Skyrim Mods - Week 113 - Skyrim's Biggest Sloot Returns

In this week of Skyrim mods, we ride ponies in beautiful pastures like a princess.. :)

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Japan Lodge by breti
Doge as Pet by Grohiik
Scarlet Dawn Armor - CBBEv3 by BloodFree
Dragon Break Ep 2
Dawn of Riften by BluePianoTwo

YY Anim Replacer - Princess Horse Riding by yukl
Summer Skyrim 3 HD by Ichibu
Unicorn by Holugar
  • shoehands

    dog on the dinner table in japanese lodge lol


    7:01 bleach soundtrack!!

  • KryptonicMatter

    Did you even try to blur out the dicks?

  • matt David

    best intro of all time

  • emanuel barbosa

    ok i want the Japanese house mod but i cant find it

  • anominon

    I'm surprised this video is still up, the pixelation really doesn't do much to cover the tits and cocks.

  • Epix Cole

    is anyone else slightly annoyed at how short the dwarf is? in the Elder Scrolls lore, the dwemer are elves. they the same size as other elves. or who knows. maybe this one is just a midget.

  • Leif Erikson

    Haha that bear at the end rocking out some Queen was fucking awesome

  • Tony Anderson

  • Joshua Hannah

    did i hear lord of the rings music near the end?

  • TruChampion

    wtf is this fu# boy shiiii on my favorites

  • lamar tucker

    i feel like i watched a hole episode of a porn movie

  • Forgetful Hatter about that.....i censor mine well and it gets removed....this guy doesn't................

  • flango vingador

    Best mod of the unicorn

  • person

    is that stormwind music

  • Teepo Channel

    what the mod you use for your characters?... I can't find a good mod for it

  • Night Stalker

    I feel like Riften is the New York of Skyrim

  • Some Duder

    😂 Didn't realize my character had been made into a mod.

  • Raider56 Fitz75

    That pixelation was crap I saw everything

  • Kaftar Gaming

    the part I hate about the dragon break mod is Akatosh. He's a dragon god. Isnt he suppose to be a fucking dragon?

  • JesseMepham

    theres some think for the weebs

  • ds13sp21

    how did you make your own character look like that?

  • TheSalamanderGamer

    Look man, you can't just put softcore porn in the thumbnail. It's not even a matter of me not liking boobs, either. I love boobs. However, you're being a goddamn pervert. Also, your fanbase is mostly kids. That doesn't combine very well. You rake in the views and of course I'm jealous of that. I mean, who wouldn't be? I didn't click this video for the thumbnail, but I'm willing to bet that some horny 11 year olds did. If you're a fan of this guy and you're going to retaliate, do yourself a favor for credibility sake and don't assault my channel with dislikes (as if disliking something is a valid way to express your opinion). That isn't how adults argue. If you read this far into my rant and aren't going to reply, "lol why did you click this video then xdddd," then I'll tell you. I've had enough of nobody standing up against this guy. I saw this video in my suggestions, so I clicked it to leave this comment. That's may sound childish, but a valid argument is how adults talk.

  • Shabana Fun

    Ahah on the left naked peeson

  • SacredSage

    What's the story behind this video, It seems to have significantly more views then any other of your videos. By far.

  • Kat Winn

    i really wish that "princess" riding mod was simply called side saddle because thats the name of the riding style lol whyyyy

  • Snolana

    literally just hit the like button after the first 6 seconds. I was not ready for that

  • Messy Doge

    4:20 it's a Choo Choo train

  • Brandon Craig

    Can someone please make dragon break for Xbox one

  • Yew

    you asshole. you lead people on with the impression we get to see cartoon nudity, and then you block it out. wtf is wrong with you?

  • Evokans

    now that's bad censoring

  • medo sam

    what in earth is this game? that is totally NOT skyrim, not just modded hot bodies, modded conversation and story too?


    You guys are pathetic with your nudity mods. GO ON PORNHUB. Nude mods are a waste of space. Bethesda community is full of perverts.

  • Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

  • Aaron McGee

    Dammit. I hate it when I end up on this side of YouTube...

  • Shoapeng Lee

    how is this video not flagged lmfao

  • Jacob Frye

    2:15 uncensored upskirt 😂

  • SlayerHD XF

    I cracked up at the dog on the dinner table

  • RampantSarcasm

    'talented modders' says the guy who endlessly promotes shitty smut mod content

  • fucheduck

    what one mods is one's own business! it's a game. lighten up commentators!

  • Rias Gremory

    Can I ask... Where did you find all these pictures that you used for your thumbnails for your Skyrim mods videos?

  • KryptekSoldier

    I like the LOTR hobbit music at the end

  • savagemaestro

    This is so funny! Is there ANY chance of tis hitting the XB1!?

  • Anime Craze

    lol dog on the dinner table😂😂😂

  • kmoney4u4

    Is MxR Swedish like PEWDIE😂

  • secretjungle Productions

    you a funny fuhka nignig

  • Crimson Izanagi

    I'm surprised this video is still up considering the poor censoring of the giant penis flying around everywhere.

  • Urahara

    Couldn't help but notice the Bleach ost..

  • Kaosplums Modz

    What the actual fuck is wrong with this channel (thumbnails)

  • '''y''y '''y''y'

    OMG! Bear with electric balalaika! :O

  • Ryan Nelson

    The Nexus bullshit is ridiculous MXR has a point, everyone is afraid to mention the clear issue with the trigger happy admins who ban so much talent for petty stupid reasons.Also Micalov you are a complete cunt, easily the biggest power happy mod banning people for absurd reasons


    That house was so Asian that it came with a bag of dead female babies at the bottom of a river.

  • Alena Dadu

    a co se děje to se mi nelíbítivago

  • Blank CanNotNone

    i thought it's slut..

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