The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Funtage! - (TES 5 Funny Moments)

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I decided to make a few videos on some classic games from the last generation, some that I didn't get the chance to make any on. I made a vote on Twitter and the top one was Skyrim, so here it is!

Two best friends: Brad, and his companion bear, Pablo, go on an amazing adventure across the lands of Skyrim, training themselves to inherit courage and strength to eradicate the biggest threat to have encountered the legacy of Skyrim, the dragons.

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  • MK plays games

    I watched this video 4 times it's that good 😆

  • BluFoxx

    the ending was kewl :3

  • dtcalles

    I cant wait for skyrim remastered!

  • Michael Moscrop

    What a fucking idiot all he had to do was pull the lever

  • The crazy superhero fanatic

    11:28 ok. For a moment, I thought he was going to try and knock bablo out when he said "nighty night"

  • BlueShroom

    Pablo is so cute, I guess you could say it's "un-bearable" I'm so funny XD please clap

  • Games Express

    Did anyone else notice the kahjiit's tail was moving and he was dead?

  • Lew Avenue


  • Choo Choo Train Gaming

    I busted my lungs when the terraria music started

  • LegendaryTrev

    how did you get so many dovahbears around?

  • Daniel Gomez

    how do you get a bear to be your ally?

  • hoyt 24

    It wasn't a puzzle, there was a lever right in front of you... (Sigh)

  • sky lord

    tomorrow this video came out 3 years ago

  • Trish The Devil Hunter

    "As long as we don't hurt it, it won't hurt us." mammoth smacks lemon "AAAAHHHHHH"

  • The_Silver_Wolf

    I was trying to find the thieves, the lady told me where to go but I'm out of the middle of no where 😂😂

  • ToxicKills

    LOL it wasent the wife it was the sister

  • Vegito SSB

    my favorite part "Oh its a dragon, aaaaahhhhhh!"

  • Mitchell Winkworth

    wait is the piano song called?

  • Logan whetmore

    Who else noticed the Terraria music?

  • Them Shrooms Man

    Since you like stealing and pickpocketing you should join the Thrives guild in Riften

  • Mighty Teddy02

    I'd laugh when he was like "NOTHING TO BRING US DOWN" at the end, that lockpicking girl came out and stabbed pavalo and he died

  • Team Instinct

    17:55 the music there gave me so much nostalgia, I remember watching a minecraft playthrough with that in the intro, I can't find that old let's play so I'll never see it again :( I remember there being two people playing and they built their in a rock with a jungle tree on top. I wish I could find it again...

  • chica x who?

    I watched this so many times.. cant believe it

  • Hector Rivera

    can I get a bear or a Wolf as a pet in remastered on Ps4?

  • Hitomi Sasaki

    how do you get the dovakiin bear?

  • CooperZGaming

    he's level 14 and hasn't finished the first quest?

  • Ace Beats

    what is the name of the song at 0:23 SOMEONE PLS!!

  • Smarlines

    I named my dovahbear the black one diablo ^^

  • Sky Aura

    It's a damn shame that'll I'll never have the feeling I had when I first played Skyrim

  • PokemonTrainerLance9

    I found a dragon in the distance on my PS3 but never seen one up close congrats brad!

  • Robert Watt

    The belching dragon always makes me laugh

  • Ghostface Killa

    How do you get the bear in this

  • KhaosFHD

    I love the terraria soundtrack

  • Twisted Wonderland

    Look, Pablo, de lahst mammoth...I'M GONNA POKE IT

  • RonaldMcReagan 4

    that mine he went to is one of the first places to go

  • DEE JAY47

    she was the traders sister . not his wife

  • Jordan Saum

    dude you were so close to a dragon shout

  • Mattadragon 56

    Pls make more funtages of this so Pablo won't be bored.

  • William H Bell

    if you want god mode in skyrim type in the console command tgm for flying tcl

  • Spellit_Nub420

    Imagine thegaminglemon and paplo vs the ebony warrior

  • luke caruso

    Happy three year anniversary on this video!

  • Radoslav Varga

    Annoying voice not funny

  • AssassinSteve4000

    shoot a dragon skeleton with a Firebolt/ Fireball and sit back and enjoy the view LOL.

  • DirtyRandom

    Look Pablo , the last mammoth -Bwad

  • Joy Green

    2017| but which Skyrim should I buy? I'm a pc player.

  • TDM 391

    who's watching in 2017

  • Manny The Awesome

    if you want to get everything in the game type in the chat coc qasmoke

  • psyco creeper

    I'm watching this while playing skyrim

  • Arkane Games

    'Drug dealers are... Jesus' gaming lemon 2014

  • Adriana Marquez

    It is easy to fight a dragon

  • Luis Otero

    Silda the unseen? More like Silva the crackhead white trash SKANK.

  • Joshy Hill

    I would appreciate it if you guys could check out my Skyrim funtage videos. would mean a lot ❤

  • FallenShadow17

    You Where Right next to da lever XD

  • lighting 3.60

    bragon's are easy to kill.

  • مسزينظدظسن كسظيزنصظرز

    do u name all ur bears pablo

  • colin chapman

    the best part was when he's like sit down sheep and when he's like oh a deagon... aghhhhhhhh

  • Haiden Guevara

    it's easy I killed 9

  • Wacker 08

    He always mispronounces the Skyrim names Ivarsteaf was mispronounced

  • emma_wolf_ ko

    "A little this and a little that" * Amazon ad comes on trying to get me to buy stuff wtf..

  • Felicia Perez

    its easy to kill a dragon

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