The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Funtage! - (TES 5 Funny Moments)

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I decided to make a few videos on some classic games from the last generation, some that I didn't get the chance to make any on. I made a vote on Twitter and the top one was Skyrim, so here it is!

Two best friends: Brad, and his companion bear, Pablo, go on an amazing adventure across the lands of Skyrim, training themselves to inherit courage and strength to eradicate the biggest threat to have encountered the legacy of Skyrim, the dragons.

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  • dtcalles

    I cant wait for skyrim remastered!

  • Big Smoke

    Since you like stealing and pickpocketing you should join the Thrives guild in Riften

  • Exalted Gamer

    "As long as we don't hurt it, it won't hurt us." mammoth smacks lemon "AAAAHHHHHH"

  • TheRed Gamer

    Yall motha fuckas need Talos'

  • pepi power

    i have to say, i have fought no random dragons, but killed the vampires and those warriors who where attacking that woman

  • Dina SayenkoVLOG

    I watched this so many times.. cant believe it

  • Fire & Water

    i almost died watching this XD

  • Michael Moscrop

    What a fucking idiot all he had to do was pull the lever

  • The_Silver_Wolf

    I was trying to find the thieves, the lady told me where to go but I'm out of the middle of no where 😂😂

  • Luke Delaney

    challenge how many times did he say Pablo

  • QueenElectricDiamond 123

    I have my own house in Skyrim! X3

  • DuhCraZyPugster _

    I watched this 6 or 4 times in a day dis vid is awesome

  • leaza Toledo

    this should be made into a movie

  • Scale Fire

    MUSTARD JAR ITS A BOT F@@@@@@ COOL OH MY GOD (the sky rim chant)

  • Sceptile Kid

    I miss skyrim now I play the elder scrolls online🙁

  • Team Mystic

    17:55 the music there gave me so much nostalgia, I remember watching a minecraft playthrough with that in the intro, I can't find that old let's play so I'll never see it again :( I remember there being two people playing and they built their in a rock with a jungle tree on top. I wish I could find it again...

  • Phantom Gaming

    Any one come back after remastered was released for a mod for Pablo...someone make one plz.

  • Joe Servin

    as long as we don't hurt it it won't harm us mammoth attacks AHHHHHHH FUS RO DAH

  • Funko Pop Figure Reviews

    Anyone else notice he called a Whiterun guard a Windhelm guard at the beginning?

  • TurtlesOnCrack

    Yeah I subbed lol, love your content


    At the bridge I was like turn around and see the lever

  • Austin Sorenson

    did this boy really put terria music in the background??

  • Nick Gamez

    Pulling a lever... true Skyrim expertise skills.

  • Faizal Iqbal

    When Brandon Rogers plays Skyrim XD hahahahahaha

  • DontFear Fatal

    What was the song when he met Pablos family and almost left him behind

  • Milad Robbie

    I love how this video ends =D

  • CrappyPaintPapa

    8:39 easily the best moment on youtube

  • Tucker Duproy

    i am proud of you because most people wont attack dragons without at least ebony armor

  • hanan zamani

    kill a dragon is easy if u have dragonrend use it :)

  • Cole Knoblock

    Bro killing the dragon is easy

  • Ian Galang

    When i come to that mine i like the way that i killed the bandits by cutting its head off

  • Kalan Delbridge

    There is my Body at the giant camp

  • G4M3R 201D

    I'm level 6 I killed a dragon for 30 mins and won plus how do you find Pablo the bear

  • dragonaspect26

    😂😂that first dragon burps😂😂😂😂 5:00

  • specter M I A

    how do you get the dovah bear


    skyrim is so cool it's filled with so much fantasy i mean dragons, giants, getting married ,and Pablo

  • vTeCk V2

    Oh hi mark😂😂😂 I'm dead

  • Thesoundmadness _

    What makes the "puzzle" better is that there was a letter in plain site

  • Austin Kahosed

    I want a bear like ur pet

  • Sarin Kim

    Pablo is the first thing Brandon hasn't kill for no reason XD

  • Jordan Leyno

    I remember when gaminglemons videos were this long

  • Carla Sidwell

    dragons are flipping easy like fighting drougre

  • Isolda Ross

    hoeney get me the shotgun there is drud ealers

  • Summerfox Jackson

    don't give me that smug look you bastard! XD

  • Jimmy Walker

    Creator of the bear mod doesn't know the dragon language. In English dovah means dragonbo- dove means dragon and ahkiin means born

  • channel 111

    Damn you!!! that beginning made me shit myself, luckily I watched this on the toilet, and i was you helped me?

  • Matt Willner

    Hehe 5:07 it's claptrap

  • foxit begamin

    17:22 ---> 17:26skeleton: just getting out of bed (gets hit by hammer) dang it hit by a hammer when waking up

  • XxGrimWarriorxX

    After I bought skyrim remastered I can't stop watching this

  • james and jack//jj gaming

    He said why isn't there a piss of I want to use this

  • zka The Lab the lab

    killing the ebony warrior is the hardest thing in the world

  • Unity

    in the beginning where it screamed fus ro dah, yeah that killed my eardrums

  • Metaphos

    Ah yes, good ol' Pablo.

  • Malcolm Roberts

    its soo fun to kill dragons

  • DarkCorrupter

    Pavlo we are invincible nothing can stand in our way.(Dies by Ebony Warrior and can never beat him)

  • Jay Hawk-_Boiii

    "this puzzle is obviously for true experts" there is a lever right on the dock XD

  • willthep

    wasn't it a whiterun guard?

  • Tyrone Spruill

    the dark brotherhood quest is at the abandoned shack

  • Kash Stein

    Noob i can kill a dragon at level 5

  • rite snipe

    dude, this video is awesome!i always watch It, about 5 or 6 times! its funny and awesome. i play skyrim, im a dawnguard and dragonborn and a warewolf... im also a level 25

  • TrackRecordGaming

    i hope he was joking about the puzzle, because when he said it was too challenging i could see the lever

  • Björn Müller

    Bear fetish 100% proof

  • Acruxyssa gamer

    is that a mod with the bear

  • Zachary Jordan

    fighting dragons is so fun

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