IGN Reviews - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review

IGN reviews the hotly anticipated RPG epic, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But does the latest installment in Bethesda's RPG series live up to the legacy of its ancestors? Watch the review and find out!
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  • Mojo Risin

    I really enjoyed the Witcher 3 and sure, it's one of the best games of all time, but when I played Skyrim again... the nostalgia that this game has for me... I realised Skyrim has something that the Witcher 3 didn't gave me. The first time you play Skyrim you get that feeling, lol I don't know how to explain but I'm sure most of you guys had it.Skyrim -> Witcher 3. I know you can't compare and I say both games are masterpieces. But Skyrim remains my number 1 of those two games.

  • Hunter Jarrett

    This game will always hold a special place in my heart

  • m Cave

    10/10 game has already made 1.3 BILLION and they want to release a remastered version....easily best game I have ever played and still playing it.

  • Thelegend27

    I'm sorry, but this game is a 10.

  • Ashraf

    i got mine today at black friday legendary edition for only 30 bux so glad. comes with all 3 dlc's! :D

  • gameforce

    Who else came here because of the remastered edition?

  • Nathaniel Levesque

    I would love to live in the world of Skyrim, except for one problem.I would have to live in constant fear of getting shot in the knee with an arrow.

  • Joey Deguelle

    Skyrim gets a 9.5, Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain gets a 10. I'm done.

  • N7Garrus

    this game is bad, because it promotes witchcraft, magic and fake gods called princes promoting that their actually demons in disguise and their all bad, then it promotes sexism because it's fanbase who have nothing to do with the game at all make sex mods and gun mods, guns are bad, and you can do hardcore drugs in this gameand then it has animal men, that's fake and who the hell plays animal wo/men, it's all witchcraft.and then there's drinking beer, beer is super bad because you can get high off beer okay, and btw call of duty is better than this bad game. this game is a rip off of call of duty

  • Jorek

    Funny how this game gets 9.5 and GTA 5 gets 10.

  • CommodoreMudkip

    Skyrim really should have received a 10/10, 4 years on and we still look back at it as the benchmark for open-world RPGs. how many games since 2011 have been touted as the "next skyrim"? plenty, ranging from Kingdoms of Amalur to The Witcher 3


    Skyrim is the best game ever made period.

  • YouMeAndTea

    Skyrim, what a great game. Fantasy done right.Pros:-An amazing open world which looks great-An epic soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly (That opening theme <3)-A wide range of classes that can change up gameplay-Interesting lore that makes the world feel real Cons:-Lacking a good story -Characters feel wooden (dont really care for any of them)-Combat feels quite stiffOverral score: 9/10

  • League Bat

    I don't know HOW IN THE WORLD this game gets a 9.5, then they go ahead and give GTA 5 a perfect 10/10, when in fact, the character development and the storyline in that game are ATROCIOUS.

  • Patriot

    This got 9.5 and ESO get a 7.8.... I think ESO should more like a 3/10. And this a 10/10. I've played Skyrim since 2011 and it has NEVER gotten boring.

  • DarkSamuraiHD

    When does it come out?

  • C.S. Ewens

    Ha the people saying skyrim is 'terrible' because of the flaws in it. No game has ever even approached the level of immersion and depth or world creation as skyrim. Perhaps there are frustrating aspects; but to claim outright that it is a terrible game is just idiotic. Perhaps i'm a fan boy, but if skyrim is terrible, i'd be interested to hear what they would call aliens colonial marines or lococycle. Idiots crowd the gaming landscape, buying angry birds for 60$ on next gen consoles. The amount of love and sheer man hours that went into skyrim are worthy of respect, something it seems many are too foolish to realize. Fus.

  • Chuka Amur

    9.5 really skyrim should get 15 out of 10

  • TittyHunter1776

    10/10It's not one of the best games ever made, it's THE BEST game ever made.

  • EnragedFliqpy

    I call bullshit. This game deserves a 10. With the dynamic character design to the AMAZING soundtrack, this game is still my favorite game. (Hint I'm 13)

  • Isaac Walker

    I was actually expecting an IGN 10/10.. this would be an instance in which I agree because as far as i can see there are no other RPG games that are quite this awesome.

  • eric vargas

    Greatest game of all time imo 🙌🌊👑

  • ghost N/A

    How tf did this not get 10/10? This is easily the best game I've ever played

  • themrmystery47

    i don't get it, skyrim 9.5.      gtaV, 10.nothing wrong here and still not a perfect score. gta 5 had that awful torture scene (which they even acknowledge to be out of place) and still get a master piece score.this system review is broken

  • Brocialist Party of America

    10/10 the best Elder Scrolls game since Modern Warfare 2

  • Yasar Hartmann

    I ended up buying this for all platforms(PC, PS3 & XB360) because im so fucking inlove with the game, what better way to support the developers when they do something right, to buy it on all available platforms? :P

  • A 100 Five this Where This

    Easily one of the 5 best games of all time in my opinion.

  • Joe Slater

    I bought this game the very day it came out 4 years ago, and now i find myself redownloading it to play it yet again, despite fallout 4 having just come out. This game is my favourite of all time, i would of given this game a 10 without a seconds hesitation.

  • Marowa Christy

    Must say the game is legendary and I can safely say it's better the the elder scrolls online.

  • Yahya Mroue

    wtf skyrim is a masterpeice!

  • Leo Zuniga

    I never saw the appeal to the game because I don't really like the whole fantasy theme, I prefer Fallout's theme. I bought the game and all the DLC's for 20 bucks on Xbox, part of the deals with gold. It was cheap so I thought I would try it out... I regret buying the game because I am HOOKED! A few bugs here and there, but damn there's so much to do. I'm actually overwhelmed by it, I finish a quest and end up activating 10 more quests.

  • Twizz!!!!! !

    This looks awesome! I'm playing Oblivion rn but this looks a lot more stunning and well done than Oblivion itself 😮😮👏👏


    Pros -Huge selection of armour,spells, and shouts to choose from-Detail in the landscape is amazing (A little Gloomy though)-DLC opens a hole new world to new players like me-Companions actually help you on quests unlike other games where they did in 3 seconds or just stand there-Perks really help developing the character-Using spells and scrolls have more of an impact on the player than using melee weapons. (doesn't feel like we're hitting air) Cons-Soundtrack gets VERY repetitive after level 20-Would have liked to seen more vampire and werewolves wandering in the mountains or something-Basically all missions take place in a cave filled with draugers-Dragons become very boring after the 4 or 5 tine-3rd person is VERY awkward I HATE how my character stands on the left of the screen when I'm not in combat-Character dialogue is BORING-Story takes WAAAAY to long to reach its climax. Half way through I literally forgot I was doing the main Quest I thought I was doing a really long miscellaneous Quest.-There should be a cap to how many missions you can have at the same time. I literally have over to hundred Quests I still haven't done. Half of which are just boring miscellaneous Quest.-Combat lacks impact and very repetitive (This includes using shouts)Game is OK it could be amazing with improvements. Still I can't wait for Skyrim 6. Overall 6/10

  • Colin Cockburn

    10/10 master piece. When this gets remastered do another review or somthing

  • Aaron Johnson

    Skyrim is NOT a 9.5. It's a 11. Considering the fact that it came out. 11/11/2011 get it?

  • Vernon Roche

    Weird how Skyrim has 9.5 (and has "Quests and story" as a pro and not a con)and Dark Souls 2 has only 9.0

  • GhoulTunes

    Downloading it on Steam as I type this. :3

  • Michael Shoemar

    this or witcher... id say this because i enjoy tis combat more

  • Anonymous

    can wait for elder scrolls 6

  • Marley Fernandez

    Skyrim is the most overrated rpg game ever created, in my opinion. And I really don't get why people call it one of the most "beautiful" rpg games out there... I think Skyrim is extremely ugly looking, and the combat system is clunky and repetitive. Just my opinion.

  • scampie '

    This review is absurd. 9.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats 0.5 points of excellence, dragonborn flawlessness, crafty sneak thiefs, arrow in the knees, bedding lydia, hidden passages into settlements, the lusty argonian series, and your reality becoming this game that IGN DID NOT ACCOUNT FOR!!!!!

  • Kamlesh Mallick

    I never played Bethesda games until i ran into Fallout 3I just finished Fallout 3 and it took me 3 months and i finished the base game, finished the DLC packs, explored every nook and corner, helped as many people as i could and still i was left wanting for more!Now am looking at The Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim looks very tempting to get into.But I see there is lots of melee type Close combat (sword fighting, melee hacking) in the gameplay videos.That is something i dont enjoy, i rather play a stealthy game and if needed use long range weapons.Is this game full of Close combat and mindless button pressing? Well close combat tends to be that - mindless button pressing! :)Although am sure, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim includes RPG elements like exploration and meeting and talking to people, and character building is what i enjoy, i hope too much close combat does not ruin the experience..Appreciate some input! Thanx!

  • Syahroni Hermawan

    9.5? Really!? Skyrim doesn't deserve it. Give it 12/10, and yes, Skyrim deserve it.

  • Cryptotic

    This game easily has the best soundtrack in any video game I have ever played, I also have spent over 150 hours in the game and have not completed the main story line or any of the DLC story lines one time. That just proves how amazing this game is in 2015, but also astonishing considering it was made in 2011.

  • McFalco Sacko

    This game isn't as good as it was made out to be. I found dragon's dogma and dark souls series to be far better if your looking for good combat and story. This game is good for exploration but even still, I got bored w with the lack of interesting stuff.

  • NaviSky Hunter

    Playing Skyrim is 2016 is still amazing!

  • 100%CertifiedWhiteGirl

    I bet 1.000.000$ that even with future Elder Scrolls games Skyrim will go down as the absolute best period

  • Tony The Talking Clock

    For those of you who say this game is overrated, you couldnt be more wrong. This game delivered on everything it set out to accomplish.And you clearly dont understand everything that went into this game. That or you refuse to take of those nostalgia glasses from Morrowind.

  • RykoDimSim

    8 bucks on PC steam sales

  • Grant Alexander

    Does anyone still enjoy playing this? I can't believe I never got it. Should I buy it??

  • Gunman0803

    9.5/10 "it's not cod"-ign

  • Rene Rodriguez

    I know nothing about skyrim or any elder scrolls game. I have never been interested in this Genre but I keep hearing how great this game is so I am interested. I know it is a couple years old but is this the newest one? If so, is it worth buying?

  • ChickenSwordz

    7.8/10 imoNot enough water.

  • Alec R

    Skyrim deserved a ten but what else can we expect from a game that isn't made by EA. A ten!? NOPE

  • jkdoorbinnia

    I miss this game. There is always something to do, and I love the freedom to explore the beautiful world. I might re-install just for nostalgia's sake. 

  • Shashank Kalra

    i hope they improve the combat in next game

  • Gizmo Gates

    I'm not surprised that this didn't get a 10, as much as a am about the last of us did.

  • Mike Hunt

    I wish they'd make a Lord of the Rings game like this. Or at least make a decent LOTR mod. 

  • Ammar Mustafa

    This game changed my life. Its a 10.

  • g

    this is 5 years old and people are still pissy about it getting a 9.5 instead of 10? Damn you people are sad.

  • Tardis Guy

    Forget discovering new stuff after 100 hours. I've played Skyrim for over 1,140 hours and I still find come across stuff I've never seen before from time to time.

  • Jaxon Duin

    Hahaha They loved the game, and Bethesda probably didn't even have to buy them out.

  • Eggheadcobra

    From my experience, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great game if you want to go and have a big adventure. I myself had a great time exploring the huge world of Skyrim, and finding all these cool items and locations. But to me, Skyrim is personally the most overrated game I've ever played.The huge world, exploration, and quests are there, but everything else isn't. For starters, the presentation is poor. Graphics are not very impressive, the music got repetitive (Though it had nice environmental music), and there's a lot of NPCs, but they all share the same 10 or so voice actors.CPU characters were mediocre. Partners would fall WAY behind you, enemies went from being very easy to straight up frustrating, and there was no challenge or fun in fighting them. It felt more like a chore. Combat wasn't a whole lot of fun. Swinging weapons was clunky, and spells, magic, shouts, and everything else was cluttered. I found myself constantly switching from a spell to a weapon and back in the middle of fights. The quick menu didn't help either, because if you had to much stuff in there, it would become just as cluttered. I would had much preferred a class system than having it all at your disposal.The controller set up was awkward. I tried using Circle and Triangle as my attacks (Yes, I was unfortunate to play the inferior PS3 version), but all that ever did was screw up shooting arrows for me, since the aim button was one of your attack buttons, and shooting was the other, or if I wanted to combine two spells to make a more powerful one. But shooting arrows in Skyrim is not very thrilling either, so there's another problem.This game had very little polish. I may have played the crappier PS3 version, but there were glitches that were available on other platforms. While there were some glitches that made the game exploitable, others made the game unplayable, or unbeatable. Anyone remembers the infamous invincible Alduin glitch that happened in the Alduin's Bane quest?Speaking of Alduin, he has got to be my personal worst boss battle I've ever fought. He was hyped up to be the world eater, the son of the most powerful god in the Elder Scrolls lore, feared by all, but fighting him was so embarrassingly easy. I defeated him in about 5 minutes, and not only that, he was just like any other dragon boss in the game, but with a few changes. It also doesn't help that he doesn't look very threatening.Yes this game has so much more to offer, like crafting your own arsenal, joining groups, buying or making a home,and taking an arrow in the knee, but since Skyrim gives you so many options on what you want or don't want to do, all those options didn't matter to me because that's not what I was interested in. Or at least not all of them.Overall, Skyrim is a good game if you want to go out and have and adventure, but in that adventure you WILL come across all (If not most) of these issues. Maybe I'll pick it up again on PC to try out all those crazy mods, but as the experience it comes packaged in, I give this game a 7 out of 10. It's a good game, but its CONs outweigh it's PROs, and it doesn't deserve the high praise it got.But again, this is all from my own personal experience. Feel free to agree or disagree.

  • Diego Sanchez

    I'm getting this game today!!

  • Will Eccleston

    Best game of the past 5 years hands down. Great story, graphics, gameplay, ridiculous amount of sidequests and stunningly designed landscape. The underground areas are also breathtaking.

  • Pat Thomas

    Skyrim is 3 years old now :')

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