Skyrim Mods - Week 113 - Skyrim's Biggest Sloot Returns

In this week of Skyrim mods, we ride ponies in beautiful pastures like a princess.. :)

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Japan Lodge by breti
Doge as Pet by Grohiik
Scarlet Dawn Armor - CBBEv3 by BloodFree
Dragon Break Ep 2
Dawn of Riften by BluePianoTwo

YY Anim Replacer - Princess Horse Riding by yukl
Summer Skyrim 3 HD by Ichibu
Unicorn by Holugar
  • XyerDark

    8:48 BJ in the background.

  • TrudleR

    Where is the scene I am looking for?

  • Jason Hibbs

    I think he missed a little bit of the censoring-

  • Spenser Denovich

    8,000,000 people clicked on this video because of it's thumbnail

  • Cremesent

    those boners where barely censored lol

  • Kyle Rebozzi

    "The dog on the dinner table."..... noooooooooo.

  • Radioactive Walrus

    Roses are red,violets are blue I came for the thumbnail, and so did you ;)

  • Grizzly

    "What kind of asshole steals from the church?" If it has money, The guild. :P

  • shaen frum bozzfed

    you are so good at cencorship. clapclapclap

  • Coranac

    Yay!! My one-handed increased.

  • EpicShot lol

    8:47 on the left side hahahahha

  • Stephen Webb

    OMFG the first few seconds I was like...what kind of commercial is this...unicorns? And then the arrow..."A Whole new world" LOL

  • Hadgerz

    What kind of asshole steals from a church?Any sort of asshole who would consider stealing from a big business. And what bigger business is there to steal from than the church

  • skyrimtiri

    Sometimeas....i am happy that i play the Vanilla Version...there a so creepy mods o0

  • Goo Glue

    I just realised.. Whats up with all the Bleach music in the background of the videos? Big fan or aomething?

  • Will Gibson

    omfg "even the dog on the dinner table" and lol 8:47

  • snowballcupcake

    Am I the only one who noticed the blowjob going on in the background at 8:46

  • Dog&Garlic

    8:46 look at the window lmao

  • Fabulous Turtle

    how to do graphic like these? looks great.

  • DIO

    This man has perfected the art of clickbait

  • 13MC Poppy

    i died when you said 'everything is japanese style[...] and the dog on the dinner table'

  • Atlas Marvel

    "...The dog on the dinner table" WOAH WOAH WOAH what are you trying to say?

  • Petrichor

    6:13 "the dog on the dinner table" hahahaha

  • Epix Cole

    is anyone else slightly annoyed at how short the dwarf is? in the Elder Scrolls lore, the dwemer are elves. they the same size as other elves. or who knows. maybe this one is just a midget.

  • Joshua Hannah

    did i hear lord of the rings music near the end?

  • Tommy Enriquez


  • Malcolm Wright

    Oh god that modded run animation is so awful

  • Cosme Fulanito

    "As japaneese as it gets: The paintings, the sliding doors, the dog on the table..." ROTFL

  • angus clarke

    Allune says that if you gather some balls of dead dragons you can make a wish.... FIND THOSE DRAGONBALLS!!!

  • ItsNikoHIMself

    0:50 aight who did the running Animation? Dafuqs that supposed to be?

  • Shawn Shillington

    one-handed increased to 100


    Hahaha! "Dog on the dinner table". I get it!

  • Vincent


  • Evokans

    now that's bad censoring

  • Kaftar Gaming

    the part I hate about the dragon break mod is Akatosh. He's a dragon god. Isnt he suppose to be a fucking dragon?

  • Leif Erikson

    Haha that bear at the end rocking out some Queen was fucking awesome

  • wbap hellcat

    was that wind waker I heard?

  • Ty YuZekken

    OMG I LOVED THIS!! Now I wanna feel like a princess too!

  • BillbenX2R

    no one caught the dog on the dinner table joke in the Japanese house lmao

  • Kjeld Reijenga

    "I just google what's the opposite of sausagefest" my hero

  • anguel wyvern

    5:43 maybe by german, but DEFINITLY not by japanese, because no japanese would EVER forget to put the step in the entrance (to take off your shoes)only foreigner who actually never went to japan ;)

  • Mīmu-ō

    Dude, you raked in 7million views from that thumbnail

  • I Razzle I

    Roses are red...Violets are blue...I came here for the ass...And so did you. 

  • Kanji Ryu

    I came for the link to the Thumbnail, checks description below. "WTF!"

  • Raziel Demoria

    Be nice if ur click bait was actually in the video, not that it'd help much, you can google these mods.... so, meh?

  • Aaron McGee

    Dammit. I hate it when I end up on this side of YouTube...

  • butarch666

    wich is the name of the song when the arrow appears in the begining of the video?

  • seule8

    at 8:47 you can see a blowjob given in the Backround on the left side :D

  • Excalipencil

    Lol Allune made a DBZ reference by saying if you collect a dragons balls then you make a wish.

  • ScreamingTantrum

    @8:46 Porno going on in the background, ew. :P

  • Zednanreh Nodnarb

    can a mod be made where I have Harambe as a horse

  • Jonathan Thorpe

    "Breakin all kiiiinds of Newton laws" lel.

  • trapiac

    "The dog on the dinner table" lol 6:05

  • 52262 933626

    its funny how you can be politically correct with the Japanese style home. umm akaviri style home. loland also you being Asian.

  • Adolf Hitler

    what is the intro theme?

  • Cpt. Dandilion

    *looks at thumbnail*sees number of views...yep

  • Big Seltzer

    I just installed nexus mod manager, advice ?

  • Isaiah Smith

    Japanese!!!! People keeps on saying im from Japanese and i speak Japan!!!

  • Andrew Kender

    Dragon Break seems worth playing for the Dwemer companion and hilarious dialogue alone.

  • Sing Lung! (成龍)

    what is the music that starts at 0:44 ?

  • Berenstein Bear

    This guy needs to be in charge of censoring more porn that cant pass youtubes rules without censorship

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