SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Is It Worth it? BAD NEWS (Everything You NEED To Know about Skyrim Remastered

"Skyrim Special Edition" EVERYTHING You NEED to know! - Is is Worth it? Graphics? Mods? Let's Review Skyrim Remastered Gameplay.


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  • Sam Hassel

    I would've gotten next gen if it had been oblivion remastered

  • HrardDragonheart

    You say $60 but in reality you can pick it up for £30 on amazon so in reality here in England it's not too exspensive

  • Sam Bailey

    are the loading screens faster

  • Ark

    "also you won't be getting the thomas the engine dragon replacer"thats reason number 101 why i shouldn't buy the special edition

  • Vaportrail

    Did anyone else LOL @ 7:50 "take the plunge"? What timing!

  • banaantjexx164

    I was going to pre-order the Skyrim Remastered edition, but I took an arrow to the knee...

  • Amigo500

    boy skyrim without SkyUI.. i cant even imagine that..

  • Think Like A Sponge

    all i want is the macho dragons

  • Pixel Gaming

    Here in the UK a new game on Xbox One or PS4 is usually £49.99, equivalent to $59.99 in the US. Skyrim: Special Edition however is £34.99 here in the UK, that's equivalent to about $39.99. So I have no idea why it's so highly priced at $59.99 in the US.

  • Spiky7700

    isn't that what gopher said months ago?

  • Ethan

    While I find the idea of a Skyrim remaster useless in my opinion, I think it's a great idea for those who either want it for Next Gen consoles or can't play it any other way.

  • unpopularopiniondude

    It's worth it, because it'll be free for me.

  • DogePT

    Well, i've never played Skyrim, so the remastered it's a good opportunity for me to start.Hope it rocks like Oblivion!

  • Alex Carnahan

    I don't understand why people are complaining about the $60 price, honestly the game plus dlc plus mod support. I say $60 is absolutely worth it

  • The Firebird Flock

    What I'm hearing:Counsels: BUY IT!! There's mods and DLC's!!Pc: you guys are okay, no point in you guys really buying it.

  • Sean Freeman

    Great Video. Maybe I'm alone in this, but is anyone else just excited to be able to play Skyrim again, and a good version this time? I play on console FYI. I don't really care about mods as long as the loading screens don't last 10 minutes, the game doesn't have nausea-inducing lag or random freezing.

  • rumple teazer

    dude you saved me  from mucking up my skyrim b4i played  it  cause  I plan to  mod  heavly  and  ,,,  I don't  need special edition

  • Alex Law

    what about mods that aren't for fun, but for cheating? like God mode and lock-picking mods?

  • Meme Lord

    "I'm gonna answer that question by saying"*Ad "I struggle with depression" lol

  • Logan Larrabee

    Would buy no matter what to help fund my favorite game developer :)

  • Kjeld Reijenga

    This is no bad news at all, if anyone expected the mods that will be accessible on/for the remastered edition to be and do exactly the same as the PC mods, and so can do the same, it's their fault, I'm a console gamer and I know PC is superior graphic-wise and can be customized a lot more and better than consoles, so thanks for the video explaining, but it shouldn't be bad news for console gamers to hear this, it should be pretty self-explanatory.

  • GrimmofSparta

    it's 60 bucks + all the dlc. that means the price is cut in half. it's a good deal in my opinion

  • LiGhTMaGiCk

    pre-order from Amazon if you have prime and it's only $47.99

  • Chad Lindsay

    Thanks for the info. Glad I can get the news on a channel I trust. Also, congratz on graduation!

  • Crackyla

    Play on xbox 360 and loved it , picking it again so now i can beat it 100 % with beef up graphics : ) yeaaaaah! And and a few small mod is more than a enough for me. I want a Skyrim with more dragons , more combat , more good looking women NPC in random towns ; )......And a Fire Sword at lvl 1

  • Rémi Regnier

    armour/quest mod breton paladin artifact. great quest wonderfull armour and weapon, à must have imo !

  • Rémi Regnier

    armour/quest mod breton paladin artifact. great quest wonderfull armour and weapon, à must have imo !

  • shirley smythe

    oh my god can wait for Skyrim remastered 😄 gg

  • Edward Forrest

    skyrim remastered. ive been waiting for you for so long 😍

  • I can’t do it

    We need an oblivion one

  • Juan Aponte

    $25.00 black Fridays special he'll yeah lol

  • Dieseluk2k

    Skyrim and fallout 4 the only games I need... untill Valenwood and fallout 5

  • Camel Reloaded

    For me as a PC user:Advantage:64bitDisadvantage:MY MODS, STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

  • Grayson m

    They should give Skyrim remastered, and all future Elder Scrolls games, a built-in script extender.

  • Cursed

    Regular modded skyrim looks better than this to me anyway. Why would I even bother?

  • ECHOnet

    Paarthurnax Dilemma and Non-Agressive Talos Prisioner release?

  • Davy Cannonhound

    For someone who wasn't able to play skyrim before, its totally worth it.

  • DJChiefX197

    >Gets degree in architecture>Becomes a career youtuber

  • KhanZelda

    Nothing official yet but I think of getting this on the Switch instead.

  • Viluminy

    I think they should release Oblivion and Skyrim remastered together for $60. That would be AMAZING!

  • Nat

    glad I made a good decision years ago and bought the legendary edition. 👍👍👍

  • Avatar Eternal

    60 dollars? Pfft. Just got the Legendary Edition off Amazon for 15 dollars.

  • Naberius

    steam i buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and i can add mods ?

  • Bryce Heinbaugh

    it isn't worth the $60 for (to me) "minor" graphical changes and mod support, if they would've added another main/side mission, or something then I would buy it, but they are adding graphical changes you could've easily have gotten with a couple mods on pc.

  • joseph Stalin

    i didnt buy the legendary edition but i got all 5 dlcswill i get it?

  • ronin FN

    I had the regular version on Xbox and I bought skyrim remastered on pc

  • NinJia

    hope the loading time isn't as ridiculous as fallout4's, if it is, then i am out

  • Anthony Baker

    hey man glad to hear you finished your school! Good luck with the channel!

  • OPNeonFTW

    bro your bloody amazing, no matter what your talking about XD just keep it up mate

  • Jude Breheny

    ESO are you going to do a Skyrim : Special Edition let's play?If you want ESO to do a let's play like this comment

  • The Unidentified

    I want armor and weapons and fair skin complexion mod for research. (Pervy Sage Style).

  • Rainman Slim

    god I hope the remaster has a survival/camping system.

  • Rainoa N.A

    wish the remaster would include like a 1 person co-op or something that could have been really fun

  • ZappBrannigan

    Well at least console players are funding Elder Scrolls VI for the rest of us.

  • sirblockepic mcswaggins

    mate, I got legendary edition for £2.50 on steam xdd

  • Chris F.

    I hope any modding difficulties are dealt with in time.Though I'm on console - so I'm good with anything.

  • Jaxon Duin

    With mods on console-TWO WORDS:explosivechickens

  • OhhZevoh

    NO THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE MOD!!! My life is over

  • DHScherocha

    Yay console players get to pay for what PC gamers had for free around 5 years ago.

  • Anarchy Time

    Got Skyrim and all of the Dlc back in the day on a steam sale for $4.99 <3

  • Zer0

    at least Bethesda is giving you mods. some companies give you nothing new.

  • Boomstick

    Still waiting on Morrowind and Oblivion remasters </3

  • Colt Stiles

    Or just download Skyrim "The Journey" and instantly play with over 450+ or 1000+ mods. Literally.

  • Mr Knucklehead

    Congrats on recording full time. Good luck ESO; I'll be watching.

  • Dingleberry Dan

    Skyrim is always worth it.Frankly, and hing made by Bethesda these days is worth it.

  • Koalafied Commentor

    You've played over a year in-game for Skyrim :P

  • RandomKitty

    Bethesda be like "We would love to allow the Thomas the tank engine mod but we'll get sued"

  • Aghostess Wostie

    I bought remastered special edition and yes it was worth it.not for the graphics for the feel and texture and new feel of the game.I bought it for special edition to re extend my skyrim experience .but not everyone has to buy the game for console you can just play it on P.C.btw I could not give a shit about mods at all I am not playing remastered for mods.

  • Dede

    Everything you need to know about MODS. You barely talked about anything else.

  • Tobias Taga

    Everything 0$ is worth it ,trust me im an economist

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