HOW TO START DAWNGUARD - New Skyrim DLC | Full Walkthrough

Can we get 20 likes on this one?! We crushed it last time.

I'm showing you how to start the dawnguard DLC.
Don't kill any vampire guy that you meet in the city, because they will become hostile until you use a calm spell.
This shows the Dawnguard castle and how I got there.
Enjoy and please subscribe for more!

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''MW3 "Whats wrong with you?" Trolling Tuesdays Episode #2 by Whiteboy7thst''
''MW3 "Whats wrong with you?" Trolling Tuesdays Episode #2 by Whiteboy7thst''
''MW3 "Whats wrong with you?" Trolling Tuesdays Episode #2 by Whiteboy7thst''
''MW3 "Whats wrong with you?" Trolling Tuesdays Episode #2 by Whiteboy7thst''

''MW3 TDM on Lockdown with USAS-12''
''MW3 TDM on Lockdown with USAS-12''
''MW3 TDM on Lockdown with USAS-12''
''MW3 TDM on Lockdown with USAS-12''

''Skyrim Dawnguard Gameplay Walkthrough - VAMPIRE LORD!! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)''
''Skyrim Dawnguard Gameplay Walkthrough - VAMPIRE LORD!! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)''
''Skyrim Dawnguard Gameplay Walkthrough - VAMPIRE LORD!! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)''
''Skyrim Dawnguard Gameplay Walkthrough - VAMPIRE LORD!! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)''

''Worst Classes - SILENT AND DEADLY!''
''Subscriber Tuesday! 94 Sec MOAB!''
  • Club Bmw Amg

    this is the most retardded player ive seen on youtube, im surprisde u got past level 5

  • Adam HD channel

    how do we find the mission dawnguard i didnt find anything i alredy travel but its nothing i alredy downloadi it

  • AngelRevonx

    HOW DO I START THE QUEST? I used cheats that give me Daedric armor and Smithing level 70 and some iron ingots and leather, but will it still WORK? I have the Dawnguard Quest Completed which means I downloaded Dawnguard but it dosent shown me the cave!!!! and i didnt get the messages from guards

  • Braden Parker

    When I'm near Fort Dawnguard I'm stuck at an Invisible Wall and it says "Cannot Go That Way" Any help? I am Level 10.

  • omgbubbz

    Justin this is es5 are you talking about the dlc

  • Toknak.

    Same with me D: I don't wanna restart my game to fix one problem!

  • Justin Kingdom


  • adrian mayers

    You cant even talk jesus christ SHUT UP.

  • Raidman

    when i tried to start dawnguard i barely walked into the cave area and i get attacked by everyone and i never killed or attacked any of them.

  • hermit ross

    If your a vampire they will cuz there vampire hunters...

  • Nathan Mitten

    i get attacked wen i pass everyone

  • noupperlobeman

    This is the worst fucking get started video ever. Please never do this again.

  • Austin Kimbrell

    It won't work for me any advice

  • eku380

    i need legendary edition?

  • corey duffel

    so ya i start the dawnguard quest and everyone just attacks me when i go. what am i supposed to do?

  • logan

    It's gotta be might I guess

  • EnterNameHere

    i just got the dlc for free on xbox u mad ? :P

  • Mitchell McCullough

    lol turns out you cant be a vampire and join the Dawnguard everyone just attacks

  • thes0mething

    If I userstand you correctly you already have Skyrim and have just downloaded Dawnguard DLC. If you are on PC, Get nexus mod manager for skyrim. You dont actually have to get any mods but when you start it (if you bought the DLC legally) you should have boxes you can tick. Dawnguard needs to be ticked and then you have enabled it. That's how I did it anyway. Im on steam but might still work if you arent.

  • thes0mething

    Bought this DLC today and i cant even play it because of a bug. Doesnt feel good as a student with shitty economy. As soon as i enter the fortress that Isran dude and the others attacks me. I have no bounties, I cured my lycanthropy and I used Addtofaction 0005A1A4 1. I have deactiveted dawnguard and made a clean save (maaaany times) but nothing works! So fucking frustrating! Its not like the DLC is new, they should have fixed it! Any ideas of how I can try and get passed it is appreciated btw.

  • Tyler the Dragon

    I can't seem to start it. I know I downloaded it, but it doesn't show "add-ons" on the main menu. Anyways, I need help here

  • Adam Christie

    I killed the vampire bit nothing happened . Any help ?

  • Whitey98

    Yes but Xbox and PS3 have a standard software and hardware for each one, Whereas PC you have to spend probably double the money to get something on par. however I love playing games for PC but more like Command and conquer

  • Emberrss

    no ps3 is the longes tloading times xbox second fastest and pc the best fastest

  • Emberrss

    or pc pc has the best graphics and modding

  • Emberrss

    you should of quick saved oh wait you don't have pc version

  • Lisa Tetrick

    How bo you get add on's

  • Lisa Tetrick

    How do you get the vampires to go to witerun

  • Harespyt

    No it fucking didnt i Cant get the Quest do i need to download something?

  • LessGravey

    i was level 15 when i killed alduin

  • ShadesEdge

    I'm level 44 and kills Alduin and Whiterun still doesn't get attacked

  • TheKells619

    The PS3 DLC came out in february

  • Whitey98

    Shitty PS3 just buy xbox (dominant console anyway)

  • Brahms Pareja

    Your not being attacked by vampires because its a vampire raid/attack on a city this happens very often if your lucky and you need to be level ten or higher to start quest for dawnguard I hope this helps

  • Yuriy Adaskevych

    fuck man i want the dlc for ps3 those lazy ass mother fuckers

  • AW6421

    I now know and to all who are asking you need to be level 10. :)

  • Todd Howard

    i need help i just got dawnguard and nothing happend im level one im going to all these places people tell me to go and nothing happened help me please

  • Mary Roche

    Im not being attacked and the gaurds arent saying anything

  • Matt G.W

    Do u need to complete the game or need to be a certain level

  • AW6421

    Do you need to be a certain level ? Cause i went to Whiterun and nothing like that happened :( Nice video though

  • BringdaBacon

    I just got Dawnguard on PC, I am attacked immediately when entering new area. Any thoughts or help. I know I am late to the party on this one. Thanks

  • Average Guy

    really need to talk less, no need to talk just to talk, its crazy annoying

  • Tony fox


  • Coheed Kilgannon

    yes but u cant do anything dawngaurd lol but their is still wearwolfs without the DLC

  • ethan revis

    The thieves guild is Badass like if you agree

  • Marclonus

    Can you still play the game without dawngaurd addons?

  • Mr.Weegeeman

    Its wont be released for ps3

  • Mario Jr

    does the game have to be completed for the dlc to start?

  • Sjon Snorstra

    No and it will never come out for ps3 and x box this is just a pc with a xbox controler

  • Jonathan Rush

    what do you have to be to start the quest

  • gianmarco peralta

    You sound just like a friend I had.JUST like him would your name happen to be Domonic?

  • Nator xD

    Haha he killed durak thats not good...

  • Camden Greenwood

    He's playing on xbox...

  • Derek Coulahan

    man those loading times, you need an SSD

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