Skyrim SE - Bloodskal Blade - Unique Weapon Guide

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

Fudgemuppet's Arcane Warrior -

This video is a walk through guide, in which we inspect the unique weapon the Bloodskal Blade, a two-handed sword that had been lost in the depths of the Bloodskal Barrow's crypts. Not only does the sword boast a high damage, but it's unique energy blast delivered by heavy attacks makes the weapon devistating for your enemies!

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  • Camelworks

    Hey Everyone! Be sure to see the Bloodskal Blade in action and check out The Arcane Warrior on Fudgemuppet here -

  • lewis Tindale

    Reminds me of a weapon from Dark Souls or something, not Skyrim. It's awesome! Thanks for the video, Camel! Keep 'em coming!

  • VictorIllidan

    moonlight greatsword + blood = bloodskal blade

  • thatdearguy

    Is this thing a nod to Bleach?

  • MrAnimepredator

    so who doesnt already know how to get this weapon, this DLC come out in 2013.

  • Owlsthirdeye

    can someone create a mod that adds this blades effect as a base enchantment or if it exists let me know

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    Camelworks..... Are there no other doors that need this sword to open it? It seems a bit impractical to make a sword that only opens one door.... maybe they had plans for it besides being a bad ass weapon. One of My favorites :3

  • Spartan Dusk

    Im a 1 handed assassin.. guess I know what to get once I maxed out 1 handed :P

  • Its Change, Right?

    Aren't the Silver swords carried by the Silver Hand also upgradeable with Silver Ingots?

  • AceOfROMs

    I wish there was a one-handed version.

  • Nick Nieberg

    best 2 handed blade you dont have to use a bow to take out dragons with it just power attack them

  • cyrus tpb

    I really hate seeing good creators milk views with guides on a 5 year old game. THIS INFO IS ALREADY OUT THERE! and has been for years

  • chaser seven

    you can go to solestheim without doing the main quest

  • Eck

    Reminds me of that Moolight Greatsword from Dark Souls.

  • Aroddo

    sadly it's pretty much useless on higher difficulty.Simply because you can't upgrade it to decent damage. and the energy wave damage is neglible, pretty much have to turn difficulty down to very easy to get kills like shown in the video.

  • Benjamin Contreras Vivanco

    raven rock can be found in the original skyrim or is a dlc?

  • Phantom MLG

    so all the dlc is free on Skyrim SE

  • Johnathan Jablonski

    Anyone else having an issue with the bloodskal blade not doing the laser effects after exiting the dungeon?

  • gentlemen dorito squad

    4/5 barbarian blade plus 4/5 enchanter perks plus smithing equals to 128 damage

  • Agent Chains

    I actually did this and

  • Teague Zell

    "It is the only weapon in the game that can be upgraded with a silver ingot." Um... Did you forget about silver weapons?

  • AspiringArtist

    Does the power wave increase in damage as you improve the sword?

  • Martineeez76

    LOL by accident, when I wanted to get a word wall and kill a dragon, I aggroed Krosis and killed him xD

  • Ethan Bridges

    what the fuck is the difference between a skyrim class build and a skyrim se class build? they're the same fucking game no need to reupload this kind of shit

  • Mrjohnnymoo1

    Don't you need DLC for this?

  • Dan O'Brien

    Are there any new Unique weapons in the special edition???

  • Bernardo Salles

    Great now i have to switch my one handed char to two handed lol, but cmon, this blade is sweet asf

  • Shadow Castform

    Guys, when i press start my game doesn't launch.. Can someone help me please?

  • Grim Reaper

    One of the few if not the only interesting unique weapon. Too bad though that you can't take that enchantment and put it on a weapon of choice.

  • Nyghtking

    I never really thought of the bloodskal blade as much, since I mainly just built one handed and healing.Also the disarm shout is going to be a bitch if you are relying on that sword.

  • TheDrunkPencil

    My enemies won't fly away when I do the power attack?

  • Twitchy Titchy is wrong with that lizard?

  • roman ablo

    Can I remove the enchantment and apply it to other melee weapons?

  • Steve L

    Makes me want to start a new 1h character

  • Psycho Madness

    came across a black book at the end

  • legal gaming

    I was level 8 when I did this

  • rww

    It reminded me Nobitsura Kage from Shadow Warrior

  • GrenadR

    I played Skyrim for probably 600+ hours but I remember a sword that shoots "lasers" or magicka (whatever it is) out but I don't remember it being like this.


    is this vanilla or nah?

  • RexusprimeIX

    I didn't hear him say it so I'll ask. Can you disenchant the bloodskal and use its enchantment to enchant other weapons?

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    This could be good for a pure Nord Stormcloak-ish build. Maybe I'll do that after the Imperial build I mentioned in the Cudgel video.

  • Toasted Bagel

    Skyrim logic: this weapon is kinda big, gotta use both hands to swing itDark Souls Logic: this weapon is a two hand weapon for a giant, yeah Ill swing one in each hand

  • byron boles

    omg that sword is sooooooo alsome my favorite

  • Jackson Lasley

    This DLC has been out for a while. If anyone hasn't found this yet, you're not Skyriming properly.

  • Tennessee Timberwolf

    It must really hurt to be stabbed by that thing because of the barbs on the edges

  • Dark Mist

    Unique ? Yeah.. Useful ? nope.. This thing is shi$ got it really early in the game at level 25 or 30 (don't really remember) .. Used it for a little while than completely abandoned it.

  • jesusHERCULESchrist

    Funny, i put it on a weapon rack and it was fine.


    What are this flying things at 5:25.........

  • Adso

    Can you disenchant this?

  • John Beall

    so can you keep using the blade's ability over and over again or is there some sort of compensation?

  • Dave Thiessen

    hate to say this but you dont actually need to do the greybeards quest. you can just go and hire the boat straight away

  • Jethro Tan

    my bloodskal blade doesnt shoot out the energy projectile what to do

  • LHGaming

    in skyrim se would the cultists still meet you?

  • Doodle bear

    Whats that two handed blade called were every time you stab an enemy it heals you by taking there blood

  • Andrei Alcoriza

    You just lost a subscriber on that "Blood... skaaal" pun.

  • Josh Lusby

    There are other weapons that can be improved with a silver ingot, like silver swords.

  • Horror Pixel

    did it at lvl 6 lel 3 draugr deathlords and a shit tone of other kind

  • PcU

    so is there any more sword that can shoot energy blast except for bloodskal??

  • KingBongHogger

    Is this a mod or is it actually in the game? I refuse to ruin my game by modding it

  • Fausto Araujo

    The DPS would actually be 26

  • teeman2598

    How do you do the horizontal power attack? My guy only does vertical power attacks


    GETSUGA TENSHOU!! oh wait wrong sword

  • Lord Phoenix Fire

    Wait my sister went to solsteim and she hasent done any main quest missions

  • snouf

    how do you make the fire spell shoot from your hands like a kamehameha?

  • Mister Kato

    Wait, skyrim SE also include dragonborn dlc??

  • Mr.Dovahkiin

    Camelworks, how to start hearthfire dlc


    you dont have to speak to the greybeards, all you need is to get to whiterun, get on the cart to whindhelm and get the boat but you need coin for it all

  • Jettrail

    is this weapons special ability affected by sneaking perks/ shooting perks ?

  • Dragan Daniel


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