Skyrim: Top 5 Quests and Moments We Hate in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is an incredible game, easily one of the best of its time. However, no title is perfect, and The Elder Scrolls 5 isn’t an exception to that rule. Indeed, Bethesda Game Studios’ 2011 RPG also hides beneath it a number of more monotonous moments and frustrating quests that are anything but exciting and immersive. While many of Skyrim’s missions send us on captivating adventures and most of the experience is brilliant, what we’ll be focusing on today is anything but. Sit back and relax as we take a look at five annoying quests and moments in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Little Shmuplet

    Bold of you to assume I hate anything about Skyrim

  • Sophia Mallon

    Nate: A new hand touches the beacon...Me: throws phone across the room

  • nintendude0701

    Not mentioning the “No Stone Unturned” quest?Aight I’mma head out

  • zCREz

    "Some missions can drive us absolutely mad..."Sheogorath: I see this as an absolute win!Edit: I just realized Sheogorath does the same pose in the thumbnail as Hulk from the meme.. well played, Nayt...

  • TheLoreSeeker

    "Whoever Sinderion was"?!!! Sinderion was the master alchemist trainer in Oblivion. This was one of the cooler cameos in Skyrim.

  • Mikey Allen

    When The Elder Scrolls: 6 finally comes out: ME: "Oh, I found a note...what's it say?"Quest StartedTHE IMPATIENT ROOTS OF BARENZIAH Objective: Find 50 Crimson pages of Barenziah. . . in the Soul Cairn. ME: Of CoUrSe Todd. Of CoUrSe.

  • Sharkoteer

    As soon as I clicked on the video“A NeW HaNd toUCHes Th-“NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Daysauce Ouyang

    I was so convinced the collect 24 unusual gems quest ll be on this

  • Rusty Folk

    1. Player.additem 0003EB42 302. Let the vampires and werewolves laugh3. The new hands touches the beacon (Acrophobic trigger warning)4. Belle Delphine salty bath water edition5. 50 shades of Saint Jiub

  • Katelyn Kivel

    I actually like Meridia's quest. Dawnbreaker is worthwhile and Meridia is arguably one of the best Daedric Princes lorewise. I usually join her in shouting "A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON". Yeah, it's dramatic and sometimes jarring but it's so, so worthwhile to help out one of the rare "good" Daedra. Also worth mention that while the dungeon crawl is pretty basic the light beams mechanic is a nice thematic touch, though if there was more of a puzzle around it that'd have been a lot more exciting.

  • Mingle Dingle

    No one:Absolutely no one:A random barrel in the middle of nowhere: A nEw HaNd ToUcHeS tHe bAcOn!

  • Martian Dawn

    The “Paarthurnax Dilemma” annoyed me so much I installed a mod that gives you a third option. You can essentially tell the Blades, “I am the Dragonborn so I am the boss; you do what I say.” That shuts them up.

  • Corvo Fox-Gray

    You don’t know who Sinderion was??!In oblivion, he had you go looking for 100 nirnroots. And they didn’t respawn in that game.

  • Ash

    People whinging about a return to your roots never played seeking your roots in oblivion 😂

  • Alex Haze

    Me: opens chest in a dwemer ruin well below skyrimMedia: smiles expectinglyMe: closes lid and burns the chest "not today, to oblivion with your rock"

  • shiny emeralds gaming

    Roses are red,Everything has to peeQuest itemsCan’t be removed from your inventory

  • yooni

    "You have extracted-" ad:"chromebook"

  • majinnemesis

    why is the quest no stone unturned not on this video? you know the quest were you have to collect 24 unusual gems from across skyrim

  • Zeivu's Gaming

    Crimson Nirnroot respawns with the map reset. Can't find all of them? Leave and pass the time. Come back later. Not that hard.

  • Firock Finion

    I like the Meridia quest, because the sword you get from it is ballin'.

  • MultiRick_96

    Did anyone notice?9:06 Gordon Ramsey's chest 😂

  • Matthew Boyce

    This is pretty 'nail on the head.'The first three I've done before and am trying to avoid in my second playthrough. Lol.Can you do a top 5 missions you may have missed in Skyrim?I remembered finding this crazy brotherhood temple down in some sewers and there was a glove that you had to put 5 different enchanted rings on it to open something but I never found out what it even was or where to find it again because it was an unmarked location also.Even if an explanation of that mission would be cool but I'll bet there's some interesting missions that the everyday players wouldn't come across.

  • Paul Bennett

    Every time I pick up and read “The Legend Of The Red Eagle” book, the related mission pops up again despite my having done it several times!

  • tigurius555

    This is why you become a werewolf asap.No diseases, especially no vampirism encroaching.

  • Keko

    At least meridia gives you a weapon and not a freaking alchemy perk!

  • Andrew Gutmann

    9:00 Complaining about someone yelling at you while playing a character named Gordon Ramsey 🙃

  • GORE illa

    Some Hagravens annoy me much more than the crimson Nirnroots....

  • AtomicFiend

    Pfft I'm a vampire lord, I don't get diseases

  • I Love Memes

    Never understood why Meridias quest is so hated. You get to fight unique enemies, get a unique imperial helmet at the beginning of the dungeon and get Dawnbreaker. There’s also a pretty solid amount of gold in every decayed corpse.

  • Afonso Gomes

    What about the stones of Barenziah quest? It's basically the upgraded version of Jiub's and the red root quests

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    oblivion has nitnrootskyrim has crimson nirnrootfallout 3 has steel ingotsskyrim has juibs opusskyrim has no stone unturnedbethesda stop with the "search the entire world" quests

  • Smith Jones

    Given the third option, I would have wiped all traces of the Blades from the face of Tamriel.

  • Joel Pearce

    If you ever meet someone who claims to love hunting for Crimson Nirnroot, run away from that psychopath.

  • Jeremiah Kivi

    In regards to the crimson nirnroot: PC is superior because of console commands. That is all.

  • CinderFallenAngel

    Why would you ever side with the Blades. Paathurnax is just too nice. Some of these collectathons I gotta do soon.

  • Cole Sultemeier

    Werewolves laugh in disease immunity

  • Rand0m27

    Me 2012: kills parthenax Me now: realizing that that was the worst decision

  • ThatEnglishGuy

    I like how in every video you say "murdered to death" always makes me chuckle a little.

  • Sarthak Shah

    "Thrusting us into a vibrant world"You mean thrusting us into dungeons with the exact same colors and design in every quest

  • Deadskin Studios

    WAIT! Are you telling me you don't know who sinderion is? "Bethesda fan" my butt

  • A_Guy_in_Orange

    sinderion’s serendipity was the real reward, it gave like a 25% chance to make 2 potions instead of one

  • Adam Lakeman

    Not gonna lie, I became a werewolf solely because of the disease immunity. I don't even transform 99% of the time.

  • Justice Dunham

    Honestly, I played as a Bosmer for the archery bonus. I didn’t have that big of a problem with disease.

  • Jacob St.Clair

    I didn't hate any of these quests except the blades one.

  • Sean Wisniewski

    fun fact you can get a shit ton of cure disease potions during the companions quest line when dealing with the silver hand

  • Babyback the Butcher

    I wish I could slaughter Delphine and Esburn just for suggesting that I kill Paarthurnax.

  • pikharo daegon

    Nate: “A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON” Me: (confused screaming)

  • Jade Williams

    I think diseases were good personally. Definitely made it feel a little more immersive and realistic. They could definitely do more with it in the next elder scrolls and I'd be okay with that.

  • Babyback the Butcher

    I keep the crimson nirnroot. It can be used to make very potent poisons.

  • nazzeem _

    Becoming the thieves guild master the storylines ok but doing 20 crime missions is just too long and stupid

  • Otimo

    I slaughtered all the blades because I like their place as my own personal hang out

  • SnapplyPie

    If only M'aiq had a quest.

  • Rickest Rick

    (NOPE they want you to suffer) here is your reward enjoy a useless book

  • Yumiko Oshiro

    Sinderion is actually a guy you helped in Oblivion with the nirnroot quest in Skingrad. Also the master alchemist trainer.

  • ImAFreakenCyborg

    Nate: "A new hand touches the beacon."Me: "UGH. NO!"

  • Crystal

    I thought you could just go to a temple and have it removed

  • whiterun guard

    Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters, or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself.

  • DrinkGameRepeat

    Go play Oblivion, then talk to me about how annoying it is to gather nirnroot.

  • LaTory50

    So am I the only one that enjoys the "A return to your roots" quest?

  • Inaire Falen

    you left out the civil war itself. children bickering while golden elves pull strings in the background.

  • Jacki B

    I for one like the beacon Quest those corpses have a lot of gold on them!

  • Jojo Bizzare

    No one:Not even a single Nord:Not a single man or mer:Not even any of the Divines:Not even Atherius:Meridia: a NeW hAnD tOuChEs tHe BeaCon

  • [REDACTED] Redwood

    I found meridias beacon while another quest wasnt working so i was grateful

  • Zoyo Playz

    got platinum trophy for skyrim on ps3 and 4 barely did anything for either of them it was actually an easy platinum

  • Matthew Boyce

    13:15I'm ALWAYS down with 'Party Snax'

  • Draix Mitchell

    Paarthurnax dilemma mod is the best mod to grab no matter what, you get to tell the Blade screw you I don’t work for you you work for me Paarthurnax lives.

  • moviefanatic88

    well to be honest I never had any problem or issue with these moments and I didn't really care if the reward was just underwhelming! the Daedric quest with Meridia is actually one of my favorites! I've played the game so many times that at this point I've memorized the locations for the quest items with the Crimson Nirnroot and Jiub's pages! plus after ever battle or skirmish, I always not only took an Ultimate Healing Potion but also a Cure All Diseases potion! as for the Parrthurnax dilemma quest, well thank mighty Talos someone made a mod that allows you to bypass that choice and allow you to put Delfine and Esbern in their place and remind them that you're the Dragonborn and your word is law to them as the new Grandmaster of the Blades! simply put, you can be a member of the Blades and ally to the Greybeards and spare Parrthurnax! well, there's my two cents lol!

  • yes

    Thumbnail: "Bad Quests *Sheogorath*"Me: "I'm sorry what"

  • Rickest Rick

    I think i still have the beacon and have had it with me since the start of the game nearly maxed out lvl (looks at beacon nah)

  • Mikosch2

    Sinderion: Completely decomposed to bare bonesCandles: Still burning.

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