Dragonborn Act II (Skyrim Fan Movie)

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  • YongYea

    Dragonborn Act II has been nothing short of a labor of love for me. If you liked the movie, please show your support by liking and sharing the movie! I hope you enjoy!

  • Jakob Kane

    I just watched Act I and now Act II and I loved it! I've played the main story many times but these videos never cease to amaze me. I applaud the crap out of Yong.I hope when Act III comes out he decides to continue the story of the Dragonborn, whether it be through the Civil War questline, all Daedra quests, custom quest mods, or even making up a own story. I will watch them all. This was seriously a fun two and a half hours reliving the world of Skyrim.

  • I'm Kitsuko

    75% player die from the first encounter of frost troll.

  • HighKings Ruin

    Part 3 now.Or I will eat your cookies.

  • Darkiie

    Esbern: - Pulls bible-thick book out of his ass.- Proceeds to read said book on table without opening it.Skyrim Logic.

  • Daniel W

    This is better than chapter 2 of MGSV.

  • Melinda Magyar

    This is EPIC! Really well made! Movie directors could learn from you :)

  • Miguel Diaz

    Part three! Please! This is the best movie thus far here on You tube!

  • Benjamin Ray

    Holy shit, this came out in January? I have been waiting for part two of this for ages!

  • BlizKrieg

    Damn I hope he gets to be reunited with his father when he goes to Soverngarde before he fights Alduin.

  • Ironwave Studios

    YongYea, I truly appreciate your dedication and love for this project. It really shows in every single scene how much effort and care you put into these.P.S. I'm actually going to wait and watch Act 2 later so I can pick up some snacks and stuff and really make a movie night out of it lol, but I just wanted to say a few words of thanks first :)This might sound crazy, but Act 1 of your movie was actually what got me to play Skyrim, yeah I know I was a little late to the game, but I watched your movie before ever playing the game, and it was what made me fall in love with Skyrim in the first place. Skyrim is now my favorite game of all time, I've completed so many of the quests and spent so many hours immersed in its world, and I guess I just gotta give a little credit to you. :) Now after all this time, I honestly don't know if I would ever have actually gotten the game if it weren't for your movie (I mean, I always knew Skyrim was a good game, I just didn't know HOW good... until I saw your movie, of course) Now I am inspired to maybe try my own hand at making Skyrim machinimas... I also commend you on your great filmmaking skills. I, as an aspiring filmmaker took a lot of notes from Act 1 and I really love the way you made the story move and each shot work. It's not always easy adapting a game's story into a movie. Especially a game that so many people love and are passionate about.Anyway, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that your work really inspires me. You truly are amazing! :DBtw, while I was playing Skyrim I got to the same place as the end of Act 1 pretty quickly, and I was actually thinking I should stop playing and wait for Act 2 to come out so that I don't spoil it for myself haha. (I'm kinda glad I didnt go through with that lol)Anyways, now I can't wait to watch Act 2. I'll leave a reply to this message after I watch it lol :)

  • CosmosGaming

    To be continued in three years lol

  • RaikenJenova


  • sammy romero

    Will act 3 be coming out any time soon, every one really enjoys watching these great films and it kinda sucks not seeing one in a whole year

  • brocalfur

    wtf only 300k+ views for this masterpiece while a crappy let's-player has millions?

  • Staffaynu

    A very YONG movie HAHAHHAHAHA

  • Alan Sarkis

    I already forgot how bad skyrim faces were...

  • Sayez

    This is so god damn impressive. It truly feels like a real cinematic experience, keep it up. Bethesda should hire you, no jokes. :)

  • Jazz Peret

    still waiting for act 3

  • Maaay R

    I wish my shouts would recharge that fast

  • Holy Wyvern

    And now we wait 3 years until its finale.

  • LikeAGroove

    54:00 that was bad ass

  • Tyrion

    Can't wait for Act III to be in time for The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2020, see y'all then!

  • Fahri Nugraha

    If I was that prisoner... 57:36Thalmor: "And his name is...."Me:"JOHN CE-" *stab*"Thalmor: "You know the rules-".Me: "AND SO DO IIIII. WE'VE BEE-". another stabThalmor : "That will be all for now, I must say I continue to be disappointed in-".Me : "DISSAPPOINTEEEEEEEE-". stab

  • Rpg assassin

    come on man we need an act 3

  • theeOnslaught

    the wait is finally over, this is gonna be a good one boys!

  • Sniper Wolf

    For Sure Better Than Watching Gameplay

  • Serhan

    This is a masterpiece. Please do Act III soon, i cant wait!

  • Maxinace

    You have a little "hi" from France !Where the act III dude ?! I want to see that !

  • MetalxTongue

    That arrow scene was so fucking cool! I am happy to have stumbled into this amazing work! Great stuff! :)

  • Father Ireland

    Please do the DLCs, especially dragonborn. Which is where it all ends lore wise

  • Falltrap24

    Does he even have a name? The next update should be nicknames for Skyrim instead of whatever they call you.

  • josh barton

    does anyone want to play skyrim really badly right now?

  • Rebecca Nelson

    yes!I've been waiting for this one.

  • firedbones11

    Me likeyHope the trilogy is complete...

  • Carter Vogt

    Incredible job with this series. I loved both of the acts thus far. Myself and I'm sure many others would love to see another episode!!

  • Larkin Chandlr

    Absolutely everything I could have hoped for, for a movie. First and second act were perfect, can't wait for a third.

  • Michaela Davis - Smith

    Ohhh maaaaaan.😭 I can't wait for Act 3. This was perfectly done. Awesome job. 😊

  • Louis Pert

    When is act 3 coming out ?

  • Lane Coker

    This just makes the game more awesome. Plus I wish it felt like it was longer like this when training with the greybeards.

  • AwsomePlayz Network

    This is a really great act, I loved the first one too btw, I just have one question, do you do all this alone? Either way it's really impressive. I give a 10/10.

  • Tyler Baker

    Please come out with part 3 soon. Or at least give us an announcement on when it will come out. It's already been a year

  • Thicc Alit

    Guys, Act 3 will take at least 3 or 4 years, like the others, just wait, Yong is working very hard on this, so wait patiently!

  • InsideManGaming

    read to end if u darehow do u record all of this it is simply amazing and I can't believe how much work was put into this and it's just wow so yeah and I can't imagine that it took them 2 fucking years to make another one and also why do u keep reading this I'm not really that into it but meh comment "booyaw" if u read the whole thing

  • The Synth Potato

    How many hours did this take you to make?

  • TVguy 69

    did anyone else notice at 27:35 when the dragonborn shut the door he had his helmet but when we went to the clip after he shut it he had no helmet :P

  • tigurius555

    if only slow time shout was this OP

  • Talamon

    52:00 Yeah, I do wish that you actually could DO that, not just in Skyrim but most RPG's... kill a guard, take his clothes and get more than 50 meters within anyone and not instantly get recognized :) It is a damn shame really, so many interesting possibilities for gaming.

  • chiffmonkey

    1:31:00 "Shor's Balls" ?Gotta say Yong, the fight scenes were absolutely incredible. I also loved the touch of having the barkeeper at the inn raise an eyebrow when DB closes the door.

  • April Yates

    jeez. Erikur and Maven are like the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton of Skyrim

  • swaggy gun

    this is an amazing movie even if its a year old i love everything about it great work man just amazing 100 out of 10

  • SaltyFries Gaming

    I love these, they are AMAZING

  • Yakura

    Great movie! I really like how you acted as Dragonborn. I love his quick mind, that he uses tactics and spells, like the plan to harm Sahloknir's wings to bring him back to the ground or using fear upon Forsworn to get them run off. Camera work was great, with dynamic shots, slow motion effect. Looking forward to watching final part. :D

  • Denis Nadovic

    we want act 3,pls make it happen

  • master host

    For one moment I forgot it was a game....

  • GS79

    This makes me miss Skyrim so much. I still wish there was a PS4/Xbox One version made.

  • Howie Wolowitz

    And now we wait till act 3... Leans back into chair slowly

  • greencase

    beth please hire this guy

  • Cekala Studios

    Can't wait for act three!

  • Kaitlynn Clark

    will there be act 3? cause these are really good!

  • guille ph

    minute 1:21:39....Does that ability appear in the game?

  • Sean Win

    10/10better than the actual game

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