What Made Skyrim GREAT?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is already considered a classic. But why? Well, we're here to tell you.
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  • Arsenic Flask

    "I spend 200 hours in the game..." So you finished your character creation?

  • Eshitva Prakash

    200 hours?U KNOW NOTHING MORTAL.

  • mattvjmeasures

    I got killed by a butterfly in this game - was surprised by butterfly, jumped backwards, fell off cliff, hasta la vista "Dragonborn"....

  • Astbjorn Asgautur

    Me: Man, climbing this mountain is gonna be hardStranger: Just buy a horse! They do some magic shit!

  • gameranx

    What do you think of this new series we're trying? What game do you think we should tackle next?

  • TheBo0mer

    So, you're saying I came here, watched the whole video to find out what made Skyrim great, and at the end I'm told I can answer that question myself? What kind of mindfuckery is this???

  • Ray Zaffarese

    Skyrim without mods is still the greatest game ever made.

  • loli duck

    What made skyrim great?The possibility to put buckets over people's heads to steal stuff

  • Fred Jones

    The fact I could collect every cup in the entire game and store it in breezehome

  • BestServedCold

    Make Skyrim great again.

  • Janet Yow

    You forgot about how Skyrim may belong to the Nords but everything belongs to Khajiit

  • Oliver Corfield

    I wish I could erase my memory and start Skyrim again, this time not go to Riverwood and instead run off and explore the beautiful world of Skyrim. I salute you Bethesda.

  • Blake Bauman

    Remember my friends. Don't kill the chicken

  • iGxDiscord

    "Hunt a deer by the river." deer starts running underwater..... go fishing for a deer in the river

  • Hentai Senpai

    "200 maybe 300"Hehe yeah not 1000, definitely not

  • Terradice

    What made skyrim great?Bethesda. Duh

  • NGT9

    The only thing that didn't make Skyrim great was it's questline. Lots of other people complain of other issues like RPG element lacking or missing class system but playing a hardcore RPG like Baldur's Gate of Divinity after coming home from a hard day's work can be quite stressful. Even Oblivion needs some kind of memorization regarding how much skills u need to gain this much attribute and micromanaging. On the other hand,Skyrim is meant to appeal to casual as well as veteran players;something that it did masterfully. And the essence of the game is beautifully summed up in the vid, "Just getting lost in the world is better than the actual storyline." Skyrim was a constant companion of mine in my college days. Now after graduating when life has become quite hectic with career and jobs,I do look forward to that day when I can finally settle down in my chosen career and once more enjoy Skyrim in the evening after a hard day's work! :)

  • Nouval ism

    what made skyrim great?MODS

  • DragonKoal

    There's are things missing from Skyrim.....Classes (Oblivion)Flexible Combat like being able to attack in mid-air, side stepping, jumping higher (Oblivion)Stats (past elder scrolls)Extra Armor Slots (Morrowind)Challenging quests with rich story. (past elder scrolls)Spell Making (past elder scrolls games)No more handicapping/holding your hand quests (past elder scrolls game)Power to kill any npc. (Morrowind)Get more easily lost in mines/dungeons/forts/etc (Daggerfall and/or Oblivion)If you can put all of that back into Skyrim, then the game would be the very best, no dumbing down.

  • AjronX

    Is 2:12 part a reference to the "Star Wars Episode V" where Luke Skywalker was trapped in a Wampa cave? :-)

  • Ama

    I legit have 3000 Hours into Skyrim god i have no life

  • Tristan Haddow

    200 hours is nothing my friend your just getting into it

  • Simulacrum Dei

    oblivion was a good game too...

  • Wesley Richardson

    You should do a video on what made fallout 3 great?

  • Unique person

    I used to an adventurer like you, then the Dragon Born came and stole all the quests

  • no stop

    You know what else made skyrim great? The fact that if you in a group, that not all the enemies try to kill only you.

  • Talal Eissam

    I would love to see free movements like dying light in an open world game like skyrim

  • The Grin Reaper

    What Made Skyrim GREAT? Mods.

  • IcEy GuRb BoP

    who else hates blackreach

  • dragonslayer2000

    I love how skyrim has amazing graphics but they don't need a super computer to run them

  • Sierra Mist Cat

    In bathroom you wash hands in shower hands wash you

  • Young Nimbus

    can we appreciate whoever made the art for this i know it took alot of effort and time.

  • Zanybandz

    One of the funniest glitches I found in Skyrim is killing someone when they were asleep and they fell underneath their bed face down

  • TheRouge JJ

    graphics in this video are better than in game

  • Prussicher Royal Memer

    This should be renamed to Why did skyrim make great?

  • Danieru Horal

    People began to forget that skyrim is great

  • Jayseboy 03

    Am I the only one who remembers the animal code in break fall barrows

  • lxrd nermal

    games with flaws that made the game fun............ skate 3


    Skyrim was great, but it was only great because of it's predecessor Oblivion.

  • Mr. Wade Gaming

    I Wonder What Happens If Skyrim was made by Cry Engine or UnReal Engine?

  • Pelior93 Recharged

    There is something that makes you start over a new game. I wonder why.

  • Gaming. exe

    I have been playing skyrim ever since I was 6 years old. It was time well spent.

  • Jayseboy 03

    I have got 34 days on Xbox not sure if that is also the amount of time it has been in background though

  • ReVo

    I'll tell you what what made skyrim great music, combat system, story line and Fus Ro Dah!!

  • Wyahlzley Rta

    What really made skyrim great was Oblivion

  • Aditya Raj

    Well I don't know why I love Skyrim. It is immersive but it isn't something I am excited to play (like Crysis 3)

  • How to Gaming

    Who here also tried to climb up the throat of the world the first time they played

  • Rocky Do

    Im surprised people don't talk about how much of a classic Oblivion and Morrowind were, in my experience oblivion was more significant than Skyrim for it's time but doesn't get as much credit.

  • DatTuberJosh

    I chose imperial race, but I'm a stormcloak in war xD

  • Justin Caleb

    But the real question is, Why is oblivion still better?

  • Scarlett The Doll

    Who else thinks skyrim is like life for them

  • TheSmooshster

    This game was fun until I realized my character was basically unkillable

  • Deezo r

    The best game ever! I can't wait to see what's elder scrolls vi like

  • Owlgamer26

    "...or take down a frost troll!"Me: "Weeeeeeell... good luck with that one."

  • Grim reaper

    ive invested 780 hours into the game, have about one hundred mods, and still playing the game and finding stuff I never even knew existed.

  • Tirion

    "or take down a frost troll"you can do that?

  • KG5Gaming

    It is so great...... until you touch a chicken


    but AI still a issue,i keep losing my companion just because somehow he joined with a bunch of renegade dudes chasing a god damn chicken,or some places the ai cant jump down and i have to use fus ro dah to help him,guess who....Lydia and kharjo

  • Hammy D

    Still think oblivion is better

  • Lebby Great

    Bottomless pit of content, immersive world, awesome progression.

  • OwO What's This?

    UNP dimonized made this game great.

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