Skyrim Unmarked Secret Chest - LUCKIEST Man in Skyrim?

Skyrim Unmarked Secret Chest – The Legend of Lucky Lorenz’s Shack!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Add me on ESO username is @ENTERNAMEHERE on PC, Ill then add you all to the guild!

  • Ow3n the Horror

    Your horse was reenacting "the lion king"

  • THE YOUNG ONE Govender

    wtf is with that horse in the beginning

  • RoboHobo

    imagine if the reason the tree fell was because the greybeards wanted to see the dragonborn

  • MiztarBriteCide

    Polishing his jolly Roger? That's the most 'English' thing I've ever heard :-P

  • Pastahunter

    How people still mispronounce Dibella when they in the game is astounding.

  • Zar The Italian

    Funny how ESO does a lot of off-topic things in his videos just to make the Video 10 minutes long and monetize it. YouTube never changes.

  • Thot Vanquisher

    That tree's not the only wood in lucky Lorenz' house

  • Damien Swanepoel

    I call that book 50 shades of scales.

  • Jonas Coffee

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • Wilhelm Fauth

    youre trying so hard to make this video 10 minutes it hurts

  • Seagull Mix

    More like lusty lerenso

  • MrChoppyyy

    The love shack got crushed

  • Bruh, Look at this dude

    Im supposed to be completing a quest, but The Legend 27 keeps kicking my ass.

  • Andrian

    Diabella? is that the godness of diabetes? lmao :D

  • Arnout Van Roosbroeck

    Lots of wasted time at the start and just crossed that 10-minute mark... How convenient.

  • TheAtheistPaladin

    Not Dia-bella it more De-bella.

  • Meg Wieting

    6:20 you mean south east😂

  • TroutMaskReplica

    Anyone else notice he kept paying attention to other things so he got to the 10:00 mark?

  • Yeetus That feetus

    Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and all the best for new year!


    I was wondering were your videos had gone?Turns out YouTube un-subbed me from you :/ Awesome

  • Sara Coello

    Eso how many times have u played the game\restarted

  • Candy Gobbler

    The lusty argonian maid vol 2 is in Valerica's lab in castle volkihar

  • James Hurt

    Sorry if this has been asked, but what mod do you have to re-texture the books ?

  • zSway v

    Oh my god do you see that wait it's TheLegend27

  • Marv H

    You are growing really fast at the moment, you totally deserve it!

  • Sergiu Gabriel

    Am I the only one that was thinking of a connection between the Abandoned Prison and the fallen tree? Using Alternate Start and starting in the prison, you find out that a flood was coming and that's why it was abandoned. Just saying.

  • Jui Semmons

    Ok, so this guy was reading the lusty argonian maid, ( a porno) had troll fat on the table,(lube) and a shrine to Dibella ( the god of sex) Yes I think this guy was jerking off then the tree crushed him

  • Kwabena Atsriku

    is this skyrim remastered?

  • T3KKANッ

    It was really cool if you start making ESO videos.

  • J. Green

    He was reading The Lusty Argonian Maid, Vol.1 when he died....I'm pretty sure he wasn't eating dinner.;-)

  • Amy Carter

    Aaah, I found this one without a map. Happened whilst I was wall running around the area and fell off. I enhanced and enchanted the glass bow, then sold it later. lol

  • Dylan Bartell

    4:51s i n k m e a w a ya t d a w ns e n d m e a w a y w i t h t h e w o r d s o f a l o v e song

  • Bubba Fetz

    I just got xboxone for Christmas so now I can get skyrim special edition

  • KayleeDaGamer


  • Lewis McLaren

    he was polishing his fishing rod

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    In the USA there’s people who live in the south of the USA actually does fishing with arrows

  • Gaf4s

    isn't this channel all about breaking Skyrims main fun factor, which is exploring and searching? It is far more fun when you just find those chests while strafing through the lands.

  • Lynx Gaming

    Your name is ESO? Elder Scrolls Online?

  • Galaxy Blaster

    Your Riften's balls are showing!

  • Aaron Got game

    6:33 how do I shoot of my horse

  • Erick Viana

    Holy shit man that fish shot

  • skyeplus

    Treasure chests won't spawn if you didn't acquire treasure map first.

  • ImTheWinter

    can you put your mods in the description

  • GD: ENdeRO

    Why does the guy that knows how to get deadric armor at level one, have crapy elven armor

  • SirNateF

    ESO do you need to have the treasure map to get the chest

  • Carlton Willis

    Well, if you're alone in a cabin you got to do something to pass time.

  • Septic Markiplite

    Is it bad that since I've never found "The Lusty Argonian Maid" that when ESO opened the book I paused the video and started reading?....... pppprrrrrrrroooooooobbbbbbaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy

  • Natty-Back Steve

    his "jolly rodger" lol

  • shabal abala

    Legend has it, ESO will reply if you're early enough

  • Nick Mess98

    so i watched this vedeo on 5 viewsnot bad

  • Angel O

    Makes a tutorial vid, gets distracted by aqua fox and goat lel

  • epic tiger 35

    Nothing in that chest was even good and I already found it a year ago

  • DJ MK

    ESO - Fallout & Elder scroll guide I was traveling to find that a Falmer Shadowmaster didn't attack after I got rid of his allies. All what it did was just stand there not doing anything

  • MilanAndBoh

    i just got dlcs and doing dawnguard, what do u recomend me ?being vampire or kill vampires

  • paganorcaluva

    the fox got an anal probe xD

  • TemXdd

    lol I was hiding in that waterfall because some guys where looking for me but I didn't turned back lol

  • Jacob Daughtry

    I was going on that bridge thin I looked right and saw the water fall I was like that looked fishy but a I had to fight a dragon and I forgot about the water fall lol

  • Raging Bull

    The first time i watched this last year, I died at the "polishing his jolly rodger" comment.ESO I love you, you brilliant youtuber.

  • punkfan97

    So the other day while playing I saw a leek on the ground so I put my curser over it so it just happened to say take leek I never thought of it that way before so yes you can literally take a leak in Skyrim

  • Dan Bauer

    You shot that fox right in the butthole! I greatly enjoy the totally unnecessary hunting that starts each of your videos

  • Rex Caboos

    There's a mod for this place to make it a custom bace

  • Mob

    What mods are you using for this play through ? The water looks really good

  • ben Jovi

    Do you think the placing of the log and the basket either side of that long, stiff, shiny Rod was deliberate? And if so, what could they be implying?

  • Khaled Alarabiyat

    I found it 5 years ago

  • Chilly Mcdilly

    I've never heard the term "polishing his jolly roger" XD XD XD

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