Skyrim SE - Bloodskal Blade - Unique Weapon Guide


Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

Fudgemuppet's Arcane Warrior -

This video is a walk through guide, in which we inspect the unique weapon the Bloodskal Blade, a two-handed sword that had been lost in the depths of the Bloodskal Barrow's crypts. Not only does the sword boast a high damage, but it's unique energy blast delivered by heavy attacks makes the weapon devistating for your enemies!

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Bloodskal Blade -
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  • FudgeMuppet

    Play this video and our Arcane Warrior build simultaneously for an out of this world audio experience ;)

  • DemonKingMidas0011


  • CrimsoN

    most unique weapon in skyrim IMO

  • AceOfROMs

    I wish there was a one-handed version.

  • Jackson Lasley

    This DLC has been out for a while. If anyone hasn't found this yet, you're not Skyriming properly.

  • Bloody

    Wait, Bloodskal is a single handed sword in Morrowind? Does this mean that you are very tall in Morrowind???Now I know what happened to the Dwemer, they're Nords!!!

  • chaser seven

    you can go to solestheim without doing the main quest

  • Droideca88

    I never knew this existed

  • Eck

    Reminds me of that Moolight Greatsword from Dark Souls.

  • Judge Artyom

    Aren't the Silver swords carried by the Silver Hand also upgradeable with Silver Ingots?

  • Aroddo

    sadly it's pretty much useless on higher difficulty.Simply because you can't upgrade it to decent damage. and the energy wave damage is neglible, pretty much have to turn difficulty down to very easy to get kills like shown in the video.

  • Owlsthirdeye

    can someone create a mod that adds this blades effect as a base enchantment or if it exists let me know

  • Toxin

    Shame this sword doesn't fully work while companions equip it. Would be cool to see Lydia or Mjoll burning the enemies with that laser thing the sword emits.

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    so who doesnt already know how to get this weapon, this DLC come out in 2013.

  • VictorVriner

    moonlight greatsword + blood = bloodskal blade

  • Assassin42481

    I never knew about the sword O_O

  • Cinders

    One time I put my ebony blade on a weapon rack. I've never seen it since

  • Nick Nieberg

    best 2 handed blade you dont have to use a bow to take out dragons with it just power attack them

  • T1 Diabetic

    You're pretty cool, I subbed.

  • thatdearguy

    Is this thing a nod to Bleach?

  • Gaming Chinchilla

    so this blade is a crafty way of telling your enemies to "Hold this L"

  • lewis Tindale

    Reminds me of a weapon from Dark Souls or something, not Skyrim. It's awesome! Thanks for the video, Camel! Keep 'em coming!

  • Peanut_Brittle239

    Glad to see people making skyrim videos again!

  • Rob Birk

    just wish the energy blast damage could be upgraded ..but still love this sword

  • Armoured Productions

    What is that skyrim theme remix/ alternate vocals that play in the intro? where can I find it?

  • Liam Fosdike

    5:30 - 5:33 teamwork for the win

  • Grim Reaper

    One of the few if not the only interesting unique weapon. Too bad though that you can't take that enchantment and put it on a weapon of choice.

  • Spartan Dusk

    Im a 1 handed assassin.. guess I know what to get once I maxed out 1 handed :P

  • Ichbin Phillip

    Im not sure but I think at 5:45 you can see that he has a nude mod installed, just wanted to light that up

  • Krzysztof Golik

    AMAZING !!! It's exaxly like in the original game. Who would have thought !

  • スタンロッカーCaptain

    This looks like a two handed version of Malice (Mercer’s sword)

  • lpsided

    guess this is a good way to get views on videos since no one will go back and watch the original skyrim guides even though the everything is the exact same

  • Harmonica Joe

    Depending on what race you are acquiring this weapon is very sick, the East Empire Company closed the mines so the buried nords would not be disturbed, if you are roleplaying a Skall character this weapon is meant for their champion, the Blood Skall

  • Tobbit

    I remember how dumb I was when I got this. On 3:15 I tried so hard reaching those marks with normal attacks. When I used a power attack with this weapon for the first time during combat, I was so confused as to how I did that...

  • JJJoris

    You can also go to solstheim without doing the quest!

  • Otaku Syndrome

    Unique ? Yeah.. Useful ? nope.. This thing is shi$ got it really early in the game at level 25 or 30 (don't really remember) .. Used it for a little while than completely abandoned it.

  • Nathan ٰ

    Hey camel can you make a video about all of the dragon masks in solstheim please

  • LRM m

    I'm probably gonna do an arcane tank build next playthrough

  • Antonio Diaz

    subbed for the amount of detail about the blade. look forward to seeing more Vids. good job bro! 😊

  • 5 Bars 3G

    I would like to take a moment to point out that all Silver Weapons in Skyrim SE upgrade with the Silver Ingot, even if these weapons can only be obtained by killing Silver Hand members or crafting them yourself.

  • Daniel Manning

    Plot twist: Crescius is Landon Ricketts from RDR

  • Caleb Jones

    Great job, as per usual, Camel.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Wait I thought the special edition didn't come with anything new.

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    Camelworks..... Are there no other doors that need this sword to open it? It seems a bit impractical to make a sword that only opens one door.... maybe they had plans for it besides being a bad ass weapon. One of My favorites :3


    What are this flying things at 5:25.........

  • Bernardo Salles

    Great now i have to switch my one handed char to two handed lol, but cmon, this blade is sweet asf

  • Mr.Dovahkiin

    Camelworks, how to start hearthfire dlc

  • The Wandering Dovahkiin

    is there some kind of cheat guide on xbox one like fallout 4 where you could spawn shirt in and get tons of gold....don't worry I'm playing through legit but once I'm done mods it is :)

  • Racebeast_S

    Too bad I have a rare bug where the energy wave just isn't appearing when doing power attacks...

  • Sebastian

    I did blood skal burow at level 10 it was extremely difficult

  • cyrus tpb

    I really hate seeing good creators milk views with guides on a 5 year old game. THIS INFO IS ALREADY OUT THERE! and has been for years

  • jordan c

    chillrend is still better

  • Twitchy Titchy is wrong with that lizard?

  • Zac Ross

    Soooo were the Cultists removed? They are meant to attack you after meeting the Graybeards and do the little known unique ebony shield Auriels Sheild!

  • DooplisTheGhost

    Is this Greatsword a reference to the Moonlight Greatsword in the Dark Soul's games?

  • Hououin Kyouma!

    Does it scale with your level? If so, what level is its cap?

  • Gaming Elite

    anyone think of Super Janempa?

  • KingBongHogger

    Is this a mod or is it actually in the game? I refuse to ruin my game by modding it

  • legal gaming

    I was level 8 when I did this

  • Shadow Castform

    Guys, when i press start my game doesn't launch.. Can someone help me please?

  • l benjie

    All you really need to get through the bloodskal barrow is dawnbreaker and a lot of health potions

  • 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    Looks really good. I enjoy Skyrim so much especially in VR. There is so much to explore :)

  • Thesaurus Rex

    Worth noting that this is essentially the only melee weapon that you can kill the boss of this dungeon (Zahkiisos) with, since he spends most of the fight hovering over a pool of water. The energy blasts even deal bonus damage to him.

  • Harri Pursiainen

    7:05 And that was your last bun Camel!

  • Dick Longflop

    My bloodskal won’t shoot the energy wave, I’ve tried peer attacks and all the buttons but it still won’t do anything

  • Biscatona Sonysta

    Falar com os NPCS até pegar a chave e a quest "Final Descent"

  • HT x B

    You do not need to talk to the greybeards to go to solthstien. You only need to talk to the greybeards to start the dragon born dlc

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