Skyrim - Beginners Guide

Great advice for starting a new game in Skyrim!

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  • Vanilla Coke

    I would pay hundreds of dollars to wipe my memory of this game so I could play it for the first time again.

  • Julian de Zeeuw

    still watch this after having 300 hours in the original

  • SirBrackington

    who is still a skyrim noob in 2016?

  • Advopar

    You can also go anywhere where guards are training their archery skills to get infinite steel arrows legally.

  • okrajoe

    Thanks for the beginning tips.

  • Φίλιππος Σρν

    When you have 500+ hours in Skyrim, but still watching this video

  • Krillin but with hair

    Some things that I'd like to add that I personally find really helpful to everybody.- In my opinion the Bretons are the best race for starting mages, they are naturally gifted in mage skills and their Dragon Skin ability lets you absorb 50% of incoming hostile magic, usefull for fighting mages. Orcs make the best race for starting warriors because of their starting skills and their berserk ability and imo Dark Elves make the best race for starting rogues. - In terms of standing stones, the Atronach Stone is really the most usefull in any situation. The 50% spell absorption and can be stacked with the Breton's dragon skin ability or on its own. The 50 extra magika is useful for early game and if you're not a High Elf (fuck the Thalmor) and the debuff for spell regeneration can be easily countered with perks or items. Plus, dragons can't hurt you because their breaths are "hostile magic" ;))- Don't be a "jack of all trades" character. It will limit you on key perks that you'll miss out on if you don't have enough skill.- Find a trainer! You can find trainers for each of the minor skills that can take you up 5 levels at a time to a set level; Common trainers up to level 50, Expert to level 75 and Master to level 90. The last 10 need to be gained from leveling or skill books.- Don't fight the chicken

  • OpenWorldAddict

    Just to let people know, by completing the barrow first before going to Whiterun, you are actually skipping a scene that only occurs if you seen the Jarl before going to barrow. I actually recommend that you go out of your way to experience that scene in at least one playthrough.

  • Harvey Chesterfield

    I suspect there's a more detailed magic video coming soon but for anyone interested in Destruction:Fire spells are the best for raw damage, giving a DOT and dealing bonus damage to any target already on fire.Frost spells slow and damage stamina, meaning heavy melee enemies will have a hard time catching and hitting you.Shock spells also deal damage to an enemy's magicka, crippling other spellcasters. Importantly: apprentice level shock spells (and higher) travel a lot faster than the others or arrows, making them significantly more accurate (especially against dragons).Finally, the more expensive destruction magic gets, the less efficient it is for the magicka cost. More advanced spells will offer extra benefits like AOE damage or a persistent damage field. They should only be used if you can get the extra value out of them or if you have enough magicka/cost reduction/magicka potions. Otherwise you'll find yourself running dry before your enemies are dead.Edit: Staggering giant enemies only works if you have the "Augmented X" perk for Frost, Fire or Shock. I was deep into the game before I turned dragons on so I didn't realise.

  • Nibiru Xarxes

    Beginners guide. I'm already 20 hours into the remastered version.

  • D3w10n

    William, this are the kinds of video I subscribed to you in first place. Not to discourage you from playthroughs and letsplays (they are fun), but this is broadcasting quality stuff :D

  • Svetlana Rodriguez

    You forgot the invisible chest in Dawnstar.

  • SlyBeast

    Love these Strife guides (and playthroughs) for Bethesda games. Nobody does it better. Your voice is right for it, the information is clear and concise, and the production value of the video is sky high.

  • micronoid

    Some beginner tips I’d add:-Even though there are 18 skill trees you should really only be focusing on leveling up less than half that amount. Just so you’re not spreading your points too thinly. When you feel like you’ve leveled as far as you want in those chosen few skills only then move onto others.-Try to decide early on what type of weapons/armor/equipment you want to use. Doing this means you’ll know which ones you can sell or break down for enchanting, you’re not hoarding crap you don’t need, you’re making money and it keeps you focused on the style you want to play for proper leveling.-Get married and buy a house as soon as you can. I’d advice against having multiple places you call home. Keep all your shit in one place. Somewhere you can easily offload stuff, getting Breezehome in Whiterun is the go to option. Since you spend most of your time adventuring going for whats practical is better than whats aesthetically pleasing.

  • Izumi Inoue

    Hang on, you can get married in Skyrim? Newbie here.

  • Alexander The Great

    Lover Stone is the best, it makes all skills level up 15% faster.

  • Keyshell

    Nord or High Elf, huh? Bretons have always been the best in my opinion, regardless of if you're going to be a mage or not.

  • HerpyDerpyDoo11

    Concerning the crossbow ammo, you can lift Dwarven bolts off of Dwarven constructs inside most Dwemer ruins.

  • Nitron DSP

    Mai'q is my spirit animal

  • Rib

    All your skyrim videos make me want to hop on and play for 24hrs straight! Keep up the good work I love these guides :)

  • Jason Miller

    No No No! Bretons are way better than Nords in fact Nords are one of the worst races in the game alongside wood elfs, argonians, and empirials, Why go for frost resistance when Bretons are resistant to all magic in the game? High elfs are okay if you want a ridiculous amount of magicka, but Bretons start out at level 25 destruction which is the best out of any race, I just thought you would do a little bit of research Strife

  • Drawica Alter

    Crossbows ignore 50% of armor, not 50 points, but besides that, amazing guide.

  • Alexander Chippel

    Something yo think about: If the golden dragon claw wasn't stolen, the entire main quest never would've happened. You never would've found the dragon stone, or learned Fus.

  • DeadKnight08

    OMG STEED STONE DOES THAT WTF?!?! Do you know how much wasted time I've spent going out and back into caves so I can take all the loot I can find and sell them?!?! Ugh anyways thx for the info this will help A TON

  • Molotov

    Nord and high elf? Breton and orc!

  • James Hurt

    I think that the Breton is also a good choice due to the 25% magic resist.. combined with the Atranoch stone,, adds a 50% magic absorbtion, that's pretty good..IMO

  • Rot joch

    "Beginners Guide" in 2016...

  • Nubbinz

    "I have 999999 hours why did i wathc anyways!!111" You watched because even if you DO have Infinite hours you could've easily missed stuff.

  • Otis b Driftwood

    2018 I’ve never played Skyrim

  • Alimo Eskimo

    Also if you're a werewolf you don't get a rested bonus at all.

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    If you want help on keeping your smithing speech and enchanting up (and slightly alteration) through them Game which all take time here's to raise up and keep steady how: so first get the transmute alteration spell and always keep a pick axe with you. Whenever you get an empty soul gem try to fill it by using the soul trap conjuration spell which can be bought from the dragons reach court wizard. When you find a mine, you can activate an animation to mine by approaching an ore vein with the action button. If it is silver or iron ore good. If it's gold ore still good. Now fast travel on your map to the guardian stone. Activate the mage stone. Staying in that location use the transmute spell and it will turn a silver ore to gold ore. Then iron ores to silver ores. Then those silvers to gold. This may take a lot of magika so once you run out simply use the corresponding "wait" button to quickly refill your magika then repeat.Once you see on the top left corner of your screen: no more ore left to transmute, the activate the warrior stone. Now fast travel to white run. To your right should be a smelter, a forge, workbench and grindstone. Go to the smelter and smelt all gold ore to gold ingots. Then head over to the forge and select the jewelry section where you will find gold ring (2). Craft as many as you can. Now your smithing should have increased exp by a few levels depending on your level. Now fast travel back to the guardian stones and activate the mage stone once again. Travel to dragons reach which is just the jarls court in white run. Remember how I said when you find soul gems fill them by killing an Enemy after using the spell soul trap on them? Now head to the jarls court wizard room which is to the right of the entrance. You should see a blue table. If you have any armor enchantments then your good to go. If not, simply find a piece of armor that's enchanted and continue the steps I'm telling you. Head over to the table and disenchant your armor piece if you had no armor enchantment. Scroll down to "item" and select "gold ring". Now go to "enchatment" and select any armor enchantment which should be highlighted in white. Now scroll down to "soul gem" and select any soul gem you want. Now click the enchant button for PS4 this is square. Do this to ad many gold rings as possible. Now head over back to the guardian stones one last time. Activate the thief stone. Now head back to white run and enter the general goods store located in the market area in whiterun. Enter and sell gold rings until the vendor has no or too little money. To refill his money click the pause button and quick save. Now kill the vendor and reload that quick save. Now if done right, his inventory and money should be refilled so you can sell again. So from this your smithing enchanting alteration and speech skill should have all leveled up hope this helped.

  • BlackLaser

    one should always go with hadvar at the start... not Ralof.... cause free ingots (5xsteel and 5xIron) every other week^^

  • Andrew Regalado

    looking forward to my first playthrough of skyrim.

  • Stray Dog

    If you want arrows, just go out to the guards' training yard while they're training with the bow. They'll all fire a few hundred arrows between them every day. Just nab the arrows once they have 10-15 of them in the target. They won't be stolen or anything, so no danger or trouble, and no one minds you taking them.

  • Jabba's Palace

    Im about to try my first ps3 game... Skyrim. As a new to evertthing i understood what he meant by sword

  • Drew

    If you need an amazing weapon to start out with the daedric bound weapons are better than anything you can get

  • Robert Rosenberger

    the conjured bow has the same base damage as a deadric bow, making it one of the best, and the spell tom ecan be aquired very early in the game. the spell will also give you unlimited deadric arrows. for you new players, you should look into that.

  • Skyrim4ever gameplays and tutorials

    When you start off and when you escape Helgen and pick one of the 3 standing stones go to the nearest mine called Embershard mine for some nice starter stuf your welcome

  • Tom G

    You can collect dwarven crossbow bolts off dwarven spheres they deal more damage then the normal bolts.

  • Brenda DeZeeuw

    here are 3 more tips, 1st: there is a way to get 2 enchants on a single weapon basically at lvl 1, its called the steel battle-ax of fiery souls and to get it, you need go just north of the night gate in, near the pale, and you come across a path and at the end of it are 2 people, an argonian mage, and I believe a regard warrior who are bickering, these 2 people will help you on your fight to get to the axe, so you make your way to this arena and see a throne, with the axe at the back of it, and a word wall, (WARNING) there is a dragon priest fight so bring a companion and have a conjuration spell handy, this axe is a normal steel battle-ax with an enchantment that deals 10 burn damage and fills a soul gem, if the target dies within 5 seconds, the best thing you can do is disenchant it to get the fiery soul trap enchant to put on your current weapon,2: the kolskeg mine also is a gold mine with exactly 48 gold ore in it, so bring a pickaxe, (WARNING) forsworn brier heart inside,3: just outside of riftan on the path to a bandit. camp, there are the riftan watch towers, (WARNING).......JK, there is no risk in this task, at the top of each watchtower there is a chest marked (confiscated goods) with an adept lock, so you pic it and you find,300 goldgold ingotsgold jewelrysilver jewelryleatherironebonythe list goes on and on, so there are 3 watchtowers so 3 adept level locks with master loot, have a good day

  • Ed Muise

    Im new too this kind of game.


    What do I care? I can jump like hell and even breath underwater! 😁 Argonian hammer toter FTW!

  • Jacob Barnfather

    Reminds me of the Linkthe1st days... These are the type of guides that made you, you... Keep it up Strife.

  • spasmasaurus

    The editing on this video is really good.

  • Custnam

    Thanks for the tips. Firing up Skyrim now on my PS4 to get some of the stuff mentioned. Ill watch your other Skyrim vids as I get further in the game. I know its 2018, but its never too late to enjoy such a great game.

  • Ulrican414

    Don't be dumb the best stone in the game by far is the Atronach stone.

  • The L Delivery Man

    I get those goosebumps every time

  • Strange Bot

    You should do a Skyrim let's play, like you did with Oblivion!

  • ChristianC

    Think you'll ever get around to Morrowind guides, Will?

  • Conserved Braswell

    I’m level 81 with an armor rating of 700 and still watching this

  • Blake Bauman

    This video is such high quality.

  • Jemiah DaPap

    A 0 assault 0 murder playthrough

  • My Hentai Girl

    Went to Dragonborn DLC at lv1 isn't bad eitherYou have free good early weapon/armour A very strong follower SeroMallory often sell really good enchanted weapon/armour

  • Sovereign

    Love your work keep it up :)

  • chickendinner2012

    Great guide, I didn't know about a few of those things!

  • Draven Cheatum

    A MUCH easier way to get a scemitar at lvl 1 is to simply take the carriage at whiterun to dawnstar and heading to an unmarked flipped little boat on the coast west of dawnstar. Just look for the bandit camp and youll be near the right place. There are always 3 of them.

  • Ted Zhang

    1:23 - I disagree with Nord. Orc has arguably the best racial active in the late game, even for mage bulds. The 50% frost resist is generally worse than the Breton's 25% magic resistance, who also has dragonskin which is extremely powerful in the late game as well. If you choose to play the nercromage vampire with 3/3 Atronach + Atronach Stone, Nord's (as well as Breton's) passive is completely redundant, making Orc and High Elf the best choice.So overall, from a functionality perspective, Breton is the best race if you are not stacking magic absorption. Otherwise, High Elf is the best race for magic builds and Orc is the best for warrior/thief characters.

  • Thecringechannel cringe

    Im level 80 i dont know why im watching this ☺

  • Razimir

    Nice video, even if I know all that things, I very happy that I can watch skyrim videos like this. It is so much fun, because you rock!!! :)

  • Matt

    Why not Orc for the dmg? That + dual swords and other help, is one of the most OP things in Skyrim, I thought.And what about Breton for the 100% magick resist with the standing stone?

  • Chris East

    I don't see much reason to have the steed stone if you are not wearing heavy armour. Sure you can carry more, but why encourage hording, you are not supposed to pick up absolutely every thing anyway.Take the lord stone, it resides in a mountainous area, which is a short distance northeast of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, and is east of the city of Morthal, southwest of the city of Dawnstar, and northwest of the city of Whiterun. stones in the start instead.Or stick to the Guardian stones early game.

  • GodspeedHero

    One fix: You only gain "Well Rested" after sleeping in a bed you own. You gain rested anywhere else which is only half as effective.

  • Robson

    Better than ESO !!! GJ (:

  • Kain Locklave

    Well I agree the steed stone is good I'd argue that the Lord stone is better overall. A dead man can't carry back loot.

  • ArmyOwens

    i can finally say i finish skyrim i jave all main,dlc quest done side quests and mis. all rare and unique weapons armor all types of armor with enchantment,all deastric artefacts and all skills prestige them 10 times each and habe over 1000 hours pls and be lvl 273 so im done and dawngiard dlc you f me up why killing my whiterun smiths and sells and almost all smiths in skyrim when the vamps attack the city.

  • Peter Vlčko

    I played orc, just orc. Pure tank. With axe. With shield. That lovely feeling when you make all enemies in front of you even with floor 🤣. But I respect your opinion because I have not tried play other races. Mostly because I have not sense for stile they offer. But mordor nord can be good when you can scare 💩 out of butt of enemies.😱😅😭😂


    Does the Faendal exploit still work? Nothing like getting almost instant level 10 with free archery training XD

  • GIlbert MSG

    237 hours... must watch a beginners guide

  • Marco Ramalho

    U can steal an eleven bow from a display case in companions

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