Skyrim SE - Bloodskal Blade - Unique Weapon Guide


Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

Fudgemuppet's Arcane Warrior -

This video is a walk through guide, in which we inspect the unique weapon the Bloodskal Blade, a two-handed sword that had been lost in the depths of the Bloodskal Barrow's crypts. Not only does the sword boast a high damage, but it's unique energy blast delivered by heavy attacks makes the weapon devistating for your enemies!

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  • AceOfROMs

    I wish there was a one-handed version.

  • CrimsoN

    most unique weapon in skyrim IMO

  • FudgeMuppet

    Play this video and our Arcane Warrior build simultaneously for an out of this world audio experience ;)

  • Jackson Lasley

    This DLC has been out for a while. If anyone hasn't found this yet, you're not Skyriming properly.

  • chaser seven

    you can go to solestheim without doing the main quest

  • DemonKingMidas0011


  • Bloody

    Wait, Bloodskal is a single handed sword in Morrowind? Does this mean that you are very tall in Morrowind???Now I know what happened to the Dwemer, they're Nords!!!

  • Eck

    Reminds me of that Moolight Greatsword from Dark Souls.

  • Droideca88

    I never knew this existed

  • Liam Fosdike

    5:30 - 5:33 teamwork for the win

  • April Ann Alquero

    "Aah, you were at my side all along...""My guiding moonlight, My true mentor..."-Ludwig, the Holy Blade.

  • Gaming Chinchilla

    so this blade is a crafty way of telling your enemies to "Hold this L"

  • Toxin

    Shame this sword doesn't fully work while companions equip it. Would be cool to see Lydia or Mjoll burning the enemies with that laser thing the sword emits.

  • Judge Artyom

    Aren't the Silver swords carried by the Silver Hand also upgradeable with Silver Ingots?

  • Owlsthirdeye

    can someone create a mod that adds this blades effect as a base enchantment or if it exists let me know

  • Assassin42481

    I never knew about the sword O_O

  • Peanut_Brittle239

    Glad to see people making skyrim videos again!

  • Nyghtking

    I never really thought of the bloodskal blade as much, since I mainly just built one handed and healing.Also the disarm shout is going to be a bitch if you are relying on that sword.

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    so who doesnt already know how to get this weapon, this DLC come out in 2013.

  • T1 Diabetic

    You're pretty cool, I subbed.

  • JJ-Zizzle

    One time I put my ebony blade on a weapon rack. I've never seen it since

  • lewis Tindale

    Reminds me of a weapon from Dark Souls or something, not Skyrim. It's awesome! Thanks for the video, Camel! Keep 'em coming!

  • Nick Nieberg

    best 2 handed blade you dont have to use a bow to take out dragons with it just power attack them

  • Antonio Diaz

    subbed for the amount of detail about the blade. look forward to seeing more Vids. good job bro! 😊

  • Tobbit

    I remember how dumb I was when I got this. On 3:15 I tried so hard reaching those marks with normal attacks. When I used a power attack with this weapon for the first time during combat, I was so confused as to how I did that...

  • The Amazing Mr.Airplane

    You can go to Solstheim before meeting the grey beards. All you need to do is talk to the captain on the skip docks at Whindhelm

  • 1989 ِ

    Hey camel can you make a video about all of the dragon masks in solstheim please

  • Daniel Manning

    Plot twist: Crescius is Landon Ricketts from RDR

  • Krzysztof Golik

    AMAZING !!! It's exaxly like in the original game. Who would have thought !

  • Aroddo

    sadly it's pretty much useless on higher difficulty.Simply because you can't upgrade it to decent damage. and the energy wave damage is neglible, pretty much have to turn difficulty down to very easy to get kills like shown in the video.

  • Caleb Jones

    Great job, as per usual, Camel.

  • Grim Reaper

    One of the few if not the only interesting unique weapon. Too bad though that you can't take that enchantment and put it on a weapon of choice.

  • Spartan Dusk

    Im a 1 handed assassin.. guess I know what to get once I maxed out 1 handed :P

  • Joris

    You can also go to solstheim without doing the quest!

  • Simply Drug Addict

    Start the game.Go for whiterun.Loot the giant before the companions.Go to soulsteim.Yeeey

  • Bernardo Salles

    Great now i have to switch my one handed char to two handed lol, but cmon, this blade is sweet asf

  • Nocturne

    someone should use this weapon as a framework to make the Moonlight great sword from dark souls.

  • Blorgisson

    This is a quite BEEFY weapon BUT it stinks due to it's normal non power hit damage and that you need LOTS of stamina to do lasers a lot

  • Krzysztof

    protip for you guyz Vegetable Soup+bloodskal blade = op twohanded archer :D

  • God

    I did blood skal burow at level 10 it was extremely difficult

  • TheJedaiHero9000

    DAMN!!!!!! This weapon kicks ass!!!!!! 😄Greatswords are my favorite in Skyrim.Great vid, man. Keep at it.

  • Toasted Bagel

    Skyrim logic: this weapon is kinda big, gotta use both hands to swing itDark Souls Logic: this weapon is a two hand weapon for a giant, yeah Ill swing one in each hand

  • Boolin Doolin

    “You should be at least level 20 before entering”Me: goes in at level 5, no companion to help, a few potion I should be fine. gets my ass handed to me by the first enemy’s

  • LRM m

    I'm probably gonna do an arcane tank build next playthrough

  • Luke Horan

    Will you do a Unique Weapon Guide on the Champion's Cudgel?

  • LoY

    moonlight greatsword + blood = bloodskal blade

  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    I'm torn between the 2H sword and the 2H axe.The sword has that hilarious knighting attack, where you bust their shoulders, but the axe lets you head butt mages to death.Tough decisions are tough.

  • JamesMichaelDoyle

    you sure love your puns, don't ya?I do too ;)

  • Muff-Man

    I Lost My Only Blade Of Woe To A Weapon Rack.

  • fluff dafire

    bloodscal blade versus moonlight blade

  • The KID

    How can I improve it to legendary?Im level 100 in smithing and I can only improve it to (flawless)

  • acoustic beter

    one of the best and most unique weapons in skyrim

  • Celestial Vengeance

    Very nice video :) I'm still a fan of the Dragonbrand sword though (From JaySuS Swords mod) I mean... the craftsmanship is just too beautiful to pass up :( lol

  • DooplisTheGhost

    Is this Greatsword a reference to the Moonlight Greatsword in the Dark Soul's games?

  • Callumunga

    6:10I'm guessing you didn't find the extra unenchanted one. Oh well.(it's in the room with whatshisfellow lightning dragon priest.

  • Jack Cawley

    This is my favorite weapon in Skyrim

  • Tricky

    Is this thing a nod to Bleach?

  • SLiMy BaNdIt

    Already making Unique weapon guides? good job Camel.

  • Armoured Productions

    What is that skyrim theme remix/ alternate vocals that play in the intro? where can I find it?

  • Grond

    it's also fun when you do a power attack in their face with this it does both hits dealing more damageya don't fecking say

  • ZephrusPrime

    Camelworks-What are your PC specs?

  • Akuma

    Camel why the hell did I just find this? Good too see you again man.

  • AIMBOT bob

    R u gonna do all the deadric weapons 2? and also u should do a vid on spellbreaker very handy

  • freshmadgod

    4/5 barbarian blade plus 4/5 enchanter perks plus smithing equals to 128 damage

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    U recommended each other...what kind of trickery is this!!!!? (Attacks yr chicken) (dies)

  • The Epic Duck

    This is an amazing two-handed weapon and I didn't realize how useful this weapon could be till now.

  • foxykissdemon

    I loved this sword so much back in the day 😍 can't wait to get it back

  • Lyndon Amon

    Now that's a cool sword.Great video.

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