SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Is It Worth it? BAD NEWS (Everything You NEED To Know about Skyrim Remastered

"Skyrim Special Edition" EVERYTHING You NEED to know! - Is is Worth it? Graphics? Mods? Let's Review Skyrim Remastered Gameplay.


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  • Sam Hassel

    I would've gotten next gen if it had been oblivion remastered

  • Alex Carnahan

    I don't understand why people are complaining about the $60 price, honestly the game plus dlc plus mod support. I say $60 is absolutely worth it

  • Pixel Gaming

    Here in the UK a new game on Xbox One or PS4 is usually £49.99, equivalent to $59.99 in the US. Skyrim: Special Edition however is £34.99 here in the UK, that's equivalent to about $39.99. So I have no idea why it's so highly priced at $59.99 in the US.

  • Sam Bailey

    are the loading screens faster

  • HrardDragonheart

    You say $60 but in reality you can pick it up for £30 on amazon so in reality here in England it's not too exspensive

  • Ethan

    While I find the idea of a Skyrim remaster useless in my opinion, I think it's a great idea for those who either want it for Next Gen consoles or can't play it any other way.

  • Ark

    "also you won't be getting the thomas the engine dragon replacer"thats reason number 101 why i shouldn't buy the special edition

  • Alex Law

    what about mods that aren't for fun, but for cheating? like God mode and lock-picking mods?

  • Vaportrail

    Did anyone else LOL @ 7:50 "take the plunge"? What timing!

  • Think Like A Sponge

    all i want is the macho dragons

  • banaantjexx164

    I was going to pre-order the Skyrim Remastered edition, but I took an arrow to the knee...

  • unpopularopiniondude

    It's worth it, because it'll be free for me.

  • Crackyla

    Play on xbox 360 and loved it , picking it again so now i can beat it 100 % with beef up graphics : ) yeaaaaah! And and a few small mod is more than a enough for me. I want a Skyrim with more dragons , more combat , more good looking women NPC in random towns ; )......And a Fire Sword at lvl 1

  • Spiky7700

    isn't that what gopher said months ago?

  • Ernesto Lone Wolf

    now watch this game get game of the year best game in 2016 😀

  • TGTaco

    What about if a person has never played Skyrim....(me). Is it worth buying?

  • Meep Meep

    Since was free for me, yes was worth it :P

  • Nathan Forys

    once again, console players get screwed over. especially ps4

  • rumple teazer

    dude you saved me  from mucking up my skyrim b4i played  it  cause  I plan to  mod  heavly  and  ,,,  I don't  need special edition

  • Sean Freeman

    Great Video. Maybe I'm alone in this, but is anyone else just excited to be able to play Skyrim again, and a good version this time? I play on console FYI. I don't really care about mods as long as the loading screens don't last 10 minutes, the game doesn't have nausea-inducing lag or random freezing.

  • Noah Irish

    We have Skyrim to hold us off until the next elder scrolls comes out. Bethesda said that the next elder scrolls wont come out until a while possibly 2020+

  • Bryce Heinbaugh

    it isn't worth the $60 for (to me) "minor" graphical changes and mod support, if they would've added another main/side mission, or something then I would buy it, but they are adding graphical changes you could've easily have gotten with a couple mods on pc.

  • BangableSnowman

    Should I get Skyrim for $60 on PSN or No? I've played about 30 min. of it on last gen should I buy it?

  • Isa Uthmani Productions

    im gna complete fallout 4. but as soon as they fix the SKSE script mod, il play skyrim straight away. no point playing with out SKSE

  • Kjeld Reijenga

    This is no bad news at all, if anyone expected the mods that will be accessible on/for the remastered edition to be and do exactly the same as the PC mods, and so can do the same, it's their fault, I'm a console gamer and I know PC is superior graphic-wise and can be customized a lot more and better than consoles, so thanks for the video explaining, but it shouldn't be bad news for console gamers to hear this, it should be pretty self-explanatory.

  • Potato Panda

    I basicly gave my childhood away to get this game which means i sold all my xbox 360 games and pre-order and fully paid of the game and with the rest i bought a few games to play until skyrim remastered comes out

  • KayleeDaGamer

    I play on ps3 and I have just have normal skyrim, like the first release. I am planning on getting a ps4 and getting legendary edition because I don't want to rebuy all the dlcs.

  • GrimmofSparta

    it's 60 bucks + all the dlc. that means the price is cut in half. it's a good deal in my opinion

  • Dieseluk2k

    Skyrim and fallout 4 the only games I need... untill Valenwood and fallout 5

  • WoolyWhiteRhino

    Lets be honest, we wanted an Oblivion or Morrowind remaster. Or Elder Scrolls VI

  • Davy Cannonhound

    For someone who wasn't able to play skyrim before, its totally worth it.

  • The Firebird Flock

    What I'm hearing:Counsels: BUY IT!! There's mods and DLC's!!Pc: you guys are okay, no point in you guys really buying it.

  • Robert Emerson

    Honestly it doesn't seem like they changed much, I mean the environment looks amazing but they way the player moves and swims doesn't look all that different.

  • TheBlunderman bob

    I think it would be worth it if they made the dungeons original... they're boring af

  • NinJia

    hope the loading time isn't as ridiculous as fallout4's, if it is, then i am out

  • Amigo500

    boy skyrim without SkyUI.. i cant even imagine that..

  • GamingMafia CT

    wait so they expect console players to pay another $60 for the game (assuming you allready own it) when pc gets it for free? wtf Bethesda

  • Logan Larrabee

    Would buy no matter what to help fund my favorite game developer :)

  • Aaron

    Got mine for £33 off amazon with prime lol

  • Vitor o Nerd Maravilha

    now im happy😄 because i have xbox one

  • Nizon

    i still cant find lydia 5 years later.

  • shirley smythe

    oh my god can wait for Skyrim remastered 😄 gg

  • josh horton

    For everyone who played slur in originally on console this video is almost useless. I never played skyrim with mods so any mods at all would be a plus. If ur a PC player then this video is for you. But for me as a console skyrim player it's very worth it. As a PC player no not really at all since you could already have all this stuff already.

  • I can’t do it

    We need an oblivion one

  • Max Falkner

    the only reason Bethesda created skyrim remastered is because they needed redemption for elder scrolls online

  • Blake Bauman

    I don't have a very good PC, and when playing Skyrim I have to lower all the graphics to low. Can I play this?

  • Pulse Fel

    it would be nice if bethesda got in contact with the skse team and made the program a hardcode update for SE so noone has to worry about it.

  • MrTEnthusiast

    Could you make a mod pack that has all of the kids you use?

  • DSyR Rev-Z

    +ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides I think skyrim remastered is awesome I myself am a huge fan of it and it is totally worth it for 60$ because I remember on PS3 dragon borne dlc cost around 40$ and all the dlc cost probably more than 60$ and that's not even including the actual game with cost 60$ so the grand total would be 120$ but if it's 60$ that just amazing now I know I'm going to save up for the game thanks for all the helpful things I needed to know about skyrim remastered ESO keep up the good work and by the way will you do guides for skyrim remastered ? if not I understand thanks again ESO

  • Jordan Owen

    I'm waiting until black friday. Im sure itll be a $30 pickup at target

  • Juan Aponte

    $25.00 black Fridays special he'll yeah lol

  • Federal agent Holton

    This is going to come with all the DLC right?

  • Kole Heyl

    Personally it's not worth another $60 especially since they are counting mods which are free and shouldn't be charged for and on top of that pc users get it for free however I still bought it because I got $100 from my uncle so oh well it's one of my favorite games and I've constantly wanted to get back into it so it's been a tease to me

  • Ben Kissinger

    ESO, can you PLEASE do a play through when Skyrim special edition comes out? I really enjoyed your past playthrough because you showed us secrets and little tips to starting out. love your vids! keep up the amazing work!

  • Daqqe

    If i buy legendary edition from g2a now after remastered release will i still get remastered for free?

  • Andrew Brookshire

    is it worth it? is eating worth it?

  • Ben G

    The game is worth 30 euros on Amazon now (for France). Considering the number of hours and the gaming possibilities offered, this is a ridiculously low price. Skyrim is definitely the best video game ever so far.

  • DHScherocha

    Yay console players get to pay for what PC gamers had for free around 5 years ago.

  • Nope

    So is it solely a graphical upgrade? I'm a PC player so I assume this means nothing for me?

  • Ted Jones

    Pay 60$ to play Skyrim like you could have in 2011 if you bought a computer

  • LastSon

    Thinking back to it I don't know if I wanna play skyrim again

  • The Dovakiin

    I'm paying skyrim se on ps4 I cant even load saves the game crashes really Bethesda you capitalists.

  • Grey Wolf

    anyone hate how biased this guy is.

  • Aster

    I need answers.. i know many think about it but dont say much.... ehm... Body mods, UNP, CBBE....u know.. nude body.. do you think they will allow that on the remaster version... plz answer asap, this is very important for me to know cuz i cant find any video out there about it cuz many forgets to talk about yeah.. cuz i need those mods ;_; im a pc player, so...all i found out was that those mods( nudity mods) wont be coming for ps3-4 and ebox users, but they didnt say much about pc players... and what makes me worried most is of course the fact that in order for mods to be in the remastered version bethesta need to accept it, and im concerned that the nudity wont be allowed........ wich could be sad, so please respond or make video about some specific mods. cuz yeah... nudity in skyrim is normal for me now, so i wont be playing remaster if that is not allowed :/

  • Alex Williams

    bulldhit you can get the console edition on Amazon for £34

  • Matthew Valdez

    depression sets in as online for skyrim still didn't make it

  • Jude Breheny

    ESO are you going to do a Skyrim : Special Edition let's play?If you want ESO to do a let's play like this comment

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