The Best Skyrim PERFORMANCE & FPS Increasing Mods - 2017

Today I'll be going a list of the best Skyrim mods to help improve your game performance and FPS in game. This list of Skyrim mods are mainly directed at the Special Edition version of Skyrim even though these mods will either work or have versions for the original version.

As far as performance and FPS increase mods go.. usually you are going to be stuck with removing stuff or downgrading.. I tried to avoid the Skyrim mods that do weird cartoon effects or just unplayable (for me) quality- because of this I stayed on mods that either optimize or change things you usually won't notice.

Make me seem relevant:


Skyrim Special Edition Mod list for Increased Performance and FPS:

Simply Optimized Textures for SSE

Project Optimized Textures Skyrim Special Edition

Bethesda Performance Textures

Insignificant Object Remover

Less Grass and Such

Revamped Exterior Fog

Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover

Remove Interior Fog v2

Remove Clouds

No More Radial Blur

Frame Rate Stutter Fix - Steady

  • VDMW Moldis

    Thanks to this guide, my skyrim no longer runs with an arrow to its knee

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    It's criminal how you don't have more subscribers. Maybe try really lewd thumbnails to draw people in? I bet they'll stay for the good content

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    7:20 min into this video and just now i'm like "wait, why am I watching this? I don't play skyrim" super entertaining.

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    By far, one of the better underrated mod reviewers. Thanks again!

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    man I have found that after skyrim Remastered came out its almost impossible to find a video that will give you a list of regular skyrim fps mods...

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    Before, my Skyrim used to run with an arrow in its knee, but now its a city guard

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    Can't believe I only found your channel now. Quality vid!

  • The Panacea

    I wanted to ask you something. Any chance you could cover my mod? It is called The Great Realism Overhaul and is huge gameplay overhaul that changes almost everything about the game to make it more realistic and challenging, from the combat to the crafting to the perks to the economy. It is still a work in progress, so DLCs have not been done yet, but it will come someday. I hope you would check it out as i have worked really hard at this mod for a year now and people that are playing it, really seem to like it, but not alot of people know that it exists. I was hoping you could do a showcase of it in one of your videos. Either way thanks =)

  • Mark Lemus

    had to do this when I was running this in VR. The opening wagon scene is something I will never forget, to lean over and see the wooden wheel spinning was amazing.

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    This is quality content :). You are now on my Senpai list.

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    That particle quality lowered will give you quite a few frames! Definetly worth it!

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  • Skill Pill

    just tried adding the Project Optimized Textures Skyrim Special Edition. the mod no longer exists?... help?

  • Teaze

    Thanks for helping me man! The Simply Optimized Texture Pack helped me alot, I have a GT 720, that can run special edition but at a framerate a bit under 30 FPS

  • Zuccmynut

    I have a i7 7700k and a 1070ti and I dip below 55 FPS sometimes (1440p)

  • Goblin Slayer

    This video gave me 10 more FPS, thanks man, I needed that :)

  • Nacho

    Excellent video! Thank you for the recommendations.

  • Karlyah Dreloth

    So I got a better machine a while ago, but this is one of the most informative videos on the topic that I've ever seen. The 'me few months back' would love this.So straight to the point and oddly soothing.Since running Skyrim on a calculator can be complicated (especially deadly for newbies & common pc users) -Huge thanks for saving many headaches :)

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  • Blake Bauman

    Are these all for Skyrim Specail Edition?

  • nadiff

    you missing "Special Edition" Sir ?, i thou it was for the normal skyrim one.

  • Dexter Nelson

    Great video. Also, not to step on you or anything, (that's not my intention) - NVIDIA USERS...I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that GeForce users go into their NVIDA GeForce Experience App and slowly adjust down the performance/quality meter until the game runs smoothly FIRST. It will save a TON of time and you won't have to install anything.Most people when they install a game, they will run the Optimize in the app and a lot of stuff will be set to Ultra and the highest possible settings. Changing one or two things to High or Medium (for example Godrays, grassfade, LOD, and a few others) instead of the highest will GREATLY affect the game's performance without having to install anything.It uses a slider and you can slide back and forth until it's just right for you.If you don't have that, use BethINI first since it is pretty much the same thing as NVIDIA GeForce Experience app or non-NVIDIA card users.No More Radial Blur is a must. It's annoying lolAll that said...I installed an ENB, (Rudy ENB with the realistic lighting and FX), along with mods for 2k and 4k texture upgrades. It was pretty stuttery, and here's what did the trick for my game. 64-bit render targets: True -> FalseDistance Object Detail: Ultra -> HighGodrays Quality: High -> MediumGrass Fade: 7000 -> 2000Large Object Distance (LOD): 100% -> 75%Object Fade: 30 -> 15Shadow Distance: Ultra -> HighShadow Quality: Ultra -> HighThat's it. As you can tell from the default settings that my rig is fairly decent since it maxed out a lot of the graphic settings so your might be lower, BUT the same items will work for you as well and I would start with those first.Here's why.The two big item categories that will affect your game the most noticeably are Shadows and Godrays. Shadows are the object shadows obviously and it takes a good deal of VRAM and processor power to render. The same goes for Godrays, (light sources from the sun). In other games they call them sun shafts? Huge amounts of video and processor.After that, I would look at things that render in the distance. Do you really want to have everything far out in the distance using the same amount of video and processing as the stuff up close? That would be a NOOOOOOO.While I get that HD quality majestic views are awesome, turning them down a bit will give you the same amount of awe, while simultaneously stopping your rig from crying.LEAVE YOUR GAME ON FULL SCREEN - it will actually increase your game performance.So, before you start messing with your textures and removing things, look to your basic game options first. With modding it's easy to forget that you can control the quality and performance of your game with everything that comes with your video card and right from the settings.Cheers!

  • RemRem

    This helped me A LOT thank you man

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    Time for Skyrim laptop edition :D

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    Keep up the great work fevir! Appreciate the updates!

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    This is very well made! Thanks a lot :D

  • Azwrath Frost

    Reducing the texture size of Texture BSA in the data folder. and downloading performances texture pack will reduce VRAM usage speed up loading screens.

  • Sandeep W

    on point and super helpful. Thank you!

  • Levi Minnis

    You have a really high quality mic. It sounds perfect.

  • MonsterMutt

    for the remove cloud mod, it works for regular skyrim, but you will have to install it manually.

  • SomeKid IgUess

    Just found this video today, thankyou! I just downloaded like 4 of these and it really helped.

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    I wish you had elaborated more on using BETHini.

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    Very informative, thanks :-)

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    I didn't know about the 30/60 FPS nonsense. That explains soooooo much about the stutters I was getting in Oldrim.

  • Symon

    One tip: Turn off grass sway animation.I usually turn it off because is breaks my immersion but it also helps with performance and thats something you wont miss

  • Vnixz Shrestha Artist

    Thank you mate! God bless you!

  • karim GamerBoy

    dose all mods work for the normal skyrim too?

  • LukeWalk1

    0:14 And other times its just the engine is just a piece of crap and a horrible effort at trying to fix the damn gamebryo engine. STOP IT BGS! Give us that new engine that TES deserves.Edit: Also the suggestions are excellent! Keep up the good work!

  • Spicy-Pepper

    Really helpfull video, very clear and precise. I did enjoy the "calm, chill out" atmosphere you put in your video. I haven't test those I've downloaded yet, put I can't see how it wont work for me and help me having a better experience in-game. So thank you man.Thanks for your good work man, and thanks to the mod authors.

  • Akash Kumar

    Hi thanks for the video. I wanted to ask a question about BethINI. I wanna try it out but I've made some changes to the game directly after accessing the INI files so I don't know if using this mod will override those settings or adjust to them.If anyone can answer I'd be thankful.

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    Im Not Lagging Without Mod But I Have Like 10 Or More mod Im Lagging

  • day one

    wow thanks I managed to configure with beth ini to get 30 extra fps

  • Dontrell Durant

    Are any of these fixes for just plain Skyrim?Not the Special Edition?Because I don't have that one.I have the legendary edition, but not the special edition.

  • Omar Almalouhi

    I find it criminal that most of those mods arent availble for standered skyrim

  • Gorillaz 2-D

    I've installed BethINI and now just because of this,everytime that i try to play,i see a lot of advising red squares all over the map.

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    Heck yeah dude you are awesome!

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    Wait, Is this for Vanilla Skyrim? or the Special edition?

  • Jose Dejesus

    Windows 10 has a V-RAM cap of 4gb total for DX9Windows 10 has a feature called "Memory Compression" designed to reduce how often it has to hit the page file. This will cause Skyrim to stutter and stall when it triggers. To disable this open an administrator powershell prompt and run the commandDisable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression to Re-enable it is Enable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression and to view its current status you wantGet-MMAgent.This fixed my horrible FPS dropping with stuttering.I have 200+ mods I understand I'm not going to run at 60 FPS non-stop but the stuttering from 60 ish to 30 and sometimes 20 is just unplayable imo when just moving the camera around outdoors.Some people seem to not have issues running 300+ mods which was odd to me that I was getting such horrible performance especially having a I7 6700 32gb of ram a 500gb Nvme SSD and a GTX 1070 (laptop) even with proper master file cleaning, load order, non conflicting mods and bash patch.Hope this helps anyone that comes across it.

  • SB S

    Good job mate, everyone does not own monster pc so its wellcome tutorial

  • SpoDEy

    You guys should try ASO (artistic skyrim overhaul). It alters the textures in a very pretty way while making the game easier to run. It has 3 different presets(I use the "paint" version and my game looks amazing)

  • WMWanimations

    Phenomenal advice and quality of this video. Going to try all of these out.

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    will this also work for The normal skyrim?

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    Enboost was essential for me on my old rig. Couldn't play Skyrim without it.

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    Just returning to say excellent video. Essay follows..I am new to pc gaming and when I say that I mean I have never bought a pc for gaming and I am currently getting the feel for it using the Asus VivoBook. It is not idea but I don't want to spend money to find out I dislike gaming on pc. I stopped gaming about 6 years ago, the moment I was asked to pay for online privileges to play AC and COD, after already paying for xbox live. They lost me instantly. I wanted to get back into gaming but xbox have lost my loyalty, they should never have allowed that, and I have never got along with the PS interface. Furthermore, I don't want all the excess crap they put on their systems to try and make a home entertainment system; I just want to game. Back to the Vivobook, it sucks for gaming. I was getting 12 fps on SkyrimSE, with all the settings down low and on the lowest resolution I could go. Unplayable. These mods raised my fps to an average of 40, very playable. You have assisted in making a pc gamer out of me. Just a little annoying that achievements are affected my mods that are purely for aesthetics. The sad part is, even with all the effects and graphics on low and resolution on low, it still looks better than on my 360.

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    Thank you so much. ILY D:

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    Are any of these mods actually featured in Bethesda mods?

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    Or.....get a better GPU. 1080s can handle skyrim heavily modded with ease. (unless you get CPU bottle neck)

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