How to Marry Carlotta Valentia

This only works on PC.

First, find Mila. Go to your console by pressing ~, click on Mila, then type in addtofaction 19809 1 and hit enter. Then type in setrelationshiprank player 4 and hit enter. Mila will now like you.

Go to Carlotta and repeat the previous steps exactly. Go to console, click on Carlotta, enter both commands separately, and you will now be able to marry Carlotta.

The part with Mila isn't necessary, but it's nice to have her daughter like you, and this is about the closest thing you will get to having a family in Skyrim.

A few of notes about being married to Carlotta:

If you tell Carlotta to move in with you, she will not bring Mila with her. Mila will stay in Whiterun by herself and when you enter Carlotta's house you will be trespassing; you will not be able to wait or sleep there.

Carlotta will still run her stall in Whiterun if you choose to live with her in her house.

You don't get a key to her house, and you will pretty much always have to pick the lock. Even though you have to pick it, being in her house is not considered trespassing; you can wait and sleep inside without being asked to leave.
  • Hochmeister Ulrich of Frankfurt

    -I like you. Do you like me back? -Yes-It's settled then. When should the wedding be?WHOA DUDE SLOW DOWN A BIT DON'T YOU THINK??

  • Vlad Xavier

    Wouldn't that be the simplest and most awesome thing in the real world, if only you could just wear a certain necklace or bracelet visible to the public that ment you were single looking for someone, people would be much happier and content lol

  • TheNZMuppet

    So,you basically hack the game just to marry her....well done(!)

  • Subliminal Messages

    Hax your way to a woman's heart...beautiful.

  • Twister Allen

    But your feels are not real ((

  • Roman Vlad

    Does it work for every woman?

  • TheADHDGamer15 '

    +p00k4kk3  to do this can u only be married one time? cuz i was married before this but (we dont need to get into details what happened to the wife) so will it not work?

  • Zane The Insane

    Fastest way to a woman's heart? CHIDOR- ok I'll see myself out now.

  • Joshua OHanlon

    It didn't work for me

  • Strachan Anstey

    didnt work for me either

  • Strachan Anstey

    do u have to be wearing the mara amulete for the command to even work

  • Acesbac32

    it wrked 4 got to click on them b4 putting the code in

  • vocolos gaming

    TO ALL THAT ARE CONFUSED: first you need the amulet of mara (you can get that from marama or however the hell you spell his name. he can be located at bees and barns or the temple :) )

  • Robert Oli

    why doesnt it work!!!!

  • Kihleer

    I WILL MARRY ME WITH Alduin /o/

  • John Smith

    May i ask why do you have to add/change a command on Mila? there is nothing to do with her o.0

  • IceHawk115

    Step 1: purchase Amulet of Mara from priest in RiftenStep 2: find Mila Valentia in Whiterun open console command (~) click on Mila type "addtofaction 19809 1" type "setrelationshiprank player 4"Step 3: find Carlotta Valentia in Whiterun open console command (~) click on Carlota type "addtofaction 19809 1" type "setrelationshiprank player 4"Step 4: talk to Carlotta ask for marriageStep 5: talk to priest in Riften to set up marriageStep 6: Get marriedStep 7: talk to Carlotta in Whiterun square Either have her move in with you (player home) or move in with her (her house) either way Mila will live with you as well ~ I do not know how to get Mila to act like your child, still acts as if random interactions ~ ~yes i know im 4 years late, and everyone knows this already, hope it helps anyone knew though~ !game on!


    from the entry of skyrim to left and then the first house on left is her house

  • SaxoPlays HD

    Where does she live cause I married her when I didn't have a home and I do noe

  • p00k

    When you first come into Whiterun, there's the guard barracks to the left, if you turn left and go past the guard barracks it should be the first small house on the left.

  • robokiller161

    do you need the amulet before you tipe it in?

  • prettygirl202able

    Lemdog yes it does I've done it you might be doing something wrong

  • Mathias Brandt Thomsen

    I can only see you talking to her daughter and go to Carlotta

  • TPSKurochi

    YES failed so much times I go so angry then I saw I wasent waring the amlet I felt so stupid but I got it thats the main thing xD

  • Arne

    That little thing about that Mila is moving with u when u are moving, it's just a bug in the game. It's probably someway to fix it by looking through the Workshop, i recommend it.

  • MrAwesomeLuis

    she sent som guy to kill me for stealing from some other dude, oh yeah def i am going marry her.

  • steven smith

    no wonder it didnt work i wasnt wereing the amulet man im retared

  • 123WTF45r

    How, i did quest, and nothing.

  • ShinWR1

    I want a PC just to play Skyrim. PS3 and xbox can't do commands like that.

  • Vlad Vladivich

    does it work for ps3? also do i have to completly finish the imperial quest? cus i helped whitrun and its still not possible to marry her

  • Tanishk Sharma

    mila valentina is in whiterun why doesnt she moves with her mom

  • Specter

    to marry her you do her activity to get rid of mikeal then side wioth the inperials since she says the stormcloaks are harassing her, and marrage is possible

  • p00k

    Hahaha, that's great

  • TheZantriz

    you can marry her without console commands

  • Blair Turner

    I was married to Lydia but she died can i still marry folk

  • p00k

    Have you completed the temple of Mara quests in Riften? I think you need to complete all of those before you can get married.

  • 99jjyy

    after our wedding she just leaves and doesn't talk about living arrangements lol

  • silverstar334488

    Use showracemenu and switch to a nord then do it again and go Imperial. :)

  • Raphaell

    can i do that if i am an imperial? on the wiki they say that you can't marry with she if you're an imperial...

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