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Skyrim is a tremendously large game that takes players to the equally massive Elder Scrolls universe. Being set in such an expansive world, The Elder Scrolls 5 is bound to be home to a few unexplained events or strange happenings. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    The real mystery is why does no one give the dragonborn the respect he/she deserves. I mean the dragonborn is the leader of like 4 factions, kills dragons and eats their souls, is thane of every hold, kills Alduin, and still gets mocked by the guards with that " let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll" bit.

  • StraightUpIrish

    gimme them sweet sweet mysteries Nate. Can you do the mystery of where all the characters in fallout 76 are gone next?

  • uncle filthy

    I imagine that the Yokudan god of war would love to go to sovngard so he could fight and drink for all eternity with the greatest warriors around

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    Ebony Warrior was a guy who learned of all tiny details in Elder Scrolls and had no reason to live anymore.

  • Roman Arce

    Nate, I love you, but how many times can you mispronounce names that the game says for you?

  • Chris Schoenthaler

    I choose to believe that the Ebony Warrior was abandoned/orphaned at a young age, and taken in by a proud Nord warrior who taught him how to live in such a hazardous world. He may have been a Redguard, but his childhood was defined by his new father’s training and the tales of the great Nordic heroes who found their final reward in Sovngarde. One day, on a hunting trip, the two of them were suddenly ambushed by a frost troll, and his father died defending him. The young man, shocked by this sudden loss, found solace in the fact that his father would be waiting in Sovngarde. Thus, his purpose in life was clear. He would live a life defined by honor and glory. He would make his father’s ancestors proud! He would dine with the great legends of the North in their great mead hall, drinking alongside Ysgramor! HE WOULD MAKE HIS FATHER PROUD!!!After a lifetime of glorious victories and grand quests, the man has changed. He grows worried that he may never be able to fulfill his promise. “It has been years since I felt truly threatened in battle.” the Ebony Warrior says, as he stares into his campfire of burning Spriggans.“If I cannot find a worthy opponent, I will never die in battle. I will never make it to Sovngarde, and I will never see...”His words are cut off, as a thunderous call shakes the very world around him.DOVAHKIIN!!!His heart almost skips a beat. “Dovahkiin”? Dragonborn? Memories of his father’s stories come rushing to the forefront of his mind, and the Ebony Warrior stands with a renewed sense of purpose.“Ysmir, guide me.”

  • Izuru Kamukura

    The most horrific mystery is why you can’t marry Serana

  • help me

    The way you pronounce Durnehviir is very aggravating.

  • Honest M'aiq

    Synonymes of tremendous : huge , enormous , immense , colossal , massive , prodigious , stupendous , monumental , mammoth , vast , gigantic , giant , mighty , epic , titanic , towering , king size(d) , jumbo , gargantuan , herculean , substantial , considerable , Brobdingnagian , whopping , astronomical , humongous , ginormous ,very loud , deafening , ear-splitting , booming , thundering , thunderous , resounding.Before you say , you're welcome Nate.Edit : You guys are geniuses.

  • Arvin Bachtiar

    "Tremendous sized game" Keep it up Nate and soon you'll use every word in the dictionary.

  • Krosis Seyn

    * fights the Ebony Warrior with an iron sword *

  • Zenyl

    "Serena"? "Durn-ever"?Se-ra-naDur-ne-viirCome on, Nate. :P

  • Rupestre Viajante

    i think the Ebony Warrior is a philosophical think that bethesta put there, since at lv 81 the player itself probably beated pretty much everything there was to beat, so the Ebony Warrior would be the player itself. Maybe he is something inside the dragonborn's mind?

  • Kieran Klein

    Der-never chilling in the soul-Karen again

  • NoiselessSorrow

    Time to install skyrim again...

  • Nathan Hebert

    The most unsolved mystery for me is why my dad left me

  • William Eichholz

    All this gameplay and you still mispronounce Serana’s name.

  • A Tree

    im still asking for a top 10 skyrim trees nate......

  • Andrew Christiansen

    If you think about it. The grey beards.did say they called a dragonborn. Meaning there are more than one. So that could mean that the Ebony Warrior is a Dragonborn and wishes to go to Sovengard to be with the other dovakin.

  • Tom Brown

    Nate just loves butchering pronunciations.

  • Jeremy Gall

    The Ultimate mystery: "How long until Nate runs out of Skyrim content?"

  • green sabre

    44 views47 likesLife is a lie

  • That Filthy Weeaboo

    Not all the souls in the cairn are permanently trapped. There is Arvak and the dragon there, both of which you can summon outside the cairn. Also, at Darklight Tower in the Rift, near Riften, you can encounter a witch named Illia who seeks to stop her mother, another witch, from turning into a hagraven by killing her during her attempt at the transformation.

  • gv7777777

    Elder Scrolls 6 - Hammerfell {Redgurds} Ebony warrior is a red guard and the Illuminati knew it all

  • Paweł Połunkiszkis

    Player McPlayerface... ain't that an interesting name for a character.

  • TheLegend 27

    Hey Nate in the when you do the dark brotherhood quest where Astrid takes you to the abandoned shack and tells you to kill one of the three people you can use clarovince to find the real target the Khajit

  • Raeko

    Next time, I have an idea what to say, “ Skyrim is a Thicc game”

  • Maji i

    In elder scrolls 5 all people are murdered to death

  • Olav høy

    Hold up, in my game the ebony warrior was a dark elf.

  • Cicero

    is there singing in the Void? Dancing...? Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper


    The Ebony Warrior is a big lad. Absolute Unit!

  • Maji i

    Nate can you show us all mods you have installed? Pls

  • Alfrida Snow

    I haven't played Skyrim in 4 years,your videos are my salvation 👸

  • Vex Ser

    What if I kill ebony warrior before going to Sovngard?

  • Campbell

    I might have just missed it, but I think you forgot to address the theory that the Ebony Warrior is the Forgotten Hero from the Story Mode or that he himself is a Dragonborn, and therefore eligible for Sovngarde.

  • Dustwarewolf 55

    Maybe The Ebony Warrior was married to a Nord warrior woman who died in battle, being sent to Sovereignguard, and since those who commit suicide are not permitted into that afterlife realm, he needed somebody ELSE to kill him. This is further compounded by the fact that the Redguards have their own afterlife realm that they go to after they die. Alternatively, perhaps The Ebony Warrior's birth parents had died when he was young, and he was adopted and raised by Nord parents, and would also prefer going to Sovereignguard for this reason. In either case, both of the above hypothesies explain why he would prefer going to Sovereignguard instead of its Redguard equivalent.

  • Vaquero Ringo

    The way you pronounce some things is murdering me to death

  • Ghiron

    Skyrim is a hugely colossal, enormous, extensive, gargantuan, gigantic, humongous, immense, mammoth , massive , monstrous, monumental , towering , tremendously vast and absurdly oversized game. And yes, I looked up synonyms on google, deal with it.

  • Nickole Hunt

    Surely you knew this, but her name is SerAna not

  • N’Karjo The Neko

    Na the Ebony Warrior is just LeBron

  • Bill Jacot

    Excuse me, Valerica is the mother of who?You know sometimes, I feel like you either don't play this game at all or have not actually played this for a very very long time.

  • Lost Khajiit

    I hate it when you try creating a God, hit the power button, and it refuses to even post.

  • Williss360 Neighborhood Crusader

    I would make fun of those who say first , but deep down I indeed wish I was first as well

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I wanna know this: Why are there no Male Hagravens??

  • La Levesque

    Skyrim big. Lots of details. We lost detail. Relax. Lots of detail. Ooga Booga

  • Kyle Clauson

    I hope you realize a copy of that letter can be found in Sabjorn’s Office

  • Jack Duff

    I've got one; What was Aerin doing in Mzinchaleft? was he following Mjoll? how did he get passed the centurion? And because the gate to the ruin was closed, he must have carried her the entire way back through Mzinchaleft! How?I have a theory about Aerin that answers a few questions about this character. I think Aerin was once a member of the Dark Brotherhood and Mjoll was his target.There is plenty of evidence to back this up too, like1) Aerin having a notable wealth (we can rule out him being part of the Theives Guild, as there is a radiant quest to steal from him). We know that the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim pays 100 gold per contract. this could explain his wealth without having a paying job.2) This explains why he was in Mzinchaleft and was able to go without being noticed by Mjoll as she was in there (We can figure that he got there fairly quickly, as Mjoll was still breathing when he got there)3) this also could answer the question of who the black sacrament in Maven Black-Briar's home belongs to. we know that Maven and Mjoll don't have much of a liking for each other. this could have been Mjoll trying to bring an end to Mjoll meddling in Maven's dealings.4) It's very obvious that Aerin is in love with Mjoll, and he could have started falling for her when he was stalking her for his kill. this could have been his reason for leaving the Brotherhood, and the reason he always follows her is so that he might be able to keep her safe from any other Brotherhood members, as he knows who they all are. after finding her, he couldn't bring himself to kill her.5) Aerin must have some sneaking and fighting skills, as Mzinchaleft can prove to be a challenge for even the Dragonborn. so he would need to be more capable than he lets on to be able to find Mjoll, carry her ALL THE WAY BACK and be able to come up with a story to trick Mjoll into coming with him back to Riften.or it's nothing and I'm just over thinking this, but it's a question that I don't think I've ever heard anyone else ask. You can use this theory in one of your videos if you want to. Also. I don't have any of the DLC's for Skyrim, but I found a glitch in on a playthrough, where after slaying Alduin and returning to Skyrim, my character had a set of Seeker's eyes appear over her face and will appear when you look at her from certain angles. she still has her head and this doesn't effect fist person mode but I thought I should still mention it :)

  • Tim Ferguson

    There is actually a quest in which you enter a fortress controlled by witches, and a friendly ex-member of the cult requests your help to put a stop to her mother. Her mother is looking to become a hagraven and is ready to finish the ritual but requires only one thing: a sacrifice. Ultimately you put a stop to that by acting as bait.

  • Owyn H

    How many of these r u actually gonna make love them tho 😂

  • NButler1993

    The great dragon Der Never. Lol.

  • E2070Swn

    The real mystery here is who stole my sweetroll.

  • Lord Miraak

    How dare you say his name like that 2:20

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    10:55 he could have a good business back in 2011 when it was popular among iPhones))

  • Ravi Tiebosch

    What if the ebony warrior wants to go to sovngarde to kill all the Nord heroes so he would be the best of the living AND the dead?!

  • Christian Roby

    Is it your goal to mispronounce everything in the game

  • WiseMan CrossNova

    Serena? You mean Serana bro.

  • tripplehd #thedragon

    Nate I believe your knowledge about the dwemer is wrong If I’m not wrong the dwemer disappeared because one of the dwemer tap the heart of Lorkan, Causing all of the dwemer to disappear/plane shift

  • Spacy Platypus18

    We were the 'friend' in cidhna mine

  • Freesheep

    But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress But... I digress

  • # lakewood20

    If you kill the ebony warrior before you go to sovngarde, can you find him there?

  • CaughtHerEyes

    I have own theory about the Dwemer, Arniel Gane and the Falmer.When he finally hits the warped crystal in the college, Arniel potentially fused with the Dragonborn. Now what's also curious is that this may have potentially have happened to the Dwemer. Think about who may have been the Dragonborn conduit for the Dwemer. Who would have been around? No automaton could have used magic as we've seen before, so only a mortal could have been this conduit. Thinking a again about who could have been this conduit, the Falmer have been around the Dwemer for a very long time so that means they may have been the conduit. Do the Falmer know of this potential power? Are they holding the Dwemer captive? Maybe

  • Ariel Ramone

    Anyone else Dead Thralls the ebony warrior?

  • Ilia Kosiashvili

    What if TESV Skyrim wasn't created?

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