My top 10 daggers in Skyrim! Leave a like if you enjoyed :) It's greatly appreciated.

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  • Smike

    Thanks FudgeMuppet! For some reason, whenever you comment on my videos, I can't reply...

  • Sean

    Got clickbaited so hard by the thumbnail

  • Sir Shootsalot

    Fun fact: if you pickpocket Astrid and steal her dagger at the end of the dark brotherhood when she gives you her dagger you can use both

  • julian chua

    didn't know mike tyson plays skyrim

  • tree

    I didn't have to watch the video to know Mehrunes Razor was gonna be #1

  • BaconCoqSlap The Third

    I love daggers. 15x sneak crits with the dark brotherhood gloves giving 2x backstab boosting it up to 30x crits. I can instantly kill dragons with a legendary enchanted iron dagger if I want to. I personally use a steel dagger just because they look best in my opinion. 2,000+ damage crits FTW!

  • gjw000

    you should limit the amounts of words you say with S in it

  • Artie ThatGuy

    Top ten one handed swords, please not top ten one handed weapons. Like if you agree so Smike can see.


    For the blade of woe, you can also kill Astrid at the shack and loot it off of her body.

  • Bob Bobson

    I got the Blade of Woe off of Astrid's corpse (I destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, ik it is more worth it to join but the sent an assassin after me, they sealed their fate then.)

  • dan fischer

    Mehrunes' Razor is best for killing essential NPCs that bother you. For example, I killed Delphine and Esbern with it when they told me to kill Paarthurnax. I never liked those two, especially Delphine she was a cunt.

  • Brütal Kush ∞

    The 1# dagger has like a 1%

  • IQ

    Im just gonna ask how do you Slice off their heads like that like wtf

  • Zeni Max Plays

    I killed a dragon with one hit with merunes razor

  • Stanley

    What about:Top 10 potionstop 10 shoutstop 10 powers top 10 questlinestop 10 human followersif you haven't already done those

  • Connor Lund

    Is it just me, or do glass arrows look like mini glass war axes with feathers on the end?

  • Valtury

    How the hell does this have 1788 likes and 21 dislikes? Has anyone here even played the game..

  • Gianni M

    Great vid but misleading thumbnail

  • Cryptic Cobra

    why is keening #2? it has one of the lowest base damages of all the daggers here... am i missing something because its effect really isnt that great, absorbing magic and stamina is rarely healpful, so its just a Blade of Woe with lower base stats AND it cant even be ungraded at a forge, this alone makes it the worst dagger in the list....

  • Chris CloraxBleach

    I was hella pissed i was not able to keep keening because it looked cool and was cool arniel is a douche and he didin't even need it and he took it and vanished what a waste

  • Ruiz Santos

    i have 2 (legendary) daedric daggers with enchantments fire and frost perfect for my assassin/warrior/madman/criminal/goodguy/demigod character

  • TirinVengeful

    2:00 you can also get the Blade of Woe by doing the Dark Brotherhood starting quest where you kill Grelod. When you are taken to the abandoned shack, killing Astrid (the chick on the cupboard) and looting her corpse can get you the blade. This is only if you don't want to do the full DB questline

  • spiffdaddy

    what are the daggers n the thumbnail ??? i like the glowing green

  • Joe Bidenn

    For everyone wanting the dagger in the thumbnail, its a part of the Daggercraft package mod!

  • Mr NightShock

    I think we all know that blade of woe means blade of (keanu reeves voice) blade of whoah

  • Klassic Badz

    Did he say cattlebanes dagger?

  • Tyrion Purple Toon EgoSexbang Lannister

    Mehrunes razor is the most fun to use, but the blade of woe is pretty much the strongest dagger ever when upgraded.


    Mehrunes Razor is terrible

  • Jason Sulham

    i disagree with number 10 the skyforge isnt all that special and no i cant think of a dagger to replace it but then again maybe nettlebane

  • N7Garrus

    Keening makes no sense in this game, in morrowind you had to wear the Wraithguard glove or you would die.

  • MysterMyschievious

    all you have to do to get dragon heartscales with kahvozeins fang is have it equipped in your right hand, not left hand. you could loot the dragon, then take out the dagger, then search the dragon again and you will get the heartscales. you do not have to damage the dragon at all to get heartscales.

  • Mr Bombastic

    the blade of woe is from oblivion 

  • Artrysa

    you can also kill the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid. you get the armor and the Blade of Woe.

  • Chaotic Reacts

    the thumbnail is misleading

  • Artrysa

    what isthe base damage of the Mehrunes' Razor?

  • clare dunn

    Just a note for any new people to Skyrim, you can actually obtain two blades of woe to take advantage of perks like dual flurry and get insane life steal. When returning from a certain quest to turn it in too Astrid, I won't spoil it, she will be leaning on the table with the big map. Look in her pockets before completing the quest and there will be a blade of woe, before you get the common one later in the quest line. Hope this helps.

  • Lord Burgerus King of the 'Tism

    Hey guys in case you were wondering about how his Keening is glitched, I have the full explanation. Keening is supposed to have unlimited uses of absorb 10 from each stat, but Bethesda made the weapon unable to be charged by a soul gem, so the enchantment only has one use. (Even though the weapon will always glow and there's no empty enchantment usage bar.) One way you can make sure that it never runs out of enchantment usage is to wear enchanted armor/clothing/robes that reduce Destruction magic cost by 100%.

  • Album Interpretations

    I found a glass dagger that did 40 points of magicka damage

  • Abel Pena

    If you paid attention to how you got keening, you'll know that you didn't have all the components to get it. Therefore none of the enchantments work, it's just an Easter egg from an earlier elder scrolls game.

  • nickolas hemming

    Wow I can't belive people use daggers blade of woe it's awful all main story weapons suck if u make ur own u can make it more powerful and enchant it and customize it to make it more powerful than any weapons

  • SeriousGamer753

    0:05 991710 coin ?! And 5325 carry weight ?!?! WTF !!!

  • EMT!

    For anyone wanting to know the Mehrunes' Razor dagger has a 1.98% to kill ANYONE besides Miraak and another boss BOTH in the Dragonborn DLC. It will have a chance to kill anyone else though.

  • John Smith

    I clicked on a video with bright green daggers, and I got this.

  • Intelligent Heavy.

    Wish the Shard of Azzinoth was actually in the game. Favourite dagger from wow.

  • Peyton DiGregory

    Vlads lucky dagger is trash, crits don't do anything really

  • Marvin Mittelstädt

    0:24 so that's how Worcestershire sauce is pronounced

  • Stanley Williams

    I strongly suggest any beginning Elder Scrolls fan to play Morrowind and join the Morag Tong assassin's guild and get your hands on The Black Hand dagger.

  • banana party

    Is the pale lady a wisp mother how do you fight it

  • RootinTootin Pootin

    you can kill Astrid when you meet her instead of joining

  • rangaTHEwizard

    the you dont have to last hit to get the sclaes it just has to be equipped

  • rangaTHEwizard

    it says on the screen what the damage is and you saying a complete diffetent number ?

  • BStemproductions

    For Kahvozeins fang you don't need to hit them on the last hit. You need to loot the dragon in your right hand

  • Skyrim Lord

    I'm only at 0:58 and there'd better be mehrune dagons dagger!!!!!

  • I Have No flippin Life

    When u hit someone with mehrunes razor,is its magic bar supposed to go down?

  • Sudo

    what looks best with Shrouded robes?

  • Deex13

    I can tell he downloaded the dawnguard dlc

  • McPixel

    Blade of woe masterace

  • Tristan Gundlach

    I have every dagger there

  • Odette Prinsloo

    guys you can forge better daggers and put stronger enchantments on them

  • Brian Macaranas

    thankyou for the Heads up

  • Jason Smiley

    you can also destroy the dark brotherhood

  • TheMineFreak

    The number one is bad because it only has a 2% chance

  • Henryk Friedrich

    Nithe video dude! Very helpful! Wath looking for the betht dagger becauthe im new to the game!

  • experience greatness

    or for 3 you can just kill her

  • Aidan Wells

    Wait for all daedric stuff you have to be lvl 47 to find it around skyrim

  • Alex

    You sound like Neo's Dave voice

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