Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details you may Still not Have Caught in The Elder Scrolls 5 (pt.4)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is well over half a decade old, however it’s rich, and vast open world wasn’t lacking in detail, and all these years later exploring Skyrim sometimes still continues to often uncover new details and facts for the first time. So today, we shift our gaze toward another 10 tiny details in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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  • Nick Lanni

    Why didn't they just put a regular silver ring in place of the bag of coins?

  • Hydreigone!

    A tiny detail I (read: people on the Elder Scrolls reddit) found was that Candelight and Magelight will attract insects to their area and make them easier to catch. Not super significant, but good for an alchemist or mage dabbling in potions.

  • TheUgInZ

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as i know, they had fixed the giants ... but so many players did find it hilarius so Beth fixed it back in

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    Shame that skyrim does not have an item that more closely resembles the One Ring of Sauron like, I don't know, A GOLD RING

  • Ali Kareem

    Tova shattershield's suicide letter is ended by saying "remember me fondly, and often." This is an eerie reference to the dark brotherhood's "kill well. And often." Motto. This makes it even more obvious that tova had killed herself because of the dark brotherhood quest

  • Tenko van der Kuip

    Those little dialogue changes are so awesome!

  • AP13P

    And I just straight went in and murdered every single Thalmor in that fort

  • Thomas Krieger

    those are actually pretty cool. didnt know bethesda put that much effort into skyrim lastly.

  • The Rogue Moose

    Why would Bethesda have to use a coin purse instead of just a gold ring? Enjoy your videos but this LOTR tie in seems a bit weak.

  • Alex da Vinci

    Skyrim is the game that keeps on giving.

  • Jack Wilson

    And people still say Skyrim was lackluster when it came to details....

  • Nellie

    Another cool detail that I think gets missed is during the quest 'Bloodline', where Serana asks you to take her to the castle, you can instead take her to Fort Dawnguard. You meet with Isran privately and inform him you found a vampire and ask his advice. He has unique dialogue and his reaction upon your return is different as well. It's not marked in your journal either. I thought this was such a cool touch

  • Mr. Goat123

    You know u play to much skyrim when u knew all the things in this video

  • Mark Roberts

    I was under the impression they left the crazy giant club physics in because it's so hilarious. Could be wrong tho!

  • Stewart Bates

    The ability to get a mandate from tulius isn't available due to a bug in the game - a mod makes it available (Although it was intended to be available, it's still bugged out in base game) . Tova's daughter wasn't killed by the butcher, she was killed by the bandit in Raldbthar, who you are sent to kill as part of that Dark Brotherhood quest.

  • J.D.Simple

    Now do a fifth part, and then re-release that video with optional paid ads

  • Boco Corwin

    Did you giys notise the swetrolls qeust you got sweetroll? Tht shud be nomber 1

  • Busta

    2 weeks later: "Yet Another 10 Tiny Details you may have missed in Skyrim part 62"

  • Maji

    What graphics mod is this?

  • Legion Recruiter O'Gare

    I don't even play skyrim. I just watch your videos....

  • Mikeztarp

    0:09 But... But that's you. xD

  • Red Judas

    People keep saying the Raeklings are worship a reindeer pulling a sleigh, and it's clearly not. Those aren't antlers. That's the horse's mane. What you're seeing is a makeshift fast travel point, which you may recall, is not on Solstheim.

  • Katherine A

    the giant clubs aren't a bug, they're a feature!

  • Lebby Great

    I think the reason the Rieklings were worshipping a horse/deer pulling a cart is because they get their food from raiding carts, and they see the carts as gods bestowing food upon them.

  • Elusive Gam3

    Sheogorath is ur character from oblivion...

  • CythirXD

    Did you know skyrim also have a dark easter egg? go to forelhost a ruin near riften, there's this imperial officer outside the ruin that tells you story about a dragonpriest inside blah blah blah... then once you're inside you will see corpses in the bed with poisons over it, this might refer to the Heaven's Gate Cult that commit suicide by drinking poisons and laying all their members on a bed. both cults, drinks poison(probably), all properly laying in bed, idk if bethesda made it intentionally but the similarity is uncanny.

  • qwormuli

    TBH, the giant space program is one of the rare Gamebryo bugs, that were left there intentionally, as frankly, it's hilarious.

  • Shadowsketch

    "DO YOU MIND? i'm trying to do the fishstick, it's a very delicate mindset."

  • Psychopunk XXX

    What mods are you using. They look fantastic.

  • Travis letchford

    If you did the companions quest before getting the cursed ring does that mean unstable transformations at random times

  • that girl

    The giant's club launching players, npcs, and wildlife into the sky was fixed. However, an outcry from players that loved the humourous results of the glitch\bug convinced Bethesda to unpatch the coding error.A similar situation occurred after the basket thief exploit was patched out, leading to it being unpatched back in.Bethesda has the right idea; if your customers are less likely to buy a re-release if certain exploits and bugs are removed, keep them in. –Unless the game is an MMO, in which case exploits should be removed to avoid favouring one group over another. Non-exploitive glitches that your audience love could remain, but at that point it's a case-by-case decision.–

  • The Void Consumes

    Broken Tower Redoubt 's reference to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion. So a tribe of forsworn who worship Dibella who consist on one guy and a bunch of women. Forsworn women wear what is easily the most revealing attire in the game. One guy with a bunch of women living in a fort. Sounds like a reference to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion don't you think. I haven't seen any video covering this so clearly no one else has noticed this at least not enough to point it out in a video. Now that Hugh just passed away you could even think of it as a tribute.

  • Articus Ramos

    Speaking of that chest with the broken sword the ring oddly clips out of the chest sometimes. So try to no clip to find it.

  • Abelhawk

    6:32 - The developers said they left that in just because it was a funny glitch that was impossible to break the game since you were already dead.

  • Ancient Hoplite

    Dude, Giants clubs were coded properly, people complained about the glitch not existing anymore and had Bethesda change it. Don't make fun of them for it it's what the people wanted.

  • F0rse_Sh0t

    the thing is that i loved that i killed her daughter to make her suicide2 birds 1 rock

  • Lucas Kieffer

    Rieklings are not Goblins. Goblins are daedras

  • Stephy Bailey

    in Helga's bunkhouse, Helga's room behind the bar has some intimate touches.shackles on the headboardleather stripsstamina potionsa jar of honeyand not to mention the shrine to dibella and the steamy love letter from a local man claiming hes never seen anyone move like that in daedric boots (sadly there are no boots to be found in the bunkhouse or on Helga)it's also worth pointing out that she bought the 'falmer blood elixr' from brynilolf.

  • Adrien Buckland

    dervenin is an elf so he could probably survive for hundreds of years with out sheogoraths help

  • Alex Notmyname

    They won't alter the giant club. It isn't a bug, it's a meme now.

  • okulodeTigro

    This part was more interesting, than previous.

  • Stoob

    Small coin reward?! Muiri's hand in marriage and a fancy alchemy ring isn't just coin. :)

  • Hazzball Gaming

    6:38 they did actually fix the giant bug where you get shot into the sky if you're hit by a giant. However, shortly after they fixed it, the gamers demanded it be put back into the game. Shame upon you, sir! Blaming Bethesda for that..tsk!

  • John Smith

    I've only played Skyrim on xbox 360 but am going to play it on PC next time. Should I buy special edition or classic?

  • Retroambassador

    What do you mean giant clubs aren't coded properly. Your just jealous that the giants have such a successful space program.

  • Baxton

    I love the new outro nate <3

  • Dan Scott

    the giant and bucket head glitch WERE fixed by Beth, BUT the community missed those unique glitches that became a part of the fandom so Beth listened to the demand and decided to add the glitches back in to satisfy the community, with a reduced chance of the giant glitch to make it slightly less common

  • 1scott921

    Holy shit, after all these years, I had no idea about these... great video m8!

  • mary canary

    :O santas elves are rieklings!

  • Amanda Goodman

    1:10 Is that modded armor?

  • Grumpy ol' Asian

    What ENB is used in this?

  • Meusana

    Something else they should have fixed is the companion's dialogue. I am the thane of all nine holds, and Farkas still does not want me in the companions because "I've never even heard of this outsider before."Ye its not like im fucking Dovakin

  • Darnell Lincoln

    I gotta ask: is the gameplay in the video that of O.G Skyrim with graphical mods or Special Edition Skyrim? I've never touched my free Steam copy of Special Edition because I never saw the point.

  • Devon Zaehler

    Giant clubs were left that way intentionally :3

  • LCpl Kilbey117

    5 years and 3 re-releases and the giants club has been coded just right, every time. You know it.

  • Alduizard

    This is how you make a Sandbox RPG.

  • Corristo89

    Skyrim has interesting quests and certainly a breathtaking world, but sadly most NPCs are boring as hell. If you want more interesting NPCs and especially followers, I'd suggest Fallout 3 and 4.

  • BielUaN133

    Has anyone else noticed that Fallout 4 is far from comparable when it comes to attention for details compared to Skyrim? Bethesda is going downhill my people.

  • Jayxeng Vang

    When I was doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line I killed Tova Shatter-Shield's daughter. Not thinkin much about it. Then after a while I started the Butcher quest where Tova daughter got murdered. I did not know that if you kill her daughter during the Dark Brotherhood quest she would die. SI when I had to search threw her house I was talking with my brother on owo no one was here. Then I secretly sneaked up stairs and saw her body. When I read the note I felt so bad. lol man I now don't kill Tova's daughter when I do the Dark Brotherhood quest line any more.

  • Unka Boy

    How did you make the game look like that and if it's mods is it on console to?

  • Trey Charles

    A big detail... Skyrim is dumb downed.

  • sirenia

    1:01 I would storm the castle and wipe out all the thalmor and rescue the prisoner, they need to be taught a lesson not to kidnap people and get away with it, being nice to them and running to the Imperials which I don't like, just to get a realise form, to hand to the thalmor at the castle, NO WAY, LOL, anyway my skyrim character is a female vampire and she needs to feed and what better way to feed is having a castle full of delicious tasty thalmor to feed on, yummy.

  • John Herrera

    You gotta be missing a few points taken in perception to miss this stuff

  • sirenia

    0:12 you got that right, the creation club would probably kill off/scare off the modders.

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