The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim | Full Original Soundtrack



01 Dragonborn (00:00)
02 Awake (04:00)
03 From Past to Present (05:35)
04 Unbroken Road (10:41)
05 Ancient Stones (17:07)
06 The City Gates (21:55)
07 Silent Footsteps (25:43)
08 Dragonsreach (28:36)
09 Tooth and Claw (30:59)
10 Under an Ancient Sun (32:50)
11 Death or Sovngarde (36:34)
12 Masser (39:36)
13 Distant Horizons (45:42)
14 Dawn (49:37)
15 The Jerall Mountains (53:37)
16 Frostfall (56:59)
17 Steel on Steel (1:00:27)
18 Night without Stars (1:02:12)
19 Secunda (1:02:56)
20 Imperial Throne (1:05:01)
21 Into Darkness (1:07:24)
22 Kyne's Peace (1:10:19)
23 Unbound (1:14:10)
24 Far Horizons (1:15:45)
25 A Winter's Tale (1:21:18)
26 The Bannered Mare (1:24:40)
27 Joruney's End (1:27:10)
28 Tundra (1:31:20)
29 Beneath the Ice (1:35:11)
30 Standing Stones (1:39:27)
31 Silence Unbroken (1:46:06)
32 The White River (1:48:30)
33 One They Fear (1:52:01)
34 The Streets of Whiterun (1:55:17)
35 Before the Storm (1:59:42)
36 A Chance Meeting (2:00:33)
37 Out of the Cold (2:03:45)
38 Wind Guide You (2:06:50)
39 Sovngarde (2:15:55)
40 Shattered Shields (2:19:33)
41 Death in the Darkness (2:22:13)
42 Sky Above, Voice Within (2:24:51)
43 The Gathering Storm (2:28:50)
44 Watch the Skies (2:31:45)
45 Solitude (2:34:08)
46 Seven Thousand Steps (2:36:20)
47 Towers and Shadows (2:37:28)
48 Blood and Steel (2:39:52)
49 Aurora (2:42:05)
50 Caught off Guard (2:49:28)
51 Shadows and Echoes (2:50:41)
52 Around the Fire (2:53:02)
53 Skyrim Atmospheres (2:56:14)

Author/Autor: Jeremy Soule, Mark Lampert
  • ador757

    that awkward moment when you realize that music in video games are a billion times better than music on the radio.


    Comment your age, I want to get an idea for who plays this game. It's interesting to see how many people, this game has touched. I'm 19 btw. :)

  • Elvena Fae

    Who here is stoked about the Morrowind DLC coming soon to ESO?

  • Joe McGuire

    Isn't it weird how the punishment for killing half a towns population can be either 10,000 gold, or 30 seconds in jail

  • Anna Dragneel

    I don't play Skyrim I just heard this is good music to listen to while doing homework.

  • CamoQueen_Official

    I only recently started playing the game and its awesome. I had no idea you could get mods tho? Either way I love the original.

  • Nightcat Nightcool


  • Jim Sigs

    If anyone is interested, The Special Edition price went down for ps4. Honestly why would someone pay full retail price for a game they played already?

  • Zachariah Michael

    32:50 Just a bookmark for my favorite

  • Morgan Sterren

    I'm getting so much nostalgia right now, this really brings back memories.

  • Cristian Struthers

    "let me Guess someone stole your sweet Role HMM?"

  • Hamza Khan

    Psst, i know who you are. Hail Sithis!

  • zigzack54

    I'm so ready for another Elder scrolls game... Every adventure so far has been amazing

  • Joseph Kreifels II

    17:30. Im dead. It's too beautiful

  • Lego Builders Unit

    This game has such good music

  • Orangeray3883

    I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee

  • Gabriel Lander

    Terrible quality. All mono...

  • Antonio Cecilia

    I love that music! I love that game! Damn, I really love Skyrim!!!

  • Yaowei Dai

    there are two games in my pc for many years, one is the witcher 3 another is skyrim!

  • TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    The soundtrack to Skyrim almost reminds of the soundtrack for Naruto Shippuden because of the violins and heavy drum sounds.

  • Sam Coleman

    General, another settlement needs our help, I'll mark it on your map

  • Vladimir Sedov

    50% of the atmosphere in the game - music:3

  • TheCrlos11

    they should make a good film based on this game

  • HowlingFoxz

    I used to be a modder like you but then I took a CTD to the knee

  • jaden holman

    "have you ever been to the high cloud district oh what am i talking about"-that one faggot

  • That One Guy

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.

  • -_kinhunter _-

    After 200 hours I start again

  • Rose Thornheart

    I still adore this game to death... I will never stop playing... NEVER!!!

  • Pierrot Prempain

    ''Me too I was adventurer before and I have taking an Arow on the knee..."

  • Robert Miles

    1:15:45 By the blood of our people are you lands kept safe.

  • Alex Coull

    i would rather die than go to jail!

  • Paola Acevedo

    Those 1k kids that disliked this soundtrack were probably cursed and banished into the gates of Oblivion, never getting to enjoy Skyrim's war.

  • ThinGYA4

    I played skyrim and decided to see my first save for memories and it was in 2005? Before oblivion wtf

  • Marel Goldmane

    i used to be a dragon like you, then i took a DOVAHKIIN in the knee

  • Blacklisted tomatoes

    played this for my kid >6 months old and she passed out at the 44.21 mark

  • Give Suga Some Fugu대중

    Only came here for 46:21..The feels mann😣

  • Tay

    I used to be an adventurer like you then I took an arrow in the knee...

  • KoDan


  • Pedro Campos

    These musics are pure joy... Only good memories comes along with it.My personal favorite is 'The City Gates', btw. It's just beautiful!

  • Juraj D. Repinac

    30:59 when you walk through the water, and hear a faint clicking sound of mudcrab pincers.

  • Leonardo Almeida

    I'll never forget, I always Go to The Bannered Mare and sit whit Lydia, hearding Sven play "Tale of Tongues" or "The Age of Agression".

  • BeQuietAndDriveFar

    best game ever made I must get my Xbox back and buy this game again last time I bought it for 15 dollars, sad but true

  • Girlwholikestoworkoutandbealone logangster

    I fucking need valenwood now godfuckingdammit I can't wait another 5 years 😭😭😭😭

  • Mose

    The best sounntrack (Y)

  • Michael Wigdor

    Secunda is my favorite

  • Meg Ratliff

    im trying to find the one song that has a solo horn part or a euphonium part and i cant seem to find it

  • Sebastian Yanez

    when you try to finish the main quests but waste 2000 hours exploring and doing other quests

  • Rebelz

    "heard you're the new member of the companions,so you what,fetch the mead"?

  • Dani Spiridon

    All Skyrim full soundtraks are distirbed with a "brrr"..what happend ,i think There are bloked by bethesda:(

  • Hayk Ghukasyan

    Guys after listening to this I opened Skyrim and then saw my steam account had 4000 hours and my ps3 had over 8000 hours. I don't have a problem right...right.

  • DTK

    Anyone notice how the oblivion soundtrack was like 50 minutes? And the morrowind one was like 40?! Jesus H Jesus

  • John Rayker

    There'll be no better. Hands down.

  • Zakura Hiromatta

    I was an adventurer like you once... Then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • GaigeThePunk Gaming

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in my Sweetrolls

  • Tjaden Rossmann

    1:00:28 freaked the shit outta meit was damn relaxing, and then this damn battle music came i almost grabbed my nord sword and killed some dragons

  • Sinnamon Roll

    I find Skyrim so relaxing. It's the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, an amazing soundtrack and brutally gutting anyone who dares to fuck with you

  • Juliana Abraham

    Ok somebody please answer me here. As a person who played (and adored) Skyrim, should I go backwards in time and play Morrowind and/or Oblivion?

  • Realgigclin

    Jeremy Soule never disappoints

  • Pavle

    19 Secunda (1:02:56) amazing

  • Iso ZYNK

    01 Dragonborn (00:00)02 Awake (04:00)03 From Past to Present (05:35)04 Unbroken Road (10:41)05 Ancient Stones (17:07)06 The City Gates (21:55)07 Silent Footsteps (25:43)08 Dragonsreach (28:36)09 Tooth and Claw (30:59)10 Under an Ancient Sun (32:50) 11 Death or Sovngarde (36:34)12 Masser (39:36)13 Distant Horizons (45:42)14 Dawn (49:37)15 The Jerall Mountains (53:37)16 Frostfall (56:59)17 Steel on Steel (1:00:27)18 Night without Stars (1:02:12)19 Secunda (1:02:56)20 Imperial Throne (1:05:01)21 Into Darkness (1:07:24)22 Kyne's Peace (1:10:19)23 Unbound (1:14:10)24 Far Horizons (1:15:45)25 A Winter's Tale (1:21:18)26 The Bannered Mare (1:24:40)27 Joruney's End (1:27:10)28 Tundra (1:31:20)29 Beneath the Ice (1:35:11)30 Standing Stones (1:39:27)31 Silence Unbroken (1:46:06)32 The White River (1:48:30)33 One They Fear (1:52:01)34 The Streets of Whiterun (1:55:17)35 Before the Storm (1:59:42)36 A Chance Meeting (2:00:33)37 Out of the Cold (2:03:45)38 Wind Guide You (2:06:50)39 Sovngarde (2:15:55)40 Shattered Shields (2:19:33)41 Death in the Darkness (2:22:13)42 Sky Above, Voice Within (2:24:51)43 The Gathering Storm (2:28:50)44 Watch the Skies (2:31:45)45 Solitude (2:34:08)46 Seven Thousand Steps (2:36:20)47 Towers and Shadows (2:37:28)48 Blood and Steel (2:39:52)49 Aurora (2:42:05)50 Caught off Guard (2:49:28)51 Shadows and Echoes (2:50:41)52 Around the Fire (2:53:02)53 Skyrim Atmospheres (2:56:14)Decided to post this in comments so I can click on the times ;)

  • HEX

    I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. 'Been a long time since a good bandit raid.

  • What is Name

    Even though I haven't played this game in about 5 or 4 years, I still vividly remember each song and my adventures while they were playing in the background, the nostalgia brings me back and makes me wanna cry almost

  • Mk Nk

    destiny has better music

  • Steven Settinger

    Nostalgic memories riding my horse across the amazing landscape discovering the next beautiful lookout, standing there and being overwhelmed by the view and the fantastic music, sneaking in the caverns with my arrow ready for the next Draugr, listening to the latest news in the Inns and Taverns with crackling fire, wine and bread.....really have to stop listening now...

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