The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim | Full Original Soundtrack



01 Dragonborn (00:00)
02 Awake (04:00)
03 From Past to Present (05:35)
04 Unbroken Road (10:41)
05 Ancient Stones (17:07)
06 The City Gates (21:55)
07 Silent Footsteps (25:43)
08 Dragonsreach (28:36)
09 Tooth and Claw (30:59)
10 Under an Ancient Sun (32:50)
11 Death or Sovngarde (36:34)
12 Masser (39:36)
13 Distant Horizons (45:42)
14 Dawn (49:37)
15 The Jerall Mountains (53:37)
16 Frostfall (56:59)
17 Steel on Steel (1:00:27)
18 Night without Stars (1:02:12)
19 Secunda (1:02:56)
20 Imperial Throne (1:05:01)
21 Into Darkness (1:07:24)
22 Kyne's Peace (1:10:19)
23 Unbound (1:14:10)
24 Far Horizons (1:15:45)
25 A Winter's Tale (1:21:18)
26 The Bannered Mare (1:24:40)
27 Joruney's End (1:27:10)
28 Tundra (1:31:20)
29 Beneath the Ice (1:35:11)
30 Standing Stones (1:39:27)
31 Silence Unbroken (1:46:06)
32 The White River (1:48:30)
33 One They Fear (1:52:01)
34 The Streets of Whiterun (1:55:17)
35 Before the Storm (1:59:42)
36 A Chance Meeting (2:00:33)
37 Out of the Cold (2:03:45)
38 Wind Guide You (2:06:50)
39 Sovngarde (2:15:55)
40 Shattered Shields (2:19:33)
41 Death in the Darkness (2:22:13)
42 Sky Above, Voice Within (2:24:51)
43 The Gathering Storm (2:28:50)
44 Watch the Skies (2:31:45)
45 Solitude (2:34:08)
46 Seven Thousand Steps (2:36:20)
47 Towers and Shadows (2:37:28)
48 Blood and Steel (2:39:52)
49 Aurora (2:42:05)
50 Caught off Guard (2:49:28)
51 Shadows and Echoes (2:50:41)
52 Around the Fire (2:53:02)
53 Skyrim Atmospheres (2:56:14)

Author/Autor: Jeremy Soule, Mark Lampert
  • Verdomme Erik

    I wanna go back to my first time I started up Skyrim...

  • Ezekiel Quintanilla

    I need to go play Skyim right now

  • ador757

    that awkward moment when you realize that music in video games are a billion times better than music on the radio.

  • Holyvamp

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikeztarp

    Within the first minute, I already wanted to play this game again. The remastered edition is getting more and more tempting...

  • Guitarfollower22

    2:08 What they're actually saying is..."It's a sword! It's the lord!Fucking cool! Oh my god!Me gusta! These potatoes are..GOOOOOOOD!Plus that time when you're single,My god! Holy clothes!Dovahkiin! Dovahkiin!Not a single sardine!Oh, that guy! He ate poop!Then cursed the sky!"

  • The Purple Lobster

    psst Hey, I know who you are... Hail Sithis

  • TheEthanMaverick 04

    I love Skyrim SO much. I actually have a story to tell: So, Back like, a year ago, our family gaming console was the Xbox 360. We had Skyrim for it. It was one Christmas when my Dad got it for us, and I was the first person to play it. I fell in love with it. After all, my dad DID say that the whole family will LOVE it. Anyways, for months upon months that is all we played, was Skyrim. So then, last Christmas, we got a upgrade to the Xbox One. But what we didn't think about, was Skyrim. We later found out that they didn't have Skyrim for the Xbox One, and that the Xbox 360 version wasn't backwards compatible with it. So, we couldn't play Skyrim. And ever since then, lol, it seems like our family has been going through a depression. UNTIL. That UNTIL is big game changer. We found out that the remastered version of Skyrim was coming out for the Xbox One at the end of October. Our family was joyful and happy for weeks, then we got tired of waiting. And now, October is just starting, and now we know: ONE MORE MONTH! Ever since then, it seems like every night we have stayed up talking about our previous Skyrim lives and how fun it was, and how it will change, how hard it will be to gain back all of those levels we once had, the adventures we went on, we even had discussions comparing and contrasting our opinouns about different things, like magic or no magic? Imperials or Stormcloaks? Good or evil? Miraak or Auldiun? (I personally like the Imperials, but you probably don't care.) And we are still waiting until the end of the month today. It is coming SOON! LOL, I actually want to tell you about my previous Skyrim life. You are probably getting tired of reading this comment, so you can stop here if you want. Anyways, I had decided that I wanted a sort of casual life. If you read the Hobbit at all, I am like Bilbo. I like home and my town, but I sort of feel the itch for adventure at the same time. I had a house in Whiterun, I was a citizen there. I went to the market square everyday, and meet new people. My favirote person from that market square however was the one Breton that owned a market in the bottom left corner of the square. Man, me and him were buddies. However, I soon realized that I had the itch to earn more money. So, I had remembered a lumberjack in Riverwood that was willing to give pay people for work. So I started going to Riverwood a few days a week to earn a few gold pieces. It did help, too. I got like 1000 pieces a day. Now, yes, I did go on advetures and complete some quests every once in a while. Then that was until I found a glitch that got me 10000 gold pieces, so I was rich. Life in Whiterun was nice, too. I had a house, a wife, and 2 kids. I would go hunting outside the city walls every once in a while. I was friends with Jarl Baulgruff. I was dragonborn, I was a pretty popular dude in Whiterun. And life was perfect. A lot of other Skyrim players made fun of me for how I liked to play Skyrim, even my Dad did. I didn't care that much though, I just laughed along with it. Actually, there was a time when my Dad said, "Haha! All of the world is burning down due to Stormcloaks, and everyone is dying due to dragons, and you're sittin' here in Riverwood tryna' earn a few pieces! HAHA!". I personally though it was funny too. Okay, that is it for this comment. If you have read up to this point, good job. You are now legendary, and you will be recieving your very own helicopter at your door in about five minutes. (It's a scam.) Anyways. . . Bye, I guess.

  • Philippe Bouchard

    My best moment was when I started playing and fought the dragon at the Western Watchtower for the first time. I saw it arriving from the mountains with its wings deployed and that song started. I thought to myself: "This game is gonna be fucking epic".

  • MediaFilter

    @1:52:00 I always think of as the projectile puking song:"heurgh! hurgh! HYURRH!"

  • Chase Charaba

    Usually I listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack when I write, but I'll give this a try. I love the music when I'm playing the game, so maybe it will inspire me as I write.

  • Tom Hardin

    The best soundtrack to any game I've ever heard.

  • Butt Steal

    Skyrim n' Oblivion <3 for life.

  • Godspeed -

    I should probably focus on school and my future and all of that shit but I'd rather play Skyrim

  • Lu PJ

    Why people do an comparision Fallout 4 vs Skyrim? In my point of vision, there is not much similarity of both for an comparision... One comparision that makes sense is Skyrim vs The Witcher, for example.

  • Tricalsa MSP

    1,118 people must have had their device upside down and thought the dislike button was the like button

  • morradi10000

    Absolutely brilliant soundtrack, it must be one of the best ever. I listened to it from start to finish.


    Comment your age, I want to get an idea for who plays this game. It's interesting to see how many people, this game has touched. I'm 19 btw. :)

  • FNAF FAN 54

    Why have I not played this game yet!

  • Elvena Fae

    Who here is stoked about the Morrowind DLC coming soon to ESO?

  • Cherry Bomba

    I've never played Skyrim but I'm thinking of getting it on PC

  • Alexander Hamilton

    How many hours have you put into Skyrim? about 1000 on PC for me.

  • mark soliva

    Fallout 4 was fun....but CAN'T wait until I get back into the world of SKYRIM!! :) Woooo

  • Adolf Hitler

    Doctor: you got 3 hours and 39 minutes to leaveme:ok boss

  • Red Swagon Angryfiend

    What's the matter? Did somebody steal your sweet roll?


    my favorite soundtrack is the jerall mountains*spelled it wrong sorry* it's at 53:37

  • Joe McGuire

    Isn't it weird how the punishment for killing half a towns population can be either 10,000 gold, or 30 seconds in jail

  • J Donner

    Ugh why aren't all these on Spotify... or it could have at least come in the $150 Collector's Edition I bought for a plastic statue...

  • The Cringe Gods

    "let me guess someone stole your sweetroll"

  • Uneven Sleeves


  • Dan Fou

    5 Years ago i coulnd´t seem to get into skyrim and quit after twenty hours. Now i am playing the special edition and i am loving it. Partly because I am so excited for Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Ahmad Jihad

    I tried Skyrim (TM) for 14 days, and I can feel the difference already.Thank you Skyrim (TM).Side effects may include:- Pew-pew sounds when firing arrows- Fus-Ro-Dah'ing local wildlife- Attempting to kill that annoying kid in Whiterun- Getting tired of slaying dragons

  • Fsu atl's Computer

    The greatest game ever. I was expecting tamreul unlimited to succeed it on ps4 how very wrong I was. The original skyrim will always be the GREATEST

  • CamoQueen_Official

    I only recently started playing the game and its awesome. I had no idea you could get mods tho? Either way I love the original.

  • herpsenderpsen

    I wouldn't mind a sequel to Skyrim, one that is bigger with more quests. Just the idea of Skyrim is so awesome, the other provinces cannot compare. PLEASE BETHESDA, DONT FUCK UP ES:VI

  • Fifty0ne

    The first time I heard the increased tempo version of the main Dragonborn theme (it's called " One They Fear" on the soundtrack) when I got into a dragon battle, man what an experience that was. Mesmerizing. It makes you want to grab a sword and charge through your computer monitor.

  • TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    The soundtrack to Skyrim almost reminds of the soundtrack for Naruto Shippuden because of the violins and heavy drum sounds.

  • Gary

    why does it sound like it's being played through elevator speakers

  • Erin m

    you know you are too obsessed with this game when u find yourself listening to the soundtrack


    Love 9:28 it makes me think of skyrim and all of its beauty.. just how epic it is

  • Trenton Faulkner

    the soothing music in this game just makes me feel motivated, like to write my own fantasy or create my own view

  • dandecay6

    Take this vid down bro, it sucks ass

  • Auri El

    I miss my skyrim first experience. A world that I had no clue of being how big, people I would meet, and I definitely can't forget looking into the night sky with Secunda playing.

  • Edmee M

    i used to realy love skyrim, but hen i took an arrow in the knee

  • Leo Wong

    the opening theme is so epic. absolutely love it.

  • TheAbsoluteBest

    After the quest season unending theres a song that plays, does anyone know it? I've never heard it before in all my tim playing skyrim

  • Dani Spiridon

    All Skyrim full soundtraks are distirbed with a "brrr"..what happend ,i think There are bloked by bethesda:(

  • Laurenz Wiegmann

    Gothic , Risen and Skyrim are the best rolling games with epic music soundtracks ever :D

  • Petronila LaOsa

    im late, it was removed ;-;


    I hate Skyrim, I love Oblivionbut all the music on all games are pure perfection

  • Ari Yanto

    "I used to be adventurer like you then i took an arrow to the knee"

  • MegaAwesomedork

    love the game, play it for hours on end

  • Wingy Music

    6,666,000 views! EVİL RULES!!!

  • samcroniermusic

    1:00:30 When I'm climbing high Hrothgar for the first time and an op frost troll runs at me

  • M Melesco

    Kajiits comment your story here! I'm a stealth archer with high summoning levels, summoned bow is too op!

  • Hannah Rayburn

    This game was my summer that after I graduated high school. I spent everyday in skyrim

  • Camia Storey

    I played Skyrim from morning to night when I first bought it. Best day ever :

  • Noob of bikerace

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that listened to this whole thing without clicking off the video

  • PrishtinasiDE

    I dont quite understand the sentence ''Death or Sovngarde'', dont you go to sovngarde WHEN you are dead?

  • Banana Cunt

    when I first got the game I played it for 8 hours straight

  • Mk Nk

    destiny has better music

  • XxAlpha GhostxX

    be honest who here doesnt fast travel everywhere a true skyrim player never fast travels ✋

  • The_Red Bullet

    Drinking a cup of tee with the Inn music playing is beyond calming and 'heartwarming'. No soundtrack beats Skyrim's

  • Hayk Ghukasyan

    Guys after listening to this I opened Skyrim and then saw my steam account had 4000 hours and my ps3 had over 8000 hours. I don't have a problem right...right.

  • Ambercat4410

    Ma favorite soundtrack in the world <3

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