Dragonborn Act II (Skyrim Fan Movie)

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  • Anton Bengard

    Love it. Very well done. I like the different ways he uses shouts and that he didn't learn them all in 5 minutes like you do in the game. I do feel like Lydia should fit in somehow though. I guess it's pretty hard with her not being the most talkative character and all. Maybe another voice actor for her or something. Anyway great job!

  • LuckyArrow55 :3

    Very excited for part 3. Much love yong✌

  • ZST Cars 17

    Fuck all your other stuff. 😂 MAKE ACT 3!!!!!!!!! MAKE ACT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE ACT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE ACT 3!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot to say MAKE ACT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bharath Kumar

    Is this a fan made movie. No its not it doesnt look like a fan made movie. I can see the effort. Great. Enjoyed both acts a lot. It was interesting even though we already knew whats gonna happen

  • bill Bachtis


  • Sidways Dog

    what happened to lydia?

  • Anakinjo

    You're a real artist. I watched Act I & II, just fantastic, best fan film ever made!Hope you are working on Act III, i'll be there :)

  • PedoDennis

    One question where is act 3?

  • Dovahkiin

    And who says the sequel is always worse than the original


    thanks for movie its good to watch

  • Rachel Baker

    45:23..... Look at the goblets

  • Winter Soldier

    When is act 3 coming out?

  • Timothy Watkins

    that slow mow arrow seen was sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Kyle Boren

    love the way you showed the journey of him learning all the words of power

  • The Cheekster

    Cannot wait for Act 3!

  • Simple Knight

    You sir, are the god for making this.

  • RevanSykesGaming

    I need to know his mod list for this machinima!

  • Jerrone

    So 4 years interval huh? Okay so in 2020 is the next episode..

  • Brian Sanders

    You really should have gone with Razelan's distraction.

  • Jeremy Sapeg

    I'm still waiting for Act 3!!!!

  • HiddenRemnant

    Where the 3rd part at? I loved your work btw it is just so amazing in so many ways!

  • Devon Harvey


  • Mr Bare Foot Bogan

    Fucking solid work mate.

  • Ren

    I really hope that you will finish it i cant wait for more!

  • Jette Christensen

    this must be a lot of work.

  • Dalton Cooper

    I loved act ll but i waited so long for this i thought it would never come😂

  • Gürkan Vulon

    It's like Todd Howard. 'To Be Continued'

  • Thumper bunny0

    In the back of my head I'm praying "don't kill parthernax" 😓😓😓😭

  • Anne Meters

    Loved the movie. Sooooooo gooooood

  • Ur boi LoWafflez

    Yo you deserve a award Emmy fucking umm Oscar lol this is dope AF

  • MeMyself and I

    Dovakiin sounds like an Argonian rather than nord/imperial.

  • Mooky Wooky sooky chooky booky tooky dooky pooky

    wtf there is no way he killed that frost troll on the mountain first try that crap took me forever haha

  • Phoenix

    "They should really consider relocating" 😂😂😂

  • Madeleine Ruth

    I wish my shouts would recharge that fast

  • Rick Everts

    are you ever going to make a act 3it would be amazing

  • John Chang

    will there be an act 3

  • VeNuS2910

    this deserves millions of views. bravo to you and your whole team.

  • Javiz Lopez

    Yong said part 3 came out in 2014 and its 2017

  • ṡєṃı•G⃠A⃠Y⃠•ρåiđå

    Not realizing how much Delphine's basement came across as a sex dungeon O.o

  • Terence Bowlen

    Loving these movies, and the quality is nothing but amazing, considering its done all by one person, the story line is so well done, and still keeps within the main story of the actual game, even expands on it more, explains more about a pre-history of the dragonborn, and directly connects him to being a most likely way to have come about (pre helgen), the son of a moth priest was a perfect view, logical and plausible. Hollywood take note, if you want to make this game a movie, hire YongYea as your script writer at very least, blend him in with the creators of the game and you will have one very great movie that I am sure all fans of the elder scroll series will watch, and I can tell you this much, considering the sales of Skyrim alone, thats one huge audience to please, so with this guy, YongYea on your team (the Likes say it all, 15,000 likes to a mere 130 dislikes for this Act (probably people that havent played the game, or if they have, most likely people who cant view the perfection in this guys storyline with an open mind) and a 43,000 to 500 likes and dislikes respectively to first act) you are bound to have a blockbuster.Easily the best movie I have seen developed from ANY game. Looking forward to the Third installment, the wait is painful, but I would much rather a continuance of the great quality you have done so far than anything less than whats been done, so that pain is bearable, even if it has to take twice as long (please dont though if you can avoid it). Without trying to add spoilers, just hope you can make a greater ending to the story than what Bethsida had given us for skyrim (was a tad disappointing, but the game was so enjoyable I am still playing it to this day religiously), as you clearly have the talent shown from your prequel to the Helgen start to do so, maybe hope was a wrong word to use, because I do feel you would do so anyway.Earned a lasting subscription from me YongYea!

  • Dragon_Slayer_788

    OMG... that movie editing... nice job bro, your the best...!

  • Javon Russell

    The character never really talks actually

  • Zack Fair

    "Shor's balls here it is! Alduin's wall." -Esbern

  • Assassin of the Nightingales

    What's your Dragonborn's name?Also, I wanna know when Act III is coming. Plz I love Skyrim soooooo much

  • Mining Enderman 257

    I finished the main quest at lvl 63

  • Nekaudi

    where's the end? I can only find 1 & 2. they're awsome, I want to watch more.

  • MasterGamer132e

    alright...i'm going to play skyrim now

  • Reigel James

    Let's be honest with ourselves. None of us have that many dragon shouts that early on in the game, let alone use them all.

  • Joseph Dowd

    i will wait for part 3 with glee my fellows

  • Brian Tumlinson

    nice video of my favorite game,good job

  • Rob B

    please make a whole series of that :D great work

  • Adrian Krawczyk

    after watching acts 1 and 2 for the first time, I can't wait for act 3!! when is it coming out?

  • Giovanni Caruccio

    please continue, that was the best fan made that i watch

  • Sparky_ Games

    I love these, they are AMAZING

  • Henry Hellens

    I fucking loved the training montage and how you made it look like he'd spent years with the greybeards... I love this.

  • Dina Elmugharbil

    I do not really watch the hole act

  • Gangsta OG

    i know it was 6 years i know the story

  • steven villarreal

    are guy's working on act3

  • Jerrone

    So 4 years interval huh? Okay 2020 is the Dragonborn Act III

  • Ham8one

    Did he use the remasterd version? THIS IS THE FUCKIN BEST!!!!!!! HE ANIMATES SO WELL!!!! HE PUTS HIS VOICE IN FANTASTIC

  • Reign Baby

    can we agree Bethesda needs to see this and then a movie of all he quests and some mods even need to be made into a movie series

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