The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Funtage! - (TES 5 Funny Moments)

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I decided to make a few videos on some classic games from the last generation, some that I didn't get the chance to make any on. I made a vote on Twitter and the top one was Skyrim, so here it is!

Two best friends: Brad, and his companion bear, Pablo, go on an amazing adventure across the lands of Skyrim, training themselves to inherit courage and strength to eradicate the biggest threat to have encountered the legacy of Skyrim, the dragons.

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  • dtcalles

    I cant wait for skyrim remastered!

  • LakeSpirit

    the ending was kewl :3

  • Games Express

    Did anyone else notice the kahjiit's tail was moving and he was dead?

  • The crazy superhero fanatic

    11:28 ok. For a moment, I thought he was going to try and knock bablo out when he said "nighty night"

  • Michael Moscrop

    What a fucking idiot all he had to do was pull the lever

  • chica x who?

    I watched this so many times.. cant believe it

  • Bat_Man420

    Imagine thegaminglemon and paplo vs the ebony warrior

  • Exalted Gamer

    "As long as we don't hurt it, it won't hurt us." mammoth smacks lemon "AAAAHHHHHH"

  • Tom Bomb

    I busted my lungs when the terraria music started

  • xXMoonSabreXx


  • Master Knife

    Ahh back when he uploaded stuff more regularly. And I think his older videos are much funnier

  • LegendaryTrev

    how did you get so many dovahbears around?

  • Luke Delaney

    challenge how many times did he say Pablo

  • Them Shrooms Man

    Since you like stealing and pickpocketing you should join the Thrives guild in Riften

  • Logan whetmore

    Who else noticed the Terraria music?

  • Daniel Gomez

    how do you get a bear to be your ally?

  • Team Mystic

    17:55 the music there gave me so much nostalgia, I remember watching a minecraft playthrough with that in the intro, I can't find that old let's play so I'll never see it again :( I remember there being two people playing and they built their in a rock with a jungle tree on top. I wish I could find it again...

  • The_Silver_Wolf

    I was trying to find the thieves, the lady told me where to go but I'm out of the middle of no where 😂😂

  • Scott Dally

    the views are amazing, for me, right now, 4,888,999 it doesn't get more perfect

  • the first wilson 9

    love the vids keep doing the work

  • armor power

    so i see you might like terraria with the classis over world theme XD

  • Teddy Hotchkies

    Only just realised what 'Oh! Hi Mark' is from

  • GoodlyRecord 579

    Which camcorder should I use to record on any Xbox device?

  • Discover Lexi

    What was that nice violin music before he was attacked by the mammoth @ 17:50

  • Dat JJ Gaming


  • Fail Queens

    how can u buy a pablo 😂😂😂???

  • Carson Riley

    At 4:09 it looks like Pablo wanted to get a peticure

  • Audrey Tobey

    very funny i love this video. i watch it to much already. lol

  • Jason Scott

    I play Skyrim. I have a zombie mob. But try Dishonored.

  • Flaming Falcon

    i love the random stuff, like: FUCK YOU!!!! lmao

  • Gavin Federowski

    6:45 he said this is for smart people...just pull da lever xD

  • Sage Rivera

    That was a big chicken.

  • Flaming Fists

    how come there is a mammoth whenever Pablo is in the video

  • Sky Aura

    It's a damn shame that'll I'll never have the feeling I had when I first played Skyrim

  • Instinctual777

    24:00wrong letter, that's from an old quest.

  • Morgan Dye

    burping dragons was the best part

  • Brent Mills

    it's very sad when he's about to leave his beard 😂

  • Franz Villarino

    is that terraria????!!! 11:39 song

  • neb519

    Pablo, it's your brother, Diablo!

  • DWgaming123

    thumbs up for more brad and Pablo

  • RaWrMotovlogs

    4:36 i think i shat myself 😂😂😭

  • The dog gamer 101

    Your bear 🐻 is so cute😊omg =oh my god

  • The Redstone Gamer

    If your reading this I have a weapon that one shots anything

  • Alpaca Squad

    You made me laugh so hard

  • Samboguy

    Best skyrim vid I've ever seen hahaha

  • Caleb Hagen

    I am level 39 on Skyrim

  • Luis Castaneda

    its easy to kill a dragon

  • CooperZGaming

    he's level 14 and hasn't finished the first quest?

  • Sabri Eren Öztürk

    Hey nice montage, ups sorry funtage .) What's the music starts at 17:48?

  • S1ush Y T

    Hi I like 🌮🌮🌮🌮 and my name is Pablo

  • Bahi Tarik

    i wish i was in one! D:

  • TheThirdAce

    what is the name of the song at 0:23 SOMEONE PLS!!

  • RoastyToast124

    That should be a try not to laugh

  • Mary Roberson

    I love Pablo (I know I'm late)

  • The Great Lapriagus

    i wish i got my own pablo

  • Phantom SWE

    If you reading this comment has skyrim Imma give you a tip if you go to the place with the companions and unlock the expert display cases or whatever there are extremely good stuff for a new player just crouch when youre hidden save the game and keep trying to lockpick until you get it I swear its worth it if you use two handed weapons

  • CleanUpChunk 423

    i wanna learn to play chaplins best movie on piano

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