Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough Gameplay - Illusion Assassin Build - Part 1, Fort Dawnguard

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build.

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  • MrSanta78

    Hurray, a Dawnguard walkthrough. And with a sneaky assassin. And first video and I already learned something new, we got some business, Mr. Fumblefingers, Major Slack doing some gaps puzzling and of course, my favourite, business. This can't get any better.

  • Marie-France Desjardins

    OH! I missed that spot!!! I realise I had never been in that cavern!! Thank you for the walkthrough...

  • MissNatalie55555

    I absolutely adore your Skyrim videos. You're an absolute don on that score but I've been watching your boaderlands 2 videos. I just got caught up with them. I'll be back to Skyrim in a bit. Stay classy 😊.

  • Border_Collie7

    Been watching a lot of vids and finally subscribed I wish your assassins creed black flag was in better quality I couldn’t finish it cuz it wasn’t the best quality display

  • Dong Blak

    "It's no fun getting pushed around all the time...""Quiet you, we're doing a walkthrough here."

  • djredangel

    Big thanks for this Boss! Have a good weekend all you hardcore Slackers out there too!

  • Ryan n Karen .Celaschi

    Slack you can also get a crossbow and 45 bolts from Duran who is outside practicing when you arrive at the fort

  • Fumferknuckle

    400th like here, Boss! Man do I love the smooth sounds of Slack Radio. I've recently been watching the GTA series you've done (SA and 4, to be specific) and have found myself laughing at the same jokes and silly moments for like the 5th time. I swear I have watched each of your playlists multiple times and never get bored or tired of them! I don't think there is a single other YouTuber out there that can keep my attention and interest like Major Slack does! Thanks for all the hardwork and effort you put into each and every one of your videos. I sure do appreciate it, and has helped put many a smile on my face.

  • Joker's Ace

    Hey slack, have you considered doing a real walkthrough of Mass Effect 3?

  • Glen Perkins

    The crossbow is by far my most favorite archery weapon in the game. Yes, it reloads slow but with Ranger, Quick and Power Shot, and the built in stagger that slower reload becomes a moot point. And, as you mentioned, it shoots flat.

  • Robert Prather

    That's some serious bobbing and weaving through the corridors of the Dawnguard fort.  Great Vid!

  • oldienerd

    Hooyah! A Dawnguard real walkthrough from my favorite gamer! I started this up only a few days ago, but am starting over as of now to follow you, sir! Let's do this!

  • Unknown Native

    i wanna see slack murder Harkon. man hes tough as nails. and Legendary.. yess

  • Rock and Roll

    Been waiting a long time to see this one! Thanks Slack :)

  • Rob Defibaugh

    Fiery souls on the crossbow. From the axe in ironbind barrow. 10 fire and a soul spell to fill your gems.

  • OhMagnetz

    0:44 ...and she can teabag with the best of 'em as well! :D

  • icadist

    Because of this illusion build, i restart my game. Turns out this build is very fun but deadly.

  • Raghead Hadji

    This is gonna be interesting. Looking forward to it. Edit Missed a spotters and Completionists... .,I,,

  • sara dean

    started watching your legendary tank mage walkthrough enjoying it so far only that vampires keep killing merchants lol love the videos

  • Brandon Creek

    Gonna do my first playthrough on legendary soon, and I'm planning a character that's something like this:Race: BretonSkills: Restoration, Smithing, Enchanting, One Handed, Heavy Armor, ArcheryEquipment: Crossbow, Dawnguard Axe, Sun Spells, Heals, etc.I like the flexibility in terms of combat, using Archery, Melee combat and Magic will keep things fresh and fun (especially since I rarely use magic or crossbows) and I'll have plenty of survivability.

  • Timothy Cousineau

    awesome video slack! this DLC looks great!

  • Cheshire Tea-Party

    Incredible. Do more Skyrim DLC missions Slack! ;)

  • vijaylakshmi kunchu

    Awesome! I'm playing Skyrim remastered again and I'm just starting the dawnguard questline. I look forward to more of your videos.P.S. I haven't been all your videos yet. I hope you don't join the vampires. I'm not going to be seduced by the powers of a vampire lord! lol. Never liked Harkon the last time I played too.

  • Zach

    The stormcloaks should build a wall around skyrim to keep out all those bloodsuckers. ;)

  • Lanisha B

    Hey slack I love ur videos! Try doing it as a vampire

  • lewis curtis

    Will the dark elf destruction build work?

  • Cathy Miller

    Lmao!! Who cares what you miss. Love your videos.

  • Zach

    I can't in all good conscience use glowing mushroom for smithing potions when ingredients for fortify destruction are so hard to come by

  • Cathy Miller

    Beer and a Crossbow!! Damn that's dangerous!!

  • Wowthatsfail

    Slack! You missed the Potatoes in that barrel! 😁

  • RaymondNordahl

    No needle in the haystack joke?

  • That_One_Aromantic

    Woo, it has been awhile since I watch a slack video. Very behind on all your stuff. How you been Slack?

  • Frank Lees

    Great work sir!  It's a pleasure to be back in the Slack Army again

  • Yonder88

    Hey Slack - ever thought of using SkyUI? You can bind complete item sets to one key, e.g. Mary Mileage's Running Gear. I couldn't play without it.

  • David De Valera

    I'm interested to see how you deal with the vampires and their damn dog minions. The Dawnguard addition to the game gave me my only real combat troubles. I began the missions at level 11, and those vampires completely ruined my home city of Whiterun, killing off some of the most valuable NPCs.

  • troygly

    Cool, I leave a lot of behind too if it does not benefit me in anyway I leave it

  • Casual Magma

    Major Slack, I play an Illusion Assassin myself on my main character for Skyrim SE, what kind of technique would you recommend for levelling/ power levelling Alteration. Thanks.

  • luis 96

    Will you do nuka world for fallout too ?

  • Steven Satcher

    Will you be doing a walkthrough on Mary Mayhem herself, or just use her in the Dawnguard walkthrough?

  • Zepp

    God I hate those random vampire attacks. So kill them all for me.

  • Zachary

    Hey Slack don't to be mean but you look into empty barrel in the video

  • Emocaide

    to those watching this at long after the release. you dont need to be dragon ready to kill vampires. but you need to either: have invisibillity if you are assassin. or: staggerlock if u are a mage. or:spellbreaker if you are a shieldedd warrior. or: volendrung/ebony blade if you are 2 handed. and for all of them: at least 60% magic recist. if you are a warrior or archer type i would recommend to get pretty high armor. 350 or more should suffice for most of it. and as far as the last boss goes: BE CAREFUL OF THE GARGOYLES! ;)

  • Tyson Robinson

    slack are you ever going to get back to the Lux iron breast walkthrough?

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