SKYRIM: Get full set daedra weapon and armor with console

Here the console daedric code id.
Press: ~ To Open Console Commands And Input: player.additem XXXXXXXX 1!

Skyrim - Daedric Armor & Weapons Cheat Codes:
0001396A Daedric Boots
0001396B Daedric Armor
0001396C Daedric Gauntlets
0001396D Daedric Helmet
0001396E Daedric Shield
000139B3 Daedric War Axe
000139B4 Daedric Battleaxe
000139B5 Daedric Bow
000139B6 Daedric Dagger
000139B7 Daedric Greatsword
000139B8 Daedric Mace
000139B9 Daedric Sword
000139BA Daedric Warhammer
000139C0 Daedric Arrow
  • AjPlays

    It daedric armor it helps poeple

  • RblxTomato

    Don't type 0's just the things!

  • David Sprinkle

    thanks for the armor :-)

  • TnInA gaming 5000

    Amazing video,you helped me a lot !!!!!

  • Kira Randle

    Thank you so much!! I'm so glad that you aren't one of those people who sets up a false code and when someone tries it, it does nothing.

  • mini gun1991

    wow wow wow!! THANKS!!!

  • It'sJustCasey

    Moment pf silence gor those who don't know what console commands are

  • Vũ Quang Đức

    sir where can u get those ID, i want see more ID othor armor set

  • sraig gy

    if you want a certain kind of enchantment do help "daedric (item you want)"then do the codeEX. 284903 1 remember the one

  • WhyteRift

    Hey thanx man i just got skyrim from steam for cheap christmas sale and this really helped man thanx alot and keep up the great work. :)

  • Derry Aryanantha

    thank you bro. now, i don't play quest anymore. i just looking for new code everyday lol;)

  • Alperen

    i wrote weapons code it say compiled script... pls help

  • Mr pugs Man

    I Thought it was a console.......dumb bo

  • Blake Jenkins

    this helped me alot weapons and all

  • Daren

    Help: it always tells me "Missing parameter count"

  • A dog

    what are you gonna do now dragons hehehe

  • Anthony Kareh

    thank you very much but i have a question are these the best armor ?

  • Jason Brooks

    What about the weapons

  • Sh4n3Pla6u3o4

    Sorry about what I called u it did wrk

  • Wolfmir

    its not fake reallybut he didn't said how to get the weapons

  • 2slick 4u

    Do i still get achivements tho

  • Jesus Villarreal

    i wonder why we put 1 in the console when ever you end a id

  • MinotaurGaming

    I know im l8te but there is no ~ on ps3 or 4

  • WhyteRift

    XD i had to right in down on a piece of paper

  • Loloriser

    Oh really console, why does it say "E TALK".I dont think a console has a button named A.TROLLER !!!!!!!!

  • WhyteRift

    btw is there a way to get out of the dev room without killing yourself or is it just killing yourself

  • PugzyTheDog

    This is pc not console

  • ahmad

    It doesn't work it says not found 😐

  • Anonymous

    Just Says Script Not Saved

  • Plester PvZ

    where is the weapons?????dislike

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