The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Funtage! - (TES 5 Funny Moments)

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I decided to make a few videos on some classic games from the last generation, some that I didn't get the chance to make any on. I made a vote on Twitter and the top one was Skyrim, so here it is!

Two best friends: Brad, and his companion bear, Pablo, go on an amazing adventure across the lands of Skyrim, training themselves to inherit courage and strength to eradicate the biggest threat to have encountered the legacy of Skyrim, the dragons.

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  • LuckyFox

    the ending was kewl :3

  • dtcalles

    I cant wait for skyrim remastered!

  • Big Smoke

    Since you like stealing and pickpocketing you should join the Thrives guild in Riften

  • Exalted Gamer

    "As long as we don't hurt it, it won't hurt us." mammoth smacks lemon "AAAAHHHHHH"

  • Luke Delaney

    challenge how many times did he say Pablo

  • Duckie Gaming

    14:40 giant cock appears on screen

  • fbjdje

    11.46 Terraria music why i like the game but why

  • London Stringer

    The "Oh hai Mark" part killed me!! XD

  • Santiago José del Castillo

    Pablo Salamanca hahhahahha IM DYING LOL

  • ShadowInu

    I'll show this to my kids when they go to sleep

  • The Rsoul

    The amount of times I've watched this is unreal

  • J I

    12:00 Why is there a fucking terraria music?

  • Ashley Marie B

    hm i wonder why that music sounds familiar

  • maxson rich

    you sound like the deadric prince clavicus Vile

  • Simply Gecko

    U r very funny but that dragon is really easy to kill

  • Nicolas Ortiz

    Rip headphone users at the start😩

  • Joystick Jonah

    My first gaming lemon video

  • Roderickthebeast

    I killed the first dragon at the watch tower with a long bow and iron arrows

  • Jesse Johnston

    Look Pablo the last mamath I'm gonna poke it! ID

  • scoey plays

    where the hell did the chicken come from?!?!?!?

  • Alex Pifer

    How did he miss the lever?

  • random gamer909

    am I the only one who lost it at the giant chicken

  • Lebby Great

    Hey Bwad, Empire or Stormcloaks.

  • kyle wealleans

    it is hard to kill a dragon

  • TimesNewLogan

    We need a belching dragons mod.

  • Keegsriley775

    This is my 14th time watching this

  • Floof The panda

    4:36 Whisper's in ear arrows c;

  • Luut Sirag

    He is really bad at skyrim isn't he

  • Bonap

    We need Pablo on console mods!!!

  • _JackDragon_

    God, it's so easy to kill dragons. I use dual wielding.

  • xx Pro CriticalXxx

    i miss the gaming lemon

  • sammycat

    TRERRIA MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot Bélanger

    Wow... The first time i watched thid video was 2 years ago. Today i just bought Skyrim on the xbox 360. Ah... The memories.Ima name my bear Albert

  • DuhCraZyPugster _

    I watched this 6 or 4 times in a day dis vid is awesome

  • Frisk

    whos next? DRUG DEALERS! AHH!!!

  • leaza Toledo

    this should be made into a movie

  • Your Boy

    At 3:10 brad owns that cabbage for ever

  • Teaghan Lewis

    Make another skyrim vid

  • Plz don't read This

    4:32 to me when I play😊

  • Scale Fire

    MUSTARD JAR ITS A BOT F@@@@@@ COOL OH MY GOD (the sky rim chant)

  • Team Mystic

    17:55 the music there gave me so much nostalgia, I remember watching a minecraft playthrough with that in the intro, I can't find that old let's play so I'll never see it again :( I remember there being two people playing and they built their in a rock with a jungle tree on top. I wish I could find it again...

  • QueenElectricDiamond 123

    I have my own house in Skyrim! X3

  • Joe Servin

    as long as we don't hurt it it won't harm us mammoth attacks AHHHHHHH FUS RO DAH

  • Sceptile Kid

    I miss skyrim now I play the elder scrolls online🙁

  • Nick Gamez

    Pulling a lever... true Skyrim expertise skills.

  • Faizal Iqbal

    When Brandon Rogers plays Skyrim XD hahahahahaha

  • Ayman Soudan

    i used to eat chicken strippers from dominos lol only video i can eat over idk why its weird

  • Darth Vader


  • Edward Zamora

    Wot wit da tarraria mood I at 11:45

  • Stormy Boi

    one of my all time favorite YouTube videos ever. this video reminds me of rough times i went through and i watched these videos and it made me feel better. this guy helped me so much

  • TurtlesOnCrack

    Yeah I subbed lol, love your content

  • Discover Lexi

    What was that nice violin music before he was attacked by the mammoth @ 17:50

  • Felix Patriot

    the sequel never came :/

  • Bradley Hill

    Actually Bwad Dovah means dragon, so he is a dragon bear, technically. I know this because I was a HUGE Skyrim nerd

  • Milad Robbie

    I love how this video ends =D

  • Tucker Duproy

    i am proud of you because most people wont attack dragons without at least ebony armor

  • Funko Pop Figure Reviews

    Anyone else notice he called a Whiterun guard a Windhelm guard at the beginning?

  • Phantom Gaming

    Any one come back after remastered was released for a mod for Pablo...someone make one plz.

  • Cole Knoblock

    Bro killing the dragon is easy

  • dragonaspect26

    😂😂that first dragon burps😂😂😂😂 5:00

  • Michael Walker

    Please do more of this

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