IGN Reviews - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review

IGN reviews the hotly anticipated RPG epic, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But does the latest installment in Bethesda's RPG series live up to the legacy of its ancestors? Watch the review and find out!
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  • Alex Algarin

    I can't believe this game is 5 years old already...

  • Nathaniel Levesque

    I would love to live in the world of Skyrim, except for one problem.I would have to live in constant fear of getting shot in the knee with an arrow.

  • Albert

    who is watching this in 2016? staggering visuals? :)) it seems a joke to me :))

  • ghost N/A

    How tf did this not get 10/10? This is easily the best game I've ever played

  • m Cave

    10/10 game has already made 1.3 BILLION and they want to release a remastered version....easily best game I have ever played and still playing it.


    this masterpiece deserves a 10 .. period !!!!

  • Air Force Gaming

    This game was 10 Out of 10 for all the game reviewer's

  • Robert Emerson

    I love this game but the one thing I hate is that when you have saved the world from dragons and have a full set of daedric armor people still treat you like you are a peasant that can't fight especially at the beginning of the companions questline.

  • Iwan Bateman

    this is 5 years old and people are still pissy about it getting a 9.5 instead of 10? Damn you people are sad.

  • RNG Stalinium

    Skyrim is the only game you can say 'I am replaying this' instead of 'I played it'

  • oluwafemi lawal

    I still play skyrim....

  • Lance Allen

    everyone talks about this game like its the best one ever but the atmosphere of this looks so depressing and drab i cant bring myself to pick it up.

  • Xavier Mathews

    Seriously the best game ever.

  • 【Official】FROEZOEN [2TD STAFF]

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • venawartmander :3

    I'm just hyped for the legend of zelda breath of the wild

  • Will Graham

    This review is absurd. 9.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats 0.5 points of excellence, dragonborn flawlessness, crafty sneak thiefs, arrow in the knees, bedding lydia, hidden passages into settlements, the lusty argonian series, and your reality becoming this game that IGN DID NOT ACCOUNT FOR!!!!!

  • Ethan Terry

    I love Skyrim. It's my number 1 game, right beside Minecraft. But I hate it when I have to talk to someone, and I hit them while trying to fight something with them, and they attack me

  • 117

    Glitches are a plus for me. At least the funny ones like the mammoth flying xDDD

  • Ewing Har

    How much storage does i takes on ps4. 50 g?

  • NikkiD312

    I bet 1.000.000$ that even with future Elder Scrolls games Skyrim will go down as the absolute best period


    what does IGN. stand for?

  • Aryl The Barrel

    Can't wait to play this game on the go if you know what I mean. :)

  • Cobaltblue

    Anyone who doesn't admit Skyrim is a 10/10 is a heretic

  • Lee'd

    .... Also, IGN, there is full 100% mod support.

  • Retrô Games HD

    This review gives so much spoiler

  • donkeykongjr

    Is skyrim an only online game like elder scrolls online because I am thinking of playing elder scrolls

  • King Kong

    The most overrated game of all time. Ridiculous how people think it is so good. This is very boring compared to dragon age and mass effect.

  • Dingleberry Tech

    This is seriously a masterpiece that walks along side games like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros 3, etc. There have been plenty of insanely good 9/10 games, but this is one of the very very few that deserve a perfect 10/10. They manage to give you hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay day 1 (insane value for 60$) and manage to expand on it even more with great DLC.But hey, you probably got this game a few days in advance and didn't get to experience everything all the way through. Plus you obviously played a day 1 no patch version (since pretty much the only negative was minor bugs) :p So I'll cut you guys some slack.

  • Morse Code

    This game never gets old. Favorite game of all time.

  • Outside Ubisoft

    Skyrim is the best game of all time except KOTOR


    you stupid people this deserves a 10 out of 10

  • Grand thief

    This along with witcher 3 is the reason gaming wont collapse again.These two are the biggest value packages that should essential for everyone to have cause they are worth the price of admission.Both of these games got GOTY and they WHOLE HEARTEDLY deserved it.Its good that there are devs like bethesda and cd projekt red in the industry

  • Ben James

    Is the game very hard or too easy to finish

  • david nardi

    I get it Zelda BOTW is a great game, but I know it does not deserve a spot over Skyrim.

  • Tommyx

    100/10. Game of the century. This game is the most immersive and deep game you'll ever play, With such a diverse range of class's. I remember playing skyrim for months and still probably just half way through the game. Never once got bored of playing it as there's just so much going on, new story lines to pick up all over the place, Can get a bit overwhelming if your exploring picking up every quest, Best to just stick to one area at a time;) Compared to other games where questing is a chore just to grind out max level, Skyrim questing is really enjoyable. Hopefully I'll find the time to complete it some day :PI hope they will bring out a skyrim 2 of some sort because I was very disappointed with Elder Scrolls Online. It says Bethesda, but the game was made by Zenimax and this for me is what went wrong. And I understand that you can't put the same engine into an MMO with thousands of players as they need to keep the server load light. But I expected it to feel a lot more like skyrim. Also I've noticed how a lot of the new PC games had been designed to work on Xbox one ect, Sure they earn more money. But they "Dumb down" the game for PC. Only being able to use around 4-5 spells at once. While other MMO's like WoW let you use 20-30+ Enabling it to function for console has killed it for PC. It's ridiculous to have access to so many spells yet you can only have a few active at once. Really bad move is all I can say.

  • Boombox Vigilante

    Can they possibly outdo themselves on the next game, Elder Scrolls?

  • HK Viper

    I'm skeptical about buying this game because it seems like you are 90% of the time underground in caves and dungeons, but I'm more the action-at-sunlight type of guy. Should I buy it?

  • Aerohk

    Is the ps4 version as good looking as the original PC version?

  • Joel L

    I purchased this game a couple days ago.. I'm so lost.. I've never played an elder scrolls game. I guess it's the dialect and weird names and etc that confuses me. I need more research before actually playing this because I'm SUPER CONFUSED AND LOST. These are not my style of games I usually play.


    should I buy the remastered version of this game

  • Basement Gamer

    I remember my freshman year of high school and even my drug dealer was playing this game

  • J.D. Salinger

    A near perfect Elder Scrolls Game.

  • coolnessjack777

    No, no, no. If this game gets a 9.5, then there's no way any other game can get 10.

  • DarkAnimeCommander Soto

    To make it even better, modders can add to the world or create totally new ones altogether. This is truly a game you can play forever.

  • waleed sohail

    i wasnt an rpg gamer untill my friend and internet introduced me to skyrim. i even had mass effect 2 before it but still i didnt like rpgs but skyrim.....

  • Grigori Rasputin

    the ocarina of time of the 21th century, simple as that! only beaten by the witcher 3 due to modernity.

  • iPodiMaster

    What tips would you give for a beginner? So many missions, places and stuff to explore and I dont know where to start

  • DxKassim

    The feeeeels even after 5 years , best game ever

  • kristijan petrovic

    ign review are all bull if you ask me i usely dont watch there reviews but i had to just this time to see if its true that its all bull from these guys

  • Allelujah

    Witcher 3 is boring and overrated. Skyrim is way more fun and enjoyable.

  • TrollBronze

    Never played elder scrolls. Will this game still be worth it without the other games? Also is ther multiplayer ?

  • The Mini Melon

    Who is watching this in 4E 18th Frostfall?

  • Maxx T

    I want to play this game but I keep hearing about the damn spiders.uGH.

  • jawwad ALI TV

    AWESome I ENd This game nearly a week ago it feel realistic one of the best game in the franchise of gaming ;)

  • Zerosyte

    what armor was he wearing for most of the video? the back of it had some sort of cape coming down the back shaped like a triangle

  • Carter Vogt

    This is the best game ever made. And here's why:1.) the soundtrack is heartbreakingly beautiful, with some of the pieces strong enough to instantly put me back in my 11 year old shoes, when I first got this game.2.) character creation is just that. There is no need for class selection like there is in other RPGs like the witcher 3 and dragon age inquisition (not trashing those games, just using them as examples)3. Gorgeous and open world. Enough said.4. The weapons and skills development feels natural and like you truly don't have to choose who your character is. You have the freedom to change and develop with your personal story.5. Meaningful characters and quests. Characters such as karliah and astrid(random examples, I know) I feel are not talked about enough and they have this great effect on me where I never forget them due to their bold development and actions.6. A ridiculous amount of replayability. Since the character choice and development of the player are so diverse and there is so much lore surrounding the characters, one could play through the game as many times as they want (I've probably made 50+ characters over 6 years)7. Exhilarating fights and dungeon explorations.8. Amazing DLC content that includes new abilities and even a new map in solstheim.9. Cities that feel real, some sprawling, and with high populations like solitude and whiterun, and some somber, quiet, and peaceful, like falkreath and riverwood.10. Gorgeous graphics that hold up even now.11. Impressive attention to detail, as evident in the scenic views all over the world.12. Finally, this game changed my life, whether it be because I grew up with it, or some other reason, this game will forever be my favorite game.

  • Greavesy

    Is this better than Oblivion? I found Oblivion kinda boring, although this one looks pretty cool and I need a new game to play. What's everyone else's opinions?

  • StartSoftie

    I never played skyrim but I played eso for 600 hours should I get skyrim remastered?

  • Samuel Booker

    best rpg in the 2000's

  • Frankie Winters

    I've never played this but it does look sick, can't wait for the remastered version, only 1 more week :D I just hope I enjoy it as much as I did witcher 3 cuz I've heard alot of people say that skyrim's even better :O

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