Airsoft BBs in a Real Shotgun!

What happens when you shoot plastic airsoft BBs from a real 12 gauge shotgun?

Big thanks to Elite Force and Vortex Optics

Airsoft gun is HK 417. Optic is a Vortex Sparc II

Demolition Ranch Apparel

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Intro music is called "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from Outro music is from
  • Ashmit Singh

    Matt just might be the guy in our math problems who buys 50 watermelon

  • blyat420

    Fucking chernobyl watermelon

  • dragon empire

    2019 but still rewatch his old videos ...... Anyone ?

  • King Bonk

    "Moral of the story, don't shoot your friends with a shotgun shell loaded with airsoft bbs, they'll die" XD

  • Reptilitor the magnificent

    get a bunch of watermelon seeds and shoot them at another watermelon

  • Paul Hillyard

    Geez man, Matt's videos have changed so much in 4 years

  • Squad Team

    What the heck is that watermelon shape tho

  • fingermush hcfx

    "Let's see if we can wake up the Gong"[Hickok laugh]

  • The TexMexican

    low key plays airsoft every weekend

  • I am not dead

    totally using this in the next game

  • Jog Manson

    0:01 pulls out springer I GOT THIS

  • Luftramen

    Now he turned into novritsch!

  • Colt Parker

    That doesn’t look like a watermelon it looks like Larry the cucumber

  • Tate Cash

    1:57 sounds like nearly every teens room

  • The Reaper

    That watermelon survived Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl hence its irregular shape but not an airsoft gun

  • Tobben Jees

    thats one big watermelon

  • Hunter Alexander

    you should send me all the BBS

  • Flappy McDank

    When your optic is worth more than your gun..

  • Your Mum

    0:17 I think that's the first time I heard matt swear

  • alex Hendy

    1:59 sounds like me at 9pm with the boys

  • PNW Bassing

    put them 8n the can cannon

  • Bars Cloutlord

    He should have tried metal bbs

  • LithiumPaintball21

    Matt, you know what you should buy that you would really like? An 50 BMG Airsoft Gun.

  • FunnyFatFortnite

    when your sight is worth more than the gun

  • Crazy knife

    This is sick and twisted. I have been watermelon hunting for over 10yrs and have never seen a wild one that big, let alone be able to get that close. These melons were fattened and sedated for slaughter.

  • Pyromaniac

    I'm just thinking about that poor gearbox when you held it for so long :'(

  • Jeremy Rodas

    Wen ur Computer freezes 1:45

  • Cranberry’s Couch

    3:10 preaty impressive.Me: preaty compressive!Audence:😣

  • Arpit Vohra

    pls do the makrov gun 70 airsoft review

  • Bongo Cat

    shaped morelike a testical than a watermelontrust me. im man

  • Kyle Kondit

    This is my favorite intro on demo ranch ever for some reason

  • Dirtyplayer 4fun

    My new airsoft gun! (:

  • hush puppy

    at 1:25 look in the mag of the airsoft gun iam confused

  • MRM kickz

    I've never seen a watermelon shaped like that

  • Joaquin Hojas

    First time I heard Matt say S**t-(LOL!) 0:17

  • - Outdoors-N-All-

    Aw man I was hoping I could when we have wars 😂

  • Kreepy Klownz

    omg dude i forgot all about mah boi school shooter matt!!

  • Frankie Biker

    At least with airsoft guns you can go Full auto😂

  • Cheeze Spartan

    well now I have a new gun to use on my course. OH those cheaters will call their hits now!

  • Kd2Trill

    The intro was super funny 😂😂😂😂

  • vdb_ koen

    Can u put real birdshot in a airsoft shotgun

  • Jimmy Tran

    0:17When you forget you have school

  • Mooshimoca

    if that shotgun was allowed in airsoft...

  • night rider

    Lol the beginning is the best 😂😂😂

  • BluegrassMedia

    @2:20 reminds me of the scene in Robocop where ED209 destroys kenny

  • Tylan Holmes

    Matt was so brief and straight to the shooting back then

  • Philipp Hermann

    You are crazy dude🤣🤣 nice video👍🏾

  • Mastur Chreef

    Gonna win an airsoft war with friends thanks for the advice!

  • Ivan Harp

    dude i love watching ur videos and ur one if the best shooters i have seen keep up the good work i subscribed

  • Salman Aslam

    sounds like car engine ignition

  • Bradley H. Games and Aquatics

    We should start airsoft wars on his ranch

  • Carrington Peacocke

    He actually swears in his old vids

  • Roman Ochoa

    "I can see how it would be very addictive" Yeah... (I've spent over $1000 on airsoft)

  • BluePhoenix

    In America, watermelon look like cucumber.

  • Fireteam Koala paintball

    Totally realistic guns (dumps 200+ rounds of bbs at like, 300 rounds a second

  • Fischy

    50000000000000000000000 BB's later... FINALLY A DENT!


    Bro this was 4 years ago 😂😂

  • Christopher Cole

    He’s the kind of guy who never overshoots In airsoft...

  • helterskelter416

    why are you tickling the magazine? 1:55

  • Mr. Nemesis

    Damn, that airsoft gun cost more than some actual ar15s at around $450

  • GY6vids

    Muahahahahah "Shitttt" at the beggining had me cracking up!Fun video brother. Vortex is a great company.  

  • SavageGreywolf

    You made me so nervous when you were putting the BBs in the barrel >_<

  • Elias Hagen

    asleep program primary fzspe one bias sample fail dirty sand lap.

  • Trilby Man Owens

    Where I live, people used to load .22 cartridges with wax bullets, and then play with them like airsoft. This was before that was ever a thing.

  • Cyb3rKat_Vase

    demo ranch you should shoot a tire a mask

  • Wo Lf

    I miss old Matt, more fun, not afraid to cuss, and better hair

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