I CAN'T WAIT!! Here's a little something I threw together in anticipation of the next offering from Bethesda in their glorious Elder Scrolls series.

The "POP CULTURE REFERENCE" shirt is available here at

Here are the lyrics:

Holy shit, what is this?

Forged in God's very flames.

Do mine eyes tell me lies,

A new Elder Scrolls Game?

Time is nigh, I must fly,

Venture forth on my quest.

Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa

And goodbye Girlfriend's breasts.

I'll be off Azeroth, catch you later Hyrule.

I'll be gone Albion, I'm no longer your fool.

Other crap filled the gap

While I waited to begin...

The adventure of my life

in the land of Skyrim!
  • shadowdoomdread wreath

    Harry erection Harry you have an erection

  • S. LocoKnight

    Still know every damn word of this song.

  • Emiltwil

    Who from "RETURN TO SKYRIM", guys? ;DD

  • LaFlammeAzure

    Skyrim's hype train is one of the very rare which didn't fail to deliver.

  • The Hug Box

    Oh god, I never noticed that Sonichu license plate at the beginning until now...

  • RichC Gaming

    New Skyrim player here. I just watched this for the first time! Loved it!

  • TheLoneWolf

    Who is watching at 14.11.16

  • Drake Deardorff

    fallout 3 and red dead redemtion labeled as crap :( why?

  • The Kobster

    0:55 Modern remdition: BOTW is better than Skyrim could ever be

  • ElenexNightmare Princess

    It's the hype for a game ! Is happened to me after I saw Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 2 trailer

  • Gabriel Adrian

    This was my reason to buy Skyrim. I dare you to tell me it was a bad reason.

  • TheGoldminor

    when zelda and skyrim are finally in one console.

  • shimmyking4

    I'll Be Gone, Albion6 years later and i still don't know what game that is

  • Old Kid

    Remember when this guy made actual fking content?

  • NutellaT

    Shit was that fable??? nice dude.

  • soul crusher

    i read that they are doing elder scroll 6 is it true ?

  • Jaxthe max

    I've no more time for any other game because I'm playing Skyrim

  • Zafarfro

    I want that Pop Culture Reference t-shirt

  • Paul Ward

    Is he now, in 2017, saying goodbye to Skyrim to go back to Hyrule?

  • alvarox951

    question, what game is the third one??

  • Eye Catcher

    when tes6 comes out this is my reaction

  • Connor Tyler

    Did you just call Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout 3 "other crap to fill the gap" between Elder Scroll games?! What is wrong with you, you... you..?! Aargh!!!

  • Merciless Gladiator

    Holy shit, Skyrim truly was the best game ever. I remember getting chills down my entire body watching this while skyrim was installing.

  • Captain Gigabaum

    I dont no why but i love the way he says "il be gone albion im no longer your Fool,"

  • Keyan Whitenack

    what's the game at :55

  • Predekar

    I'm fucking hyped for TES 6

  • Kyle Stallings

    Remember when everyone was this excited? ahhh

  • Little Big

    2017and we still have boners for the game

  • eyes_to_ the_skyy

    this is exactly what i felt like when playing skyrim 4 the 1st time

  • NanoFireTech

    He knew about the easy mountain climbing XD

  • Alex Gheorghiță

    After all this time, I STILL get goosebumps watching this. Can't believe it's been 6 years already.

  • Opinionated Misogynist

    One of the only games that actually lived up to the hype

  • TheOmega099

    still play skyrim its still very enjoyable

  • Generic fan I like what I like

    hey fallout 3 was good

  • Jakob Berger

    okay...the end got me xD

  • Jamie Prescott

    1:06 i can just imagine Red from dick figures yelling "i got a boner!"

  • Ben Black

    Playing skyrim right now and that's how I feel :p no mods, just death shouting everyone apart

  • Erron Black

    We all have a friend like this.

  • cgptexas

    took me 6 years to realize the guy at the beginning is Chris

  • GhostFrost931

    Gets a boner from a trailer that's like a minute

  • Glen Edmondson

    "You always get too worked up about trailers." This time it's different... This time.. It's Skyrim.

  • Cringe GOD

    This looks like a GoAnimate! and FamilyGuy styled cartoon

  • DerpyPoizen

    he was right to get worked up

  • jucrifice

    it's 2017 already? I still haven't finished the game! dang mods!

  • Nancy Horner

    2017 and Skyrim is still amazing

  • Xenor Ex

    my god,look at that this thing is old now...

  • Darien Phillips

    Eso is not good compared to skyrim

  • Lightning Warrior935

    0:58 how fucking dare you insult Dragon Age: Origins.....

  • Sahara Vixen

    Well Dragon Age is the bomb you cannot argue xD

  • Peter Regan

    I don't know how you manage to play so much Skyrim and still make stuff like this.

  • Knight Constantine

    Strange if Oney talked like that before

  • Curtis Johnson

    legit liked then unliked and reliked this all because I couldn't like this more than once!

  • Sans the Comic

    0:34 me watching the Zelda breath of the wild trailer

  • Bruno Myrrha

    6 years and it's still awesome.

  • Blac Hound

    how dare you skyrim is good but fallout has potential

  • mike meyer

    Anyway we could make this a ringtone?

  • parky004

    I like the fact that the guy who talks alot hasnt touched his food, nice detail.

  • Dominyx

    Watching this in 2017, still fucking great!

  • Quantum Craze

    Did he just call fallout 3 crap?

  • halo1989100

    Um...Harry...Harry pants erection....

  • TheLordstrider

    I am very sick and can't laugh (chest pain from all the coughing) at the end of the video I couldn't stop laughing lol.... so much PAIN !!!... but worth it XD

  • MonakoSM

    Now everyone can react like this again when it comes out for the Switch.

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