Skyrim 5 Secret Unmarked Locations That Are Not What They Seem

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  • AndrewChantlerLang

    ESO: “The white knight will put a stop to this”Also ESO: makes villager noises on every hitMe with a tear in my eye: “what a valiant hero”

  • Mike P

    The Giant mourning his passed away Mammoth really hit hard in the feels. Just when I thought I'd seen everything Skyrim could show me, there's new secrets :D

  • Dollie Nightmares

    White knight ESO's war-cry is truly fearsome. It would beat even the fus roh dah.

  • Gwen Bloodmoon

    The mammoth poaching bandits hideout is called halted stream camp

  • Augusto Santos

    It was either 4 locations or 7 if you count each peak, but definitely not 5.

  • Frost Nacht

    The way you pronounce Solstheim really triggers me. 😅It's Solst-heim, no th sound in it.

  • R0ya1 G3nera1

    On the island of what?😂😂😂

  • Rinzler Dax

    The David Attenborough of Skyrim! Well done M8! 👍

  • Kevin Wappula

    Been watching for years now. Loved everything that you produced!!!!

  • hooligan pyro

    Its my birthday today and I got skurim remastered yes finally

  • Fogmoz

    The last one might indeed be unmarked, but you do get sent there to kill the Guardian Mammoth as part of the Kyne's Sacred Trials quest.

  • Nigel Tiernan

    It’s not a mammoths graveyard it’s where the giants steam cook them. And the one standing there is just checking it is ready to eat😉

  • Raziel Galizur

    "Forget all you know about mobile games" ....gladly.

  • NoMatterWhoIAm

    It was released 8 years ago and still alive. What a big game

  • Noureddine Sai

    Skyrim Will never Die ❤

  • Matthias Leßner

    Actually the last location had giant markings on it so it is more likely that this is an actual graveyard for mammoths.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Thank you for all tu he work you put into the videos, they're super helpful and awesome

  • Gwen Bloodmoon

    There is a whole bandit hide out full of mammoth poachers near that location

  • Seyyah

    This summer... A true story of a giant and his mammoth. Clearly magnificent.

  • bacd 1990

    Finally you found the incredible giant Nirnroot. 👏

  • Curmudgeon Hero

    Can’t beat those warm-fuzzy moments in Skyrim…sniff.

  • RexFaceLess

    ESO have you heard about this game called Wytchsun: Elleros Origins?

  • Wozzman

    Their can’t be 7 people first guys🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Alexander Dimsdle

    I been watching too. Your videos are so useful. Thank you so much

  • DtownCboy

    Been playing Skyrim on my Switch, as a truck driver best gamer decision I've made 😢🤗

  • Name Less

    I was just playing the Elder scrolls and noticed you just posted. Your advice and tips are just incredible. Thank you for all your videos and its content ♥️

  • Elvis

    I miss the book reading, keep up the good work Danny👍👍

  • Joey Hartnell

    Keep going with the skyrim videos ESO LOVE THEM!!

  • Charles Bronson

    I just realized I’ve been watching for years

  • superfox destroyer

    I have been playing this game ever since it came out I own it on switch ps3 ps4 and pc one of my characters is level 962 so yeah. superfox destroyer FOX OUT!!!

  • Official Devil-Rising Gaming

    This game’s been going for years , why can’t they make more new dlc map’s to explore.

  • CowboyBebop

    I still have questions about kragenzel in skyrim

  • Hare deLune

    Warm geezers, eh?I think ESO's going to be a warm geezer when he gets a bit long in the tooth, lol.

  • Matas Gus

    What are the mods you use for graphics?Owo uwu

  • Iceyy Naz

    Nice vid, keep grinding! I subbed one liked , it would mean alot if you could do the same

  • Mark Leone

    Oh I feel like a horrible person now. So I found the mourning giant a couple days ago while I was hunting for creep clusters. I always need Giants toe for alchemy so I got extremely excited to see a giant. Sure, at first I thought it was strange, just him standing there. But after smacking him twice and stealing his toe, I ran off to continue my creep cluster hunt. Now I feel bad.

  • Evan Landis

    I frequently join and comfort the giant in his mourning. I can relate to the pour soul

  • Shawn S

    I changed my whole game play because of watching your videos

  • fallinghurts

    Absolutely no one: ESO: R A I D : S H A D O W L E G E N D S

  • Porg

    Hell yeah I love everything about raid, that's a rly good sponsor

  • The Named Stranger

    You called the Rift the Reach.

  • Jules Jernigan

    could use the flight power from nephilim race

  • Benjamin Kulp

    06:58 ". . . full of warm geezers [curmudgeonly old men] and hot springs." ;)

  • Joel Pearce

    Geysers isn't pronounced Geezer...a warm geezer is something much different.


    I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “soul-th-st-himeI dont care but someone else might

  • Raid Leet

    Raid Shadow Legends = press auto to win

  • gavin john Wardle

    Ive just got a good pc and modded skyrim its like its a new game looks amazing

  • White Menthol

    i love this kind of video. more ! ❤️

  • Nater Tater

    Of all the years AND HOURS of playing. I've never seen the last area. Now I have to install it and play. Thanks man

  • Cameron Vessey

    Wow .. you sounded like a 40 year Xeavier type in my head furry man!

  • Broziw

    This video feels so nostalgic because of ıts style omg

  • LordAbomination45

    Sacrificing horse to the gods 😂

  • Psykonijn

    uhmm ... about those mounain peaks... why climb urself when ur horse can traverse that easily

  • Amardon Twelve

    Wonderful. I have been to all but the damn mountain peaks. Too much trouble. :) Another great video ESO!

  • Roger Brydon

    Who else was ironically disappointed that eso didn't give fate to the giant as his mammoth

  • Joseph R Smith

    Nirn root was 5 times the size . Found it my first play through.

  • RealEz

    How is it possible that there are still hidden spots years after game was released

  • Steve Roush

    ESO... can you do a vid on all the locations of the Talos shrines ? Please.

  • Allister Smith

    Do you know about the unmarked road between Whiterun and the Rift? Path starts just left of the Whiterun Stormcloak camp. Great views. Pops out of the mountains by an unmarked abandoned city

  • Marimoon

    But, what would happen if you raised the mammoth from the dead?

  • GioTio123

    I always wondered has there ever been one elf that was dragonborn

  • ابوبكر صديق

    Your videos are always amazing

  • Zhuravliov

    I'm not rich enough to play free-to-pay games.

  • TheReason2Breathe

    10:18 when a minecraft villager plays Skyrim

  • stego_ yeetus

    I went south east for the last one and I couldn’t find it at all please helpEdit: it’s actually north west but I still can’t find the poachers

  • Matthew Boyd

    I need to start playing skyrim again !!

  • Gordon Schnick

    Todd was right, you actually can climb the mountain.

  • RandumbCrits

    The burned down shed in the Rift caused by the failed flame atronach ritual.

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