IGN Reviews - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review

IGN reviews the hotly anticipated RPG epic, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But does the latest installment in Bethesda's RPG series live up to the legacy of its ancestors? Watch the review and find out!
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  • Arkham Knight

    Five years of playing this on 360 and I am still finding out new things, even after 300 hours of gameplay.

  • xSALTI 98

    Its worth buying Skyrim with all dlc and Fallout 3 GOTY for 25$ physical disc for xbox 360 ?

  • Zade Muhammad

    I can't wait for Elder Scrolls 6.

  • ivancasasola1

    Okey so I never played SKYRIM before and I have PS VR , and I'm debating between fallout 4 VR or SKYRIM VR ? which one should I buy ? never played fallout 4 either but both are coming soon for VR. thanks for your help help me.

  • Killer Lizard - MCPE

    Skyrim is the best!!!!

  • Daniel Simard

    The game have a big problem: Long loading time...on PS3.

  • Lava Proof

    Skyrim never holds your hands."Oh you lost that daedric artifact?Well no trophy for you.What are you still doing here?Go start a new game!"

  • Bobo Bogdan

    Is this game worth trying if the witcher 3 is my favourite game of all time and the only rpg i have ever played?

  • stnile green

    8.4-9.2 at its best and 6.8-7.2 at its dullest [a bit of an overated game]

  • MasterCrafter _

    Why did botw get a higher rating than this

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    This really makes me think of how much skyrim really is. I now appreciate skyrim 100% more! But I give it a 10/10 Vanilla, and 100/10 with mods!

  • Christian Gschwendtner

    Its a great game for sure! But guys pls play gothic 3 "remastered" Edition :D

  • Quintin Espinosa

    I just got this as part of a “4 for $10” deal at Gamestop and never played this before. I’m super excited and patient as heck apparently...

  • Jack Valentine

    Still playing it after 500 hours, this is the best game I ever played, still nothing topped this till 2018!

  • TNT Productions

    We waited 5 years to get it on pc.Damn you Bethesda !

  • MC_Pablo

    Before Mods and ENB...it was fun to play :)

  • Hound Fried Chicken _

    The fact I still play this at the end of 2017

  • Rinsablesnowy

    I remember this one time me and Lydia were fighting bandits once they were killed she was just moving like a snake

  • Saul Moses

    If I could have one wish, it would be forgetting about skyrim and starting again

  • Alexander Fisher

    Back when IGN reviews were good

  • Foxbyday

    I give this game a 2/10

  • Grand thief

    Fallout 4 is great but skyrim is godly

  • RNG Stalinium

    Skyrim is the only game you can say 'I am replaying this' instead of 'I played it'

  • poni ja muut lelut


  • Blake Bauman

    I can't wait to start playing this game!

  • ZanderHD

    i think skyrim is boring

  • MaxAKAsmoothie

    Best game ever. Period.

  • MD Hollywood

    Nintendo Switch brought me here. 😎

  • Dat Guy

    Ha even though IGN is such a big company Angry joe has more views a million more to be more exact i dont trust IGN if you want a good reviewer go to joe

  • Alex Rozas

    I was let down by skyrim. Not badly but enough to where I just don't ever reach for it when I go to play a game. The attention was on badass monster slaying and that's not what I go to RPGs for. The visuals were great and the gameplay was a lot smoother than any TES before. But it played flat to me. There were tons of stuff that looked cool, but cinematics and smooth, accessible gameplay aren't an RPGs bread and butter (not that there's anything wrong with them). I never felt like I was making a tough choice, the level up system rarely made me stop to think, and the quests were bland: follow the marker kill the bad guys. The puzzles were... bad.  The first few hours were pretty great but it slowly tailed off after. I usually ended up playing everything on mental autopilot. To be fair I like the classic D&D style. And this was not that. (If you know any recent games that play like DAO, Morrowind, KOTOR, Oblivion, Witcher, or really any game with choices, do the reply thing bc I'd like to find them)

  • dustinparker02

    "Must be the wind."

  • Holden Zeichner

    Fun Fact: "I took am arrow to the knee," as actually a phrase meaning you got married.

  • Tapetalraindog 9

    Excuse me? Skyrim gets a 9.5 and not a 10? These guys are amateurs

  • Xavier Mathews

    Seriously the best game ever.

  • Ghost Gaming

    now I have to go and play skyrim again. seriously, this game is AMAZING

  • triggermaZer

    witcher 3 9.3, skyrim 9.5?

  • Samuel Mahesa

    downloading it right now. about to playing skyrim or elder scroll series for the first time. not a really hardcore gamer tho but i'm a gamer, i do enjoy game. cant wait :D

  • The Night King

    The most overrated game of all time. Ridiculous how people think it is so good. This is very boring compared to dragon age and mass effect.


    what does IGN. stand for?

  • Pat Thomas

    there was no other 1st playthrough of a game that was as good as skyrim's was. i dont play games that much anymore but i still think about this game every few days

  • Ethan Terry

    I love Skyrim. It's my number 1 game, right beside Minecraft. But I hate it when I have to talk to someone, and I hit them while trying to fight something with them, and they attack me


    Who's watching in 2017?

  • MaxAKAsmoothie

    First game I've ever had a special place in my ❤️ I'm not a nerd, I play high school football, basketball and baseball almost all year round, and I have almost no free time for video games. When I have anytime to play games, it's Skyrim no doubt even in 2017. I've had my same disc since 2011 and I'm still playing on only 2 saves

  • Lance Allen

    everyone talks about this game like its the best one ever but the atmosphere of this looks so depressing and drab i cant bring myself to pick it up.

  • DrunkWrestling F

    You can get this dirt cheap now. Great for us who missed out.

  • Tommyx

    100/10. Game of the century. This game is the most immersive and deep game you'll ever play, With such a diverse range of class's. I remember playing skyrim for months and still probably just half way through the game. Never once got bored of playing it as there's just so much going on, new story lines to pick up all over the place, Can get a bit overwhelming if your exploring picking up every quest, Best to just stick to one area at a time;) Compared to other games where questing is a chore just to grind out max level, Skyrim questing is really enjoyable. Hopefully I'll find the time to complete it some day :PI hope they will bring out a skyrim 2 of some sort because I was very disappointed with Elder Scrolls Online. It says Bethesda, but the game was made by Zenimax and this for me is what went wrong. And I understand that you can't put the same engine into an MMO with thousands of players as they need to keep the server load light. But I expected it to feel a lot more like skyrim. Also I've noticed how a lot of the new PC games had been designed to work on Xbox one ect, Sure they earn more money. But they "Dumb down" the game for PC. Only being able to use around 4-5 spells at once. While other MMO's like WoW let you use 20-30+ Enabling it to function for console has killed it for PC. It's ridiculous to have access to so many spells yet you can only have a few active at once. Really bad move is all I can say.

  • Morse Code

    This game never gets old. Favorite game of all time.

  • Joel L

    I purchased this game a couple days ago.. I'm so lost.. I've never played an elder scrolls game. I guess it's the dialect and weird names and etc that confuses me. I need more research before actually playing this because I'm SUPER CONFUSED AND LOST. These are not my style of games I usually play.

  • MaxAKAsmoothie

    First game I've ever had a special place in my ❤️ I'm not a nerd, I play high school football, basketball and baseball almost all year round, and I have almost no free time for video games. When I have anytime to play games, it's Skyrim no doubt even in 2017. I've had my same disc since 2011 and I'm still playing on only 2 saves

  • donkeykongjr

    Is skyrim an only online game like elder scrolls online because I am thinking of playing elder scrolls

  • Cobaltblue

    Anyone who doesn't admit Skyrim is a 10/10 is a heretic

  • Ram

    just goot new pc and need new games. so should i get

  • Outside Ubisoft

    Skyrim is the best game of all time except KOTOR

  • coolnessjack777

    How is Skyrim not a 10?

  • Retrô Games HD

    This review gives so much spoiler

  • Mattrocks124

    Skyrim not only met my expectations, but went above and beyond

  • Robert Emerson

    I love this game but the one thing I hate is that when you have saved the world from dragons and have a full set of daedric armor people still treat you like you are a peasant that can't fight especially at the beginning of the companions questline.

  • EarRape Productions

    Praise the loooooooooooooooooooooord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boombox Vigilante

    Can they possibly outdo themselves on the next game, Elder Scrolls?

  • oluwafemi lawal

    I still play skyrim....

  • david nardi

    I get it Zelda BOTW is a great game, but I know it does not deserve a spot over Skyrim.

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