Airsoft BBs in a Real Shotgun!

What happens when you shoot plastic airsoft BBs from a real 12 gauge shotgun?

Big thanks to Elite Force and Vortex Optics

Airsoft gun is HK 417. Optic is a Vortex Sparc II

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Intro music is called "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from Outro music is from
  • Crazy knife

    This is sick and twisted. I have been watermelon hunting for over 10yrs and have never seen a wild one that big, let alone be able to get that close. These melons were fattened and sedated for slaughter.

  • blyat420

    Fucking chernobyl watermelon

  • Cheeze Spartan

    well now I have a new gun to use on my course. OH those cheaters will call their hits now!

  • MRM kickz

    I've never seen a watermelon shaped like that

  • King Bonk

    "Moral of the story, don't shoot your friends with a shotgun shell loaded with airsoft bbs, they'll die" XD

  • Hunter Ross

    "Hey guys, today were going to see how many airsoft bbs it takes to get thru a ar500 plate...(electric airsoft gun sounds)... shit" 😂

  • Mastur Chreef

    Gonna win an airsoft war with friends thanks for the advice!

  • Southern Hunting

    Try .177 cal pellets in a shotgun shell that would be awesome.

  • Tate Cash

    1:57 sounds like nearly every teens room

  • Horiks

    Make a wax slug with BBs

  • Ohio Outdoors

    what kind of watermelon is that lmao

  • Conor JQ

    Can't wait till liberals and gun control people find this channel Xd

  • Salkin336

    1:58, sounds like a helicopter

  • MattV2099: Guns & Food

    I bet it would take a billion years to get through that plate. I totally bet he hid in that corrugated steel shack he built for the microwave when shooting with the barrel full.

  • Squad Team

    What the heck is that watermelon shape tho

  • XerO

    Should do airsoft wednesdays maybe?

  • I am not dead

    totally using this in the next game

  • donut games

    low key plays airsoft every weekend

  • Scott Foster

    You made R. Lee Ermy Proud killing a water melon!

  • RuthleSS Chaos

    2:14 when you're finishing a good fap.

  • Harrison Lee

    Electric one has no fun, u need to try the gas one.

  • Fanooo o

    Who is waching in 2018

  • _ِ_

    He looks like a teenager in this

  • Mark Finley

    Where do you get melons that big?

  • Lingxiao Guo

    The question is: "can we chrono it?"

  • Flappy McDank

    When your optic is worth more than your gun..

  • Kevan Huneycutt

    anyone know how I can get sponsored by an airsoft company? I am a fanatic when it comes to military style airsoft rifles


    The way you say "shit" is so satisfying!

  • CaptainPokeDash

    if you have so many bbs put them in a blunderbuss

  • Gykiiu Crouch

    you should shoot an co2 airsoft canister out of a shot gun

  • Cunning Sea

    0:01 pulls out springer I GOT THIS

  • Paul Hillyard

    Geez man, Matt's videos have changed so much in 4 years

  • Tobben Jees

    thats one big watermelon

  • Hunter Alexander

    you should send me all the BBS

  • Kd2Trill

    The intro was super funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Vincent Mason

    You should put a knife in a shotgun shell and see if it will still shot or what the damage is

  • Boss Aase

    What is up with that demented watermelon

  • Luis Garcia

    there are such things as metal bb's, you know that right?

  • Darren Skjoelsvold

    Do you by any chance have a muzzle loader, like a musket or anything like that?

  • Roman Ochoa

    "I can see how it would be very addictive" Yeah... (I've spent over $1000 on airsoft)

  • Silvester Green

    I wonder what would happen if you painted an orange tip on the gun and brought it to a field. I bet people would call their hits if you shot them with it

  • Natsu Dragneel

    Hey may from the past, i bring good news, your intro song gets better and you get more subs

  • obvies

    1:57 sounded for some reason fapping idk why

  • Fischy

    50000000000000000000000 BB's later... FINALLY A DENT!

  • MotosAirRifles&BBQs

    you should test this again with ballistic gel. Can airsoft bb's hurt a person??😉

  • Bars Cloutlord

    He should have tried metal bbs

  • PNW HS Bassing

    put them 8n the can cannon

  • Dirtyplayer 4fun

    My new airsoft gun! (:

  • Ryan

    when your sight is worth more than the gun

  • Luftramen

    Now he turned into novritsch!

  • Nike Pro Elite

    Haha woah. This is in my recommended haha.

  • LilWhiteBoi___

    Try shooting a real 20 Shotgun shell out of an airsoft rifle

  • Tylan Holmes

    Matt was so brief and straight to the shooting back then

  • TheRealFox01

    Now use it in a airsoft game

  • Radial

    All I heard was fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap... 2:09

  • vdb_ koen

    Can u put real birdshot in a airsoft shotgun

  • Joey Haren

    lol didnt know bb's where lethal

  • Brayden Land

    Take a bottle of bb's and put it in the barrel and shoot it like a missle

  • Mooshimoca

    if that shotgun was allowed in airsoft...

  • Redneck Life

    At first I didn’t notice the Orange tip

  • Txtspeak

    Where'd you get that melon, Chernobyle?

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