Dragonborn Act II (Skyrim Fan Movie)

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  • Ironwave Studios

    YongYea, I truly appreciate your dedication and love for this project. It really shows in every single scene how much effort and care you put into these.P.S. I'm actually going to wait and watch Act 2 later so I can pick up some snacks and stuff and really make a movie night out of it lol, but I just wanted to say a few words of thanks first :)This might sound crazy, but Act 1 of your movie was actually what got me to play Skyrim, yeah I know I was a little late to the game, but I watched your movie before ever playing the game, and it was what made me fall in love with Skyrim in the first place. Skyrim is now my favorite game of all time, I've completed so many of the quests and spent so many hours immersed in its world, and I guess I just gotta give a little credit to you. :) Now after all this time, I honestly don't know if I would ever have actually gotten the game if it weren't for your movie (I mean, I always knew Skyrim was a good game, I just didn't know HOW good... until I saw your movie, of course) Now I am inspired to maybe try my own hand at making Skyrim machinimas... I also commend you on your great filmmaking skills. I, as an aspiring filmmaker took a lot of notes from Act 1 and I really love the way you made the story move and each shot work. It's not always easy adapting a game's story into a movie. Especially a game that so many people love and are passionate about.Anyway, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that your work really inspires me. You truly are amazing! :DBtw, while I was playing Skyrim I got to the same place as the end of Act 1 pretty quickly, and I was actually thinking I should stop playing and wait for Act 2 to come out so that I don't spoil it for myself haha. (I'm kinda glad I didnt go through with that lol)Anyways, now I can't wait to watch Act 2. I'll leave a reply to this message after I watch it lol :)

  • HighKings Ruin

    Part 3 now.Or I will eat your cookies.

  • Luccas Liuti

    This isn't Skyrim. The Dragonborn clearly doesnt stop to talk to every breathing thing in his path. Also doesnt loot everything in his path.

  • KingNazaru

    What ? Lydia isn't in this movie ? Disappointing !


    God yong, this is amazing!! The cinematography/editing, the careful curation of questlines and events, the choice of mods...I'm just astounded at how awesome this turned out, and how much work you put into it. It's even better than the last one! I love your robust but not overdone characterization of the Dragonborn as well. Part 3 is going to be intense – but if it takes you just as long, or even longer, I will STILL be in it with you for the long haul because I KNOW it will be fantastic. This is hands-down the best machinima I've ever seen (putting the channel that is actually called "Machinima" to shame).

  • Hal Effect

    Holy shit that was good.

  • Steve Macintyre

    I've always wanted to share skyrim to my technophobic family and this is the best most cinematic experience ever, they loved it! looking forward to part 3!

  • Luke Van Wyk

    godamn!! his game looks beautiful.

  • Rabbitzan Drakague

    main characters voice doesn't sound like the others... should have at least added the echo like sound to it... oh well great job nonetheless

  • James Roper

    Lydia is missing. I know a lot of people don't like her, and I know here original AI can be a problem, but I like her. She's one of best followers in my opinion. She's loyal, and has your back through the whole game.

  • Milek

    This is so awesome. It's epic when he used that fear shout, dissmay or something like that called. Epic when he used the storm shout. Thalmor embassy quest was fun to watch. Steel armor first at thalmor quests is really late, but he still makes it since Dovahkiin plays on novice level XD... I guess part 3 will be probably in 2018 or later, much waiting, i hope Bethesda watched these movies.

  • Funny Vibe

    guys, is not easy to create this. Need time for this.

  • Daniél Lindström

    I don't understand how you did this. Very impressive.

  • Alex Oxy

    Oh my god! I didn't know the second part was out! Let's watch this :)


    This is how Dragonborn should be.

  • samari robinson

    Are you gonna make part 3 anytime soon?

  • Master Cheif1921

    Man the one thing I don't really like is the Dragonborn's dialogue is kind of cringey other than that everything is amazing

  • gaëtan de almeida

    years after the first one, im so glad to see you finally did the second part.i cant wait to see more!

  • Jonas R

    can I just ask what software did you use to make this movie?


    so when do you think part 3 will be out

  • Lydia Rentmeester

    Where is Act 3? Or is there no act 3 yet

  • Corgi music

    what shouts were used in the films both act and act 2

  • Bartłomiej Klimaj

    Awesome. Are you going to make the third part? And if so, when will it be?

  • Greg Ruggiero

    EPIC, EPIC, EPIC. Thank you!

  • luis mario Soto

    Holly shit! this clip is amazing!

  • Mr. Know it All

    I realy liked how the dismay shout was portrayed in the film.

  • Mohad Tanveer

    when is act 3 coming T__T

  • Nicholas Gubler

    Wow buddy you have some talent. I enjoyed act 1 & 2

  • PixelArrowProductions

    It sounds a bit lame, but there's no other word for it: AWESOME!

  • GigaBro TV

    Dammit YongYea, you make the main quest look so much easier with this movie XD good job!

  • Potato God

    if only you could actually use shouts like that

  • Christian Agus

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • SweetExplosion

    What the fuck was that giant dragonborn thing at Sky Haven Temple

  • Py16777216

    So mean in the thaler embassy, I think I lit someone on fire as a distraction instead lol

  • Clean_Ninja- Gaming

    when is act 3 coming out?

  • Serhan

    This is a masterpiece. Please do Act III soon, i cant wait!

  • CriLiC3

    I know it's not in the main story but man it'd have been nice to see a bit of Uncle Sheo.


    your voice is awesome! u sound like a ninja nord become a voice actor pls

  • master host

    For one moment I forgot it was a game....

  • Teria2355

    Absolutely fantastic. :) I can't wait for the third one!

  • Sh4do_Alchemist 0606

    if i had one wish it would be to play skyrim for the first time again...

  • Hiroshi

    When is the act III coming? I had already forgotten it because it has been so long. I got back because youtubes what to watch next list

  • ivan bernardo

    please don't use dynavision it doesn't look as good as act I's depth of field

  • Takkar Sasori

    wheres act lll ;-;YoungYea plz make Act lll ;-;i've been waiting for a year now ;-;

  • battleking28

    i hope there is and Act III

  • Rammus

    happy to wait another 2 years for act 3. This shit is quality!

  • Jedi Mike Trick

    It really is amazing how you could take the entire main story of the game and then turn it into a cinematic feature.

  • Otaku Sempai

    What mods u used? Also how long to get all those camera shots? Did you have to reload game a alot to replay scenes to get different angles?

  • Aleksa Arsov

    Still waiting for Act III... :)

  • Molly Hadley

    Selfish bitch didn't offer to take Klimmek's supplies for him 😂

  • Rebecca Nelson

    yes!I've been waiting for this one.

  • Ead Hunta Gorgutz

    What happened to Delphine

  • tibo heupel

    just One strange thing: he used the 3 words of call storm but you find a word in Skuldafn And he can't go to skuldavn yet

  • Faerie Dragon

    the fights are so epic ^^

  • _TurtleKing_HD

    When'll episode 3 get here??

  • Denis Nadovic

    we want act 3,pls make it happen

  • Dark Angel Overlord

    f you ever complete the 3 act make a dragonborn and dawanguard movies also plase make a chapter were we will see the dragonborn fighting in cyrodill against the thalmor and becoming the empore of thamriel there mods that can with that adding cyrodill to your game one of them is skyblivion and the other is beyond bruma

  • Ladi Smith

    By the gods give us more

  • Luiz Felipe

    Slow time shout is probably complete so this Dragonborn probably completed the College's questline and started the Civil War, who will we see in Sovngarde? Ulfric or Legate Rikke?

  • Tim Arnold

    I just found your videos and like them. I agree you need to make more

  • wapankiller12

    Beautiful ! Magnifique !

  • David Richter

    Will there be an Act III?

  • Corifu

    this fucking fan movie is fucking awesome I fucking gonna donate in some kind of patreon if is necessary to make a third fucking part!!!


    I just can't wait until one day YoungYea introduces the dragonborn story with the DLC whether it's Dragonborn or Dawn Guard. Either way when the Alduin saga ends that's just the beginning lol which would make a pretty cool sequal

  • Lydia Rentmeester

    What if this were a female role?!

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