The Best Skyrim Mods | 2018

Revisiting Skyrim in 2018 to look at the best.. or rather my favorite mods that currently are around and still supported.

I typically go back and dive into Skyrim modding about once a year.. spend 100 hours making a Skyrim mod list.. playing for 10 minutes and then make another Skyrim mod list.. and repeat that process until I get burnt out. Usually after I've made 12 Skyrim mod lists.

This mod list is soley made from mods from the Skyrim Special Edition as from the looks of it it has more or less replaced the original & legendary version modding scenes.


I might be off base but it seems like Skyrim modding as a whole while still getting new mods being made for it.. the numbers of people playing it are starting to slow down so this video wasn't put on my Skyrim channel.


Diverse Dragons Collection SE

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE


Simply Balance



Know Your Enemy

Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul

Survival Mode
Creation Club

Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Beth INI



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  • Fevir

    Come chat about games with terrible people at Subscribe to the channel and follow me on twitch at for upcoming short streams

  • Pedro Gomes

    "I find a cool two-handed sword but I'm currently playing my 10th stealth archer"I didn't need such a personal attack.

  • danger zone

    Bethesda should thank the modding community

  • pSyk

    Please stop! You are gonna make me play Skyrim AGAIN!

  • William Tobin

    2070: Hey grandpa watch ya doing? Oh hey there. Oh I'm just making a new mod for skyrim.

  • Eddie The Head

    Approaches giant with ebony sword in left handPunches it

  • TheJozaaaaaaa

    00:00 00:38 Diverse Dragons01:41 SPERG04:46 Legacy of the Dragonborn06:28 Know your enemy08:12 Enemy overhaul09:01 Elegy10:42 Survival12:21 WICO13:08 BethINI14:11 Y.A.S.H

  • Lu Hau

    FINALLY! Finally a visual character overhall mod without those pathetic babe/naked/giant juggs mods! gosh, this is the hardest type of mod to find. and in times of a constant stream of free internet nudity this fact is very very sad.

  • Eknim

    SPERG is for spergsthis comment was made by Ordinator GANG

  • Papi Flame

    I’m going to buy a pc literally for the purpose of playing skyrim with mods. This is coming from a PS4 modding normie.Edit: build a pc actually

  • edwin sparks

    Yeah... So we don't hate the idea of mod creators getting paid, that is why some of us contribute to the modders via the nexus. What we hate is when Bethesda takes existing mods and adds them to a game to make money, like when they took features from the Willow FNV mod to make followers in Fallout 4 more appealing. The survival mod is unfortunately just a mash together of the Frostfall/Campfire mods with iNeed and the survival no fast travel setting from fallout 4. that's pretty much all it is.

  • kraiZor

    When the creation club was announced Bethesda talked a big game like they were going to be making the kind of DLC sized mods that take modders years to produce. Instead we got lots of skins (which there were a shit ton of the day that Skyrim came out.) If Bethesda had made shit that was on the level of Falskaar people probably wouldn't have complained as much.

  • Joe W.

    How are you blocking with dual wield? I MUST KNOW.

  • AlienOvermind

    SPERG's "auto-perks" is a fine idea that goes well with TES "automatically empower thing you use" levelling system. But other than that Ordinator is much better. It's filled with interesting ideas and mechanics, it has very good compatibility (unlike good old SkyRe/PerMa for example), it makes basically every skill tree worth investing into and the amount of possibilitied added by Ordinator is simply huge. In my opinion it's popularity is very well deserved.

  • Rico Ambrosio

    7:04 "a skeleton has no flesh to cut, so u wanna get a blunt weapon" Since when is it impossible to cut bones with a sword?

  • DastardlyFellow

    What is your full load order? You're game LOOKS AMAZING.

  • llSmokyll

    Fevir, man, you never disappoint me. Really dude, i've just went on a new playthrough on Skyrim SE (literally 4 days ago) and i was wondering: how cool would be a fresh new Fevir's skyrim mod video?!

  • Nicholas Bryant

    Disagree when it comes to Ordinator vs SPERG. Ordinator completely changes the game, your ability to roleplay and most importantly takes previously useless things like Daggers and Frost magic and makes them viable combat options. It makes being a Spellsword actually viable for legendary difficulty. It makes destruction magic itself actually viable for Legendary difficulty without needing to exploit meat shields and exploits. It adds crowd control methods to all 3 destruction elements. It actually differentiates the choice between light armor and heavy armor outside of aesthetic choice. Of the 2 it is simply the objectively better perk overhaul. Its only overwhelming if you don't understand the mechanics behind the overhaul itself. You were never meant to max out your skill trees. You were mean't to specifically pick perks that benefit the class you play.

  • Michael Coffey

    Heck of a fun list. Thanks for the time and spotlight Fevir :). As for me after a play through or two when I mod I enjoy things that help with immersion better weather better or more varied npc's and the like. Was fun to see what you like but hear WHY you enjoy each mod.

  • Sszarkk Theburning

    Skyrim with mods Best Single Player Game !!!

  • James Vieira

    first time checking out one of your video's, you did a good job on that commentary man.

  • skyscreeper

    what graphics mod are you using? looks amazing!

  • Prior of the Ori

    Yo! Do you have a mod list for what you were using in the video? I have such a hard time finding the right graphics and ENB combos but yours looked spot on to what I have been trying to get.

  • Randiriel

    "Say I'm out exploring and I find a unique two-handed sword, but I'm currently playing my tenth stealth archer..." I died! Omg!Also, I am unashamed to say I am among those who now refuse to play without my favorite blue cat!

  • Sim. Frischh

    "my tenth stealth archer" LOLIt´s so true, archery is OP in Skyrim.I currently work hard to get off of archery by using magic, but since one needs more trees to be effective it takes more skill points and thus more time.

  • TheHermit

    Been a while since I've seen a Skyrim related video from you. Very nice indeed. Is your complete mod list available for viewing somewhere?

  • Christian Flink

    subscribed half-way through! Such a well made video and a pleasant voice to go with the awesome content! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Power Chord Gamer

    3:41 i knew when i heard that music play that legacy of the dragonborn would be on the list

  • Pineapple

    shiiiieeet this has been in my watch later since the day it was uploaded...well, I guess a late view is better than no view

  • Solomon Chang

    Lol 10th archer.Actually trying different build makes Skyrim more fun to replay. 1st character: archer, alchemists to poison the arrow. Dawnguard quest. 2nd character: destruction and conjuring Mage. Winter hold quest. 3rd character: 2 handed warrior 4th character: angel build. OP af. Rebuild Helgen. 5th character: battle axe, influencer with high speech and 4 followers. Civil war quest6th character: thief, killer. Thief guild and dark brotherhood Quest mods and other mods related to them were added to make it more immersive to each character.

  • gil pima

    That guy in the picture looks like talion for shadow of war

  • Elvenbred X

    Diverse dragon collection + real dragon crisis - just try to get from helgen to whiterun on legendary from level 1 !!! maybe expert can be done !

  • Daisy Cowan

    Thanks for showing me SPERG. The switch from Ordinator to SPERG was like the switch from vanilla to Ordinator

  • SteelWolfSentinel

    What I like to do with Know You Enemy- play with Animated Armory, which adds a ton of new weapon types with new animations, including combat staves. I play a Ranger-type character with a bow, and carry elemental arrows and a sword; but I also have a two-handed staff as a blunt option against brittle enemies.

  • Space Grace

    WICO is by far the best, non slooty, realistic mod out there. Ralof has never looked so good. 😂

  • Thehintercast

    “And not how Skyrim has a very busy plastic surgeon.” I did not need such a personal attack.

  • Trance Emerson

    some spergs are going to throw hate for not picking ordinator.

  • Mr. Gravy

    Each one of these mods should be implemented into Elder Scrolls 6

  • Timóteo André

    This is random but, when you were talking about Legacy of the Dragonborn there was something about your voice that just made me fall in love with it and the same happened when you talked about YASH.

  • Arryn Chaos

    Character Skill is favoured by those who don't possess Player Skill - Change my Mind

  • owo owo

    Thank God you killed the talos speaker in whiterun. I was hoping I wasn't the only one.

  • Engraved

    "know your enemy mod makes it like the witcher where u need a silver and normal blade." Ya ok buddy. I was carrying around a silver sword in Morrowind before that long-haired slav could even tie his own ponytail. Bethesda needs mods to make BEthesda games like a real BEthesda game

  • Raska The Slaanesh

    Hmm... Will try most of the mods listed here... Right now im just doing vanilla superglitch achievement hunt ( i only need the building achievements, become guild master and finish Dark Brotherhood questline ) ( and by superglitched i mean going nuts with restoration glitch and using player.setav speedmult x to speed everything up )After i do it, ill try the hardcore mod... Until now i was using Requiem for that purpose... Its main feature is delevelling Skyrim. Things dont level with you.... Its really hard early game, but i heard, that later it suffers the same as normal Skyrim... Youre just too op

  • Jap Sar


  • Geribaldi's Games

    Love Legacy. Even finding that I want to keep lower level armor types, just so I can fill out the Armor Gallery.And yep, went on a mod shopping spree because of Legacy, grabbing as many custom item mods as I could find based on the comparability patches (and yes, this works for open Cities).

  • eyal rozenshpeer

    I need a mod where water conducts electricity spells 🙏🏿🙏🏻🙏🏽

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    My game looks as good as this (maybe better) WITHOUT the use of a FPS raping ENBMy numerous live streams prove that you DO NOT NEED an ENB

  • Sir Galahad

    Watches video. Buy Builds $3500 PC. Gets 200+ mods. Plays Skyrim Special Edition on 4k ultra settings

  • Motör Punx

    Hey dude, just one critiscism - can you please indicate these are for the Special Edition. That wasn't very clear until I looked these up :)

  • Ebelel

    Get Beth INI! Its amazing! Few MegaBytes for such an efficient tool:+ Fixes,+ performence,+ joyThanks for the recommendation!

  • Pete

    ordinator is best imo. really unique and inpactful perks. sperg is really lackluster

  • Braappy McBraapface

    It'd be great if someone made a all in one mod pack called "Slootrim".MxR! Get on that!

  • a1kh3m15t031

    I do prefer creations club survival mode to frost fall. Unfortunately despite using the same account I can only use it on my xbox one x cause it doesnt show that I own it on the pc version despite being the same account to login.

  • Fancy bronze

    was just wondering! what ENB are you using?? it looks gorgeous!

  • Aruto

    Great video man! Either way I really do disagree with your point of view on SPERG vs. Ordinator, mostly because I believe Ordinator does everything and more of what you said SPERG does but still is a fun mod but I would not choose it before Ordinator.

  • RychecksWorld

    Amazing video, starting a new play through because of it

  • Dappy Dad

    I actually agree. I'm going to have to try Sperg.

  • JR

    '10th stealth archer' the story of my life hhahaha

  • FlippeR FlappeR

    can SPERG goes with Ordinator?

  • Torugo

    Essa legendas do vídeo ficaram cortadas. Tem várias coisas que vc fala que não aparece nas legendas. Estão realmente muito ruins.

  • LakeOver TheCity

    But Ordinator let's me craft a Dwarven Autocannon!Seriously though, good list. I haven't used all of these, but the mods you listed are pretty good overhauls of what I find to be basic ass systems in the base SE

  • burnt f1ames

    Best mod is a Thomas the dank engine

  • s0ftsp0t the wise

    OMG HE DIDN'T SAY "What's good, it's Fevir"

  • SoaringMediocrity

    I agreed with most of these, I used SPERG for years before i swapped over to Ordinator. I found Ordinator just gave me so much more variations in what I wanted to build specifically. Not to say SPERG is bad, it just felt meh once I moved on.

  • Chris Chitwood

    Your dungeon and road textures look awesome. Could you possibly share what mods you use to achieve this look? I especially like the road textures at the beginning of the video.

  • Jesus McBeth

    Top x controversial mods that u loved? Xd

  • Shadower Z0

    What I love about SPERG is that i can choose WHICH skills can have auto-perks. And I choose 7 specific skills for my Roleplay build.

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