Full Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough: Awakening Part 2 & Bloodline [HD]

This is the second part of my walkthrough.
It continues in the room in the Dimhollow Crypt, where you can find Serana. After you find her, you have to bring her back to her mansion, which is the quest bloodline. After this,you will be able to choose if you want to become a vampire lord ( AND loose your werewolf ability) or stay a vampire hunter ( part of the Dawnguards).

I hope you enjoyed this, next part will be out next week or earlier !

As always, feel free to ask questions if you have some.
  • Mz Starz

    How did you get into the castle? Serana wont even speak after we reach her home.

  • Please Don't Demonetize me

    I've been stuck down there for like an hour

  • Yasser ahmed

    is it weird commenting on a 5 years old vid

  • Tristram Hill

    bro thats some sweet ass armor you got there

  • Snowassassin62

    When I talk to the girl, I don’t get the Bloodline quest thing on my screen

  • V IE

    4:20 bruh... that’s what I forgot to do? 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

  • Koikilledkings

    Bruh when I go in everyone is trying to fight Lord Harkon and I can’t do shit wtf is this

  • Corne Snyman

    How do I get in Im on ps4 and the gate is closed

  • Dawson Cusick

    I know this video is old and probably won't be seen,but I'm having trouble pressing the button it just says you cannot do this in combat but I'm alone

  • blindjustice316

    Is this part of the dlc? I’m playing on ps vr

  • Avenge Autumns

    I dont really know about this, I'd suggest that you tell your follower to wait somewhere and then return to the Dimhollow Cave where Serana was. Then just go to the room where you free'd her. Lemme know if it worked

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