Skyrim SE - Bloodskal Blade - Unique Weapon Guide

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

Fudgemuppet's Arcane Warrior -

This video is a walk through guide, in which we inspect the unique weapon the Bloodskal Blade, a two-handed sword that had been lost in the depths of the Bloodskal Barrow's crypts. Not only does the sword boast a high damage, but it's unique energy blast delivered by heavy attacks makes the weapon devistating for your enemies!

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  • Camelworks

    Hey Everyone! Be sure to see the Bloodskal Blade in action and check out The Arcane Warrior on Fudgemuppet here -

  • thatdearguy

    Is this thing a nod to Bleach?

  • MrAnimepredator

    so who doesnt already know how to get this weapon, this DLC come out in 2013.

  • VictorIllidan

    moonlight greatsword + blood = bloodskal blade

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    Camelworks..... Are there no other doors that need this sword to open it? It seems a bit impractical to make a sword that only opens one door.... maybe they had plans for it besides being a bad ass weapon. One of My favorites :3

  • Owlsthirdeye

    can someone create a mod that adds this blades effect as a base enchantment or if it exists let me know

  • lewis Tindale

    Reminds me of a weapon from Dark Souls or something, not Skyrim. It's awesome! Thanks for the video, Camel! Keep 'em coming!

  • AceOfROMs

    I wish there was a one-handed version.

  • Spartan Dusk

    Im a 1 handed assassin.. guess I know what to get once I maxed out 1 handed :P

  • fluff dafire

    moonlight greatsword vs bloodskal blade vs sword of judgement

  • Its Change, Right?

    Aren't the Silver swords carried by the Silver Hand also upgradeable with Silver Ingots?

  • Subaru Rally

    how do you get it to knock people over. im attacking with the energy ans nothing

  • cyrus tpb

    I really hate seeing good creators milk views with guides on a 5 year old game. THIS INFO IS ALREADY OUT THERE! and has been for years

  • Alexander Smets

    That gate is probably the best puzzle in the game

  • Nick Nieberg

    best 2 handed blade you dont have to use a bow to take out dragons with it just power attack them

  • Noah Silvers

    You didn't mention the DRAGON PRIEST,

  • CrashingScience

    You dont need to visit the greybeards to go to solthstiem.

  • Brian Sanders

    Do a video for Chillrend next.

  • Eck

    Reminds me of that Moolight Greatsword from Dark Souls.

  • The TEKEN Gamer

    I did not talk to the graybeards and I went there

  • Agent Chains

    I actually did this and

  • cod freaks

    its a shame that the energy slash is weak, reducing usefulness at later levels

  • chaser seven

    you can go to solestheim without doing the main quest

  • Annett Brahja

    this armor weapon mask you were using was the exactly the same in my play through right now lol

  • Teague Zell

    "It is the only weapon in the game that can be upgraded with a silver ingot." Um... Did you forget about silver weapons?

  • NoodlesCat

    what's over powered is that if you are close enough to hit and do a power attack, you are doing the base or upgraded damage plus the 30 damage bonus from the energy blasts.

  • Valengar Septum

    This is going to be the lightsaber for my Darth Sidious character build...

  • JJoris02 _

    You can also go to solstheim without doing the quest!

  • endgameaddiction

    You forgot to provide the origins of this weapon. Since it's also in Morrowind and you mentioned it being in the Bloodmoon DLC, I was hoping to learn about its origin. I'll check wiki on it.

  • April Ann Alquero

    "Aah, you were at my side all along...""My guiding moonlight, My true mentor..."-Ludwig, the Holy Blade.


    "After talking with the graybeards had to wind helm" This is actually not true: upon purchasing the house in White run, you are attacked by a trio of cultists, After sleighing them you can loot the bodies and find a note. Read the note and then head to windhelm, and take the ship to Ravenrock

  • Ethan Bridges

    what the fuck is the difference between a skyrim class build and a skyrim se class build? they're the same fucking game no need to reupload this kind of shit

  • archie collins

    Can't silver swords be upgraded with a silver ingot?

  • legal gaming

    I was level 8 when I did this

  • Christopher Rodriguez

    bloodskal blade is my favorite two handed sword

  • Mister Taz

    The nordic ruins aren't too bad if you have a good sneak , archery, and decent bow and set of arrows too. Then again, that makes ALOT of dungeons easier. Even my strategy for the dragon priest was snipe, hide really quickly, wait until hidden fully and snipe again, rinse and repeat XD

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    I Lost My Only Blade Of Woe To A Weapon Rack.

  • Rukardio

    My favorite sword in the game

  • oodeviljinoo

    wind scar lmao let's see who understand that :D

  • cod freaks

    too bad the energy blast can't be upgraded

  • Jacob Crider

    "the only weapon in the game that can be upgraded with a silver ingot" you know, except for silver weapons.

  • Aroddo

    sadly it's pretty much useless on higher difficulty.Simply because you can't upgrade it to decent damage. and the energy wave damage is neglible, pretty much have to turn difficulty down to very easy to get kills like shown in the video.

  • bands Memphis

    Which would you rather use:Bloodskal blade or a daedric great sword

  • Skeletor

    You can run past everything in that dungeon. Seriously, I've done that at level 1. You can even kill the dragon priest guy at the end with the beams if you hide behind a pillar and abuse some bad AI. My favorite weapon in the game.

  • DeadricReaper

    Hey my bloodskal blade isn't doing the energy attack

  • Alpha Boss

    When you realize this is better than the daedric weapons litterally made by gods.

  • Gaming Elite

    anyone think of Super Janempa?

  • pspboy7

    just got this, awesome!

  • Javier Gama

    having trouble in the dragur dungeon tbh. it seems to lead No where? as if everything is blocked off or a dead end? can anyone help please

  • nigga what

    Can I remove the enchantment and apply it to other melee weapons?

  • Jackson Lasley

    This DLC has been out for a while. If anyone hasn't found this yet, you're not Skyriming properly.

  • Bernardo Salles

    Great now i have to switch my one handed char to two handed lol, but cmon, this blade is sweet asf

  • RexusprimeIX

    I didn't hear him say it so I'll ask. Can you disenchant the bloodskal and use its enchantment to enchant other weapons?

  • Grim Reaper

    One of the few if not the only interesting unique weapon. Too bad though that you can't take that enchantment and put it on a weapon of choice.


    you dont have to speak to the greybeards, all you need is to get to whiterun, get on the cart to whindhelm and get the boat but you need coin for it all

  • Benjamin Contreras Vivanco

    raven rock can be found in the original skyrim or is a dlc?

  • AspiringArtist

    Does the power wave increase in damage as you improve the sword?

  • Otaku Syndrome

    Unique ? Yeah.. Useful ? nope.. This thing is shi$ got it really early in the game at level 25 or 30 (don't really remember) .. Used it for a little while than completely abandoned it.

  • Dat Boi

    Anyone else having an issue with the bloodskal blade not doing the laser effects after exiting the dungeon?

  • Daniel Fisher

    Hello there, I'd just like to amend a quick bit of info at the beginning of the video (sorry). To gain passage Ravenrock you don't have to meet with the gray beards. simply go to Windhelm and speak to the captain (who's name i cannot spell to save my life) and pay him for the ride. The cultists won't be there but the people on the island will still be under the influence of miraak. Luckily for us you can still unlock shouts without the gray beards' help. So you can still aquire the bloodskald blade if you are interested in a play through that avoids the whole "being dragonborn" story.

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