The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim | Full Original Soundtrack



01 Dragonborn (00:00)
02 Awake (04:00)
03 From Past to Present (05:35)
04 Unbroken Road (10:41)
05 Ancient Stones (17:07)
06 The City Gates (21:55)
07 Silent Footsteps (25:43)
08 Dragonsreach (28:36)
09 Tooth and Claw (30:59)
10 Under an Ancient Sun (32:50)
11 Death or Sovngarde (36:34)
12 Masser (39:36)
13 Distant Horizons (45:42)
14 Dawn (49:37)
15 The Jerall Mountains (53:37)
16 Frostfall (56:59)
17 Steel on Steel (1:00:27)
18 Night without Stars (1:02:12)
19 Secunda (1:02:56)
20 Imperial Throne (1:05:01)
21 Into Darkness (1:07:24)
22 Kyne's Peace (1:10:19)
23 Unbound (1:14:10)
24 Far Horizons (1:15:45)
25 A Winter's Tale (1:21:18)
26 The Bannered Mare (1:24:40)
27 Joruney's End (1:27:10)
28 Tundra (1:31:20)
29 Beneath the Ice (1:35:11)
30 Standing Stones (1:39:27)
31 Silence Unbroken (1:46:06)
32 The White River (1:48:30)
33 One They Fear (1:52:01)
34 The Streets of Whiterun (1:55:17)
35 Before the Storm (1:59:42)
36 A Chance Meeting (2:00:33)
37 Out of the Cold (2:03:45)
38 Wind Guide You (2:06:50)
39 Sovngarde (2:15:55)
40 Shattered Shields (2:19:33)
41 Death in the Darkness (2:22:13)
42 Sky Above, Voice Within (2:24:51)
43 The Gathering Storm (2:28:50)
44 Watch the Skies (2:31:45)
45 Solitude (2:34:08)
46 Seven Thousand Steps (2:36:20)
47 Towers and Shadows (2:37:28)
48 Blood and Steel (2:39:52)
49 Aurora (2:42:05)
50 Caught off Guard (2:49:28)
51 Shadows and Echoes (2:50:41)
52 Around the Fire (2:53:02)
53 Skyrim Atmospheres (2:56:14)

Author/Autor: Jeremy Soule, Mark Lampert
  • Miss Lulucy

    this soundtracks are copyrights or not ?

  • Bebojo

    01 Dragonborn (00:00)02 Awake (04:00)03 From Past to Present (05:35)04 Unbroken Road (10:41)05 Ancient Stones (17:07)06 The City Gates (21:55)07 Silent Footsteps (25:43)08 Dragonsreach (28:36)09 Tooth and Claw (30:59)10 Under an Ancient Sun (32:50) 11 Death or Sovngarde (36:34)12 Masser (39:36)13 Distant Horizons (45:42)14 Dawn (49:37)15 The Jerall Mountains (53:37)16 Frostfall (56:59)17 Steel on Steel (1:00:27)18 Night without Stars (1:02:12)19 Secunda (1:02:56)20 Imperial Throne (1:05:01)21 Into Darkness (1:07:24)22 Kyne's Peace (1:10:19)23 Unbound (1:14:10)24 Far Horizons (1:15:45)25 A Winter's Tale (1:21:18)26 The Bannered Mare (1:24:40)27 Joruney's End (1:27:10)28 Tundra (1:31:20)29 Beneath the Ice (1:35:11)30 Standing Stones (1:39:27)31 Silence Unbroken (1:46:06)32 The White River (1:48:30)33 One They Fear (1:52:01)34 The Streets of Whiterun (1:55:17)35 Before the Storm (1:59:42)36 A Chance Meeting (2:00:33)37 Out of the Cold (2:03:45)38 Wind Guide You (2:06:50)39 Sovngarde (2:15:55)40 Shattered Shields (2:19:33)41 Death in the Darkness (2:22:13)42 Sky Above, Voice Within (2:24:51)43 The Gathering Storm (2:28:50)44 Watch the Skies (2:31:45)45 Solitude (2:34:08)46 Seven Thousand Steps (2:36:20)47 Towers and Shadows (2:37:28)48 Blood and Steel (2:39:52)49 Aurora (2:42:05)50 Caught off Guard (2:49:28)51 Shadows and Echoes (2:50:41)52 Around the Fire (2:53:02)53 Skyrim Atmospheres (2:56:14)Decided to post this in comments so I can click on the times ;)

  • Uneven Sleeves


  • Mr. Insanity

    When I first played skyrim I didnt even any of the main quests I just ran into the woods.

  • njintau

    Do you come to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying - of course you don't. I'll have you know there's no PUUSSIIIEEEE!!!

  • Tuber Watcher And Video gamer

    . Probably the best one is when your about to fight adowin .

  • Fidel Rivera

    Ya know, I almost always turn the music off in games when I can, as it can sometimes break the immersion... but this music is inseperable from the gameplay... can't imagine playing without it. A true masterpiece all around.

  • Albin Sahovic

    A TRUE EPIC MOMENT so many hours playtime ... and then some (with some stunning MODS) = Even Better The best game i played so far. Since it launched on 11.11.2011 - Was amazed by the beauty, The Music made it unforgettable I could write a lot more.... HAIL to the true people who played and felt the same

  • FictionalPenguin

    i used to be a knee like you, then i took an adventurer to the arrow

  • Christina Zepeda

    Hands down, one of the best games ever!

  • Jennii Aviles

    Skyrim is so intricate and still amazes me. Its so cool to see a mere video game touch the hearts of so many people. This game is beautiful. This game is not only just entertainment, its an experience. It is indeed my favorite game for many reasons. Reasons I cannot explain. It brings joy to me. It psychologically touches me. The visuals, the music, the story. Every single detail about Skyrim makes me feel like it is real. My bf gave me a necklace of the Skyrim emblem. I love it so much :) he knew it was my favorite game and I would talk about it all the time when we were friends and when we started dating, he knew it was something I would love ❤️

  • Held 18

    2018 Skyrim is the best !!!

  • HowlingFoxz

    I used to be a modder like you but then I took a CTD to the knee

  • Colby Waters

    Man... I really wish I could relive that magical moment I had when I first played this game.

  • Solarized

    Ohhh the music in this game is just the best! I remember playing this by my window at night with it snowing out with my fireplace going and omg let me tell you. I can't recreate what I felt about this game. Thats the saddest part. I really want to play it but I just can't. I have other games to play lol. But when ever I listen to this soundtrack it takes me back to that wonderful moment. 

  • Jedi Dovahkiin


  • Cirilla the Wild

    I love exploring this world

  • Yacindra ZV

    Woohoo! Skyrim is coming on VR!!! It's like a dream come true. I'll love immersing in the world of Skyrim and moving around there. I wonder if I even get to actually play the first 20 hours. I'll just be walking around and enjoying the scenery I guess (after the intro of course, you can't skip that).

  • WhosKD

    2016, still playing the fuck out of Skyrim.

  • Jim Sigs

    If anyone is interested, The Special Edition price went down for ps4. Honestly why would someone pay full retail price for a game they played already?

  • Luke Johnson

    I love Zelda music, I love Halo music, but this soundtrack tops all the others for me. It's just so epic and represents the game so damn well.

  • Nicholas Mahaffey

    I would stay and talk but I’m too busy shooting people in knees😂

  • Zackypooo

    Anyone else pumped for the remastered version?

  • Nickolaus Afon

    Geralt of Rivia, allow me to introduce myself, I am the Do-vah-keeen! (Kree-Lun-Oss)

  • Super Gaming



    Why ... why im crying 15.16.00

  • ElmostritoOO7

    3 Million views! SKYRIM RULES!!!

  • Andrej Bujna

    I love this! Soooo emotional. It is not like a pop shit!

  • Ahmad Jihad

    I tried Skyrim (TM) for 14 days, and I can feel the difference already.Thank you Skyrim (TM).Side effects may include:- Pew-pew sounds when firing arrows- Fus-Ro-Dah'ing local wildlife- Attempting to kill that annoying kid in Whiterun- Getting tired of slaying dragons

  • Naseem Aqrabawi

    I used to be a tower like you. But then I took a plane to the knee

  • Spoon tan

    Oh the nostalgia. I love this game so much.

  • blankwolf

    Anyone else listen to this to study? It totally works.

  • Shiv Gharu

    Still playing in 2017.


    Guard: Hey, I know you!Player: you're making a mistake.

  • Iván García Valle

    if you put x2 : pirates of dovahkiin

  • jada towner

    does anyone else absolutely hate the song “Silent Footsteps” because of how many times you couldn’t defeat something so everytime you died, it would bring you back to where it plays that song lol idk it could be just me. it’s a song of pure frustration

  • George Shawki

    Wow. I am playing Skyrim for the first time, and it is totally living up to my expectations. Love the music! (e.s.p the fight at the watch tower...)

  • PxG Echoes - Destiny and More

    Let's start a chain of guard quotes.

  • Keyser94

    Wow, I only in the beginning of this game, and never reached to the half of the quest of this game, I really like this game, specially the dragons, I love the dragons even that defeating the vanilla dragons become a routine later, but that can be fixed with mods, I had one that introduce new species of dragons that even the more weak ones are really a challenge.

  • Emperor Palpamemes

    Did anyone notice that he put dragonbord instead of dragonborn

  • Evelyn Morales

    I was once a young adventurer like you, but I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Katzper G.

    "Far horizon"' ..... My chill

  • Chase Charaba

    Usually I listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack when I write, but I'll give this a try. I love the music when I'm playing the game, so maybe it will inspire me as I write.

  • Chidoo/Polski Rosjanin

    A ja w to jeszcze nie zagrałem, widocznie nie wiem co tracę :)

  • Max Girard

    It's 1 am what am I doing here

  • John Sheppard

    Ugh. Sounds like it's in mono.

  • Noob of Everything

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that listened to this whole thing without clicking off the video

  • Skull King Gaming

    2:12 why dose it sound like they say FUCKING COOL

  • NeoFighterX

    17:45 - RS2 LUMBRIDGE MELODY HIJACKED. SUCH VYBES.Hifive if you're studying atm.

  • Aled S.H.

    I'm already playing Skyrim tomorrow I will play 3 hours with this... Need to up level with skills

  • Jwend392

    If they made a Skyrim opera, I would go see it.

  • Nurra Kugy

    I rather listen to this than any other popular music out there

  • Space Monkey

    I know it's very late but I'm gonna dive into skyrim for the first time. Wish me luck.

  • MasterMind Gaming

    so proud i have a cousin who works for Bethesda as a character animator. This game is not a game, its a surreal adventure!

  • Cardan011

    Oculus +Skyrim = no other game ever

  • Vapelord Fartmaster

    this game is great but the dark souls series soundtrack is WAY better!

  • Death The Kid

    See ya guys i'ma play Skyrim

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