TESV: Skyrim - All Shout & Word Wall Guide (Vanilla)

Behold! All 20 of the shouts in the vanilla game! (Without DLC)

● Full Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLPYDizvwv8fqRLiJhgdrIZH5Y2BTQ5wX
● Tips & Tricks - https://youtu.be/ADR1k9VWq2I
● All Standing Stones - https://youtu.be/a5YwHVQGShc
● All Shout & Word Walls (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/abOirai4dTY
● All Dragon Priest Masks (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/T4rgkZq4U3Q
● All Daedric Artifacts (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/CVvXAPLp6gQ
● Unique Weapons (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/Aw6Fme4u3Qw
● Permanent/Passive Special Effects (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/kpuocm6lFbY
● All Stones of Barenziah (No Stone Unturned) - https://youtu.be/jwcufbJ8cl4
● Unique Armor Sets (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/3Ts0GRoaP6Y
● Dawnguard Unique Equipment (DLC) - https://youtu.be/cFDsGUEAkpg
● Dawnguard Shouts (DLC) - https://youtu.be/IVIdRWOPrHA
● Dragonborn Unique Equipment (DLC) - https://youtu.be/GCy0rzlzAZs
● Dragonborn Shouts (DLC) - https://youtu.be/s0FolTk38jQ

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[Shouts Included] (*=quest required)
Unrelenting Force*
Whirlwind Sprint* (1:11)
Become Ethereal* (1:41)
Clear Skies* (2:15)
Fire Breath* (2:33)
Frost Breath (3:08)
Dragonrend* (3:34)
Aura Whisper (3:55)
Call Dragon* (4:26)
Throw Voice (4:46)
Animal Allegiance* (5:07)
Elemental Fury (5:37)
Kyne's Peace* (6:07)
Dismay (6:49)
Slow Time* (7:24)
Marked for Death* (8:03)
Ice Form* (8:39)
Disarm* (9:12)
Storm Call* (9:38)
Call of Valor* (10:24)

● FALLOUT 1 GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/lE0aEidoGrs?list=PLLPYDizvwv8dfwWyL-QZiiIhc9amkExAp
● FALLOUT 3 GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/_AbTKQdWFWk?list=PLLPYDizvwv8dn6ZpoWnbu6XgXc4VFQXCp
● FALLOUT NV GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/kM_9M-WgAG0?list=PLLPYDizvwv8e79ILzNqQoaess50QfJ_gW
● FALLOUT 4 GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/X4-w3Z1pVWw?list=PLLPYDizvwv8dyfepemYkGIWCO26jNCDjR
● TESV: SKYRIM GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/ADR1k9VWq2I?list=PLLPYDizvwv8fqRLiJhgdrIZH5Y2BTQ5wX
● WASTELAND 2 GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/CV4A7rfy2Lc?list=PLLPYDizvwv8cn8IJLwn9j2V2J7jrxrDMX
● PREY GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/qwLf4M7JYSE?list=PLLPYDizvwv8e8p_79bME6brWS26UnvedI
● DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/x5Nwu-2Jid8?list=PLLPYDizvwv8dS91Yq0oUU2_WH7bFM9EDC
● ONE-OFF GUIDES ► https://youtu.be/sYFmFDLriVU?list=PLLPYDizvwv8cOTE4Md3fvQenhjw0STYj8

● FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS Let's Play ► https://youtu.be/AFA-ar92glM?list=PLLPYDizvwv8eIhbzTfRB-D4t5lBIVQ54v
● FALLOUT: BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL Co-Play ► https://youtu.be/ceNsz5tYtVs?list=PLLPYDizvwv8eahexng9YTEzeNsvoHLJPm
● FALLOUT 3 Let's Play ► https://youtu.be/D6SM6lv1d2g?list=PLLPYDizvwv8e--L1QLTl5iZOvd_n24qM6
● FALLOUT 4 Let's Play ►https://youtu.be/SKR-bsOU2GM?list=PLLPYDizvwv8fjTL1bpSiVfWBOpOhH26jZ
● TESV: SKYRIM CO-PLAY ► https://youtu.be/rYBDa9GRxAw?list=PLLPYDizvwv8fYamnwtBq7a0qv7oPyNQR2
● MIDDLE EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR Co-Play ► https://youtu.be/C1auBap9qrE?list=PLLPYDizvwv8cE3LKWi2PrPHnt-TUxpYNh
  • Caedo Genesis

    Looking for DLC shouts? Check here:● Dawnguard Shouts Guide: https://youtu.be/IVIdRWOPrHA● Dragonborn Shouts Guide: https://youtu.be/s0FolTk38jQ

  • Whiterun Guard

    you have to stop that...shouting...its making people nervous

  • dat boi

    you my friend... I came into this video expecting just a normal "this is where they are on the map" but you went through every single shout, told us what they did and everything. you clearly put alot of time into this video and I respect it so much. you just got a sub from one video

  • David Smith

    Dismay is useless if you play as Nord.

  • Andres Shenton

    no hate and all but it took me half the time looking for the location because of the map. next time could you use the actual map. great video otherwise 👍

  • The Senate

    Go cast your fancy magic somewhere else

  • Fonzy501

    Your doing God's work. thank you so much

  • Scott Gates

    You forgot something on Marked for Death. You can gain entry by destroying the dark brotherhood

  • Thatcher-Main SaucyShip8

    I use Unrelenting Force all the time to see the ragdoll physics. 😂 gets me everytime.

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    I'm sorry, I just have to say; The way you pronounce "Folgunthur" and "Hrothgar" and the other nordic temple names names is so damned satisfying to hear as a Scandinavian. Not only that; But thanks to you I have all of the vanilla shouts now.Just, never change!

  • Daniel Keem

    guys just talk to grey beards after main quest line and they will mark a shout location. you can get every shout from this

  • Kurt Russel Banihit

    do you get them in order even if you go to another word wall

  • Josh Richards

    Your videos are the best <3

  • Grand Midoister

    The map really screws everything up, at least for me

  • Demon Pickle

    it's not impossible to climb without clear skies you just need a horse

  • Swiftness Beast

    i like to use the slow time shout beacuse im a archer and can fire arrows of death

  • mike king

    This is the best skyrim toutorial ever

  • bruno gonzalez

    I though throw voice would be a shout that throws people

  • Some Random Weeb

    I need to ask you to stop. .....that.....shouting...is making people nervous

  • QuantumLolliepop

    Description needs fixing.Elemental fury at 3:58? It's actually at around 5:50

  • Jason Zaichkowski

    Thanks it helped a lot good video I like using storm call because the body's rag doll hilariously once struck by lightning

  • Matt Scolari

    man these are the greatest guides i have ever seen, awesome idea with the map! helps so much

  • KGB -Gamer

    Overpowered storm call

  • Randall Stevenson

    you don't have to join the dark brotherhood to get to the word wall, you can also get in through the quest from maro to destroy the brotherhood

  • Skippy

    Thanks Caedo, extremely helpful for old farts like me!

  • S.H W

    I use Become Ethereal the most. But normally I forget I have shouts XD

  • ozzy the pug

    I am subscribing due this guy actually did a video I've been looking for yes ps I have no DlC packs so this helped me find all shouts I've been looking for

  • The Lone Outlaw

    If you have mods, which who doesn't now a days, look for a mod called Thunderchild. It's on pc and XboxOne, dunno bout PS4. It allows you to combine shouts, or atleast use shouts that have been pre-combined by the creator. It also gives you quests and mini games etc. as well as different colored greybeard robes, which may or may not have specific effects(meaning I don't know if they're unique or just recolored.) All in all, if you plan on using the Thu'um, Thunderchild is the mod for you.


    love how the map is so so so sooooooo bad

  • Sarah Seta

    i use call of valor alot but i like storm call cause whenever a enemy gets close to you they get shocked

  • tom lane

    Hey Caedo, thanks, I Really Appreciate the time and effort that you put into these videos, especially the Fallout Guides which is where i started but the Skyrim ones, WOW you've just stepped it up, keep up the work, maybe you could put up a newer Unique weapons Guide, or Armor Guide, just some Ideas, Keep Up the awesome work man, Peace

  • Piggy Zilla

    For any who doesn't know You can still get the Marked For Death shout in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary if you do the quest to destroy them

  • gaming

    this video help so much and this video helped me get elemental fury

  • antonio cabungcal

    For firebreath parthunax taught me tor shul both of them...

  • dragon boi

    i didnt know becom ethereal can stagger

  • Maddie Haag

    this is pretty good. Good job.

  • Naufal Fajri

    Animal Allegiance shout, is that included dragons too ?

  • Rfusion

    wheres the best shout? which is bend will ?

  • 01001111011000010110111001100101

    I normally use slow time.

  • Jordan Saum

    do you have to go to all those places just to get 1 shout

  • bruse 666

    Here's a good shout. This-Is-Sparta! requirement: becoming a spartan. quest:kicking a douchebag in a pit. effects: you become a maniac kicking people into summoned pits also you get a new spell called summon pit

  • Patricia Smith

    I got marked for death it good if ur using a fire sword

  • do you care ?

    Drain vitality and soul tear but it's okay you are the best 💕❤

  • Jswizzy

    For Fire breath I had some how glitched it. So I got the one from Dustmans Cairn and unlocked it with a dragon soul, then when paarthurnax teches you the second one I had used a soul before he gave me the gift of knowledge for the word and when he gave me the knowledge I got the third word without ever stepping foot in sunder stone George

  • duck man on the way

    tips: if you want to get all fire breath shout easily just finish the companions mission where you go to dustman's cairn and obtain the fire breath shout and continue story mode where you need to climb the throat of the world and paathurnax will give you another fire breath shout and when he gave you the word, straight away spend your dragon soul on it before he shares his knowledge about the shout and will get the third shout easily. If you don't do this you will get the second shout for free without using dragon soul but if you do this you will waste 1 dragon soul and get the third shout easily.

  • Duy Nguyen Twin

    their should be a shout called steal voice and it takes away the enemies voice so when they spot u they dont tell their buddies where u r and come charging in alone

  • Jr Ramirez Rafael

    Several months has passed; watching more than a couple videos,This is the first video I liked to the point I clicked the thumb up icon.Everything about the video was close to perfection.

  • Mr. Figgles

    None of these shouts need to be learnt in order. If you find the third one it just gives you the first of three versions.

  • Hunter Dailey

    man you are awsome for making these videos that take so much time to do

  • Grimm Reaper

    I climbed to the throat of the world with a physics defying horse

  • Cajun Gangster

    with a high sneek level I use "Throw Voice" shout... there is no limit on ways to mess npc... lol 😁

  • Rene Olivares

    I like to use storm call is awesome to use n looks cool but would b better if it could of been like the meteor shower

  • Guayo Dibujos

    really good video man, great job!!!! and I use Firebreath because Iam Mage

  • Gavins

    Disarm and fire breath and unrelenting force is what I use most of the time

  • dragon boi

    i mostly use aura whisper and whirlwind sprint for assasin

  • Bradley Winnell

    Fus roh da with a doc when u complete it you have 3 choices I chose to disintegrate people

  • Xp_generic

    I got the mark of death shout in the d.b sanctuary buuuut at least a ran into about 10 dragons when doing my buisness in free roam mode

  • curtis august

    dragon aspect unreenting force disarm and aura wisper

  • sakura

    clear skies doesn't work in dawnstar and winterhold

  • Alex Mcmillan

    i used slow time shout for my master archer build

  • BurningPillow

    I’m so mad right now because I can’t finish Storm Call because I went through the main story forgetting to learn that shout...

  • Justice Cannon

    I do enjoy Unrelenting Force, but my #1 favorite is Storm Call :)

  • Endless Summer. Official

    Is cyclone a DLC shout?

  • Dani Hay

    Uhhh, the last word for Animal Allegiance isn't above or inside the Tomb. Where is it?

  • Wisemankugel Memicus

    Something you left out regarding "Clear Skies". I have found at least one word of the shout while on the quest "Horn of Jurgan Windcaller".

  • SIVA Corruptor

    Thanks man I can use the thunder shout because I am a shock battle Mage

  • Rene Olivares

    Omg thanks so much Ths been a pain trying to get them lol

  • ramrod 60th

    Excellent video well informative short and to the point keep up the good work

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