mask reminds me of Jason Vorhes

  • Mochael Ligget

    I thought Vigil was Korean...?

  • I am the king of the memes

    The movie clip from the beginning of the video is from dumb and dumber

  • King Terror

    Comments:What if he gets shot in the eye?Next Video:BULLETPROOF CONTACTS

  • Phiphe Dude

    4:24 Looks like an air rifle apart from the noise

  • Impossible Gamer

    Wouldn’t you have trauma because of the impact?

  • Gg912

    He is from forest gump

  • imSythe ★ CS:GO Gameplay ★

    I have a question, how many hockey pucks does it take to stop a .50 cal bullet?

  • Adrian Zavala

    Are you selling a mask

  • happy wolf

    What if he shoots you with a bow in the knee

  • Hunter Jones

    he is lieutenant dan because he has no legs like Lt. dan in forrest gump "But Lt. dan you aint go no legs"

  • 2nice_pippen

    Somebody tell me boy vigil to stop getting shot in the face and get back to team rainbow we gonna protect the bio-hazard container

  • Trx90vito


  • Oloof the Fucking Snowman

    What if he were to shoot you in the eyes?WHAT IF WERE TO SHOOT YOU IN THE EYES?!We made it to second, time for first

  • Ezekiel Mcdade

    What happens if it hit u in the eye

  • Display Name

    Street thugs are aiming for the head and neck for instant kills. This mask is useless against point-blank head shots in the back.

  • Collin Reid

    He ain’t got no legs like in forest gump

  • Byron Simon

    Ihe is called lutenient Dan because he has 0 legs and forest gump

  • William Harries

    Wears full body armourgets shot by tank

  • Mini Mello

    Dan from Forrest Gump lost its legs

  • Jackson Pearcy

    Forrest Gump Lieutenant Dan gets his legs blown off and gets mad at Forrest Gump for saving his life

  • Kolson Maddox

    Lieutenant dan looked like Jason Vorhees

  • KX_gamrr

    There should be bullet proof glass in front of the eyes

  • SKL

    Ooooooooooooooh but what if u get shot in the back of the head.

  • Dylan Goldstein

    Forrest Gump because lieutenant Dan doesn’t have legs

  • jedi scruffy

    That thumbnail is so cool bro

  • Angry Patriot

    So its like a flack jacket for your face

  • Xycron

    What if he shot you in the balls?

  • JaImEd13__

    What if it shot u in the eye?

  • Cooper Bryan

    Vigil from rainbow six siege

  • Aries Pony Aj SecondChannel

    Forest; I'm going to heaven Lieutenant Dan.Lieutenant Dan; well before you go, why dont you run down to the liquor store and get a bottle of Ripple.

  • GhostShipSupreme

    You merely adopted the demo-ranch life. I was born in it... MOLDED by it!

  • A Mas.0

    even if it did stop that 50, you would be dead anyway from the concussion

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