20 Minutes of New Mafia 3 Footage

See a huge chunk of the newest installment in the venerable crime fantasy franchise.

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  • John Hancock

    We all know we'll be giving every territories to Vito just lmao at the choices

  • Registered Pedo

    Songs used in Mafia 3.0:00 Sam and Dave - Hold On I'm Coming 2:58 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Risin9:18 Janis Joplin - Piece of my Heart16:32 Creedence Clearwater revival - Green River21:00 Mourning Ritual - Bad Moon Rising

  • 007Myers Production

    is just me or Vito looks better in the first trailer..this is..different

  • Jacey P.

    So Vito's on our side, cool

  • Youri Lepointe

    Mafia 3 - The story of Frank Castle ;)

  • nobody survives even one bit

    The protagonist really looks like hulk(brazil football player?

  • DeadlyNeurotoxin

    game looks like trash tbh

  • Nick A

    I miss the tunes of Mafia 2 );

  • ItalianAmericanmafia

    I was hoping that I would be able to play as one of my people, it is called mafia 3, I was expecting the Mafia.

  • SupremacyGaming

    Loving the soundtrack choice

  • Sehajroop Bath

    No one told me that Donald Trump's in the game.

  • Kievano

    Looks awesome! One question though, where is Joe?

  • Prince Fabulous

    8:06That didn't look even remotely real.

  • morphanok69

    Black guy killing white guys simulator

  • Skimtar

    Soundtrack sounds amazing!

  • Sumtinrandom

    The game does look like it has soul. I like that.

  • Matthew M

    I never really liked Burke but once that music started to play I suddenly felt so much sympathy for him as if I knew Burke like I do Vito. So far the music in this is great!

  • AnakinDidNothingWrong

    Oh my god. This soundtrack is amazing as was the one from 2 😍😍😍😍

  • rikaybee

    Mark my words, this game will look nothing like what's shown here.

  • p3rfectinsaniity

    The game is called Mafia you should be playing as an Italian

  • Sherif El Sharkawy

    The entire gameplay video is impressive, but if one thing really stands out, it's the original score. The music that plays during the shootouts is pure excellence, extremely fitting too.

  • Kek Shoahstein

    cucked fantasy the game

  • Polok Kamal


  • R3fug33

    By 18:15 he shot 40 bullets without reloading once

  • FaceBiscuits

    Not a fan of the protagonist at all really.

  • Kaiden Krueger

    Vito kinda looks like Robert De Nero now XD

  • Isikeli Kubuabola

    Is it just me or does Uncle lou @5:58 look like Buddy Garrity off Friday night lights ? lol

  • 7ricker

    Mafia I & Mafia II were great games, Mafia III looks even better, Can't wait!

  • Mert K.

    I will buy this game for Vito Scaletta. I don't fuckn care about other dolls.

  • Kazahn Lopez

    playboy mags better be collectibles

  • Mixed Nuts

    "OMGGG IT IS 1968 HOW DUZ HE HAVE A CELL PHONE NOT BUYING!!!" Yeah cause you know radio frequency and Walkie-talkies dont exist. BTW the military and government had cell phone type technology way before it hit the public market. You guys would kill a great story driven game just bc of small things that honestly dont matter in the grand scheme of things.

  • David Davidson

    So instead of a game about smooth talking Italians in a big city beating people up for protection money we get a GTA knock off featuring a random black dude in N'ORLINS blowing people's heads off. Also the characters look greasy.

  • makaveli

    just waiting for the customization dlc to be released ⏰⏰....one day

  • Pedro Nascimento

    the gunplay seems pretty solid, and the setting and music are killer... really hope this doesn't disappoint.

  • K. Benzema Is God

    pretty obvious that the guy with the mustache will betray Lincoln, and he'll die..then you'll play the next few missions as Vito scaletta, and at the final mission, it will be revealed that Lincoln clay didn't die, and you'll do the final mission as Lincoln clay, and maybe have Vito killed. IF THEY DO THIS....wait nah, they're not that clever.

  • irishboy664

    heh, buddy from friday night lights anyone?

  • friedkangaroo

    How are people even excited for this dreck its NOT even from Vavra or 2K Czech the REAL one before Mafia 2

  • Ricardo Villa

    Vito doesn't look same as the trailer is shown, but as along he's in the game👌

  • If Not Now, When?

    Tbh.....ill be spending all my time looking for those playboy magazines.

  • Dan Mic

    damn that swamp rock and nam flashbacks I love that era <3 CCR The best .

  • James Hay

    The song right at the start is Sam and Dave - Hold on i'm coming

  • Chris Guzman

    The way I see it, the next mafia will be set in the 80's.Let's see who does it better, 2K or Rockstar.

  • GhostFlashJGT

    When I heard Vito's voice, shivers went down my spine

  • M.O.A.B

    0:23 sounded like Rick Grimmes

  • TheRealDeal

    I hate the music backround.Mafia 1 had one of the best music ever.

  • Softman Armstrong

    "when lincoln clay went after the mob he inflicted more damage than all the wars and hurricanes combined"dropped.


    what was the music at 14:40 it sounded awesome also love the game cant wait

  • The7Reaper

    Let's be honest 90% of players will give most districts to Vito

  • Nick Wilson

    Michael from GTA V at 11:31? X-files theme song plays

  • Black Bern

    When I went with my wife for shopping...3:09 look in the lower left corner.That at 3:45.

  • Haddix


  • TheRival

    I see the soundtrack is gonna be awesome in this game!Love Creedence clearwater revival. Hope to hear more awesome bands! :D

  • Renegade Cz

    I'm disliking all the modern and unrealistic perks and abilities. You call enforcers, they're there within a second, you got a wire and apparently a phone (in 1968, not unless it's a massive brick) etc. All this stuff doesn't belong to this game. The previous 2 kept it simple and it worked. Improve that formula but don't make it into an Ubi game.

  • User

    Cant Wait. Favorite Series, Other Than The Godfather Of Course.

  • Leo _Gamer11

    Concerteza vai concorrer a melhor jogo do ano,muito bom

  • mermaltim68

    I love the the late 60s dynamic rock soundtrack!

  • cocky456

    Plz if anyone that helped develop or working on plea bless true gamers so beta magic plz

  • Black Bern

    When I went shopping...3:09 look in the lower left corner.That at 3:45.

  • Charmayne Knox

    Why does Uncle Lou look like Buddy Garrity from Friday Night Lights?

  • צאַר האָלי

    "Aye Veto! You just went tru a red light!"


    physics of the game relates to Hitman absolution

  • Bruno Vazquez

    Even if the story is bad the music is damn good! Long live rock n' roll and the blues! 🤘🏻🎸

  • The Sprunkman

    Moulinyans? Mafia? C'mon, huh?

  • Wafflecookie

    Donald trump is in the game 5:57

  • Adam Bergeron

    Welcome to Lincoln Clancy's: The Mafia.It looks like a random Ubisoft game that has nothing to do with Mafia 1 and 2...

  • r_u_stilldown

    if they have a punisher costume that would be GodLike

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