Skyrim: How to Cure Vampirism

Turned into a vampire and want to cure the disease in Skyrim? IGN walks you through the process, starting in Falkreath in this guide.

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  • Dhika Wikibi

    I don't even know why I become a vampire at first place

  • Oskar Persson

    side effect of vampirism: you get jumpscared whenever you go outside in daytime

  • Julian Montes

    I became a vampire out of nowhere in the beginning on the Dawn guard Dlc

  • TrollForce

    I hate being a vampire :(

  • R S

    That's why I became a werewolf. Nobody attacks me in the towns, I can be out during the day AND night, and out in the wilds I can turn into the beast and sprint around for hours without tiring. Its so coooool.

  • GrimmGroovy Animations

    Thank you! I thought I would be stuck a vampire forever! now I can run around Skyrim without getting my health and stamina bar close to death!

  • WildxCowboyx

    Noooo! Stupid vampirism glitched my thieves guild hood now I have a giant bald spot on my head when I wear it

  • Carter Botten

    Being a  Vampire just messes everything up. Who would want to be a Vampire in the first place 

  • Call Me Cayden

    so useful I hate being a vampire

  • LoUgY


  • AaronAndroid

    Ive went to all towns and asked the inn keepers about rumors and I never get the quest. Ugh!! Im in stage 4 of my vampirism too.

  • jack marquand

    I filled the soul gem but Fallon's house is always locked and he will not come out and every time I try to get him to come out or I break into his house nothing happens! Someone help please!

  • Richard Leenders

    Curing your vampirism is very good because you solve an bug, called the ebony bug.everytime you wear an ebony shield it wont appear and you cant put it in an shield rack, just cure vampirism and its done

  • Dragon Viper

    I dis all of this but he is not at quest marker help please I've waited many hours and he still gone. when i see him he's normal person slash merchant

  • redfordeath

    For people that this is bugged that he cant or isnt there type this in your consoleSetstage VC01 200

  • jori7976

    okey i will just make a new character

  • Ashin Eldo

    I turned to a werewolf and the curing vampirism quest is still there😁.....

  • scorpion sst

    thank you!! thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Mark Arvin

    i searched "why are ppl at skyrim got mad at me for no reason, i haven't done them wrong, in fact i saved them from a lot of dragon" then this popped up, useful! HAHAHA i didn't know why did i become a vampire in the first place.

  • Lucas Currah

    I’m becoming a human because I want to wear a hood and not be bald

  • Dukha Fan it

    So you replacing the soul you lost by becoming a vampire with some random Soul off of some random dude?

  • TraceguyRune

    Im so lucky. I looked up this video while in the bar at falkreath. The Bartender says "You dont look so good", then I remembered that hardass fight with the "Master Vampire... I GOT CURSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maximus Bad.

    I'm a vampire and a werewolf at the same to so what do I do????

  • Tamsyn Shaw

    Lol I became a wearwolf before I became a vampire so I just asked one of the companions to turn me back into a wearwolf whenever I like.

  • Colin Lee

    Using your vampire invisibility & stealth, you need to sneak into Falkreath & go into a dude's house at night & feed on him. Once you feed on him your appearance returns to normal & you won't get attacked for a couple of days. In this way you can go into the bar in Falkreath & talk to the inkeeper at the bar to start the quest for the cure for the vampirism. You may have to come back & feed again later as the guy that helps you get the cure will be scared off & you won't get the cure if you are still a scary vampire. He will only give you the cure if you have very recently had a feed of blood.

  • Toast_Gaming

    I dont know how i became a vampire it happened when i was playing the dragonborn dlc

  • deadlyvirus

    If you have killed Valga, like myself, you can speak to Jonna at the Moorside Inn (Morthal) instead.

  • Ethan Martinez

    I get attacked by everybody

  • big boy mane

    I feed on the thalmor Lol

  • isaac lopez

    Being a vampire a sucks!!!

  • Rivolt GM

    I didnt realize i was a vampire before everyone say that im pale or something

  • No one

    If you do this and become a vampire again, can you get cured again.

  • PsyMongazoid

    Feels great to be free of it. It was oppressive. Thanks.

  • Audrée Brunet

    Thanks, this helped! I had so much of a bad time doing this tho, because everytime i tried to get into a town to feed, everyone would just try to kill me. 

  • PsyMongazoid

    I thought, 'Yeah, that'll be cool and different!' It's just a nuisance being a Vampire Lord. Don't bother.

  • Mephistopheles


  • dragon66139

    Thanks for this, it worked :) Thumbs up from me (y)

  • Arkron

    Thanks, i used soul of Nazeem to cure my vampirism.

  • JustAlive

    Thx man I just started to play again my last save was in June 2014

  • Carson Thomas

    I got attacked by a "Vampire fledgling" in the woods and became this thing lol

  • CR4F70R

    I started with it as I was an imperial...restarting my game now, for the 3rd Time

  • Moose

    How do I get the soul? Nothing happend when I kill someone.

  • Gtfoh

    After I cure vampirism can I still get infected from another vampire I run across after I'm cured?

  • Otaku Peace

    before you become a level 3 or 4 vampire you can always go to college of Winterhold there are always people asleep this has been very helpful for me

  • Pegasus The Winged Stallion

    lol. i didn't now i was a vampire, then, when it was day, that thing were ur skin burns, and i ran and my stamina wouldn't reload, i was like " HELLL NO!" i was a vampire before, and i came one again by mistake! D:

  • TheMinePiggy

    When i sneak into a house the person automaticaly wakes up

  • DisposedAsh

    I walked back outside from the tavern and just my luck. Two ancient dragons spawn and try to kill me

  • Doc reginald barbafax

    soooo i got to falkreath but i got anything but the ''quest'' to cure my vampirism

  • Potatoman

    Can som1 help plz the girl tried to kill me

  • salamander337

    Yes I meant the shrine in the Temple of Kynareth or any other shrine all over Skyrim will help.

  • Smorni

    does it have to be a human soul?

  • Hazo

    Lol when I walked out of the dead mans drink a dragon attacked and I kicked its ass using vampire powers

  • salamander337

    Thank you for sharing! I couldn't find info on curing the early stages of the vampires infection at first so I did it the hard way by trying it out. Yes you can be cure by the shrine in the Talos or you talk to the Talos priest or priestess, they can cure you. I didn't have any cure disease potion at the early level of the game so I didn't know what to do. But lucky I stumble upon the shrine and it works.

  • hershboy mcgee

    So I've done everything & I'm now at this alter place with Falwhatever standing here in front of me but when I talk to him he only sais his " my tallents are much needed here..." & gives me the regular options like asking what he has for sale. I've restarted from prier save points, I've tried waiting, I've tried just standing here until he shows up, I've waited until the next day even & met him at his house & nothing... Help? :D

  • TankLlama

    Whiterun Stables, at night. The old lady in there sleeps pretty soundly, just feed from her.

  • TankLlama

    So I talk to this bitch and she talks to me about a face sculptor. Not a vampire cure. I go to Falion Fuck-Face and he doesn't say anything about it. I need to do this because I want to become a vampire lord but they won't turn you if you have the disease already .-. WTF

  • Kerem Tapani Gültekin

    You guys saved my a.. Thx a lot!

  • Magdolna Fabók

    Hi guys! How the hell i can become a human if i do this already? I mean i became vampire then human, and vampire again. :(

  • Magdolna Fabók

    1st try to drop all your unfilled gems, and then start to kill targets with "soul" weapons, or the soul trap magic

  • Magdolna Fabók

    1st you need to feed from someone, its automatically go to 1st phase of vampirism

  • MariosLsdTown

    I NEED HELP!! i killed a lot humans the soul still empty ... any suggestion ?

  • Jonah Blomquist

    feed, you won't be blood starved, and people won't kill you. you can do that by sneaking up on people while they sleep.

  • peterlaw58

    some how i managed to glitch the game so im both a werewolf and a vampire and i cant get the cure anymore cause ive already cured myself, i think it was a death hound that did me, any suggestions

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