Steven Makes Andrew In The Sims 4

BuzzFeed Worth It's Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj join Kelsey for a brand new season of In Control with Kelsey. Who will make the better sim? Tune in for new episodes every Saturday.


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  • Grace Johansson Edits

    God Bless you Kelsey for allowing us to see the drama/banter between all the different Buzzfeed series’

  • Ailin Ell

    Can we appreciate the fact Steven thinks Andrew looks like a cat

  • Jowelyn Poon

    "The laugh lines are too hard because I don't laugh very often"

  • KiᴍARcoภ

    “If we just tell people they do a good job all the time we’re just gonna live in mediocrity”-Andrew 2018Very well said 👏

  • Krishna Santos

    The $1 vs $1000000 of Andrew cracks me up so bad. 😂

  • Zebbi Gonglez

    steven: we are not on this show because ryan and shane have been here.andrew: well... I saw some stuff on the internet and-steven: (camera zooms up on his face) stuff happened.

  • Justine Santos

    The entire building of Andrew was so very wholesome and full of Steven fondly recalling his quirks and moments they've shared, only for Andrew to absolutely drag him through the mud and honestly why did we expect anything different from their iconic dynamic lol

  • Aida Shahira Suhadi

    God bless you Kelsey we get to see Steven spilling the beans and telling a never before told stories about Andrew's nature and I think that's just dope

  • X.하디드

    I wonder how Steven and Andrew are gonna murder the Ghoul Boys and the Try Guys

  • faureamour

    Haha! I love their perspectives. Andrew says 4/10 is less than 50%. Steven says 4/10 is 3 whole points more than the lowest he could've gotten. That's their friendship and their personalities in a nutshell.

  • Mary Feliz Rebong

    I love how the ghoul boys were using the Sims Maker to aggressively insult each other as much as possible and the Gold Boys are just so wholesome™

  • Radhika Sharma

    kelsey - eugene has eyeliner on in simssteven - eugene has eyeliner on in real life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joshua Hocker

    I find Andrew to be extremely attractive. I love the psycho killer vibe he gives me.

  • Lamia Tabassum Lamu

    0:45 "There's nothing that I have been more ready for in my life"4:32 "This does not look like Andrew" STILL LAUGHING HALF AN HOUR LATER 😂😂😂

  • Rhiannon Green

    I feel the blonde/brown hair problem

  • WinterHalloweenRose

    I love how Steven’s forgotten that Andrew is actually blonde

  • Suhil

    You guys should make Adam and Rie too. 🙇💁

  • Lucieen

    Thank god this is still going. I live for these and for Kelsey's reactions during the videos.

  • Kat Lopez

    Steven grabbing Kelsey's hand and throwing it off the mouse at the end was such a little boy tantrum, like actual five year old status lol

  • Em Idc

    Oh god the BEEF IS ON (three different price points)

  • Andrea Lo

    Will Shane and Ryan's ghosts make a guest appearance 🤔

  • Cordelia Mutter

    8:08 you can tell that it's Andrew who says "oh yes" on Tasty videos because of this laugh

  • Confused Vlogger

    spreads eyes all the way to opposite sides that is.... that is not him

  • m c

    after this season we need a season 4 with ladylike!!

  • Shannon Dean

    the entire time he's adding the ridiculous things I'm like hoping he fixes them . . . and then he forgets to make him blonde and its killing me

  • Zahirah Harun

    WORTH IT: $1 Andrew Vs. $1,000,000 Andrew

  • Lydia Holman

    Why is this not an hour long?

  • Maria Gabriela Fernandez Almarza

    For a fun Saturday, take a shot everytime Steven mentions Andrew in this video. Also, okay.. Steven not wanting to admit he made a bad job and defending his creation till the end was hilarious

  • Juliaae

    omg the hair problem! the natural blonde hair is always yellow mine is ashy god dammit

  • M.L. Soll

    Andrew is a grumpy icon

  • AnaAkai

    And in that moment all andrew ilnyckyj stans rised up to the challenge. The gauntlet has been thrown, the glove dropped on the ground. Lol.

  • Noor Shazzny Juni

    Awww Steven is so sweet when he tries to describe stuff about Andrew 😆

  • C. Skeleton

    I feel like Steven tried really hard and put a lot of heart into making Andrew, although it did not turn out to look much like Andrew at least he tried.

  • Rachel

    Andrew: I can't wait..Steven: I can't wait.ME: I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • ItsZem

    This Series is great. Please continue it!

  • Asif Khan

    I am so attracted to Andrew

  • Emily Erickson

    ghoul bois vs food bois

  • Kristina Milligan

    I completely understand the brown/blonde hair problems with customizable characters 100%. It's rarely ever just right looking.

  • Ludimila T.

    This and the Dream Daddy series are the best ones! Hope we get to see more of Dream Daddy soon!

  • Sharan Ramesh

    Andrew is like Squidward and Steven is Spongebob

  • Katie Anderson

    what if the ghoul boys and the worth it boys swapped shows for one episode?

  • lizard wizard

    He looks like the woman from the greatest Showman with the beard lmao

  • omakie

    Based on this video, I'm pretty sure Steven is just so used to seeing Andrew with cats that he's superimposed an actual cat's face over Andrew's in his mind.

  • Rita Graça

    I don't know who edits these videos but congrats. Good job.

  • literallychey

    I just realized that there’s never gonna be another Keith plays the sims video on this channel ☹️

  • Amber Averbeck

    Does Steven not know that Andrew is blond?? What????

  • Lamia Tabassum Lamu

    Andrew asking Kelsey to do more Modifications to his Sim instead of Steven -(who's been building it)-....*RUDE* 🙃

  • Sarah Abicht

    Tell me that 7:00 Andrew does not look like Jim Parsons. Because I sure think so☝🏼

  • Lindsay Johnson

    I have such a crush on Andrew!

  • KaleyBeThere

    3:42 looks like modern Jafar from Aladdin LOL

  • venom5809

    Kelsey is so dreamy, I love her. 😍

  • Olivia Kristina

    Finally!!! Andrew is so unimpressed 😂😂😂

  • White Rabbiw

    Andrew loves animals, especially cats...I love cats too...We're destined to be together!

  • Melissa Sun

    Why does the sim Steven created look more like him than Andrew lol

  • aprlshowers

    Personally I don't think Steven did that bad. If shown the sim without them telling me it was supposed to be Andrew I would have guessed it. The hair color is off but that is explained. So I'd give him like a 6.8/10

  • Gottalove Walruses

    I still ship Steven and Andrew

  • A2

    Out of control with Andrew and Steven 😄

  • Deyanira Jacome

    Steven taking Kelsey’s hand off the mouse was not okay with me idk about all you guys

  • Hana Ru

    I'M BETTER THAN THE GHOUL BOYS ~Steven Lim 2k18 bois

  • Amber Lawrason

    Ohhhh Steven 🤣🤣 THIS LOOKS JUST LIKE ANDREW... 2 seconds later ...this looks nothing like Andrew.. cat cat catdrew 🤣🤣

  • eunice jalene


  • Katy H

    Ryan and Shane’s was already so much better but I still love this one

  • Alyssa


  • Chaeyoung -Pink

    The best friend goals will never ended lol 😂👌

  • Apples

    4:47 that looks so much like Ryan lol.

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