Skyrim Unmarked Secret Chest - LUCKIEST Man in Skyrim?

Skyrim Unmarked Secret Chest – The Legend of Lucky Lorenz’s Shack!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Add me on ESO username is @ENTERNAMEHERE on PC, Ill then add you all to the guild!

  • Ow3n the Horror

    Your horse was reenacting "the lion king"

  • RoboHobo

    imagine if the reason the tree fell was because the greybeards wanted to see the dragonborn

  • THE YOUNG ONE Govender

    wtf is with that horse in the beginning

  • MiztarBriteCide

    Polishing his jolly Roger? That's the most 'English' thing I've ever heard :-P

  • MrChoppyyy

    The love shack got crushed

  • T Tuber

    "I think Lucky Lorenz polishing his Jolly Roger to the Lusty Argonian Maid."Jesus, ESO.

  • The Typical Gamer

    Mercer the traitor of the thieves guild...have TLAM book in his office...yeeaah...

  • [insert some stupid name here]

    Lucky Lorenzo's gravestone : Died in "action"

  • Jonas Coffee

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • Yeetus That feetus

    Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and all the best for new year!

  • GJ 19

    You are growing really fast at the moment, you totally deserve it!

  • zSway v

    Oh my god do you see that wait it's TheLegend27

  • Seagull Mix

    More like lusty lerenso

  • Addison Last name

    I didn't realize this wasn't vanilla went and looked wasn't there 😂😥

  • TheAtheistPaladin

    Not Dia-bella it more De-bella.

  • Meg Wieting

    6:20 you mean south east😂

  • Snake Days

    tumbnail: says Dat Luck next to a dead guyMe: Yeah, he's definitely Lucky.

  • Pastahunter

    How people still mispronounce Dibella when they in the game is astounding.

  • ben Jovi

    Do you think the placing of the log and the basket either side of that long, stiff, shiny Rod was deliberate? And if so, what could they be implying?

  • skyeplus

    Treasure chests won't spawn if you didn't acquire treasure map first.

  • Dylan 294

    4:51s i n k m e a w a ya t d a w ns e n d m e a w a y w i t h t h e w o r d s o f a l o v e song

  • Sara Coello

    Eso how many times have u played the game\restarted

  • vvs cut

    Sends him down the riverGets stuck on a rock

  • Wooden Flamethrower

    so i watched this vedeo on 5 viewsnot bad

  • Natty-Back Steve

    his "jolly rodger" lol

  • Abbi Fabbi

    Lydia is SAVAGE also i love your accent

  • J. Green

    He was reading The Lusty Argonian Maid, Vol.1 when he died....I'm pretty sure he wasn't eating dinner.;-)

  • T3KKANッ

    It was really cool if you start making ESO videos.

  • An Jello

    Makes a tutorial vid, gets distracted by aqua fox and goat lel

  • Sam De Jonge

    your videos are always getting funnierabout that aquafox,you are better than david attenbrough

  • MW H

    *ESA finds a Glass bow at level 19.*I found one at LVL 14 without even knowing what I was doing.

  • Super Epic Fun Time

    6:12"And we're gonna head southwest all the way to Riften" proceeds to go southeastNonetheless, I do enjoy these videos and the informative content you provide. Keep it up. :D

  • Nun yer Busyness

    Pfffffft!I got leather boots. 😡Still fun to watch your vids. 👍😄

  • Savage Potato

    Lucky was polishing his Jolly Roger 😂😂😂 thanks for a good laugh lol

  • Debby Levos

    Thank you for your guides. Been playing for years and NEVER knew about alot of these tips. Thanks again

  • Kwabena Atsriku

    is this skyrim remastered?

  • HiddenapexantZ Zzz

    Look guys rare aqua fox pelt bass boosted ali-A theme plays

  • Bruh, Look at this dude

    Im supposed to be completing a quest, but The Legend 27 keeps kicking my ass.

  • Basler Bebbi

    Aquafox. Made my Day!!!

  • Mikha'il Gonato

    I wasn't watching when you said aquafox i was like wtf HAHAHA

  • Mob

    What mods are you using for this play through ? The water looks really good

  • Andrew Farr

    Whats with youtubers from the uk calling their veiwers "squad"

  • Julia Glenn

    "Polishing his jolly roger" ur accent is PERFECT.. that was so funny i laughed so hard....

  • The Shaman

    "Southwest from Riften you can find broken helm hollow." - I think he means southeast

  • Winter

    can you put your mods in the description

  • Candy Gobbler

    The lusty argonian maid vol 2 is in Valerica's lab in castle volkihar

  • GetRekt529

    I love you vids keep up the amazing work

  • Raging Bull

    The first time i watched this last year, I died at the "polishing his jolly rodger" comment.ESO I love you, you brilliant youtuber.

  • The Great Purple Toaster

    You need to keep Aquafox pelts as trophies from now on😂

  • TemXdd

    lol I was hiding in that waterfall because some guys where looking for me but I didn't turned back lol

  • MW H

    3:51I'm collecting those books.Don't ask why...

  • Rex Caboos

    There's a mod for this place to make it a custom bace

  • Carlton Willis

    Well, if you're alone in a cabin you got to do something to pass time.

  • epic tiger 35

    Nothing in that chest was even good and I already found it a year ago

  • Sean Stacks

    I legit almost pissed myself when you said "polishing his jolly Roger"😂😂😆😹

  • Edward Peterson


  • Lord Hobo

    what lighting / graphics mod are you using?

  • Nathan Souza

    Are you seeing this, Lydia?? I lost it at that.

  • preshum

    I literally pronounce almost everything in this game differently....o-o

  • Elijah Vex

    Makes me happy to see how much you have grown I was with you since 400,000+ subs

  • Will Pearce

    Polishing his Jolly RogerWeak AF right now.

  • Aurimas Puodziunas

    OOOOH its Skyrim SE Im playing on my Xbox 360 So i only have HEarthfire,Dawnguard And Dragonborn Expansions

  • ooga booga

    as soon as he said what's up squad I subbed

  • Mayhem Shrapnel

    why the hell are the damage values on your character are so high even though you're lvl 19

  • Tyson Stewart

    your vids are awesome love it please make more hidden weapon locations :)

  • David

    Dude u ended up getting me back into skyrim - heading to the store on the bus right now to buy the Special edition lol. Thx for reminding me there is so much more to do in skyrim than i thought. Cheers bud!

  • Sebastian Betancur

    Hey man I love your videos but why do they seem like they're always dragged out

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