The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Funtage! - (TES 5 Funny Moments)

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I decided to make a few videos on some classic games from the last generation, some that I didn't get the chance to make any on. I made a vote on Twitter and the top one was Skyrim, so here it is!

Two best friends: Brad, and his companion bear, Pablo, go on an amazing adventure across the lands of Skyrim, training themselves to inherit courage and strength to eradicate the biggest threat to have encountered the legacy of Skyrim, the dragons.

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  • hiimm6100

    TheGamingLemon you have spell to heal others so you can heal pablo

  • sarahsue123

    "Are these people good? Ahhhh!!!" lol!!

  • Snowrider1313

    It's so fucking easy

  • Bloody Bonnie

    dragons are pretty hard to go on Skyrim

  • Pele Central

    11:46 fucking terraria will take over

  • Dustyn Oliveria

    12:00 love the terraria music

  • Sarah Jaff

    I love this video and pablo XD

  • Logan Howe


  • H2ODeliriousFAN #1

    0:20 R.I.P headphone users

  • Michael David

    killed a dragon with ease at level 12


    highest level is 100,000 I'm 99,867

  • Insanity Filter

    The last time I looked at this video, it had about 3.1M views. Now, it has just over 5M. How the...? Never mind.

  • Roboghost 123

    When two of my favourite things thegaminglemon and Skyrim combine you get the best video in the world

  • Nameless King

    If skyrim had multiplayer I would help you

  • Trixquality

    i'll give you a bandit raid. Lol


    I killed 10 dragons and 20 skeletons

  • Jina Valentine

    "jess Leuiess" lol, i thought I WAS the only person in the world that says that! lol 1 up for you :-3

  • callum loll

    says crap at dosent die once kills dragon

  • Maple Sauce


  • PlayingW/ Napalm

    You could learn the healing hands spell :|

  • Marjhan Taylor

    the ending was the best tho like if you agree


    he needs to do a skyrim funtage #2

  • Michaela Flynn

    I'm dying right now!😂"What a shoity cave!"😂

  • Giveaway Obama

    dat terraria theme doe XD

  • Derp Gamer

    so easy to deafening a dragon

  • Niki Venis

    it has terraria music.

  • Tyler Whorley

    anyone else notice the terraria music in parts of the vid

  • lennon moore

    still one of the greatest episodes from you. 10/10 ign

  • Savagegamer


  • Pashka F

    Skyrim is my favorite Game i played it all the time on every diffeculty its a lot of fun.

  • Josh Koerkenmeier

    Does anyone know the sound effect he used at like 0:24 ?

  • Martinez RJesus Martinez

    I'm at level 209789 not lieing

  • Jack Sundeen

    This is such a funny video🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Tandy

    I wouldn't mind this video if he didn't sound like a six year old retard

  • Lemon Chaos

    when I first watched thus I was so excited to play the game then when I first played the game it was so fun and as I leveled I realised this game is far different then what I thought this just brings the nostalgia.

  • That guy

    Why isn't this guy going off winning editing oscars?

  • Its Bluu

    It's been forever since I watched this video. This video makes me so happy inside

  • random gamer909

    I died at the giant chicken!

  • WingDingsGaster Error

    dragons are ez if u hav windshere

  • paulius puodziunas

    clicks On Video DIs will be Awesome ! sees Pablo closes YOutube I HATE BEARS

  • Black Wolf

    I've watched this same video at least 20 times... It will never be forgotten.

  • RapidRage Gaming

    I will shit in your garden.

  • gecko lover

    just letting you know they can't die because they are needed for a quest

  • HAM 333999

    I know an secret chest near a mine,but I don't know where it was.

  • Daboss Gorilla

    Plz make another skyrim funtage

  • Kurtis Russell

    how do you get the bears?

  • Dovah Whale

    Dovah bear,Dovah whale.Together,THEY WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!

  • Riptide Gaming

    brad, you can go to whiterun/riften/morthal/markarth stables and pay 20 gold to 'fast travel' to windhelm

  • Shinytreecko2003 OwO

    how do u get a dovahbear??!!

  • shadowbladewwr12

    That was the best ending

  • Meep davis

    Killing the dragon is the easy

  • Leife Klopp

    The bear looks like it is on drugs!

  • Dragonborn Sam

    I eat dragons like that for breakfast brad! you and Pablo could never take me jzargo my German shepherd and gehnoth down!

  • Handre Merwe

    14:42 why did the chicken cross the road?

  • Cooper Anderson

    TELL ME HOW TO GET A DOVABEAR RIGHT NOW!!!I've been hanging out with shadowmere this entire time until I figured out about dovabears

  • Fiona Carthew

    do another skyrim video

  • Blake Funk

    this is my favorite game ever and just sayin its like 2 mins for me to kill a dragon

  • TuxedoPanda

    How did you get the dovahbear?

  • Fun Girl

    how did you get a bear?

  • Unique Soljah

    I always come back to this video every now and then. This is the video that got me into Skyrim. I wish I could rewind and re-experience this video and the game again.

  • Jeremy Perdue

    I've seen this video 10+ times since its release and its still hilarious. #PabloRocks

  • Discover Lexi

    What was that nice violin music before he was attacked by the mammoth @ 17:50

  • Lolbit The Cute Fox

    the gaming lemon: ALVORS TRAPPED ME PABLO ATTACKPablo: dose nothingthe gaming lemon: A-ATTACK PABLO!!!!!!

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