Skyrim - How to get Visage of Mzund + Kagrumez Resonance Gem Location Guide

This Guide shows you how to obtain the following items:

Visage of Mzund
- a unique Dwarven helm that has the highest base armor rating for any helm available.
- Fortify Stamina: 60 points
- Power; Breath of Nchuak - a scorching blast of steam is released from the helmet which deals 15 points of damage per second, at the cost of stamina upkeep.

Stalhrim Shield - Light armor
- 15% Magic resistance

Kagrumez Resonance Gem
- Needed for puzzle video coming soon

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  • JoshEpicGamer

    +ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides ik u wont listen but can u tell me if the dragonborn dlc is free? and maybe can u tell me if the serana or harkon or whatever its called dlc is free? thx

  • Negev Master

    Got a bonemold shield so I'm pretty sure it's random or levels

  • Bart

    its a hide shield for me

  • AresDemigod

    can u dismantle this helmet and place it on something else?

  • Vomitiing Dragon

    Whats the mod called that puts items into categories when you look at them?

  • Elliott Gaming

    What is the gem used for?

  • Vilajeet Samom

    so the helmet is not in the old skyrim...right

  • John Sillick

    Can't u just glitch through the lift....and get in to the room right away?

  • [MFS] MarineOP69

    I got a Elven Shield Of Waning Frost even though I'm level 58 :(

  • Jonah Newman

    Is stalrim heavy or light

  • Jaylon Hill

    I didn't get that shield it gave me some stupid Nordic shield

  • KingG

    What level should you be to do this? Ive followed the previous videos and I'm level 16.

  • Super Slime

    I must not be the right level or something because I got a chitin shield of waning magic

  • Panther 124

    I got an elf shield of dwindling shock at lvl 61

  • Winters Flames

    Why was your file corrupt? How did you reload it if it's corrupted?

  • Anya Hill

    hey thanks for making this it was really helpful i tried it before but i got stuck on the bow puzzle

  • Jesus Munguia

    What major city is this near?

  • Diamond Rocks 22

    When I tried to get the Shield it was elven

  • dodaime18

    that is NOT a unique shield, you can literally make one and enchant it with a far stronger magic resist enchantment....

  • Dede Raditya

    how to make your bow have big damage?

  • sosburn97

    I got a chitin shield instead of a stalrhim shield

  • ceNi S

    Thank you for this helpful and easy to understand guide! Your videos never dissapoint :D

  • Heather Hoisington

    I wonder if u have to be a certain level to obtain it

  • Phantom Zone 40215

    The shield is randomized I know because I got a hide shield of waning shock at level 58 :(

  • Energy Bros

    I got I hide shield 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • 54 Tunny

    i thought daeric armor set was best :v

  • gaëtan de almeida

    The stalhrim shiel is a non unique random shiel, so you can get something else.

  • Lorin Hansen

    Idk if this is a special edition thing but instead of the shield I wanted I got an Elven shield if waning magic and instead of the that bow I got the stalhrim now if banishing, I did get the helm thought good thing too cause that's the only thing I really wanted

  • simeon converse

    man, just went through this on my own a day ago and got the gem and helm but didn't know about the stupid shield! ugh now I gotta go back lol

  • Clayton Brown

    wow this guy really thinks this is the best helmet😂😂

  • scouse Jay LFC

    does anyone know how u use the stream on the helmet?

  • daniel dixon

    none of those items were there when i arrived, just an elven shield... would this all depend on player level? if so any recommendations where i can find those items else where?

  • Aesir Ibarra

    Do u need the dragon born dlc for this cuz I have it

  • ceNi S

    The thumbnail of this video looks fucking dope

  • Lich King

    Just grabbed the helmet at level 16. The shield you can grab in the dungeon IS LEVELED. I got a chitin shield. Just a notifier to those who want the shield or helmet early.

  • Cody Dukette

    when I got to the shield, mine was a chitin shield

  • Nick Toxic

    I was level 54 and it was a chitin she all wtf

  • latebkr

    For all wondering, the shield is not unique, it's random. I got the one in the video, but lots of people are gonna get something else.

  • Hail Satan Am I rite?

    who else thinks that his fight against the sphere sounded cute (0:56)

  • Gage Moore

    Just so you all know you don't need the gems to get through Kagrumez all you need are a few plated and the whirlwind sprint shout and you can just glitch through the doors

  • Banana Man

    i got a shity elf shield

  • Darvos Ethral

    ESO I got a Nordic shield and a stalhrim bow with chaos, I think it is random

  • Panda Man

    I used the wooden bowl glitch to get inside from the back (where you exit the ruin) and i got the helmet without even having to start the quest. If you guys want I could post a video on how to do it.

  • Andy

    you sure this isnt by level? im not believing that theres dragonbone weapons for any level char

  • MEME Overdose

    It was s nordic shield for me... : (

  • jerry the eagle

    there is wired line things at the end help

  • lord noodly

    anybody notice he kept swapping what hand his weapons were in

  • UndotooGaming

    This video was very helpful.  Your other videos are as well.  Liked and Subscribed!

  • Clint BeastWood

    What Level do you need to be in to get stalhrim stuff?

  • Lord Daemon

    this is bullshit i dont want to have to go to another ruin and get two gyros and then make my way right the fuck back to that point like what the fuck

  • Matthew Lucas

    fucking Nordic of dwindling fire for me

  • Sam Woodward

    Your grammar is terrible.

  • Mastervortex 115

    +ESO-Fallout & elder scrolls Guides for me it was a bonemold shield even doh i was level 51

  • the gekko man

    its not always stahlrim it can be different i got nordic wich im not complaining ;)

  • Lord Potato

    What armour are you wearing in this?

  • DJ Cali

    This helmet is pretty good,I have had it for a long time,and it goes well with my daedric armour

  • RedBirdGamingPS4

    the shield isnt on the cog where else

  • Mila M

    Its not always a stalthrim shield its just an enchanted leveled shield mine was a hide one of flames

  • D4rk wolf

    I think you have to be a certain level to get a stalthrim shield, because I am level 24 and I found an elven one, but everything else is the same

  • Austin Pollock

    I keep getting an elven shield,not stalhrim?

  • Z0NE Rain

    Theres 4 Resonance Gems

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