TESV: Dawnguard - Unique Weapons & Armor Guide (DLC)

A guide for the most unique and rare armor/weapons in Dawnguard, an expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

● Full Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
● Tips & Tricks - https://youtu.be/ADR1k9VWq2I
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[Equipment Included] (Missing Vampire Relics, which are jewelry)
Aetherial Crown (1:16)
Aetherial Staff (1:16)
Aetherial Shield (1:16)
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow (2:06)
Dawnguard Rune Axe (2:49)
Dawnguard Rune Shield (3:09)
Dawnguard Rune Hammer (3:21)
Vampire Royal Armor (3:59)
Shellbug Helmet (4:36)
Auriel's Shield (4:58)
Ancient Falmer Armor (5:40)
Auriel's Bow (6:00)
Harkon's Sword (6:46)
  • Tim S. H

    you forgot the vampire amulet of bats amulet of gargoyles do g of the beast and a ring for magic you get then by completing lots of side quests for the vampires .amulet of bats=enemy's nearby get attacked by bats .amulet of gargoyles summons two gargoyles instead of one. ring of the beast=+100 health and claw attacks do more damage.magic ring (I forgot the name)=+100magic and magic regenerates faster.And vampire lord turns u into an insane unkillible beast.Its obvious you weird with the dawnguard and didn't mention the vampire powers you probably aren't going to read this because this video is old butI wrote this for other viewers so they know which side to pick .if anyone read this well done :-)BTW vampires are better.

  • Abu Al Rainer Ibn Altschauerberg

    I sided with dawnguard. Twilight made vampires gay.

  • Keith

    Everytime I finish collecting the weapons in an area,Caedo uploads another video.This is just torture

  • SmallRianbow

    you forgot the amulet of bats, amulet of gargoyles, ring of erudrite and the ring of bloodlust

  • Dragon born

    Actually in both paths you kill lord harkon and can loot him for the vampire royal armor and his srowd at the end, the main difference is whether you can just walk through the castle and directly face him and you have awesome powers to whip his ass with (Vampire path, aka the best path) or you have to kill all the other vampires in the castle and the only unqiue powers you have are glorified flashlights (dawnguard path)

  • NightHawkGaming

    Here is the best way to decide which group to side with: if you are a Mage or Spellsword who is good with Destruction Magic, then the Vampires are the best bet, same goes with a thief or assassin, as being a vampire helps your Sneak and Illusion. But if you are more of a warrior or Battlemage who is good with Restoration, then the Dawnguard is the better choice for your skills. Since all of the Dawnguard's undead-harming spells are Restoration, it's the best choice. And make sure to pick up the Necromantic Healing spell in Dimhollow to heal Serana. Also, make sure that before you head to Castle Volkihar with her, to get at least 1000 gold, so you can get a spell called heal undead from one of the vampires. This is the only time you can get it if you join the Dawnguard. Good luck, Fellow Dragonborns, and have fun!

  • Caleb Jones

    People might know of this already, but Valerica's Vampire Royal Armor has a unique skin.

  • life

    well I can't get the ancient fallmer armor for I fus ro dahed the guy off the tower

  • Bob James

    You forgot the vampire relics,( they are from side quests)

  • Rosehly

    By any chance, if you get the dawnguard DLC can you get the snow elf race??

  • The urban Mango

    Good content as usual! ^_^ likes the intro quite allot! but i had no idea about the Crossbow! god damn i missed that part aha! but Dawn guard all the way i can't stand magic playthroughs so i always play a role of anti magic and spirits makes for some fun hunting! ;)

  • PR3D4T0R R4G3

    i chose the dawngaurd because i really hate vampires

  • Ptvcici

    OMG THERE'S ANOTHER POWERFUL SHIELD?!,i didn't see that coming

  • Kyle Zanski

    You forgot the Locket of Saint Jiub.

  • NotThatGoodHD

    im pissed... chose the vampire side n now i cant get dwarven crossbow

  • Ser Ratman

    I chose vampires, and now I regret it. I thought I would get cool things. I was wrong. I prefer being a werewolf anyway, but the dawnguard still attack me even though I'm not a vampire anymore! The only cool thing is summon dunhevir, which is fun in Dwarven ruins... Though ineffective because he can't fly and can't defeat centurions

  • koebin noftz

    give harkons bblade to serana

  • NightHawkGaming

    There is a hidden item that spawns randomly in 4 different locations, one of them being Mossy Glen Cavern around Fort Dawnguard. It's called the Ancient Falmer Crown, and goes with the Ancient Falmer set, but you don't get full armor benefits with it. It's hard to find, and there are a few cases when it doesn't appear at all. But I did find it in the XBox 360 version, so it is in the normal game.

  • Reptilian Elder of the Reptilian Brotherhood

    why did I except Harkons gift!!!! is there any way I can join the dawngaurd after I've joined Harkons ?

  • Leo Dztrk

    your vids are so underrated dude nice job with your channel

  • No Name

    Bro you're not completely wrong when you said the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow is the most powerful archery weapon but partly wrong simply because for some reason the bolts are a bit heavier and can't shoot as far as arrows and crossbows shoot louder than bows (meaning you can't snipe stealthily as well with a crossbow. Basically imo it's a short to medium range weapon). All very situational but bows are for repetitive attacks but as loading screens say a crossbow's first shot is very deadly. Just do what I do, carry both but just use enhanced DCrossbow when fighting armored fucks. Oh and Crossbows shoot faster but bows reload faster :)

  • Peewee Herman

    What about the amulets of bats and Garbolys

  • Aaron McMullen

    u forgot the rings of blood magic and the bone hawk amulet

  • Darth Vader

    I didn't know what I was doing so I accidentally joined the vampires 😪

  • theX one

    U missed the vampire lord rings and amulets there's 2 rings and 2 amulets easy to get and 4 more rings and amulet that i see on the items list using console comands i didn't took them because i'm afraid that they are a test version and the devlopers didn't put them on the game ...u can get them when siding with the vampires

  • Kaneki Kun

    I don't like how dawnguard is special and vampire isn't

  • Holten Ramsey

    i love you dude, you've helped me with the game soooo much

  • Intigim YT

    U know you forgot Akaviri Sword

  • i have no clue

    I SCREWED UP. I wanted the crosbow but i sided with the vamps anyone knows a cool weapon from vampires side?

  • MyTh1cAlDrag0n

    Serana is a blond... Wtf... No wait...😣😯 no shes dark haired and has a pixie cut...or is she... If only we had visors in the game

  • goodlord lorri

    You know, I've been watching caedo ever since he did his first fallout 3 guide.. and his content is so literal and thorough, as well as being amazingly detailed. He deserves EVEN MORE than the subscribers he has. All of the work through this channel amazes me, and thank you caedo... I've always wanted to be the boss of the wasteland and I achieved that... thanks to you. Much love - Levi. (No Homo)

  • Kaneki Kun

    If I chose vampire and I cure my self why can't I join dawn

  • DEATH111183

    one thing you did miss was if you kill knight paladin gelabor you get another set of falmer armor. with a different curass instead of the otherone. they aren't terribly different outside of looks. but just thought I should mention it

  • Matt Lacdao

    Fuuuuuuck I joined the vamps every time....

  • Zero Games

    how do I stay with the dawnguard (sry for the stupid question)

  • Stuart Haram

    Completely missed the enchanted jewelry equipable by vampires for bonusses to vampyric perks, similar to the werewolf jewelry in Dragon Born dlc

  • Crunch 15

    I would like to use 2 shields

  • blackpanther 135

    First comment but nice vid it helped alott 😁

  • CraZyJUNK8000

    Get harkens sword for either side with the correct play through u can become the only vampire lord and unique rewards for vampire side quests

  • King Zork

    hey I have a suggestion for the aetheral crown wearing a falmer helm allows you to wear a circlet enabling the use of a helm while having 2 standing stones

  • Tesla Z

    Can you get the crossbow if you cure your vampirism and go to fort dawn guard *after dawngaurd *

  • Lord Memeon

    Thanks for help man) I thought that I wasted 25 bucks on dls)But now I know that I was wrong.

  • drunk geno sans

    I can't get the rune weapons tho 😭😭😭

  • Henrik 3riksen

    Caedo, what is your favourite weapons in skyrim?

  • Crazy Reading fool

    Man I'd rather be dawnguard

  • colonjuice

    if u join the vampires there a mod were u can still craft crossbows

  • Dexter Chenault

    I always become vampire lord but this video has made me want to join the Dawnguard

  • Crazy Reading fool

    But in already a vampire

  • Jianrong Tan

    Is it that you can only get the Harkon's sword if u side with vampires? And is it possible to get all of them

  • Juan Quesada

    Hi dude, nice vid. You missed the Vampire Lord Necklaces.

  • Ender Boy

    i freaking hate crossbows

  • shamal chandra

    the dawnguard shall fall by the claws of the true vampire lords

  • Enclave Remnant

    I joined the vampires. (facepalm)

  • smalls4261

    You are the man thank you I have been looking for shield with the bash ability for like 6 months

  • Alexander Dalgliesh

    Vampire lord, thanks to the extra sneaking bonuses I am practically invisible

  • Roberts Bushcraft

    You forgot what I think is a weapon, the steel or dwarven bolts of shock, frost, and fire.

  • Jacy Johnson

    Do I lose access to Serena as a companion is I side with dawnguard?

  • Cheng Moua

    Have you found a shout in the dawnguard when heading up the waterfall

  • Ahmad Hazwan

    i just cant find that shield =,= ,,

  • TheMysteriousDumbaz1

    You missed the vampire relics, you get amulets of night for certain vampire lord powers and rings of blood for blood magic in vampire lord form.


    my ps3 is real old so it sometimes deletes my code

  • Unknown Youtuber

    good vid man. ive got evrything but the shield.

  • Robin Robbins

    crusader for the dawngaurd

  • Alex O'loughlan

    i want to get all of them

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