Skyrim: 5 Criminally Underrated Mods for The Elder Scrolls 5 (Skyrim SE PC/Xbox One mods)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has among the largest modding scenes in gaming. However, in such a large pool, there's bound to be a few treasures unjustly buried amidst the rest. So today, we list 5 Skyrim mods, that are criminally underrated.

High Poly Project:

Open Civil War:

Artistic Skyrim Overhaul:

Animated Eating Redux:

Windstad Mine:

Background Music: Football head - Flamingosis
Outro Music: Good Ol' Days - Martin Landh
  • Sander V

    Artistic skyrim overhaul really makes it look like first person runescape

  • Jonah Marx

    “Clear out these stubborn communists” brb, creating a mod that renames bandits communists.

  • Cam

    I really wish there were more buisness and economy mods. I love owning buisnesses and would love to have the option to in es6 to sell my hides and weapons through a storefront I made.

  • FatSkyrimNerd

    " (Skyrim SE PC/Xbox One mods)" Ps4 has nothing lmao.


    Special edition don't got pregnancy mods tho so who is the real winner?

  • Lone Norseman

    You had me at "clear out these stubborn communists", I love it!

  • Falloutdemonictv

    "Clear out these stubborn communists"- Nate 2017

  • Trey

    The animated eating mod.. iNeed has that. What'd really impress me is if someone figured out how to make the item you eat appear in your hand, instead of a tankard or piece of bread.

  • LucidAPs

    Thank you very much for the quick shout out, i am glad you liked that sweetroll :D

  • Olliegold !

    Become a Bard is a rather fantastic addition, but I'm not sure how many downloads it has, so I suppose it may actually not be underrated if it has high values...

  • Flood Forums

    #1. Glowing unread skill books. Makes what should be a fantastic reward feel like a reward instead of a random find.

  • Worcestershirey

    The Pixar pack looks terrible, IMO. The oil paint one is really good, and honestly matches Pixar much more than the "Pixar" pack does. Skyrim just isn't a game that works well with super low res texturing IMO. Just looks like a setting below minimum settings.

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Windstad Mine is pretty fun. I've been using it alongside a couple other "business" mods (such as running your own restaurant, brewery, cooking and selling skooma, etc) to make a sort of kingpin living a double life of crime while making as much profit as possible.

  • Martin Brunt

    Love the addition of changing the outro. An necessary touch but one that shows you care about your content.

  • Chilling Villain

    You briefly mentioned Civil War Overhaul and how apollodown removed all of his mods. I still to this day cannot believe my eyes when I look at that reddit post that was his reason for doing so. That guy seriously needs help. Edit: Added the link to the post down in the replies.

  • Tydus Tarien

    First mod made me get closer to my screen with my jaw agape... the second mod made me literally say "whaaaaat?????"... number 3 made me shut up again... then I paused to make this comment... hahaha... I can't believe how amazing the modding community is!!!!! This is exactly why I still have faith in people LOL....Animated eating???? YEShahahaOk, I'm addicted

  • Greed Retard

    Top underrated youtuber #1 TheEpicNate315

  • Malicious

    Stubborn communists? Haven't heard that one before

  • Butane Boss

    One criminally underrated mod I love is Armoury of Tamriel, where it is possible to mix and match existing materials and armour styles (ie having an elven warhammer made of ebony or orcish armour made from steel). Though this is only for Oldrim, the successor Ish' Arms Armorum is available for SSE.

  • magicrainbow aids

    But if I make my sweet roll look better then someone will definitely steal it and those freaking useless guards won't do anything about it.

  • Nuralif Othman

    damn tulius looking good

  • apdarkness905

    One thing that always bugged me about armour in Skyrim: WHY HAVE EXPOSED FLESH IN AN ARCTIC WILDERNESS?!

  • deadasfak

    Beyond Reach. It's like 4 gigs, and it's comparable to Beyond Skyrim Bruma imho. I don't know why don't those two work together. The level design is beautiful. I think I only finished like one dungeon, but it had a pretty dark souls-y feeling.

  • Jacob Campbell

    i found a mod, i can't remember how many downloads it has, but it's called Iron Empire and it makes all the Imperial Soldiers wear heavy armour, and use sheilds, it comes with a few textures and new armours that make the Empire that much more intimidating of a faction

  • John Freeman

    "Clear out these stubborn communists."Sides just entered orbit

  • Snake Deust

    For those asking: tullius and imperial mods are-tullius looks: Total Character Makeover- imperial armour: immersive armours-tullius text: sovngarde font

  • Wasted Spam

    I use both Windstad Mine and Heljarchen farm and I can definetly recommend them both. Especially if you do a lot of crafting (to fill up those 80 mannequins in your home), the mine is great for speeding up that process

  • gio gegelashvili

    Soo if i have hearthfire dlc will the mod work? Cause i cant buy special edition

  • kylie caperton

    Windstad looks cool I will definitely get it

  • Johnny Aiko

    Helgen reborn is an amazing underrated mod,

  • Jesse rule

    dood your outro is oddly satisfying to watch

  • Nosayba Hammoud

    You got 300 K!🎉 Congratulations!😆

  • meekal wit

    Xbox users:Laughs in framerate

  • Bamboonium

    Number 3 is not.... imMERSIVE

  • night channel

    Can somebody tells me the mod in this video thats changes tulius, rikke and stormcloak appearance?

  • JustFluxz

    Is high poly project compatible with skyrim 2017 and or noble skyrim textures?

  • rj bc

    Hey just wanna ask what (any "immersive") HAIR MODs is good?

  • T Rex

    18+ "Amorous Adventures" Loverslab edition. The mod author did outstanding work.

  • Alpha Crusaders

    I think the owner took down the Open Civil War one from xbox because I can’t find it... My heart is broken

  • Sergeant Arch Dornan

    GAIUS Julius Caesar.Gaius was his name. Julius was him somewhat surname. His heritage was to the Julii Family. And Caesar was like... emperor.

  • Bradley Anderson-smith

    Unless you play ps4 because sony hates modding apparently

  • Fandom Trash


  • BethDeth77

    5:07 heheh shafts...bigger you grow...heh heheh

  • fred leblanc

    Was really excited about winstad mine but i guess its not on xbox anymore

  • BarrackObamaGamingOfficial

    the mammoth at the end is so cute

  • brasil221

    Great video. Please don't perpetuate the conflation between communism and criminality <3

  • penguinlord5789

    I can't wait to get open civil war it looks amazing

  • Bruce Wayne

    "stubborn communists" That was so good that I'm subscribing now

  • GenTreag YT

    Loading Screens with extra sarcasm

  • Christopher DeGraffenreid

    Good content...SUBBED!

  • triforce hero

    “Pc and Xbox mods” proceeds to show pc exclusives

  • Ian Memmott

    2:43Lol that isn't skyrim, that is Runescape

  • Peace

    Def Spell Research, best underrated mod ever

  • skullpull 101

    Be careful with open civil war. It's confusing, and buggy.

  • Jeff

    would love multiple parts of this, nice vid x

  • eanaz79

    Daedric Entity Restoration Project - D.E.R.P. needs more love.

  • THRASH/DEATH METAL Underground

    You should use no spinning death

  • Dargone007

    Watching some of your mod videos as I put the finishing touches on my mega-modded Skyrim SE play-through. I'm enjoying your videos a lot and I'm looking forward to watching more. Liked and subscribed! Kudos to you!

  • Dylan Meier

    Great video brother have a safe and awesome day! God bless!

  • Sally Blue

    Artistic Skyrim is beautiful!

  • Flixey

    The last mod blew my mind.

  • EpicHysteria

    Immersive HUD and Pumping Irons are two really underrated mods!

  • RollOut514

    Good xbox one special edition graphics improver?

  • ThibautVDP

    i find windstad mine to be overpowered. waaay too easy resources.

  • TheOnlyAnimator

    Hot Damn! The Pixar mod is gonna go great with my low res PC

  • Silver Artist

    Birds of skyrim (it adds so much immersion)

  • AnonymousTheorist 666

    Oldrim? Did I hear that right?

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