Skyrim Vampirism Cure Guide (Rising at Dawn Quest)

A guide on how to cure your character of the vampirism disease in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • abyssal14

    just no. did not see what time dawn is, apparently there is no such thing called dawn in my skyrim... ive searched on google and it said 5-6 tried bot 5am, 6am, 5pm and 6pm and none of them work! also tried 1-12am and 1-12pm he still wont show up!! am i missing something? and yes to answer the questions i might get... i am at the part where i have to meet him at black marsh!

  • Andrius Liukaitis

    I passed the glitch. Falion shows up at 4.33, but won't enter the circle. Fast travel to the nearest location, ant run to meet him in the circle.

  • Hamza Khaliq

    this mission is glitched for me, Falion just stays in his house and never comes out

  • Roy Wood

    The whole reason is looking for a video of Valion and the curing of vampirism quest was to find out what time was considered dawn.

  • Inkyu Basu

    Thank you so much I feel really dumb now I know how to do it Xdddd

  • Lekbir Badal

    if ur on pc them wait and meet him after 4 pm.

  • Natalia G

    Yeah at the last part I went to the circle but when I talked to him he didn't start the ritual and when I came back he attacked me

  • best comment

    the quest is glitched ,but you have to drink someone blood first then go meet fallon just before 12pm and it may work . I tried it like five time until it finally worked.

  • Cronus334 !

    Ermagerd your amazing im so happy

  • DublinLad170

    When i tried talking to the bartender, she wouldnt bring up the falion rumor, i tried it multiple times but she wont give me the rumor

  • Drawable

    Faliopns door is always locked and when you go in he calls the guards

  • witchhunter501

    I think my game glitched because I've been a stage 4 vampire and I went to a city and no one attacked me

  • Ostrich 4 President

    I did this and it says I need to talk to him but hes at his house and he doesn't say anything about curing vampirism PLZ HELP!

  • Mark Zwick

    Does it have to be a grand soul

  • JakeMNR

    What is the magic your using

  • Hillel Ilan

    me to like pepesdovalle

  • Noeybear

    hes on a console, so its bound to run pretty smooth :3

  • MrMrDrumline

    So this mission glitched on me as i was gonna complete it and now it keeps saying i need to talk to him but the option to finish it please me


    I did this my magic got boosted up to 300

  • Jacke18Swe

    For those that had problem with the bug of this quest! I play in PC so i dont know how it works on console but I just went in to console and typed, showracemenu and just changed it and the vampirsm went away.

  • Osmium

    Craft invisibility Potions with Nirn root and Ice wraith teeth, then use it and feast on someone sleeping in the inn at Marthal (Past The Jarl House). Walk out of the inn and everythings fine.

  • Teodor Aronsson

    is there any way to restart the quest? ive done so much since this... dont wanna load a game to back then, i just need to restart the quest, i never met falion at the ritual but it says ive done it o.O

  • Rock Music

    I am having the same issue

  • kiwiotatts

    I use the shadow spell but they still see me...

  • pieter verbiest

    banana's are radio active

  • TheHotderger

    lol that was happening to me and i just waited like 10 days and they just stopped fro some reason

  • Lyndon Hartley

    ya i figured that out now

  • Lyndon Hartley

    if you do this quest how do you change back into a vampire?

  • plfg 44

    ask for the balconist if they heard the rummors lately

  • Dustin Drake

    Same here it's pissing me the fuck off!

  • Mait iks

    Put on some mask or hood...

  • Tom W

    you have to force him in to the circle with attacking him and than using a spell to calm him down

  • Tom W

    calm down, use your shadow spell first so they cant see you as vampire go to a village at night lock pick the door sneak to the 1 thats sleeping and drink blood of him or her. to feed just select somoene like you do with stealing make sure they are sleeping otherwise they will attack you

  • MrBoJangles

    Dude, fuck this game I enjoyed it up until this point, now my quest is broken and Falion won't fucking talk to me.

  • DABS139

    How do you know what stage you are?

  • Kevin Marte

    how to use the black soul gem

  • Mysterious Fellow

    I used console: setstage 000eafd5 10. It cured my vampirism. But when I was fighting with vampires, a vampire gave me his disease. I didn't cure it with potion in 3 days and now I am a full vampire. When I'm doing the quest, it says only "talk to Falion". I can't find the marsh. :/ Help?

  • The Wargamer Viking

    same here.sooo annoyed

  • RKshamrock

    I filled the soul gem with a lesser soul but Falion keeps telling me I didn't fill it yet!!! WTF?!

  • DeathKing

    i am a vampire on the stage 4,but i go to the house,but i can't feed,why???

  • DeathKing

    my wife too is trying to murdering me!!!

  • d a e

    Can you cancel the quest by murdering Falion? Being a vampire suits me just fine and I wanna get rid of the quest lol.

  • 1990jlp

    You might have to feed a a person before u do it if youw

  • Myles Pottsdamer B.


  • Cole Train

    i don't even know what a sleeping bonus is, probably because i never sleep in skyrim

  • Cole Train

    since his powers come from being a vampire and he is now no longer a vampire, i'll have to say yes you lose your powers

  • Dai Nguyen

    cast a soul trap on a person and then kill him to absorb the soul

  • Sam Smith Austin-Eames

    how do you fill the black? soul gem?

  • Sakti wahyu Gumilar

    Hey you know dude i'm buy that black soul gem 260 gold, but you 368 gold??

  • thamacullau

    actualy vampires are awesome

  • thamacullau

    i hear ya, i completed half of the thing and now i go to the march to talk to him and he just leaves

  • MeganDelamarTV

    @FrogsMeow You need to sneak in someones house at night while they're sleeping. Go like you're going to pickpocket them and it'll say 'feed'. After you do that, they won't attack you. :)

  • FrogsMeow

    Why isn't the inn keeper or anyone else for that matter attacking him?? I keep try ing to talk to innkeepers and they just want to throw down!! I don't know what to do!!! :(

  • Rhett A. Lighthall

    I just went back in my saves, went to whiterun, and got a shit ton of potions, then when i got infected, i cured it right away..

  • KierDarkOne

    i figured it out in the end,u need to kill a human only,then u have a black soul full of greater soul,then he cures u! :)

  • KierDarkOne

    i cant find the soul trap spell anywhere?i have black soul gems filled with common and lesser souls and this dude falion still tells me theyre useless,wtf????what do i do anyone?

  • Careica

    Why I can't enter his house after I got Black Gem filled with soul? I come at 5AM and I can only pick lock it and if I do it he just shouts at me... Help anyone?

  • Living Meme

    THANK U i waited and waited and was like "WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!"

  • billy bob


  • Arch Angel

    I see, well give him cookies. that should help.

  • Kira Aurora

    Nope :<< He is angry with me o.o

  • Arch Angel

    you meet him there at dawn, he will be there.

  • windy s

    Curing yourself also cures the vampire lord so i would be cautious

  • sergio lorando

    U guys have to feed on someone thats asleep so nobody attacks u

  • Ioncehad60000views

    1:28 I've got my eye on you

  • Ioncehad60000views

    1:39-1:42 uhhhhh....... a porn site!

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