I CAN'T WAIT!! Here's a little something I threw together in anticipation of the next offering from Bethesda in their glorious Elder Scrolls series.

The "POP CULTURE REFERENCE" shirt is available here at

Here are the lyrics:

Holy shit, what is this?

Forged in God's very flames.

Do mine eyes tell me lies,

A new Elder Scrolls Game?

Time is nigh, I must fly,

Venture forth on my quest.

Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa

And goodbye Girlfriend's breasts.

I'll be off Azeroth, catch you later Hyrule.

I'll be gone Albion, I'm no longer your fool.

Other crap filled the gap

While I waited to begin...

The adventure of my life

in the land of Skyrim!
  • Dilly Mackey

    this is a dead meme ya dingus

  • •Řũbÿ•

    "Goodbye Azeroth"heeeyy nooo

  • Dodgy Dingoz

    Rarely do games live up to the hype. This one did. It's a shame fallout 4 didn't. Let's hope the next Elder Scrolls is fantastic!

  • Blackstar GAMING

    i JUST noticed "catch you later hyrule"

  • The Kobster

    0:55 Modern remdition: BOTW is better than Skyrim could ever be

  • Gabriel Adrian

    This was my reason to buy Skyrim. I dare you to tell me it was a bad reason.

  • soul crusher

    i read that they are doing elder scroll 6 is it true ?

  • Jared Fortenberry

    pause video at 00:36 / that face though.

  • Elenex.DarkFire Channel

    It's the hype for a game ! Is happened to me after I saw Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 2 trailer

  • Oh My

    I'm still playing the game

  • TheGoldminor

    when zelda and skyrim are finally in one console.

  • Tyren Mountain

    holy shit that boner went higher then my dreams

  • Iain Ballas

    Man, I was in my senior year of high school when this came out.

  • ChiefDerpy 1st

    0:44-0:45 He did a dab. He knew the future's trends.

  • Paladin Danse Fo4

    Who needs a life when you have Skyrim?

  • Alpha Coyote

    Is he still like this after skyrim has been anounced for the how ever manyeth time

  • ShaneStLouisPhotography

    I still get a chill up my body after 4 years of this video haha

  • Felix Boholm

    im still waiting for skyrim 2

  • DRjuciyfruit

    who does that old guy voice

  • Dusko NG

    I see that sonichu sign

  • Soganel Quasar

    I'm from 2017, hello.

  • Fireball/Eddy Vulpini

    This will never get old.. x'P(i still sing the lyrics at this day.)

  • Skull thunder

    everyone's reaction to ES6

  • Clorox Bleach

    2017 and still playing.

  • Robon Mern

    Other than Legend of Zelda, what were the other two games he was waving to?

  • Calvin Xander Valdes

    Skyrim beats all of the games but not all of them

  • LadyxInsanity

    That ending was totally me when I first saw the trailer

  • i am do yuo a look wit me ayes


  • TheHallowed Spartan

    0:54, oh look , it's mah boi

  • swagy mcswag

    Greatest thing I've ever seen in 2017

  • the dovakin

    when the voice over guy said dragonborn I was expecting fus ro da

  • Gwish Roberts

    even though its been 6 years, this is still funny xD

  • Donut muncher

    0:13 wallis and gromit XD

  • Puppy Ward

    His shirt says 'pop culture reference' instead of actually having a pop culture reference

  • Dat Fat Unicorn

    Well Bethesda's reputation for making really good games like skyrim is fucked now... cough cough creation club cough cough

  • Dino- Popcicle

    Wha-whats a gir-girl friend

  • yup yup

    6 years later and we have had the OG release, game of the year, then remastered for the following console generation and NOW getting a switch version along with skyrim vr later on. This game will never die

  • GalaxyGreenie %

    how did typing in Booba bring me this XD

  • Nickster Games

    My reaction to the remaster

  • A Cat In The Hat

    Oh I see he died from Playing skyrim for too long... It actually happened in real life a lot of times.

  • I am Tade

    Oh please, no CD-I references XDXDXD

  • Tnecniw

    6 years... 6 WHOLE YEARS!

  • Emile

    Just noticed this after having watched the video so many times already. Is the Zelda "scene" a reference to the Panasonic (I think) title that Nintendo does not acknowledge?

  • JDawg 2369

    the witcher 3 is the best rpg game ever.

  • Estie

    It's been over 6 years since I first saw this video... And now I just put my Pop Culture Reference shirt back on.

  • Predekar

    I'm fucking hyped for TES 6

  • Kyle Stallings

    Remember when everyone was this excited? ahhh

  • Captain Gigabaum

    I dont no why but i love the way he says "il be gone albion im no longer your Fool,"

  • Little Big

    2017and we still have boners for the game

  • Majora Poena

    I remember going to GameStop because I was bored and had just finished Fable 3. I had been mildly disappointed (GREATLY) with it and so I asked the cashier what to go for next. She recommended Skyrim, saying, "It's​ like Fable, but f*cking awesome!" So I bought it, and now I know the theme song by heart, and it's on my music player. I need to look at Morrowind and Oblivion. Anything​ I need to know ahead of time?

  • NanoFireTech

    He knew about the easy mountain climbing XD

  • TheOmega099

    still play skyrim its still very enjoyable

  • Opinionated Misogynist

    One of the only games that actually lived up to the hype

  • eyes_to_ the_skyy

    this is exactly what i felt like when playing skyrim 4 the 1st time

  • Alex Gheorghiță

    After all this time, I STILL get goosebumps watching this. Can't believe it's been 6 years already.

  • Jakob Berger

    okay...the end got me xD

  • Jamie Prescott

    1:06 i can just imagine Red from dick figures yelling "i got a boner!"

  • YouTubes Cringe Syringe

    I've no more time for any other game because I'm playing Skyrim

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