My top 10 daggers in Skyrim! Leave a like if you enjoyed :) It's greatly appreciated.

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  • John Smith

    I clicked on a video with bright green daggers, and I got this.

  • Smike

    Thanks FudgeMuppet! For some reason, whenever you comment on my videos, I can't reply...

  • Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo

    Got clickbaited so hard by the thumbnail

  • clare dunn

    Just a note for any new people to Skyrim, you can actually obtain two blades of woe to take advantage of perks like dual flurry and get insane life steal. When returning from a certain quest to turn it in too Astrid, I won't spoil it, she will be leaning on the table with the big map. Look in her pockets before completing the quest and there will be a blade of woe, before you get the common one later in the quest line. Hope this helps.

  • tree

    I didn't have to watch the video to know Mehrunes Razor was gonna be #1

  • luca megioranza

    yay i have the strongest dagger ingame 😀


    I was promised green glowy daggers

  • Henryk Friedrich

    Nithe video dude! Very helpful! Wath looking for the betht dagger becauthe im new to the game!

  • 117

    For anyone wanting to know the Mehrunes' Razor dagger has a 1.98% to kill ANYONE besides Miraak and another boss BOTH in the Dragonborn DLC. It will have a chance to kill anyone else though.

  • Shawn411

    collect heart scales from dragons....?I think you're mixing up games...

  • Aidan Wells

    Wait for all daedric stuff you have to be lvl 47 to find it around skyrim

  • experience greatness

    or for 3 you can just kill her

  • Breno Celani

    my keening is also glitched

  • Khalid Habibain

    how did he cut that head is that a mod?

  • TehSavageBruv

    lol im lucky cos i got the mehrunes razor and i didnt know it was good and i almost sold it xD

  • Alex _

    You sound like Neo's Dave voice

  • TheWeeb

    I got clickbated by the green daggers on the thumbnail...

  • Xison

    you can get the blade of woe simply by killing the dark brother hood if you don't want to go through any brotherhood quests.

  • julian chua

    didn't know mike tyson plays skyrim

  • Guy Fieri

    I gave my blade of sacrifice to my daughter

  • Ultimultemplier Last

    nr 3 blade of woe its soo bad becus its not rely a dagger becuse it is slower then a tow handed sorde its very bad

  • Johnny Cooper

    my friend Tristan killed aldiwin in one hit

  • gjw000

    you should limit the amounts of words you say with S in it

  • H20 Phoenix

    I found out you can summon areas twice if you have the perk

  • Rugged Man

    Dude u sound like a bag of dicks got shoved in your mouth! Use a different person to narrate. Because ur voice is unbearable

  • Smesko

    for #3 it would be easier just to kill astrid and brotherhood if you dont want to be assassin but if you do then join them

  • Noah Reed

    You can also kill astrid instead of joining the dark brotherhood

  • Benjamin Contreras Vivanco

    0:34 hey it's pretty good

  • GoFuckY0urself

    A note on Khavozein's Fang:You don't need to use it at all when fighting dragons in order to collect heartscales. You only need to have the dagger equipped when you loot the dragon's corpse.

  • IQ

    Im just gonna ask how do you Slice off their heads like that like wtf

  • Jason Brown

    i sold the lucky dagger😂

  • NinjaBeSneekin

    Get dragonbone dagger, enchant it with soul strap and absorb health. Now you have a better bloodthorne

  • Adam Folkerts

    my keening is glitches It's enchantments don't do anything

  • bat bubba

    when you first meat Astrid in the abandoned shack u can kill her and get the blade of woe

  • :::::P'egofryatshir :::::

    я не согласен с 6 местом

  • Simon Fraipont

    skyforssh shtteel dfegger

  • Joe Bidenn

    For everyone wanting the dagger in the thumbnail, its a part of the Daggercraft package mod!

  • Michael Camacho

    where do i get the keening?

  • Dinosaur A

    Can u disenchant mehrunzes dagger to get the effect and put it on different daggers

  • Your Ancestor

    Bruh.... The best dagger is nordic dagger of chaos

  • Bugaboo

    you should redo your stats so that the "base" dmg on the knife is the same as the actual base dmg

  • Alex Odinson

    My favorite is blade of woe and dragonbone

  • Max Plays

    I killed a dragon with one hit with merunes razor

  • Rishab K

    ThanksI did the quest and got the Mehrunes Razor It's now 27 damage :)

  • The Dragonborn

    Can someone please tell me how he has so much carry weight?

  • Thatfoxgaming

    Hey smike on skyrim (360) when you do the quest to get the signal stone and you need to subdue the unbound dremora it will only let me summon it once any fixes

  • Levi Lohkamp

    what does he mean by "Base Damage"? I want to know because he said that #3 which is the Blade of Woe has a "Base Damage" of 12 but I got mine at 20 damage with no added skills in the perk tree. Please Clarify

  • TirinVengeful

    2:00 you can also get the Blade of Woe by doing the Dark Brotherhood starting quest where you kill Grelod. When you are taken to the abandoned shack, killing Astrid (the chick on the cupboard) and looting her corpse can get you the blade. This is only if you don't want to do the full DB questline

  • PBST

    NOTE: keening's active effect (mortal wound) can not be found under active effects, it will say "mortal wound added" but doesn't show up, to counteract that effect make sure you have vokun equipted (reason being is that the mask gives you a 100% immunity to all poisons and diseases)

  • Crazygamer1547

    You can also get the Blade of Woe by killing Astrid when you wake up in the abandoned shack. Though you obviously can't join the Dark Brotherhood if you do this, so if you want to join them, just finish the Dark Brotherhood quests then get it at the end.

  • AtakanNW

    Agreed with that number one. Probably my favorite weapon of all. I like to have a... humble appearance :> It was the most fun for me using the arch-mages robes and that dagger along with the mask with the 100% M. regen to do 2-3 magics then lethal well.. when it worked of course. But it works when you need it... And the best is when it works on the 1st power attack! Ooohh... The pleasure.. :D

  • spiffdaddy

    what are the daggers n the thumbnail ??? i like the glowing green

  • Jordan Stinnett

    "It'sth Smike here"

  • DarkFyre RBLX

    Can mehrunes razor kill the ebony warrior in one hit just like everything else?

  • Nova wolf Vlogs

    Or you can get blade of woe at level 1 by destroy the dark brotherhood quest

  • the artsy guy

    where do u find keening?? I have all the DLC's

  • Tweny 8

    Maybe I shouldnt have killed the questsr at the very beggining of the Mehrunes Dagons Razor blade....... trying to play as a good guy since this Daedric Lord is the worst of all so Im trying to disobey them... well miss that dagger indeed.

  • TIAN

    Blade of Woe from Oblivion used to absorb health,stamina and magicka all together, they nerfed it way too much that being the reason why its nuber 3


    i cant give me this voice

  • Spəktrıə Nıtə

    hey, atleast it isnt another fnaf video

  • Douglas Demming

    The razor dagger is freaking awesomeI use it when ever i fight dragons and someone/thing thats too strong for me. (it always came threw for me.) I never found a another blade that would be a good match for it so I used a glass dagger or the dagger you get from healing the tree in Winhelm the one that look like a ebony dagger.

  • Snorlax

    seni 1 milyon kere izleyen insanların da senin de allah belanı versin karşim

  • Kawaii Meowth

    what's the blade on the thumbnail(? I'm guessing no one will reply... :(

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