Skyrim 5 Secret Unmarked Locations That Are Not What They Seem

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  • Mike P

    The Giant mourning his passed away Mammoth really hit hard in the feels. Just when I thought I'd seen everything Skyrim could show me, there's new secrets :D

  • Dollie Nightmares

    White knight ESO's war-cry is truly fearsome. It would beat even the fus roh dah.

  • Gwen Bloodmoon

    The mammoth poaching bandits hideout is called halted stream camp

  • Kevin Wappula

    Been watching for years now. Loved everything that you produced!!!!

  • Augusto Santos

    It was either 4 locations or 7 if you count each peak, but definitely not 5.

  • Frost Nacht

    The way you pronounce Solstheim really triggers me. 😅It's Solst-heim, no th sound in it.

  • Rinzler Dax

    The David Attenborough of Skyrim! Well done M8! 👍

  • R0ya1 G3nera1

    On the island of what?😂😂😂

  • Fogmoz

    The last one might indeed be unmarked, but you do get sent there to kill the Guardian Mammoth as part of the Kyne's Sacred Trials quest.

  • hooligan pyro

    Its my birthday today and I got skurim remastered yes finally

  • Rhadkor

    "Forget all you know about mobile games" ....gladly.

  • Matthias Leßner

    Actually the last location had giant markings on it so it is more likely that this is an actual graveyard for mammoths.

  • NoMatterWhoIAm

    It was released 8 years ago and still alive. What a big game

  • Noureddine Sai

    Skyrim Will never Die ❤

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Thank you for all tu he work you put into the videos, they're super helpful and awesome

  • Gwen Bloodmoon

    There is a whole bandit hide out full of mammoth poachers near that location

  • bacd 1990

    Finally you found the incredible giant Nirnroot. 👏

  • Ardee Dupuís

    3:00 I cheated using Arvak

  • Gilberto da Paz

    7:46 He is not Mourning the mammoth. He is cooking it. kkkk

  • Alexander Dimsdle

    I been watching too. Your videos are so useful. Thank you so much

  • Centilmendoğan

    This summer... A true story of a giant and his mammoth. Clearly magnificent.

  • RexFaceLess

    ESO have you heard about this game called Wytchsun: Elleros Origins?

  • fallinghurts

    Absolutely no one: ESO: R A I D : S H A D O W L E G E N D S

  • Christopher Chapman

    Have you been to Kagrenzel, if not you can get to it through Stony Creek Cave.

  • Joel Pearce

    Geysers isn't pronounced Geezer...a warm geezer is something much different.

  • The Named Stranger

    You called the Rift the Reach.

  • Joey Hartnell

    Keep going with the skyrim videos ESO LOVE THEM!!

  • Wozzman

    Their can’t be 7 people first guys🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • White Menthol

    i love this kind of video. more ! ❤️

  • Hare deLune

    Warm geezers, eh?I think ESO's going to be a warm geezer when he gets a bit long in the tooth, lol.

  • Elvis

    I miss the book reading, keep up the good work Danny👍👍

  • Raid Prime

    Raid Shadow Legends = press auto to win

  • Shawn S

    I changed my whole game play because of watching your videos

  • ابوبكر صديق

    Your videos are always amazing

  • RealEz

    How is it possible that there are still hidden spots years after game was released

  • Jules Jernigan

    could use the flight power from nephilim race

  • Porg

    Hell yeah I love everything about raid, that's a rly good sponsor

  • CowboyBebop

    I still have questions about kragenzel in skyrim

  • Steve Roush

    ESO... can you do a vid on all the locations of the Talos shrines ? Please.

  • gavin john Wardle

    Ive just got a good pc and modded skyrim its like its a new game looks amazing

  • LordAbomination45

    Sacrificing horse to the gods 😂

  • Benjamin Kulp

    06:58 ". . . full of warm geezers [curmudgeonly old men] and hot springs." ;)

  • Charles Bronson

    I just realized I’ve been watching for years

  • Evan Landis

    I frequently join and comfort the giant in his mourning. I can relate to the pour soul

  • Official Devil-Rising Gaming

    This game’s been going for years , why can’t they make more new dlc map’s to explore.

  • Matthew Boyd

    I need to start playing skyrim again !!

  • modsteve 1193

    If only 76 was even relatively playable that you could make more videos. Must be running short on Skyrim topics by now? Great video tho

  • Cameron Vessey

    Wow .. you sounded like a 40 year Xeavier type in my head furry man!

  • Nater Tater

    Of all the years AND HOURS of playing. I've never seen the last area. Now I have to install it and play. Thanks man

  • Gordon Schnick

    Todd was right, you actually can climb the mountain.

  • hollyster51792

    Spicyyyy lmao okay then

  • Broziw

    This video feels so nostalgic because of ıts style omg

  • Joseph R Smith

    Nirn root was 5 times the size . Found it my first play through.

  • Amardon Twelve

    Wonderful. I have been to all but the damn mountain peaks. Too much trouble. :) Another great video ESO!

  • Marimoon

    But, what would happen if you raised the mammoth from the dead?

  • TheReason2Breathe

    10:18 when a minecraft villager plays Skyrim

  • Zhuravliov

    I'm not rich enough to play free-to-pay games.

  • Xavier Sanchez

    I remember passing next to the mourning giant, felt bad for him and let him live

  • Sebastien Evett-Collins

    God this game is massive

  • EVS Santiago

    I love this game they should do one just like this one again 👍

  • Hulk75tube

    Hey ESO I enjoy your Skyrim game play of modes please keep playing and making more play through.

  • Jester's Sketchbook

    Giant footage brought to you by game of thrones episode 3

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