Skyrim: "Journey's End" (Live Action)

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Dovahkiin embarks on one last adventure, after being lured into the forest by a mysterious voice.

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Props and Costumes by Shannon Clawson

Music by Michael Dangremond - (One man viking band)


Shannon Clawson - Dovahkiin

Ty Lussenden-Gregersen - Necromancer/Undead Bandit 2 (

Wil Nelson - Undead Bandit 1

Erin Cramer - P.A. Day 1
Nick Brand - Scripty
Aaron LaPerna - P.A. Day 2
Mike Zapolnik - Sound Operator
Michael Green - Camera Operator/VFX

Sound Design Shannon Clawson and Michael Green
  • Forrest Pepe

    Dovahkin : ".. Yeah, I thought I was going to die for they just got back up after being slain. Then out of the middle of nowhere, the idiot that had 'revived' the two buggers shows his face."Patron at the Bee and the Barb : " So what happened next?"Dovahkin : " So I got back up, slayed the two again. The dragon priest tried to run like an old lady, but I was all like FUS RO DAH. The moron hit a tree when I did, then I took the arrow the one bloke tried to hit me with. And then I said, ' you were a great adventurer, until I jabbed you in the knee!"Everyone one in the Bee and Barb laughed, even DovahBear laughed till he fell back, drinking his honey mead. 

  • Jester Gaming

    "I used to be a Dragon Priest like you... then I took an arrow in the knee..."

  • Donnie D

    I don't remember dragon priests being so pathetic

  • Mikhail Bisserov

    It's not lore-friendly. Men have shaved armpits in Skyrim.

  • dracopo

    arrow in the knee 1hahaha

  • caleb PcgameFTW

    lol the whole arrow to the nee best part :D

  • alexander holder

    Pretty weak looking Dovakin. Couldn't you find a guy with muscles and a beard working the door at a bar? It's not like he needs to be able to act. Biggest problem I see with all fan videos.

  • Para-Mentis Channel by Piggsy Lamb

    Take his mask its enchanted!!

  • DreadentX

    I had no idea the Dovahkiin wears jeans and sneakers.  I also had no idea Morokei actually wandered around in the middle of the woods, or even had to walk. And for that matter, I didn't know he wore sneakers or even had to walk, or ditch his staff for a crude walking stick. Well, The more you know.

  • Valynaz Valkynaz

    I used to be a priest like you then I was stabbed in the dovahknee by a dovahkiin

  • Jessica Justus

    Awesome vid dude. Some people are just a wee bit to picky for there own good on the comments but personaly I think it was awesome. Keep up the grate work.

  • commandoslayer

    2:07 the guy with the axe went like "I missed so go on strike me in the back!"

  • TheScienceGuy120

    "ill have your head on a pike" 4:10

  • leklo375

    It wasnt perfect but creds for having the woodcutters axe look like the one in the game

  • Chris Rightsell

    I thought about doing a short film, where one of alduin's captains attacks high hrothgar, and the dragonborn defends it. but the dragon is able to kill the dragonborn and flys away, and so they have an epic funeral for the dragonborn, and his brother comes to skyrim and goes on a personal journey hunting the dragon

  • Conner Bailey

    I want that dragon priest mask. I want the one with the tusks....

  • Volk Nove

    This is cool. I can say I have seen better but this was reety good and I loved the music.

  • DuzX

    Very nice Video!Like :) Much People just dont understand what u did for this Video...Good job.

  • DeathTrinity1000

    But...but, he didn't take the mask.

  • Zolsci Dominic

    Do a dark brotherhood video

  • Dan'ko Koren'

    haha arrow in the knee

  • Johann-Martin Strydom

    If I could I'd give a hundred likes just for that arrow to the knee reference! brilliant!

  • Adrian I

    greybeards was the mysterious voice!

  • Lyla Phillips

    Why does he not take the Moreki for his collection? Surely by now he has the rest and can now proceed to obtain the 9th and final. 

  • ymerej5769

    Can you make another? :D

  • The lost Ones ranger

    First off I want that sword and second I plan on creating a dragon born with my own flare but I am still going to use that helmet.

  • Joshua Huff

    Was not a Nordic male. Have you tried lifting a Nord corpse? Easily 200pounds. This 160.

  • Ryan Loewenstein

    what app did u use for the special effects like when he wentfus ro dah

  • Joe Moe

    To everybody who is narcissistic and arrogant enough to shout hate and criticism at this..... why don't you go out back and into your woods in the winter time and see if you can make a better video?

  • VexinsWrath

    videos like this deserve so many more views 

  • Fizhy

    Casually stick it in a dragon priests knee! You do know the guards mean it metaphorically.

  • RoyalTrax

    Brilliant videography, this is treasure

  • Cerberusarms

    I was happy to see another serious Skyrim Fan film but was instantly saddened by the arrow to the knee at the end. Whywhywhy would you allow this?

  • Fizhy

    Was that an arrow to the knee?

  • The Dangerous Brew

    obrigado! Is that correct?

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks man! The fus ro dah is probably my favorite effect I've ever done, and I'm really critical on my work.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    isitcontagious commented on a video of ours? Yes! Thank you so much! I've been follow you guys for awhile now (Video Production and Cosplay).

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot to us. Glad we could do Skyrim some justice.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks! A lot of time went into this. Glad you could appreciate our hard work.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks Jessica. It was a lot of fun to make!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you. Glad it was enjoyable!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you, and we've definitely been hearing that, but at the same time, it was his cosplay, and he's the most built in our group.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    IGN or IGN Germany? We're glad you did too! Thank you.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you very much. We appreciate it man!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you! Glad it was at least a bit enjoyable.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks man! Keep at it and they will get better every time. That's what I did.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Glidecam and shoulder rig, and we used the Canon t3i.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    I am so happy you just said something about the sound. We did a full 24 hour sound design spree last night.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks for the feedback. We definitely know our weaknesses. Shannon is the biggest guy in our group. Plus he made all of the props and costumes, so we can't very well tell him that he can't play the Dova (He also came up with the idea.) You should also see the rest of us. Not even close to Dragonborn material. And the acting definitely was hindered by the ridiculously freezing cold weather. 8 straight hours in that is mind numbing. Plus, look at the costume our Dovahkiin was wearing. Haha.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you and thanks for subscribing as well!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Yes! That's all I could ask for. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks man! We appreciate it.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Yeah that is a common complaint. We'll work on those for our next vid. Glad you liked the fus.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    I definitely get where you are coming from. I think it just depends on style with the fighting. They probably do need some work (choreography and editing), but it also depends if you like slow or frenetic fight scenes. Glad you enjoyed it a little bit though. Thanks for checking it out!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    This means a lot. Thank you for checking it out and the kind words!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Glad you think so. Much appreciated!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks Silas! That means a ton.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thanks sir. We're glad you enjoyed it.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Hey brotha, I was sleeping. Can't very well answer questions in that state. We used the Canon t3i, but remember, the camera doesn't matter. It's what you put in from of the camera that matters.

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you for checking it out. Glad you liked it!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Thank you! I'm going to have to learn Portuguese soon!

  • The Dangerous Brew

    Yeah, well, you know that's just like, uhhhh, your opinion man.

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