Skyrim - Top 10 Pet Mods!

My top 10 pet mods in Skyrim!

Jango (Sabrecat)

Teyahven- Standalone Rabbit Follower

Garm the Husky Companion

Wisplicker (Tiger)

Dave The Talking Dragon Companion

Judah - Working Dog

Doge as Pet

Dovahbear Companion

Eevee the Magical Fox Companion

Fenrir the Frost Wolf
  • NugNugz

    Did Smike not realize eevee is a pokemon?

  • clare dunn

    Fenrir is a badass wolf that makes me think of the dire wolves in game of thronesMythology nerds kill themselves across the world when he doesn't realise that Fenrir is the supreme wolf in Norse, who will bring about doomsday. Those blue glows things are runes and Celtic chains

  • Arthur Weathers

    number 4: "talks like a khajiit acts like a khajiit" yep that'll be because he as a khajiit.

  • Harrison Horde

    Eevee is a fox which changes type dependent on what elemental salt you give him, I'm sure it's based on the pokemon of the same name.

  • Max Dove

    Did he just pronounce "Doge" Dodge?

  • Finkel - Funk

    "Dotsh"Yes, that is how "Doge" is pronounced.

  • Do Svidaniya

    You need to fix your tongue(Your actual tongue)... The Greybeards will think your a Lispborn.

  • Ahmet Selim Karaca

    dude do you ever put effort into your videos? was it so hard to turn off the macho man mod or show how the fire/frost fox looks like?

  • MoonshineSazerac

    "Doge" is still pronounced "Dog". The name is a reference to an old video where one character calls someone a "Dog, d-o-g-e, Dog."

  • Mason Hatcher

    I believe that Wisplicker was actually a species of Khajiit. Lore states that depending on the moons Masser and Secunda, Khajiit may be born in various forms. Some look like the regular cat-men we play as. Some look like house cats, some look like mammoth-sized sabercats and some look like elves but furry.

  • Nirot the Wanderer

    In Norse mythology, Fenrir was a giant wolf destined to kill Odin and several other gods when Ragnarok(the apocalypse) came. 

  • RudeBoy Productions

    Bro ... Top 10 Mods That Are Based On Other Games ... or I don't even know.

  • Faora Ul

    DAMNIT i thought you were going to say "turns into a FIREFOX"

  • Films

    That's where my Eevee went to :\ ................. COME BACK I wanted to evolve you in to jolteon :'( lol

  • xd

    This man has never seen the internet. "Dodge"

  • UrHyper Gaming

    Top 10 user interface mods (immersive HUD, extended HUD etc.)

  • T-Rex


  • RamsesTheStone

    damn, I need this sabrecat

  • Gaming 4 You

    "Hey, whats that you got there?"   Has practicly thousands of gold in inventory

  • Ryan Klaassen

    Ohh yeah snap into a slim Jim.

  • Liam Devine

    Anyone else remember Venturian having Teyahaven? XD ahhh i miss his skyrim series

  • Liz Rugo

    when he talked about the fox, and the fire salts, i kinda expected him to say fire fox:p

  • DØVE

    Top ten transformation mods!! Transformation meaning like werewolfs or stuff like that.

  • Th3Dragonz

    1:26 Chicken: TAKE ME WITH YOU....!!!Me: LMFAO!

  • Lion El Jonson

    wow, Eevee literally looks like one of those stuffed foxes you find on display in a museum.

  • ham potatoes

    Top ten kill animations?

  • Mayberry Grungee

    I just wanted to say that I love your vids and keep up the good work

  • It's Chemical

    I downloaded mods for my skyrim but every time I try to play it crashes any help ?

  • Madison Horien

    Love the mods! The Ice wolf is my fav and cant wait to get it!!

  • Hauyen

    Garm is perfect! IMA GET HIM NOW!

  • Dente Dylan

    So.. I can have several pets at once !!?

  • Lydia Snowfire

    Fenrir, I'm so getting you!


    Hey smike can you do a top 10 companions mods

  • jakoyah bodie

    Smikes character though😂😂😂😂😂

  • N1ghTMar3

    Top 10 darksouls related mods

  • Teg Garrison alvis

    Fenrir: He’s the son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda, which makes him the brother of the serpent Jormungand and the underworld goddess Hel.

  • guyonutube7329

    For some reason this is more enjoyable to watch then his fnaf videos. I like that he shows gameplay instead of tons of weird fan art.

  • Benjamin Bourg

    the little bunny was so cute!

  • Hylas Gaming

    how do u get mods?i would love to have this mod cuz its fun for me with pets and idk how to get mods and i dont want to hafe to pay for anything u less thats what jt takes but i rlly want this mod

  • god took lsd and thought he was me

    It's not pronounced "Dodge" It's pronounced "Doh-g"

  • Mizz Bella Kitty

    I have never heard Doge pronounced like that.

  • Aveersus

    Thank u for putting me first I gotta go change my name now.

  • arby1o 1

    Top ten beautiful enviorment mod (I think i spelled that wrong so some one correct it)

  • Axolottelchen

    How are you able to have mutliple pets? :)

  • Tyler Smith

    Top 10 transformation mods for werewolves

  • Depressed Furuhashi

    Smike you really did your best! :D But I have 1 question............. Where can we find Fenrir the Ice Wolf? :O

  • May

    Top 10 Top 10 videos :)

  • derp

    Top 10 (if their is that many) Hearthfire house extensions!

  • Theo Noble

    Can u use less... Revealing armor

  • Gonjo Guaiya

    Top ten Awesome sites in skyrim

  • xOLuca MagneticOx

    The saber, tiger, juddah, dat husky xD, the bear and the-most-beautiful-wolf-i've-ever-seen wolf right at the end :o So kewl

  • Jordomon

    top 10 werewolf immersion mods

  • Francisco F

    I need a T rex companion. Make it happen.

  • LaSeiran

    do a top 10 conjuration mod. btw keep up the good work

  • Sarh Fox

    Wait... You remind me of someone I know. Is your name Kit?

  • YOGSCAST Tayton

    haha you say doge wrong! you say it like dough-ge

  • Hyper Light

    3:09 hahaha the dave is right don't kill the chickem

  • Evan Codsworth

    Top ten Alchemy Ingredients.

  • James Murray

    Nice dude I really liked this vid Keep it up

  • Crab With Knife

    Top ten graphic enhancing mods

  • Deven Edwards

    0top 10 death anamations in fnaf 2

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