I CAN'T WAIT!! Here's a little something I threw together in anticipation of the next offering from Bethesda in their glorious Elder Scrolls series.

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Here are the lyrics:

Holy shit, what is this?

Forged in God's very flames.

Do mine eyes tell me lies,

A new Elder Scrolls Game?

Time is nigh, I must fly,

Venture forth on my quest.

Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa

And goodbye Girlfriend's breasts.

I'll be off Azeroth, catch you later Hyrule.

I'll be gone Albion, I'm no longer your fool.

Other crap filled the gap

While I waited to begin...

The adventure of my life

in the land of Skyrim!
  • Charles .Firebird97

    "Catch you later Hyrule." Aye, so he ended up coming back for Breath of The Wild.

  • claudio piña

    Zelda Philips Cdi nice touch //...

  • Apocalyptic Surgeon

    This was uploaded on my birthday and I'd just turned 11, so many memories considering I picked up oblivion the year before that and loved it, this game truly changed my life

  • christian velasco

    Damn, here we are in 2017...The game is redundant as fuck now. Makes me sad.

  • Seb seb

    SONICHU is written on the car plate.

  • alejandro guzmán platero

    la puta mejor obra maestra creada por Bethesda 10/10

  • TheCaptain008

    Man, super talented dude did really dated references. Like, I remember watching this a couple times a day for a while being just as stoked back then. And here we are for Skyrim's 3rd release in VR.

  • TheDistraughtJuggernaut

    Whats this? A Harry Partridge video that doesnt have a bees comment? My army of bees should fix that!

  • Phong Vang

    The ending was like a big "wtf?" part hahaha caught me off guard.

  • nightmare09

    how fans are to new games they love to play

  • Violette Summer

    I never got the boner when I watched TES V trailer

  • Cyrus Serna


  • Monald Frump

    I clicked on this, cuz i thought i would be in game like Dan Bull..

  • Hafiy Nexus

    watched skyrim trailers and got erection situation.make sense ?

  • The Golden Waffle

    I wonder what he was like when he saw special edition

  • StrayPaolo

    07/18/2017, still playing and still enjoying it 100% !

  • Fluffy fluff

    Honestly, all of the other games i play are to fill the gap for the next elder scrolls

  • Muglife

    Ah nothing like a hype song to start a new game

  • The Computer

    0:44 "CHINESE 9!!!"-auto translator

  • Lord Semiavas

    It's taken a bit of time but I just finished the character creation.

  • Death Rose-Chan

    Where the fuck did the horse go?

  • olavo ps

    I remember seeing this and thinking "What the hell is skyrim". such innocence.....

  • Bryan Stanley

    Im so late for this video but really this is amazing

  • Dylan Hagerty

    This will be me when the elder scrolls 6 trailer comes out......

  • MrEfedrin

    "...goodbye friends breasts..."ROFL

  • turtlesRcool5276 #turtlesrcool

    Ur a video game nerd arent. Im not making fun because ill be talking to my friends about skyrim and they will be like -_-

  • OblivionKing12

    "Harry, pants... Erection..."

  • Blackstar GAMING

    i JUST noticed "catch you later hyrule"

  • CaptainKobra

    Day 3281, took another arrow to the knee.

  • AceHenKiwi

    Skyrim is still the same

  • Riqué

    Although I'm very fond of some of the other races in Skyrim, the story line is intended for you to be a male Nord. Let's be real here, do you honestly think the Dragonborn is supposed to be a walking/talking magic cat?

  • The Xbox Saint gaming

    I also love MORROWIND and OBLIVION and skyrim.

  • death overlord

    I feel the same way just cry and say by to there breast not them

  • Cramped Juice

    I'm still playing the game

  • Konstantin Schmitz

    "Forged in Gods very flames" This is the best short description of skyrim i have ever seen :-D

  • some guy

    holy shit that boner went higher then my dreams

  • Omnik TWR

    Um, Harry...? Erection.....

  • Bilal Alkhatib

    E3 2017 is here! ES Vi is coming!No wait! Skyrim for switch!O.o

  • Iain Ballas

    Man, I was in my senior year of high school when this came out.

  • Jared Fortenberry

    pause video at 00:36 / that face though.

  • Hafiy Nexus

    watched skyrim trailers and got erection situation.make sense ?

  • Chief Dezlar

    0:44-0:45 He did a dab. He knew the future's trends.

  • mirotzu99

    0:05 the license plate says"Sonichu" and has 07 at the top right corner, damn. Only now noticed that.

  • reaper_reyes_ 3642

    Who needs a life when you have Skyrim?

  • The Computer

    How many boners has Harry had to animate over the years?

  • Ryan Rowe

    Priceless just priceless.🤣

  • Alpha Coyote

    Is he still like this after skyrim has been anounced for the how ever manyeth time

  • Felix Boholm

    im still waiting for skyrim 2

  • Rryno

    Sonicshu license plate

  • DRjuciyfruit

    who does that old guy voice

  • ShaneStLouisPhotography

    I still get a chill up my body after 4 years of this video haha

  • Dusko NG

    I see that sonichu sign

  • Skull thunder

    everyone's reaction to ES6

  • Soganel Quasar

    I'm from 2017, hello.

  • Cringy Roblox- And More!

    2017 and still playing.

  • LadyxInsanity

    That ending was totally me when I first saw the trailer

  • Robon Mern

    Other than Legend of Zelda, what were the other two games he was waving to?

  • Calvin Xander Valdes

    Skyrim beats all of the games but not all of them

  • Siôn Topps

    0:54, oh look , it's mah boi

  • Kel Perdue

    when the voice over guy said dragonborn I was expecting fus ro da

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